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Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa  

Playa Cofresi, Puerto Plata, República Dominicana

Still sick after returning to the states 6 weeks ago
Posted by: Amanda  on Jan 4, 2015
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Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Reviews
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Pictures and Information
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Playa Cofresi Dominican Republic

#2 of 7 Hotels in Playa Cofresi

user rating 2.5

based on 11 review(s)

Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Information

This low-rise Mediterranean-style complex (formerly the Hacienda Tropical) is located at the Cofresi Beach and is surrounded by mountain ranges and the sparkling silvery hues of the ocean.

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Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Reviews

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Still sick after returning to the states 6 weeks ago
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Amanda  on Jan 4, 2015  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jan, 2015 | Leisure | With friend
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Be very careful if considering traveling to this particular hotel, or even this region. I'm a generally healthy, fit female, but I contracted something at this resort has totally knocked me on my butt.

I agree with all of other negative reviews pertaining to poor service, rooms in need of updates, poor food variety, inability to chose which restaurant you will dine at... All true.

But, my biggest complaint and concern is the number of people who became violently ill while staying at the resort. By day 2 of our stay, we heard several people vomiting all night in adjacent rooms.. We first assumed they drank too much. But, it never ended. Ever. By Day 4, I got very very ill. Excuse me for being graphic, but I threw up about 30 times in 48 hours. My body ached all over, high fever, chills... Sweats... By Day 5, my sister became ill. She had more of the lower digestive track symptoms.

Once I returned to the states, I had both upper and lower digestive track issues. My body no longer ached, thankfully. But because I could not keep food in me I was hungry! :). I lost some weight (not a horrible side affect). But, then within two weeks, I was incredibly tired. Even exhausted. By week 3, I began a parasite regimen and by week 4 regained my energy. However, I still experience a bevy of strange symptoms. Internal pains, digestive issues.

I travel often - I've been to several 'developing countries' before, and I've never witnessed such a lack of the resort and country-wide. Nor, have I ever been sick from travel.

Think twice. Your health is more important.


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These Guys Know How To Throw a Party
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Robert  on Apr 4, 2014  >  6 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2014 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
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TRIP DATE: Jan 18, 2014 to Feb 01, 2014 (two weeks)

SYNOPSIS: Nolitours, Lifestyle Tropical, Cofresi (Puerto Plata), DR

Lifestyle Tropical is a small part of the Lifestyle complex at Cofresi, near Puerto Plata. Most of the property consists of villas and condo units, but Cofresi Palms (formerly Sun Village) and Lifestyle Tropical (formerly Hacienda Tropical) are a large part of the complex. These are hotel room type units. They’re nothing fancy, but certainly adequate.

The food was good and there seemed to be lots of choices, even though there were a lot of repeats. There were several specialty restaurants scattered throughout the property. We had access to most of them, but there was another set of higher quality choices available to the VIP crowd.

The beer served on the resort was Presidente and the rum was Brugal. All the other liquors served were local.

All in all, it was about what you would expect from a 4 star AI resort.

SUMMARY: First Class - These guys know how to throw a party.

Room Number:

Room Block:
building 3

Since we had a late afternoon flight, our arrival at the hotel was about 11:30 pm. It seems that all the other Nolitours customers had booked Cofresi Palms and we were the only passengers destined for Lifestyle Tropical. Check in was fast and painless. We got our armbands (note that we got two since Tropical clients had access to all the Cofresi Palms bars and they apparently couldn't access the same at Tropical). Even without asking, we were given two room keys. Usually you have to get down and beg to get that second key. We also got our towel cards and a resort map. The map is tiny and hard to read. The bellhop gave us a quick tour and showed us where the late night food and beverage service was. We dropped our stuff in the room and headed for a nice snack and a few drinks. The staff at reception were friendly, efficient and most important, proficient in English (and as far as I know, a few other languages such as German and French). They got us checked in and taken to our room quickly.

Interestingly enough, after that midnight snack, we were accosted by another guest when we were returning to our room. "Did you just get here?" she asked. We responded "Yes" and then she said "You're not going to like it. The place is a <> hole and the food is disgusting". Well, having just had a nice burger, fries, salad and a few Presidentes, I had to wonder just what the heck she was expecting.

