Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Dreams Punta Cana Resort & SPA
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
December 2008
Arrival: December 6 - 13
Getting there was fine, have heard many bad reviews about the road, it was not THAT bad, just think of it as a Safari. Check in was simple within 5 minutes of the bus pulling in I had room key in hand and directions on how to get to the room

The Deluxe room was a little small for 4 people 2 adults 2 children (4&7) but we did not plan on staying in the room much anyway.

Restaurants and Bars:
There was a good variety of restaurants.....LOVE the no reservation policy...first come first served....The adults only French Restaurant was my personal favourite, but the rest were good as well.

Grounds were immaculate....they were very well tended, and absolutely stunning, the pool was HUGE it spans from just outside the lobby all the way down to the edge of the beach. Love the fact that they had floating mattress around the pool that you could just lounge on. Pool is also quite clean, every morning as I had my morning coffee I would sit on the balcony of my room and watch them clean the pools, they were there EVERY morning. The beach is a little rough, the Atlantic does come in a bit harder than the Caribean does....if you are swimming in the ocean with kids and they are not very strong swimmers I would suggest using a lifejacket as the cureent is strong and could easily pull them under.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The Entertainment team works tirelessly all day and well into the night, to help make your trip special, and they do a GREAT job. They organize games during the day and wow you on stage at night.

The Explorers Club for kids is also fabulous, my 7 and 4 year olds wanted to stay there for the entire duration of the trip. This is the first resort that I ever brought them to that I felt confident leaving the kids at the Kids Club. They assign you a cell phone when you check the kids in and contact you if your kids need you, or in my case if they just wanted to call you and see if they could do lunch with the Club Kids instead of having me pick them up.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
December 2008
The Explorers Club for kids is also fabulous, my 7 and 4 year olds wanted to stay there for the entire duration of the trip. This is the first resort that I ever brought them to that I felt confident leaving the kids at the Kids Club. They assign you a cell phone when you check the kids in and contact you if your kids need you, or in my case if they just wanted to call you and see if they could do lunch with the Club Kids instead of having me pick them up.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
November 2008
We had a group of 30 from Michigan, for a wedding and some added vacation time. Some stayed 5 days, and most like I, had 7 days. A couple of different group arrival and departures.
I was one of the "Newbies" to this all inclusive thing, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I've got to say, IT WAS AWESOME!

It was easy coming through immigrations at the Punta Cana Airport, you buy a $10 tourist card, which you hand in along the way. There was no second half stub to save, or fee upon leaving as others had said. Their customs inspection was quick for most everyone.

Ten of us rode together in a large comfortable air conditioned bus, (Go Go Tours) from the Airport to Dreams. (Tip: the bigger the bus, the smoother the ride.) Like others have written, "it was an interesting ride". Sure, some bumpy sections, but to see along the way, how some of the less fortunate people live, is an experience in itself.

In less than an hours ride, we were promptly greeted at the resort with champagne for our group. Bags were taken to the rooms for us, while we checked out the Lobby Bar, one of the 7 bars on the grounds.
It was about 4:30 in the afternoon, which we found out was somewhat of a gap time for meals. Most lunches were served noon to 3, and dinners 6 till 10 or even 12 or so. But we found you could go to the World Cafe, and get pizza just about anytime. Also the 24 hour room service is an option too, but limited menu.

The rooms were very nice, I only saw a couple of tiny ants on a bathroom counter a few times. And only one of the others in our group had a serious problem with them. But once they notified the staff, they came right out and took care of the problem. And I hardly saw any flying insects to speak of. I did see the staff fogging the outside perimeter of the grounds several different evenings, so that would make sense.
The maids were fantastic, very hard workers, as all the waiters and bartenders were too.

The World Cafe served wonderful breakfasts, the made to order omelets were great. And during our week, I never saw them run out of bacon! (someone mentioned in a previous post) But the toaster broke down, the last day we were there. What a shame, as the bread was sooo good. The food was great at all the restaurants we ate at, or even heard others talk about. If you didn't like something, the waiters were more than happy to bring you something else. The Mexican restaurant was our favorite, and as others have suggested, order salad, soup, main course and dessert. As their portions are not overwhelming, as they tend to be here in the states.

Once in a while a bar would run out of certain "top shelf" liquors. Then, I'd just go to one of the other bars, or once I even tipped the bartender, and he went somewhere and found more!

