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About Debbie

It is good to know that you have found me and… you are not the only one!

I started DebbiesDominicanTravel.com in 1998. At that time I had no idea that Debbies Dominican Travel would become the most visited Canadian travel website focused exclusively on the Dominican Republic.

At this very moment there are at least one hundred Debbie’s users travelling in the Dominican Republic who stay in a hotel or resort they researched on DebbiesDominicanTravel.com. Our users have assisted hundreds of thousands fellow travelers to decide on the Dominican destination, hotel/resort accommodation and tours or excursions that best suites their interests, needs and budgets. Realizing that people who visit Debbie’s enjoy helping each other to make most of their vacations give me great satisfaction.

Although my own reviews are among the most sought after pages on DebbiesDominicanTravel.com, the website is really about you, the guest who stays at a resort and generously shares the experience with others. Over the years the website has changed along with the destinations and resorts that we all love to read and write about. When I started, the real Internet Revolution still had to take place and the founder of Facebook was probably still in grade school. Judging by the thousands of people that visit the Debbie’s websites every month, our service remains very popular. This motivates me to continuously improve upon the website and to make sure that this free service will be available the next time you are planning your vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Enjoy the site and please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments.



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