This was our first visit to this property and we were pleasantly surprised. OK, the room wasn't fancy, but it was about what we expected. It was somewhat dated but clean. Think CRT tube type TV and those ceramic towel bars with the 1" plastic tubing for the towel bar.

This year we had a standard hotel room on the second floor. It had two queen beds, a balcony/patio, a bar fridge, hanging closet, bathroom with shower, an iron and ironing board (unused by us I might add), washcloths, and an amenities package that included soap, shampoo, body moisturizer, a sewing kit, and a shaving kit. Note that washcloths are a rare item in the DR. We usually bring our own, just in case.

The room was basic but quite serviceable. It appeared to be recently painted and pretty well everything was in good condition. As for the shower, there was hot water, but let’s just say there was no danger of scalding yourself. That situation continued for a few days and then they apparently had a failure of some kind. The water went off completely several times over the next few days, and even when it was on, the water pressure was very low. I think they tapped into another building as a temporary fix. After about three days of this, everything returned to normal, and for the first time I had to mix some cold along with the hot in the shower.

The air conditioning was very quiet and worked well. Towels and bedding were replaced daily, although the towels disappeared early in the morning and reappeared some time later in the afternoon. It's necessary to plan around this.

We felt quite safe and comfortable in this room. I regularly left my laptop, cell phone and tablet computer on charge and nothing was ever touched.

We did have a few issues with the room. When we first checked in, we discovered that we couldn't lock the patio door. We reported this to the front desk and someone was there to fix it within 15 minutes. A half hour after the repair, the front desk phoned to check that we were satisfied. Good marks.

We weren't quite so lucky with the TV set that decided to turn itself on at random times during the night. We reported this, explained the situation, but the gal wrote down the room number and the word 'TV'. So I know what happened there. The repair guy turned up, turned on the TV, noted that it worked, called me 'loco', shook his head and left. Actually, that was twice. After that we pulled the plug before retiring for the night. Now, if it had come on after this, I would have really been worried.

Oh, and the thermostat was flakey as heck, so once we got it set and working, we left it alone. There were a few anomalies in the tub as well. For some reason the red label was on the cold water tap and the blue one was on the hot. Go figure.

Restaurants and Bars:
Our package allowed access to facilities at both Cofresi Palms and Lifestyles, but not all of them. There were other VIP facilities on the property and while we were allowed to wander around, we didn't have access to them. They’re reserved for the vacation club people. They paid extra, so ….

We found the food to be good, but we also found people that disagreed. I'm a fussy eater and I always found something good to eat and never left the restaurant hungry. The service is exceptional. They seemed to be waiting in the background and almost without exception, when your wine glass, beer or coffee got empty, another would appear or at least you would be asked if you wanted more.

There is one main buffet restaurant for the Tropical and several specialty ones (Italian, Mexican, Dominican, Seafood, Asian Fusion, Brazilian, International x 2). We also had access to the buffet restaurant at Cofresi Palms. You were allowed three specialty restaurants per week. The first three reservations were pre-assigned at check-in. For the second week we were told to submit our requests on Sunday morning. However, they couldn't confirm dates and times and only delivered the reservation voucher to the room the same day as the reservation. They have to come up with a better system than this.

We managed to visit the Mexican twice, the Seafood, the Italian, and the Brazilian. We enjoyed them all.

Bacon, sausage and omelets from the egg station appeared every morning at breakfast. There was also ice cream each day at lunch. And rotisserie chicken.

The tables were well bused and it was a rare event to sit down at a table that didn't have the proper utensils and cloth serviettes (napkins) already on the table. OK, sometimes they didn't have spoons, but they did have the knives and forks. The top table cloths were replaced frequently.

The service was quite good. After the first day at breakfast, we fell in with a fantastic waitress Jaqueline (Jackie). Once she knew we wanted our coffee first thing. We'd no sooner sit down and the coffee was right there. Nice.

The only thing that I didn't understand is why the coffee wasn't very hot. They filled their serving jugs from the main urn, which was hot, but somehow the coffee poured at the table wasn't quite as hot

The food could have been a little hotter as well. They let the serving dishes run right down to the bottom before replacing. At least they didn't top it up and leave cold stale food at the bottom. The dish was replaced. Sometimes there was a little delay.

