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Boca Chica
From Santo Domingo Airport to the beach within the hour? I thought it could not be done until I became acquainted with Boca Chica, a funky beach town just 20 minutes by car from Santo Domingo Las Americas Airport.

Boca Chica breathes a “Caribbean beach party” atmosphere, since it is also the local beach of the Santo Domingo residents. I find it exciting to negotiate with the friendly beach vendors who pass by with souvenirs, fruit, food and drinks. The shallow, calm and current free waters of the reef-protected Boca Chica beach are ideal for families with children. more...

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Angel Gabriel 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Feb 18, 2011
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: May 30, 2014
El Neptuno 
Average User Rating: 5.0 1 reviews
Last reviewed: Apr 17, 2012
Average User Rating: 4.5 2 reviews
Last reviewed: May 13, 2014
Don Juan Beach Resort 
Average User Rating: 4.0 4 reviews
Last reviewed: Oct 5, 2014

Boca Chica Information

I have visited Boca Chica at least 8 times and always immensely enjoyed myself. The beach is good, the food is great and the nightlife an absolute blast.

Not so long ago, I invited a girlfriend for a late birthday lunch at the Neptuno Restaurant, where we feasted on a grilled lobster and tried some of their delicious deserts. The food, company and magnificent view from the terrace made for a perfect afternoon. We got on our phones and organized a “get together” later that night on Boca Chica’s exciting main (shopping) road, Calle Duarte, which is being closed off for traffic after 7 o’clock at night. At this time the restaurants, which completely open to the street, expand their terraces to accommodate the people, many of them couples and families with children, who soon fill up the street in the search of some nice food or a drink. We all went for pizza before hitting the dance floor around 11 o’clock, when Calle Duarte transforms again. This time the bars and disco’s take center stage and the loud Merenque music greets you at every other door. As a single, and some say rather attractive girl, I prefer to engage in this often rather steamy party scene when I am with friends. Though I must say this environment is not for everybody, it is fabulous when you love to have fun, dance, party and can handle yourself in a crowd. Honestly, the worst thing I ever encountered in Boca Chica must have been the painful blisters on my feet that night because I just had to show of my new shoes!

How to get there and around
Most likely you will arrive at Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport from where a taxi will take you to Boca Chica in 15-20 minutes. Boca Chica is rather small and perfectly covered on foot. Motoconchos, or motorcycle taxis will take you everywhere you want to go.

Tours and excursions
If you stay in Boca Chica for more than 3 days, I think a visit to Santo Domingo, the first city in the New World that embraces an unparalleled history, culture and excitement should be on top of your list. Like almost everywhere else in the Dominican Republic, there are endless amounts of other excursion available including mountain biking, hiking or white water rafting in Jarabacoa, a visit to the picture perfect Saona Island/Catalina Islands and scuba diving or deep sea fishing right of the Boca Chica coast.


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Hotel Name Destination Hotel Class User Rating Popularity

Angel Gabriel Boca Chica 1 reviews

Astoria Boca Chica 1 reviews

Be Live Hamaca Boca Chica 41 reviews

Be Live Hamaca Suites Boca Chica 1 reviews

BelleVue Dominican Bay Boca Chica 4 reviews

Boutique Don Emilio Boca Chica 2 reviews

Calypso Beach Hotel Boca Chica 1 reviews

Coco Playa Boca Chica 1 reviews

Don Juan Beach Resort Boca Chica 4 reviews

El Neptuno Boca Chica 1 reviews

Garant Boca Chica 1 reviews

Joker Boca Chica 0 reviews

Mango Boca Chica 0 reviews

Residencial El Candil Boca Chica 1 reviews

Zapata Boca Chica 2 reviews

Boca Chica Restaurants

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Restaurant Name Destination User Rating Popularity

Boca Marina Boca Chica 2 reviews

Chinese Chicken Boca Chica 0 reviews

DaNancy Boca Chica 1 reviews

Italy & Italy Boca Chica 0 reviews

Neptuno's Boca Chica 0 reviews

Oca Martina Boca Chica 0 reviews

Pequena Suiza Boca Chica 0 reviews

Boca Chica Excursions

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Excursion Name Destination User Rating Popularity

Beach Day Pass Boca Chica 0 reviews

Chocolate, Clay y Sugar Tour Boca Chica 0 reviews

Saona Island Boca Chica 0 reviews

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