And about tipping, although it's not required, obviously it's much appreciated by the hard working staff. I took the advice of seasoned travelers and took a stack of singles. A buck here or there really adds up to their base wage, which I'm sure isn't much. If you spent $100 over the week I'd say that was average.

Besides the variety of liquors, their Presidente beer on tap is very good. But if you can get it in a bottle at the Rendezvous Lobby Bar, it's even better. They even have a Light version. But for some reason, they don't broadcast that. Probably a cost thing. I didn't care as much for the Bohemia beer that they stock in your room frig, but hey, it free!
And their "drink of the day" is always interesting too. The bartenders will whip up about anything you can think of. Try a Sammy Sosa, colorful and very tasty! (named after the Major League Baseball player born in the D.R.)

We all loved the pool. It's HUGE! Most of our gang are water lovers, so we staked out a spot every morning and spent most of the day there. Plenty of lounge chairs available. But as others have noted, sometimes you have to hunt for a float, as it appears they could use a few more. The swim up bar is awesome. And if you get too lazy to walk in the waist deep water to the swim up bar, there are waitresses willing to bring you anything from the bar.
We had an almost continuos volley ball game going, in the pool most of the day. And met some great people that way. The staff organized various activities on and off during the day. The most memorable one I think, was the water balloon fight. Mind you, it was near 90 degrees and everyone had been partying in the pool near the bar, all day. Then they dumped a couple of hundred water balloons (hand size, mostly air and maybe a half cup of water), into the pool. We pretty much broke into two groups, but balloons were flying every where. I laughed until my sides ached, it was hilarious.

They bring in vendors selling T-shirts, crafts, jewelry, ect., in the plaza, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. And it takes some getting used to, the way they love to bargain. It was a bit intimidating at first, but if you consider it a challenge, you'll have fun and get a good deal too. (Tip: the first price they offer is usually VERY high. Check out the on grounds gift shop ahead of time, to get a rough idea on what "high" prices are, and go from there.) If you're a seasoned shopper, you might want to take the 10 minute hike down the main road where you'll find dozens of shops at the flea market. Or take the organized "bike tour" in the morning, about a 45 minute ride, and they stop there for about 15 minutes on the way back. But be forewarned the bikes we had weren't in the best shape, rusty chains, and none adjustable seats. (For a luxury resort, they really need to step it up here!) Other than the flea market, you really don't see much more along the way, other that what you saw on the bus, coming in.

Some friends went on the "Sting Ray & Nurse Shark Encounter" and had a great time. Only about a half day excursion. Others I talked to went on some of the all day excursions, and they were pretty beat, by the time they got back. So factor that in, if you plan any side trips. Being my first time, I was content with everything happening at the complex.

Our friends wedding at the gazebo at 6 in the evening, close to dusk, was picture perfect. But be aware, the judge performing the ceremony did it in Spanish, with an interpreter in English. (Not sure if they all do it that way, but it was a bit of a surprise to us.) To make things worse, just as the event was starting, they turned on the water fountains in the ponds encircling the gazebo. Although they looked beautiful, they partially "drowned out" the voices! I wish our group would have just gotten out of our seats (which were lined up on the entrance walkway), and walked up and surrounded the gazebo and the bride and groom. We could have heard the whole ceremony, and I think it would have added a nice touch to it. Other than that, it was a beautiful ceremony. (Not too long, and casual attire, what more could you ask for!!!) No seriously, it was very, very nice.

Our check out was simple and the return trip uneventful. Only thing I'd do different, take a non-stop flight. We had a layover in Miami for a couple of hours, so it made it a bit of a longer return flight. Minor inconvenience, considering what a wonderful week we had.

I'd definitely recommend Dreams to anyone considering an all inclusive resort...... Hola!
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
November 2008
We have just returned home from our week vacation at Dreams (Oct 26-Nov2) and it was just as I had thought, Amazing!

Reading many of the reviews before we left had me a bit worried but I’ve come to the conclusion that some people will just never be pleased or maybe it just didn’t compare to other vacations that they paid double for.

Where to start? Yes, as some complained the drive to the resort does take an hour and they do have to maneuver around massive pot holes. I personally found it and seeing the ‘real Dominican’ part of our adventure and also an eye opener. I do not have one negative thing to say about the food. The themed restaurants all had amazing food. Food was always hot and flavorful. Most memorable was the Bordeaux (French restaurant) and the Himatsau (Japanese cooking tables) was also a hit. They were two of my favorites. The Oceana was also good but mostly amazing spot to have lunch right beside the beach. I love the fact that there are 5 al carte restaurants and you do not have to make reservations. If you didn’t like the Italian you could get up and go to another restaurant, not that we ever felt the need to do that. Some reviewers had complained that with this method there were long wait times but the longest wait we had was 10 minutes. They give you a beeper and send you to the bar so it wouldn’t have mattered if we waited an hour. Still better option than having to make reservations or limiting the number of al a carte dinners we could have.