There are a lot of bars located throughout the property. Drinks were also available in the restaurants at meal time. Of note, Presidente beer was served at almost all the bars.

The wine served at dinner was quite pleasant. We drink red, but I made the ultimate sacrifice and sampled the white. It was quite pleasant as well, but in my opinion it was a bit on the sweet side.

The pools are nice and appeared clean and well maintained. The main pool also has a very nice swim-up bar. There's also an adult only pools which is a nice feature. I didn't have any issues.

Overall the beach was pretty nice, but a lot of it was taken up by what they called the VIP Beach. This was a raised area with the large tanning beds. There was drink and food service here, but once you went to the REAL beach area, there was no drink service and just a few loungers.

The grounds were clean and well maintained. There's a fair bit of greenery and trees, all carefully groomed.

It's not an easy resort to find your way around. The map provided was small and somewhat deceptive. We were in learning mode for the first two or three days, but after that we learned the shortcuts. Essentially you could walk to anywhere in the resort in less than 10 minutes, once you knew the correct paths to take. If that didn't work, there is a resort shuttle service to take you where you want.

The main buffet restaurant is located near the lobby, but the specialty restaurants are scattered throughout the resort property and in some cases not even in your particular area. Not a big issue; just something to be aware of.

After all that eating and drinking it's nice to know that there are abundant washroom facilities and they are all pretty conveniently located. They just didn't seem to be where you expected them to be, but they were there. They seemed to be clean and well maintained.

Other Comments:
Here are my comments about the hotel (in no particular order):

1) For those that care, there were individual packets of ketchup (Heinz)
and mayonnaise.

2) The beer served was Presidente on tap. This is a GOOD thing.

3) At some bars the mix was bottled, and the remainder used fountain. And yes, they had Diet. Mostly the mix was Pepsi, 7-Up and soda.

4) Bacon was served every day at breakfast. Good thing.

5) The best place to have lunch on/near the beach was the area overlooking the VIP Beach (actually the Sushi bar) but food was brought up from the bar/restaurant below. Or you could eat right from the bar on VIP Beach. These are good places to have lunch due to the locations. The food selection in the buffet was also good at lunch time. We ate most lunches at the buffet, but had several lunches at the beach as well.

7) The pizza served at lunch (and sometimes supper) is quite good. It's different than at home, and the crust is pretty thin, but good. They had several varieties and you just picked what appealed.

8) There seems to be a lot of useable covered areas to use in the event of rain.

9) There were a lot of locals on the weekend. And it was a holiday weekend (both weekends we were there) to boot. There were no issues. They behaved the same as the other guests.

10) There were three bottles of water in the room at check-in. They were refreshed as they got used up. There was Pepsi, 7-Up and Presidente in the fridge as well. I don't think it was supposed to be replenished, but I left tip money and lo and behold, more beer showed up.

11) We had some very nice roasts (beef, pork and ham) and we had roast turkey three times at dinner and in the words of another guest, it was "awesome". And I agree.

12) The staff really tried to please all their customers and would literally bend over backwards to try to help.

13) There are a lot of stairs and ramps on this property. If mobility is an issue, you might keep that in mind.

There is free wifi internet at the VIP Beach. I also found a few open nodes, notably at the Lifestyles Vacation office building (where the helicopters land) and near some of the Villas. I was lucky enough to be able to access the Villa one just outside our room entrance, but it wouldn't work in the room. Just connect to their router and go. There is paid in-room internet access, but it is very expensive.

Good, Bad and Ugly:
As long as you're a low maintenance type and don't need marble countertops and stuff like that, this place provides great bang for the buck. Everything wasn't perfect. There were some minor issues, but in the end you have to ask the question 'Would we return?' In this case, the answer is yes. We will be back. I wouldn't even think twice.

