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I took a plane to Santo Domingo, picked up a big, white 4x4 rental car and embarked on a journey to some of the regions in the Dominican Republic that are relatively unknown to the vast majority of people who come to this wonderful Caribbean destination.

The Dominican Republic's second largest city, Santiago and its surrounding regions are certainly worth a visit, especially during the month February when you can partake in the exciting carnival celebrations. I tried some of the excellent restaurants and visited the Santiago and Cibao Valley where the majority of Dominican cigars are produced. I continued my journey to the lovely town Jarabacoa, in the middle of a true nature paradise that offers endless opportunities for adventure excursions and (extreme) outdoor sports. I had a great time horseback riding and river rafting! An adventurous road leads to the Dominican capital of agriculture, Constanza, with its refreshing mountain climate.

Most National Parks in the West and Southwest of the Dominican Republic can be reached from the coastal town Barahona, which we included in our South Coast section. I had an amazing time visiting Lago Enriquillo and Isla Cabritas near the border with Haiti.

How to get there

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The Central Cordillera Mountain area of the Dominican Republic, including the small towns Jarabacoa and Constanza, can be reached by flying into either Santo Domingo or Santiago International Airports. I found Santiago to be a perfect hub between the excellent beaches of Puerto Plata and the town of Jarabacoa.

Caribe Tours offers luxury bus services that run between Santo Domingo and Santiago. Both cities have connections to La Vega from where you can continue to Jarabacoa. From Jarabacoa you take a taxi to Constanza. Alternatively you can reach Constanza via Bonao where you look for a guagua (local bus) for Constanza (ask the Caribe Tours driver to drop you at the "parada para Constanza").

I recommend renting a solid 4x4 vehicle if you plan on driving to the remote and mountainous parts of the Dominican Republic since the roads are definitely more challenging. Since I planned my trip carefully, took my time and refrained from driving after dark everything went just fine!

What to expect?

What to expect? Picture

People like me who appreciate nature and like to engage in outdoor (sporting) activities will not be disappointed. Most towns I visited are rather small and the majority of hotels do not offer the same level of luxury and comfort as those in the big cities and resort areas. To avoid wasting precious vacation time I made sure to bring enough personal hygiene items, insect repellant and sun block crème.

Tours & Excursions

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In case you decide to go on an excursion or outdoor adventure tour, I suggest that you choose a renowned company. Elsewhere on this site you can find listings of tour and excursion companies that offer a wide variety of options that fit every budget, interest and energy level.


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