We booked a deluxe room which did not entitle us to a room with a king sized bed. We ended up with 2 doubles but with a simple request by noon the next day once vacationers had left and a room opened up we moved over. Room was clean and had everything we would need. Rooms are not huge but seriously how much time do you spend in your room? Had morning maid service and wonderful turn down service every day that always left the daily entertainment newsletter for the following day, 2 chocolates, flower petals on our bed and the radio playing nice music for our return to our room. We only had room service 2 times and we had no complaints. It was nice to pick one lazy morning and have the breakfast of our choice brought to our room. They even set it up on our table on the balcony. But we only did that once as we didn’t like to miss the amazing fruit smoothie they whip up for you at the World Café! Not to mention the wonderful omelets, fruit, bacon everyday (not that I allowed myself to eat it everyday) huge variety of breakfast items! There are plenty of activities to do off the resort (Saona Island, dolphin excursion etc) although the location of the Dreams resort you have to be prepared for it to take a full day. For us even if everything was close by we wanted a ‘do nothing’ type of holiday.

The activities team was amazing. They keep those who want to participate busy with tons of activities on the resort. But if peace and quiet is your thing (like us) there is always a spot to find it.

The pool and the grounds are spectacular. They work so hard to keep everything just perfect. I had never seen a pool like the one at Dreams (largest in the Dominican). The only negative at the pool is how the people behaved. We never had a problem finding a lounge chair at the pool or beach but if you want a float for the pool, good luck! I’m sure there were plenty for all but people take several to their rooms so they will never be without. We took our own down and had no issues. Even though there is a swim up bar at one end of the pool and another one at the midsection of the pool, there are still waitresses that work around the pool all day. This includes the beach as well, there are 2-3 waitresses that take drink orders all day on the beach!

While we didn’t take our kids with us on this vacation we would certainly have no objections bringing them here. The Adventures club while under repair during our week looked amazing (re-thatching the roof)! Apparently you are given a cell phone and they have many wonderful, well trusted people to look after your kids and keep them busy. They will take them to lunch/dinner and everything. I will also post a picture of the kids club area.

First of all the resort beach was beautiful as you will see in my pictures. We knew before arriving that Dreams is located more North than many of the other resorts. That places Dreams on the Atlantic Ocean where the others are on the Caribbean. I found the water was choppy but I find that more enjoyable to listen to the waves. Just be careful of the under tow. Also remember to swim to left of the property as there is coral directly in front of the resort. The sand while not the white sand you would find in say the Bavaro beach area is still…beautiful sand.

Now for my only negative point to the Dreams resort. The beach property on either side of the resort that does not belong to Dreams is obviously not taken care of. Not sure if the resort cannot do anything about it, but it seems like odds and ends are thrown away by residents on the beach. If they could just take care of this very minor thing Dreams would be absolutely perfect!

I am trying to think of one thing that REALLY displeased me and I cannot. The food was outstanding, the rooms were charming, the people were friendly and outgoing, and the grounds, pool, lobby were impeccable. The weather beautiful and sunny, temp was high 80’s and not a mosquito in sight.

I would recommend Dreams to anyone! Feel free to ask me any questions.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
30 Miles South of the Burgh in PA
October 2008
Our group of 6 returned from a week at Dreams, Sept 20-27, and we all agree that it was a fabulous trip! I will give you the best description that I can about the different views you have read.

First the road to the resort!! Yes there is a 15 or 20 minute stretch that is extremely bumpy and full of large pot holes. It depends on what type of vehicle you are transported in as to just how bad the ride is. We arranged private transportation through IBK services (Mike Fisher and Bronly) and we were picked up at the airport in an air conditioned newer model mini van. The driver, though he did not speak much English, was extremely friendly and very skilled in maneuvering this smaller vehicle around the pot holes and we got to the hotel in only 50 minutes.

We got the cold towels and champagne upon arrival and check-in was a virtual breeze and the bellman Thomas (absolutely wonderful person) had our bags to our rooms in no time at all!