Food, service, cleanliness, our room, didn't have to ask for a second room key, washcloths (somewhat rare in the DR), nice sheets, comfortable bed, nice pool swim up bar, live entertainment, a weekly Sunday welcome party that just blows you away, a lavish Wednesday 'just because' party that isn't far behind the Sunday spectacular, Presidente beer on tap (most places), Brugal Anejo or Extra Viejo (in some bars but not all), nice selection of specialty restaurants (Dominican, Italian, Mexican, Seafood, Asian Fusion, International), free internet at VIP Beach, and some unencrypted nodes at various locations on the property.

The BAD (or maybe I should say The NOT SO GOOD):
In room wireless internet for a fee (excessive), a lot of beach area taken up with tanning beds (see VIP Beach photos), no bars right on the beach itself but bars in what they called the VIP Beach (a raised area with the tanning beds), mustard hard to come by at lunch but you could find packets at breakfast (go figure), relish forget it. We also had a TV that decided to turn itself on at random times during the night. The vacation Club salesmen were also a pain, but they gave up after we were there for a few days. I also thought that the helicopters arriving and departing the onsite helipad would be annoying, but after a few days we hardly noticed them.

There were more different colour armbands than you could shake a stick at. Each allowed access to various areas/bars and it was hard to figure out whether your particular colour allowed access. It seemed that about a third of the security people had the function to check that the right colour armband was allowed access. Since we had access to amenities at the sister resort, we had two armbands. We adopted a policy that you would try to get in and if they shook their head at you, just turn around and go elsewhere .....

I'm never quite sure how to rate a 4 star property. If you get what you paid for, how do you rate that? So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'll use 5 to represent what we expected. 5 means we got what we paid for and expected. Using that scale:

Food – 8 (good)
Service – 10 (excellent)
Room – 5 (about as expected, no real issues)
Pool area – 7 (pretty good)
Facilities – 7 (again, pretty good)
Cleanliness – 8 (their standards seemed pretty high)

So, the accommodation was acceptable, the food was good and plentiful, the place was clean and the service was good. There seems to be a great staff. What else can you ask for? All in all, a pretty good combination. We had no major complaints.

This property is exceptionally good value for the money.

Would we return? YES. We wouldn't even think twice about it.

I had to re-arrange and shorten this review to get it to fit Debbie’s form factor. There’s a slightly longer version and a photo set at and a ProShow slideshow with sound at

Note that for the slideshow the Photodex Presenter helper app is required and it only runs on PC’s (not Apples or tablets). You will be prompted to allow the installation the first time you run the show, but shouldn’t be asked again (at least until Photodex updates it).



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Worst trip ever!
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Anna  on Nov 24, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Nov, 2012 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1849 people found this review helpful

DON'T GO TO THIS RESORT! We left after 4 days early that’s how long it took us to get a hold of cheapcaribbean person that could helps us (we arrived Friday and finally Monday we switched to Riu Bachata which was so MUCH better, however getting there was a horrible experience for my husband, he tried so hard to get us out and we felt like we were trapped. Tropical room was so bad I would not give this place more than 2 rating. Money got you nowhere at that place, even if you wanted to get upgraded to better room, you have to contact your agent first, BUT if you wanted to spend a lot of money to sign up for their vacation club, then they were willing to put you in their better rooms. Which BTW looked like rooms you normally get at Iberostar or Paradisus in Punta Cana? The power was on and off my kids were freaking out. Buffet food in Casablanca was really bad (did not try the other places as we did not know where anything was plus with the kids you have a lot less time to walk around to discover things. The flies, birds and even stray cats all were where the food was, disgusting!!! The tropical beach was not good. VIP beach was much nicer but it wasn't for us, only for the members. It is so obvious that the good reviews are coming from VIP's, the villas and maybe some sections from Confresi as it's all connected, if we only knew, we would have never stayed there. Our friends were arriving day later so we were able to warned them and they switched from home which was much easier than for us, we lost 3 days off our vacation being trapped there. As I always loved DR we will not be going back. There are other better options out there, this was huge disappointment!!!

