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Packing List and Tips

Write down any phone numbers you may need while you are away – family, travel agent, etc.

If taking traveller’s cheques, record the serial numbers of the traveller’s cheques and keep them in a location separate from your traveller’s cheques.

Write down your passport number, or other travel documentation, or better still, make a copy of the front page. This can be very helpful if you lose any of your documentation and have to get it replaced.

Write down policy numbers and contact info for any travel/medical insurance plans you have.

A good idea if you have access to your e-mail when away from home is to e-mail this information to yourself, so you’ll be able to access it from anywhere.

Clean out your wallet before you go – you won’t need your Sears card or your Costco card, 5 credit cards, or any number of other cards you normally carry in your wallet. Leave them at home in a safe place.

Luggage – identify your luggage with a sticker or brightly coloured ribbon. Make sure there is a luggage tag on it with your name and contact information. Also a good idea to put this information inside your luggage, as the name of the hotel you are staying at.

NOTE: Before you start packing, check with your airline to see what items are allowed in your carryon luggage, and size and weight restrictions for carryon and checked luggage. (ie. there are restrictions/bans in place on liquids, creams, gels, etc. in carry-on luggage.)

Pack anything that might leak in ziplock bags

Most important – before you leave for the airport make sure you have all your travel documentation and money. Small bills for tipping (U.S. $1’s)

Below are some suggestions on what to take on your trip:

Prescription medications (carry medications in original labelled containers in carryon luggage)
Stomach remedies such as Pepto- Bismal, Tums, Gravel, Immodium
First aid - polysporin, bandaids
For the sun - Sunblock, Lipbalm with SPF, Aloe gel, body butter
Scented candles or air freshener
Insect repellent with DEET
Shampoos, Conditioners, Body wash, Body lotions, shaving kit
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Your favourite soap and bath accessories
Thermal mugs
Chlorox wipes/hand sanitizer
Needle and thread
Hairdryer and travel iron if your hotel does not have them.
Clothing and Accessories
Bathing suits and wraps
Beach Bag
Beach shoes
Sun hats, sunglasses
Sweater (just in case)
Pair of long pants for men, required in some restaurants
Batteries (very expensive to buy in the DR)
Polarized plug adapter
Facecloths – some hotels do not have them
Books, magazines
Snack food, such as chips, pretzels - expensive to buy in the DR.

Once you’re finished packing, go through your suitcase and take out half of the clothing you packed ? Remember, the more you take, the more you’ll have to wash and put away when you get home.

Go with the attitude this is your vacation and nothing is going to spoil it. Do not expect the Dominican Republic to be like home. This is why you travel to get away from home and its trials and tribulations. Sometimes things do not get fixed as fast as you would like, water pressure may be a bit low, or you may find the Spanish language hard to understand. The Dominican culture is unique and they are proud of their heritage and history. Enjoy this "Jewel of the Caribbean" and what it has to offer. You will find yourself wanting to visit again.

And of course don't forget your pen and paper so you can jot down notes for the resort review you are going to send to us :)

Some Packing Tips from our Readers

Elaine's List of things you'll be glad you brought!:

Mosquito repellant (for sure!), Candle, Large bar of your favourite soap, Washcloth, Beach towel (for when they run out at the resort), Inflatable raft ( throw away afterwards), Spanish dictionary (bring several small ones to give to or trade with the locals), umbrella (to get to the dining room during a downpour) Unless you're staying at a Riu., Thermal cup to take to the beach, Pillow (also to take to the beach for ultimate comfort) a deck of cards, book, a tube of hydrocortisone cream in case of sand flea bites, baby oil or suntan oil to slather on at dusk to prevent sand flea bites, a pair of tight fitting pants(at the ankles) and socks to guard against sand fleas, Snacks such as chips or peanuts if you enjoy ( expensive in the hotel), dollar bills - tip everyone (people here earn very little and tips mean such a lot), small gifts such as sample perfumes, ziplock bags, small toys, any used baseball stuff - hats, gloves, balls etc. small jewellry items, panty hose, Last but not least, the warmth of your smile! Elaine

I have a tip that’s saved us several times before we go on vacation I always pick up a couple of rain ponchos from the dollar store these work great for those tropical storms that pop up often. We’ll walk the beach or whatever with our ponchos to keep us dry.

I made up a little card the size of credit card and had it laminated. It was my life saver I mean money saver. it had on it 1peso =. Canadian/U.S. etc. 25p = 30p= . etc. Take it with you every where, you are on holidays and do not need to think just look at the card when the peddler is there and you can see if something is worth say $5.00 look at the card and you can tell him or her the amount in pesos. I had some extras and gave them away before I left.

If you are thinking of getting your hair braided, bring some sport sun screen. It is in a spray bottle and is non greasy to spray your hair parts that are very white and burn very easy. Shirley

Make a list of the things you can leave for the maids. It would come in very handy. I knowthe first time we went we brought all kinds of odd andends, but the second time we went we were talking to our tour guide and she was telling us that kids vitamins, lipsticks, dolls, dinky cars, etc. are things that you can't really get down there. Charlene

Many people seem to want coffee in the morning (and believe me I can relate - i don't want to talk to ANYone before I have my coffee!) Anyways, prior to going to the DR i knew there was not always coffee in the rooms and went on a search for a travel coffee maker. A friend of mine found the perfect solution. It's the Black & Decker Brew n Go. It is not breakable and brews a fresh cup of coffee directly into a travel mug. I packed this and coffee in my carry on (it is rather small) and was delighted every morning as I brewed my coffee. Also, it was so nice to grab my coffee and stroll around the grounds early in the morning before most guests awoke. Kara


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