The rooms – We had adjoining rooms on the second floor of building 2 and one room on the bottom floor of building 4. There was plenty of space in the rooms, they even have a small sofa and desk. Ants? Yes, if you spilled the sugar or left food out, or dropped toothpaste in the sink overnight, but you know what……….I live in PA and if I leave sweet food out during the summer I get ants too! The only bad thing I have to say about our rooms is that the one in building four on lower level did have a musty or damp smell.

The maid service was wonderful, my room was spotless everyday when we returned from beach with plenty of fresh towels AND wash cloths as well as beer in the fridge!!

As everyone as said the pool was immaculate!! I would be out there swimming at 6:30 AM and they would be out there scrubbing and cleaning the pool daily. There were plenty of chairs, though there was a shortage floating mats at times. The resort was not that busy and I can see that during prime season that the mat shortage would be an issue.

Food – All I can say is that if anyone comes back and said they could not find anything there they liked or that the food was horrible has got to be some kind of nut or totally spoiled picky eater! I would have liked to see bacon at breakfast more than once in the 7 days there, I was a bit tired of the sausage, but other then that I really did not have any complaints with the food. None of us every got sick and we tried just about every restaurant.

I did see some small black bugs on the salad bar at the seaside grill, and they were actually some in the lettuce. This I am sure was because it was an open air restaurant and with the climate and the lighting attracted the bugs. But that was the only place I noticed anything like that.

Room Service – Don’t go there thinking you can get a steak at midnight (like I did) if you are hungry because you can not! As a matter of fact the room service menu is limited and we were a bit disappointed in this. You can order breakfast for room, but for dinner unless you want pizza and fries or sea bass salad you are pretty much out of luck. I saved the best for last, THE STAFF! I must say that absolutely everyone from the groundskeepers, to housekeeping, the wait/bar staff and entertainment were a pleasure to be around. They were always smiling and did whatever they could to make you happy and comfortable. Unfortunately it rained for about 60 hours straight while we were there and we still had a fabulous time. They had all kinds of indoor activities in the lobby/theatre area and the booze was flowing freely so everyone still enjoyed themselves.

I would just say HATS OFF TO THE ENTIRE STAFF at the Dreams Resorts. If you want to go shopping or sightseeing, then Dreams is probably not for you. If you want to relax and soak up the sun and fun, then this is definitely the place to do it!

In my opinion a vacation is more about the people you spend it with then what type of bed you have or what you ate for dinner. Dreams made our vacation one party day after another and we would return again in a heartbeat!

Hola to all especially, Julio, Rosalie and her sexy husband Wil, Diony the best waiter and my special waitress with now all her new hair bands and if I could spell her name I would!!! A great thanks to the chef at World Buffet for cooking the fresh Mahi Mahi we caught as well!

If you have any questions or want to whole truth and nothing but truth please feel free to ask:
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
August 2008
Arrival and Flight
Newcastle Arrived May 03-08

block 6- sure not the largest rooms ever but quite ample for us!! declined upgrade how much time you want to spend in the room anyway?

I honestly cannot believe what is written in some of the reviews i have read!! 1 couple even left the resort for a decent meal!!! What were they missing Macdonalds?? I travel the world with my job and am writing this review from the Far East and can honestly say we did not have a bad meal the whole of our 2 week stay! my favourite was the French where we ate 4 times and enjoyed each 1. But we enjoyed the others too, steakhouse, seafood etc. Just what do some people expect??? the buffets were all you could want, Omelettes, meats, fruit, cereal, what do you eat for breakfast for goodness sake!!

No problems in any of the bars -the staff were pleasant and attentive and if you wanted international brands you just asked where's the problem?? Had to stir my own cocktails too what a b****r!! still good exercise i suppose!!

Beach and Pools
Beach a bit rocky in places but was told this before we booked and the views and breeze more than made up for that.

Immaculate!! the flamingos, peacocks etc only added to the ambiance. do you get them in all resorts? - cos it's the 1st i've been to where they roam the grounds freely!

Activities and Entertainment
Best animation crew we have experienced bar none!!

Catamarang trip along the coast great- but a little expensive compared to others we have been on.

Departure and Check Out
No problems!!