Room Number:
Second floor

Room Block:
Building 1

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Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Randy  on Jul 20, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jul, 2012 | Leisure | With friend
2131 people found this review helpful

I put off doing this review for 6 months, to see if after I calmed down my opinion would change a little and it has not. Yes it was a great price,but you should receive the basics. The day I arrived they supply you free Presidente Beer in your room refrigerator, well there was no bottle opener. I asked everyday for a bottle opener, 6 months later and still waiting for the bottle opener. There was no shower curtain, so water goes all over floor and then floor is very slippery,luckily did not fall. They supplied one bath towel to dry off with for two people,no wash clothes, no hand towels. I asked for these and it took them 6 hours to deliver them.The toilet plugged up because of low water pressure, I asked them to please come urgently to unplug.After waiting two hours I went to front desk and made the Manager come back to my room and stay there with me until the maintenance man came to unplug the toilet, at the same time I asked the Manager for more towels and the bottle opener, like I said still waiting on the bottle opener. Food was terrible. Tried to make reservations to go snorkeling and the excursion operator said Hotel would not let them book the reservations for excursion on the day we wanted, a Monday as the resort schedules guests for time share meetings on Mondays and wants the guests to attend the time share meeting and not go on excursions, as most guests arrive on Sunday.We arrived on Wednesday and did the time share meeting the next day on Thursday, but did not matter to them, since we did not know this and was trying to book for the day before we were leaving, we could not go snorkeling. They make you take bus to airport for return trip back much earlier than needed, which required sitting in Airport for four hours prior to our departure time. One excursion we did do was Monkey feeding and zip line, bus arrived 25 minutes late to pick us up and then spent another two hours driving around to other hotels to pick up other people for the excursion. This is not everything, but the worst and majority. We all work hard and want to enjoy our few vacations we get, go somewhere else to relax and have a good time, as you will not at Lifestyle Resort.

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7 out of 11 sick, poorly run facility, no ability for the VIP staff to make decisions. A Disaster
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  bob  on Mar 28, 2012  >  2 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2012 | Leisure | With Group
2031 people found this review helpful

Stayed there last week. Were promised a Villa and VIP service a year ahead and booked. Got there no villa, had to fight to get resturant reservations with top management, as no one in the VIP management staff was capable of booking at the VIP level.

Traveled with a group of the 11, 7 got sick at different times in the week from food or water

The buffet was the same daily, food overall in the buffets average to below average.

Service there was some folks that really worked hard to make the stay enjoyable! The people try to make a difference, a good difference, I believe the lack of empowerment to make the customer happy is lacking from the tower(Management).

I have sent a similar review to Life Style management with no response.

Room Number:

Room Block:

VIP check in, ok until we were told what we booked a year ahead of time was not available. IE were booked a Villa and were given the lowest level room on the site.

Studio was average like a sleep inn type of room.

Restaurants and Bars:
Nice if you could easily make a reservation. Argued for 5 hours and had to go to the tower to get reservations for the week. No body in regular management has the ability to make decisions. The resturant service staff was very nice.

Beautiful and well maintained.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

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Save your money, go somewhere else
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  admir  on Jun 4, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jun, 2011 | Leisure | With Group
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DO NOT RECOMMEND...bed linen and pillow top that smelled like a used mop, very strong odor of bleach everytime you enter the room, construction work around the resort and hotel rooms, buffet restaurant with same menu every day, very hard and confusing to make reservation for other restaurants, street vendors on the beach and night time on the pool inside of the resort, you have to attend a presentation about the resort and other costly services, they dont provide you with a handout and information about prices and schedules for different trips, limited number of trips, not cheap at all, resort is part of a v.i.p. club so half of the resort, and half of the beach/pools are off limits to other guests, you get on key per room no matter how many people in the room, bottled water only available at the beach bar, better tip good if you want service to reach you, dont expect people to speak english or to know what is available

Room Number:

Room Block:

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This is a timesharing property, but the service and people there were wonderful!!
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Helen  on Feb 7, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2386 people found this review helpful

This was our first trip to this hotel. It is like a comminity setting. Theres timeshares and the also selll villas, and suites. The salesmen are easy to get rid of, just keep saying tomorrow. The VIP beach is composed of lounging beds with canopies and curtains. Some even swing. That was awesome!!! The waiters on the beach were great, just let me tell you they are reserve the beds, so if you want want you need to give them a couple dollars a day, they will hold it for you!!! Everyone is out for the almighty dollar. They have a few ala carte restaurants, but if you're not gold, red or blue band vips, very hard to get a reservation. We thought the buffets were better than average. The weather was great, high 80's. We were there 10 days and we only had a 5 min. shower one day. Being on the Atlantic Ocean side there was waves and the water was cooler than I liked. They have nightly shows and a weekly pool party.

