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Samaná City
Santa Bárbara de Samaná also referred to as Samaná city, is the official name of the capital of the Samaná province. The majority of visitors arrive in this lovely town during whale watching season (Jan.15th - March 15th), since Samaná is known worldwide for being one of the best locations to spot these gentle giants as they migrate from the North Atlantic Ocean to the waters surrounding the Dominican Republic to give birth and mate for the following year.
The Malecón of Samaná with its lovely port, brightly painted houses, shops, restaurants, outdoor terraces and lively bars, is one of the town’s main attractions. A 15-minute boat ride takes you to Cayo Levantando, a marvelous small island in the Samaná Bay. more...

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Samana Information

I have been travelling the Samaná Peninsula during the height of the whale- watching season many times but never went on a whale-watching excursion because of my aversion in regard to the exploitation and unnecessary interference with daily life of these gracious animals. Benito, does not agree with me at all and mentions that given the fact we both are actively involved in efforts to improve upon the survival changes of the whale species, a light infringing on their privacy under responsible circumstances could be justified. Good enough reason or not, I am not going.

It has been raining pretty hard all night but by the time we wake up, the sun is shining properly and the sea is calm. “A perfect day to meet some whales”, Benito jokes and I have to laugh like “a farmer with a toothache”. While I send Benito on his way with a hug and a kiss, I try not to be mad at him. Fact is that we are having our first serious disagreement, what a drag!

To Benito’s credit, he made sure that the company he picked adheres to the strictest environmental rules and has a marine biologist on board. In a brochure I came across in the hotel room I read that humpback whales can grow up to 16 meters long and weigh up to 35.000 kilos. I wonder how many people and - equally relevant - excursion companies do really care about the faith of the animals rather than just impede with or, in the latter case, make a profit of one of nature’s divine spectacles, the mating ritual of Humpback whales.

Benito comes back with glimmering eyes and stories about mothers with newborns, the privilege to be able to witness this serene spectacle, dolphins accompanying the excursion boat and how he told a fellow passenger to shut up because the man was obnoxiously shouting “Yeehaa”, every time he saw a fin or tale rise above the water.
After a lovely walk along the Samaná Malecón we reach the rather steep flight of stairs that leads us to a restaurant that was recommended by Benito’s publisher. I order a ceviche de pescado, Dorado fish filet with chutney mango sauce in salsa de coco with a bowl of white rice. Benito asks for a veggie stir-fry, winks and smiles at me. I don’t ask why. We share the delicious food as well as the magnificent view.

How to get there
Reaching Samaná city involves a bit more travelling compared to arriving at other coastal regions of the Dominican Republic. Only a limited number of airlines are flying directly to Samaná International Airport at El Catey. It is more likely that you will arrive at Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata airports. From here there are various domestic commuter flights available to Samaná. Otherwise you have the choice between taking a bus, taxi or to rent a car.

- Dominican Republic Domestic Flights

Depending the city of arrival you have the choice of bus services by Metro Bus (tel: (809) 544-4580) or Caribe Tours

Tour and Excursions
Los Haitises National Park is a protected area that has the most important rainforests and mangrove reserves in the entire Caribbean and can only be visited with a guide. El Limon waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Dominican Republic, is another favorite tourist destination. Santa Bárbara de Samaná is just one of the many great places to discover on the Samaná Peninsula.


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