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Cap Cana
I have rarely visited a resort development in the Caribbean that displays more ambition than Cap Cana, a golfer’s paradise on the East Coast of the Dominican Republic that sets new standards for luxury and exclusivity.

Spectacular design and architecture have been successfully integrated in a pristine natural environment. With a capacity of 1000 large yachts, Cap Cana Marina is destined to become the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. The sheer beauty and serenity of the 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) long virgin beach in combination with the availability of excellent 4 and 5 star resorts make Cap Cana a dream location for a wonderful Caribbean wedding or honeymoon.

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Club Caleton Villas At Cap Cana 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Aug 7, 2014
Caleton Club & Villas 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Jun 20, 2014
Aquamarina Luxury Residences 
Average User Rating: 4.5 2 reviews
Last reviewed: May 28, 2014
Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana 
Average User Rating: 4.5 4 reviews
Last reviewed: Jun 14, 2014

Cap Cana Information

The immense popularity of Cap Cana as a wedding destination doesn’t come as a surprise to me given the sheer beauty, luxury and serenity of Cap Cana and the facilities I visited. Although Cap Cana does not offer a true authentic Dominican Republic experience, it did manage to make a lasting impression on me. I accompanied my friend Patrick Gallagher to the Punta Espada Golf course; one of three Cap Cana golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and must say that it is truly impressive. Although I have swung a golf club a few times I thought it would be better (and cheaper) just to drive the golf cart and take in the spectacular views.
Cap Cana was put on the map with the objective to become a low-key luxury retreat consisting of both residential and tourism related projects. The Cap Cana marina, which regularly organizes fishing tournaments, a polo field and shooting range are some of the examples that illustrated the aspirations of the Dominican Republic youngest destination. I think the natural surroundings of the Cap Cana resorts are best described as immaculate, just like the beaches with sugary white sand and the amazing hues of blue and green of the ocean, which waves gently touch upon the shore.
While construction is far from being completed, I came to the conclusion that Cap Cana is hard on its way to become the elite destination in the Caribbean. A small number of All-inclusive resorts cater to a demanding clientele that expects services that adheres to the highest standards.

How to get there
Cap Cana is located just minutes away from Punta Cana International airport, which is being served by airlines from major cities in the US, Europe, and Latin America.

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Tours and excursions
I really got my adrenaline going driving a speed boat on the Bavaro Splash adventure and would love to try the submarine motorbikes sometime! Really, the possibilities for a great excursion are virtually endless. What to think of a helicopter tour or a four-wheel adventure?


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Aquamarina Luxury Residences Cap Cana 2 reviews

Caleton Club & Villas Cap Cana 1 reviews

Club Caleton Villas at Cap Cana Cap Cana 1 reviews

Golden Bear Lodge & Spa Cap Cana Cap Cana 0 reviews

Grand Resorts at Cap Cana Cap Cana 0 reviews

Green Village Residences Cap Cana 0 reviews

Secrets Sanctuary Cap Cana Cap Cana 4 reviews

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The Blue Marlin Cap Cana 0 reviews

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