Rooms were average. We found the bed to be very hard.

There were plenty of nice pools there.

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It's 4 star rating is justified.
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Francine from Gatineau, QC  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2009
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Arrival: March 8 to March 16
Promptly met by Guide at airport. Arrival at hotel friendly, greeting drink provided. Since our arrival was at approximately 11 a.m., our luggage was stored in lobby until room available only at 3 p.m.

Clean, comfortable, plenty of storage. Bottled water supplied daily, mini fridge not stocked (except for water) and coffee maker in room worked. We were provided with coffee, tea each day.

Restaurants and Bars
Buffet food was plentiful and good variety. Lunch menu repetitive however due to variety (pasta/pizza/chinese station/fish/chicken + potatoes/rice/salad & fast food) never bored. Wide variety for breakfast also. Each night there was a different theme in Buffet. Staff very friendly and eager to please. We did 2 a la carte restaurant, Blue Lagoon (MAHI MAHI succulent), and Trapiche (just off resort) also good!

Pools are large, clean and plenty of seating. The pool water runs from 1 pool to the next in sort of stepping stones. Plenty of chairs (except for shade)which are snapped up early. Beach is in 2 stages, upper part with plenty of chairs and volley ball net. Bottom part is the beach. Nice sand, plenty of security and staff constantly available to make sure you are provided with a chair.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
We did the dolphin encounter at Ocean World (within walking distance of resort). We were picked up promptly, explained the activities inside and were given the choice of 2 different return times. The price was 117$ US for 2 people and our time with the Dolphins was worth the $. Entertainment staff kept people entertained and busy but were not pushy. Night shows consists mainly of dancing near pool bar. There are helicopter rides from the resort which unfortunately is kind of noisy since it hovers low around the grounds.

Other Comments
We were not part of the VIP so we cannot comment on those accomodations. All in all, a very nice resort, would recommend. It's 4 star rating is justified. I hope this review helps because before I went there, could not find recent reviews for this hotel.

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Don't Go!
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 2.50 of 5

Posted by:  Karen from Kansas City, MO  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Mar, 2009
2412 people found this review helpful

Slow process to check in and very hot while we were waiting, finally got to our room to find out that the safe needs a key so we had to go back to registration and wait again to pay for for the rental of the safe

nice view but VERY small quarters with little storage space...none whatsoever in the small bathroom...never had enough bath towels and only one day we got one was cloth...I guess we should have saved it for the rest of the week because we never saw another

Restaurants and Bars
we were told there were several restaurants to choose from as well as a buffet and name brand liquor was served......there was no name brand liquor, food was the worst I have ever had, they gave ypu three bottled waters per day per room which is two people, none at the bars...if you needed more then you had to go to the gift shop and buy it. You could not drink from the faucet at the resort so you had to have bottled water.

pool and beach were fine

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
water WAY too loud most of the tours

Other Comments
Don't Go!

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No regrets.
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Ken and Tam from Nova Scotia  on Mar 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2009
2344 people found this review helpful

Arrival: March 3 - 10
We arrived around 11:00 pm, check in was fast...

Standard room, but comfortable king size bed. We heard that the shower flooded the bathroom, but didn't happen once. Trick is to aim the nozzle down so it drains and doesn't flood the bathroom, cause there is no curtain or door.

Restaurants and Bars
Pool bar was awesome, thanks to Pedro and Juan...took care of me all week! Buffet was ok. Went to the Italian and Tex Mex restaurant and the food was delicious!! Highly recommended.

Grounds were well kept and clean, pools were clean. Beach was ok, didn't really spend any time there, mainly at the pools.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
No tours this year, as we've done them before. Crazy Crazy kept everyone entertained. He was awesome.

Other Comments
We read alot of bad reviews about this resort and was kinda leery about going, but the only downfall was the V.I.P people. The literally hounded you and would not take no for an answer. Just keep telling them no, and eventually they give up. Aside from that, the resort was fine, and no regrets.

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