The road is very bumpy and takes an hour, but please just go and enjoy this great resort- you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!!
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

August 2008
I just got back from Punta Cana and I had a great time with th excpetion of the hotel (Dreams Punta Cana). First, on our day of arrival to Dreams we checked into our rooms (we had two rooms for our family). The bed in one room was broken and sitting on the floor. I contact the front desk to have it fixed immediately (3PM). At 5pm I again contacted the front desk to get it fixed. No response. At 9PM, I contacted the front desk and they told me to come to the front desk for a key to another room. After walking the distance, I arrived to the front desk and was told there was a mistake that they had a room for me but gave it away. After 30 minutes of demanding that something be done, they found another room for us. Also, the air conditioners were not working in any of the resturants, rooms, or casino. No one likes to sweat during dinner and/or playing cards.

Several people got food poisoning at the Chinese resturant (probably due to the lack of A/C).

Dreams Punta Cana should be down rated to a 2 star. Definitely will not choose it again.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
Annie and Marc 
New Jersey
June 2008
Arrival and Flight
We flew early from Philadelphia International Airport on June 20th. Check in was smooth and relatively easy. (The last time I flew was 23 years ago - things have changed! ;^) ). We endured the rough road from Punta Cana airport (potholes? they were craters!!), arriving at the resort around 12:30. Wish we'd checked our carryons with our luggage. We did plan ahead and packed swimsuits in our carryons. We ate at the beach barbecue, and enjoyed the pool until it was time to check in to our room.

I've read other reviews that complained the rooms were small. I beg to differ. We had a garden view room on the first floor (yay!) with two double beds. Honestly, it was nice as my husband gets restless leg syndrome and we each could spread out. The room was spotless, though there were a couple of minor problems - two lights didn't work; one of the hinges on the cabinet under the television was broken; a shelf in the wardrobe was crooked and broken. We went in the morning to mention these things to our Apple representative, Rafael, and they were fixed immediatly. The view from our patio was beautiful. The grounds are all well kept and beautifully landscaped. And the patios are set up so you have privacy.

We were never disappointed in any of the restaurants. Sure, the breakfast buffet is basic, but if you go to the chef for a made-to-order omelet or any style eggs, they were melt in your mouth good. I tried plaintains for the first time ever - delicious. And the Spanish omelet combined with the Ranchero Sauce - yum!! My favorite restaurant was the Mexican. A delightful Mariachi band played very well as we dined. You've got to try the crab cakes, and the chicken quesadillas. And I am not a guacamole fan, but I could not stay away from theirs!! The Oceana and Sea Side Grill traded places on some of the nights as refurbishments were being made on one or the other. Great dining in either, with the bonus of sea breezes. And try the pasta in the World Cafe - you choose the type of pasta and the sauce, and they make it right in front of you. Honestly, if something didn't appeal to you, try something else! Each restaurant had lots of choices. Main entrees may appear small to us overfed, gluttonous Americans, but with all the appetizers, soup or salad, entrees, and desserts, you get plenty to eat. And if you want more - just ask!! Plus, it's not like you're going to take home a doggie bag.

Great service, great selection, great staff. Some of the drink combinations were out of this world delicious - the Sammy Sosa, which is pina colada with strawberry daquerie and something else; the Miami Vice - pina colada and daquerie; the Punta Cana special - more of a breakfast drink but they'll add rum if you want. The only complaint we had was the girls on the beach taking drink orders. You would see them frequently for about 20 minutes or so, maybe a bit longer, and then you wouldn't see them for an hour or two. Maybe they need more girls for the beach.

Beach and Pools
The pool is immaculate. It's perfect for swimming, lazing, staying wet. I'm glad it's not deeper to tempt divers. It may get crowded around the swim-up bar, but there is plenty of room for everyone. I liked the lounge chairs actually in the pool, on a ledge. And there was lots of shade for people to get out of the sun. After a while, the sun got to be too much.

The beach was great. They work very hard to get rid of the seaweed. I find it amusing to hear people complain about seaweed - it's a natural phenomena, certainly if we could get rid of it we would. Besides, you can pass right through it to the soft sand. And yes, it's better for the feet to go a bit to the left of the beach, right at the point, in front of the water sports hut. Plus, you can feed fish. I brought a couple pieces of bread or rolls and my underwater camera, and hoped for the best. I was up early one morning to try to catch the sunrise and the grounds keepers were at work already cleaning up, raking the sand, raking up seaweed. I am disgusted by how messy the "guests" leave the beach - towels left overnight, books soggy from rain, silverware from dinners on the beach, water bottles everywhere. People take such advantage when they go on vacation. A little common courtesy goes a long way.

