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Las Terrenas
Las Terrenas must be one of the most cosmopolitan beach towns in the Dominican Republic. Europeans who made Las Terrenas their home during the 1970’s run many of the fabulous restaurants, little delicacy shops and bars in town.

The mix of cultures and lifestyles that exists in Las Terrenas generates a vibrant social scene you won’t find elsewhere on the Samana Peninsula. On weekend nights, I always visit the market on the waterfront for its real authentic, laidback Dominican atmosphere. Locals sell food and drinks from their little stalls and create a fantastic beach party that includes life music by improvised bands and often lasts until the early morning. more...

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Coco Plaza 
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El Rincon De Abi 
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Las Terrenas Information

I cannot easily describe the spectacular drive from Sánchez to Las Terrenas over the steep, winding passage through the Cordillera Samaná mountain range, taking in the views of Samaná Bay, Parque Los Haitises and the Atlantic coast. The seemingly endless variety of palm trees, the bright colors of the houses and the warm smiles of the people I pass along the way make me feel very much alive and happy to be in the Dominican Republic once again. Upon arriving in Las Terrenas it does not take long before I stumble upon a French bakery where I buy some fresh croissants and a baguette.

This time I stay in the lovely small and independent hotel La Tortuga that also features a small restaurant which I will not try because I love to go “restaurant shopping” and check out some different restaurant menus before deciding where to eat. With so many (European owned) restaurants in town I have to think of Santo Domingo for a brief moment. I decide on Spanish Tapas!

Colorful wooden fishing boats rest peacefully on the white sand beaches hereby adding a touch of romance to the already lovely beach. During low tide I walk all the way to the coral reefs off shore with my snorkeling gear to blow some bubbles and say “hello” to the abundant sea life. Next I find myself sitting down on a terrace, overlooking the sea and the evolving colors of the sky above. I raise my glass of Chardonnay and make a toast. My new friend, an adorable dog that has been keeping me company for the last couple of hours and I agree that life does not get much better than this!

How to get there
Reaching Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula involves a bit more travelling compared to arriving at other coastal regions of the Dominican Republic. Only a limited number of airlines are flying directly to Samana International Airport at El Catey, just an hour away from most local destinations. It is more likely that you will arrive at Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata airports. From here there are various domestic commuter flights available that serve the International Airport El Portillo.

- Dominican Republic International and Domestic Flights

Whenever possible I rent a car to move around in the Dominican Republic. There are frequent and cheap bus services Sánchez. From Sanchez you can take a bus to Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Samaná. Taxi’s take up to six persons wherever they want to go.

Tours and Excursions
Las Terrenas is located on the Samana Peninsula, which offers a wide variety of excursions and activities within less than 2 hours by car. The waterfall of El Limón is one of the most popular and nearest attractions to visit from Las Terrenas. The waterfall with a height of over 50 meters (165 feet) is set in a rough décor made up by lush tropical vegetation. It is possible to swim in the often very cold water of the swimming hole at the bottom. Most people reach the waterfall on horseback (I always make sure the horses are being well cared for) but you could walk as well (5.6 kilometers from the main intersection in El Limón). Other activities that are waiting for you in Las Terrenas include snorkeling, diving, horseback riding and 4-wheel driving trips. The nearby beaches Playa Bonita and Playa Las Balleras are also worth a visit.


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Las Terrenas Hotels

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Hotel Name Destination Hotel Class User Rating Popularity

Acaya Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Albachiara Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Alisei Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Atlantis Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Bahia Las Ballenas Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Balcones del Atlantico Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Cacao Beach Resort, Spa & Casino
This hotel has been closed.
Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Casa Coson Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Casa Grande Beach Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Club Aligio Beach Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Coco Plaza Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Coyamar Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Rincon de Abi Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Gran Bahia Príncipe El Portillo Las Terrenas 22 reviews

Guatapanal Hotel & Resort Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Kari Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Dolce Vita Residence Las Terrenas 1 reviews

La Residencia del Paseo Las Terrenas 1 reviews

La Tortuga Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Las Cayenas Kanesh Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Madrugada Residence Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Palapa Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Punta Bonita Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Residence Corte del Mar Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Residence Las Palmas al Mar Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Residence Playa Colibri Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Tropic Banana Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Viva Wyndham Samana
This hotel has been closed.
Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Las Terrenas Restaurants

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Restaurant Name Destination User Rating Popularity

Alisei Restaurante Baraonda Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Atlantico Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Casa Grande Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Chez Sandro Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Cuca Marina Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Eden Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Cayuco Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Laurel Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Mambo Las Terrenas 2 reviews

El Mosquito Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Indiana Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Kari Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Cantina Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Salsa Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Terrasse Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Los Chichas Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Mi Corazon Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Om Cafe Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Paco Cabana Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Pizza Coco Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Pizza Playa Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Ristorante Fantastiko Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Saveurs du Monde Las Terrenas 0 reviews

The Beach Restaurant Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Tiki Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Tipico Rubi's Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Las Terrenas Tours

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Nature experience Paraiso Caño Hondo Las Terrenas 0 reviews

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