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Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic

Samana Peninsula
I can’t escape the feeling that many people are not aware of the incredible beauty of the Samana Peninsula, which I adore so much for its gorgeous beaches, like my favorite Playa Rincon, but also for its riveting countryside. You can sense a certain European influence wherever you go as this part of the Dominican Republic traditionally has attracted many people from the Mediterranean who built small hotels and restaurants or engaged in other tourism related activities. Samana is romantic and its magic surely will capture your heart forever. Driving through the impressive landscapes, green mountains, dense jungle and discovering the many little (beach) towns is fun and inspiring. This destination has it all. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your camera! more...

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Villa Serena 
Average User Rating: 5.0 2 reviews
Last reviewed: May 23, 2014
Coco Plaza 
Average User Rating: 5.0 2 reviews
Last reviewed: Aug 20, 2014
Bahia Estela By Viva Resorts 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Jun 5, 2014
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: May 24, 2014
Casa Dorado Bed And Breakfast 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Jul 23, 2014

Samana Peninsula Information

What else to expect?
Samana is paradise for people who love an active vacation. Horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling, caving, mountain biking or sailing are just a few options available to you. Experienced divers can not pass up on exploring “the Tower”, an underwater pinnacle that rises from a depth of 165 feet to 40 feet under the water surface and offers spectacular scenic and serene views. The availability of many romantic, small and cozy hotels make Samana a great choice to celebrate your honeymoon. It is important to realize that credit cards are not as widely accepted in this region as elsewhere in the Dominican Republic, therefore I recommend you bring your ATM card and sufficient cash.

How to get there
Reaching your final destination in the Samana Peninsula involves a bit more travelling compared to arriving at other coastal regions of the Dominican Republic. Only a limited number of airlines are flying directly to Samana International Airport at El Catey, just an hour away from most local destinations like Las Terrenas and Las Galeras. It is more likely that you will arrive at Santo Domingo, Santiago or Puerto Plata airports. From here there are various domestic commuter flights available to Samana. Otherwise you have the choice between taking a bus, taxi or to rent a car. The lovely fisherman’s village Las Terrenas has a small airport for Domestic flights from Santo Domingo

- Dominican Republic International and Domestic Flights
- Depending the city of arrival you have the choice of bus services by Metro Bus (tel: (809) 544-4580) or Caribe Tours

Tour and Excursions
The most popular excursion between approximately Jan.15th - March 15th is participating in a (humpback) whale-watching excursion. Samana is known worldwide as one of the best locations to spot these gentle giants as they migrate from the North Atlantic Ocean to the waters surrounding the Dominican Republic to give birth and mate for the following year. Los Haitises National Park is a protected area with has the most important rainforests and mangrove reserves in the entire Caribbean and can only be visited with a guide. El Limon waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Dominican Republic, is another favorite. Nearby Las Terrenas there are four wheeler excursions available to the many beaches of the northwestern coast of the Samana Peninsula. In other words, rest assured, the change you will find a tour or excursion that suits your taste is virtually guaranteed.


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Samana Peninsula Hotels

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Hotel Name Destination Hotel Class User Rating Popularity

Acaya Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Albachiara Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Aligio Beach Bravo Club Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

Alisei Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Atlantis Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Bahia Estela by Viva Resorts Samana Peninsula 1 reviews

Bahia Las Ballenas Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Balcones del Atlantico Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Cacao Beach Resort, Spa & Casino
This hotel has been closed.
Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Casa Coson Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Casa Dorado Bed and Breakfast Las Galeras 1 reviews

Casa Grande Beach Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Chalet Tropical Village Las Galeras 2 reviews

Club Aligio Beach Hotel Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Club Bonito Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

Club Lookea Samana Las Galeras 1 reviews

Coco Plaza Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Coyamar Las Terrenas 0 reviews

El Cabito Las Galeras 1 reviews

El Marinique Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

El Portillo Beach Resort Samana Peninsula 1 reviews

El Rincon de Abi Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Gran Bahia Samana Peninsula 1 reviews

Gran Bahía Príncipe Cayo Levantado Samana Peninsula 13 reviews

Gran Bahia Príncipe El Portillo Las Terrenas 22 reviews

Gran Bahía Príncipe Samaná Samana 2 reviews

Grand Paradise Samaná Las Galeras 27 reviews

Guatapanal Hotel & Resort Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Kari Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

La Dolce Vita Residence Las Terrenas 1 reviews

La Residencia del Paseo Las Terrenas 1 reviews

La Tortuga Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Las Ballenas Escondidas Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

Las Cayenas Kanesh Beach Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Las Mariposas Las Galeras 0 reviews

Madrugada Residence Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Moorea Beach Samana Peninsula 1 reviews

Palapa Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Playa Colibri Samana Peninsula 1 reviews

Plaza Lusitania Las Galeras 1 reviews

Punta Bonita Las Terrenas 2 reviews

Residence Corte del Mar Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Residence Las Palmas al Mar Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Residence Playa Colibri Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Rincon Rubi Las Galeras 1 reviews

Tambora Beach Suites Samana 2 reviews

Todo Blanco Las Galeras 0 reviews

Tropic Banana Las Terrenas 0 reviews

Tropical Lodge Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

Villa Serena Las Galeras 2 reviews

Viva Wyndham Samana
This hotel has been closed.
Las Terrenas 1 reviews

Xëliter VISTA MARE Samana 1 reviews

Samana Peninsula Excursions

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Excursion Name Destination User Rating Popularity

Los Haitises / Cayo Levantado Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

Whale Watching and Cayo Levantado Samana Peninsula 0 reviews

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