They are still improving the grounds, planting while we were there, but let me tell you, it is gorgeous. Well kept, well trimmed, with an abundance of flora to enjoy, a flamingo pond (with one duck and an occasional night heron, plus lots of fish and lovely koi fish). One of the days we were there I was lucky enough to be on my patio when a couple of groundskeepers were passing by. They spoke no English, and my Spanish is poor and meager, but they offered me a fresh coconut. They used a machete to cut off the tip and make a small hole - it was delicious. I am not a fan of coconut (though I love the smell), but these coconuts were not like what you see in the store. The "milk" was clear and really tasted like water with only a slight flavor. And it was surprisingly cool. Thanks, guys!

Activities and Entertainment
We were totally impressed with the entertainment staff. You see them by the pool or in other areas all day, working the activities and interacting with guests. Then they will dance for an hour straight in the evening shows. And they always have a smile ready for you. People will comment that perhaps their lip-synching to popular American music isn't up to par, but I dare those people to try to lip-sync any song not in their own language. Their dancing is amazing - they really put their heart and soul in it. If you choose to, there is something to do all day. And if you'd rather spend time relaxing, they won't harass you to join in. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they have market days, which could be fun, but man, do they harass you!! Again, you are expected to haggle, but the vendors are so persistent that it can be annoying when you don't want to buy. Plus they are right in the center of things, so there's no getting around them. If you bargain right, you can come down in prices amazingly.

We only did the Saona Island tour together. It was over an hour to get to Bayahibe, but Jose kept us informed with the history of the island, and you get to see how Dominicans actually live. Plus we traveled in a big, comfortable bus. We caught the catamaran out - the girls really got the guests moving if they were so inclined. The water is gorgeous. Saona Island was beautiful, but we could have done without the vendors. Haggleing is expected, but you just want to enjoy your time there without someone constantly trying to sell you something. The sand was soft and white, the food wasn't fantastic, but the relaxing was. On the way back, we rode a speed boat (two with our crowd, and the boats would race each other), which stopped at a natural pool in the ocean where the water was only four feet deep and the sand was soft. Snorklers could spot starfish, though we made jokes that they weren't real, as the few that we found we all hard as rocks. Then back to Bayahibe and home again. Longish day, but worth it. I also did the horseback riding (my husband isn't into it). When I went, it was just me and a couple from England. The guide asks you how experienced you are at riding, and chooses a horse for you accordingly. My horse was named Chocolat. The Dominican horses are thinner and smaller than American horses. I had the 75 minute ride - not recommended if you're not used to horse back, and I wasn't. Plus, wear a good, supportive bra. The guide had us at a trot for much of the ride. But he was great, stopping at picturesque spots and taking photos with your own camera (they took one of you just before you started). The end of the ride though, wasn't so great. You come back to a farm, where they try to sell you a bottle of rum and a cd of music with your picture for $30.00. And they have a shed set up with all the tourist things, but I wasn't interested. More sales pitches.

Departure and Check Out
We hated to leave. Really. But check out itself went smoothly (though a couple more people at the desk even in the early am would be nice as the phone was constantly ringing). Instead of the small bus we came in on, we rode out in a big, comfortable bus. And as for the resort being 35 minutes from the Punta Cana Airport? Maybe, if the road was in good shape. It takes an hour and 10 minutes or so over the road. But it takes us that long to get from our house the the airport, if not longer, so we didn't care. The airport wasn't too bad. You have dogs sniffing your luggage, and you, but the actual time was quick. We even had an early departure.

We are definitely coming back! We had a great vacation, we made lots of friends ( I hope most of the staff is here next year), and we hope to bring our kids next time.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

June 2008
We returned from Dreams Punta Cana on May 20, after a 7 day stay. I want to preface this review by stating that we are seasoned travelers. We go to the Caribbean 2ce yearly, and have been to the Dominican Republic at least 6 times over the past few years.

The resort itself was beautiful. The standard room was more than adequate – it was large with a sitting area and a bed the size of a football field!! They did offer to upgrade us for $100/night, but I cannot imagine that it would be worth it. These rooms were well above the standards you would find in most places in Punta Cana. There is a fair amount of walking to be done from one end of the resort to the other, but that is ok – you earn the food you eat. The beach was great – lots of suns and lots of shade, whatever you prefer. There were plenty of palapas, even for those who did not show up at the beach until almost noon. The girls who brought drinks from the bar to the beach were pleasant and always willing to get you something other than the featured “drink of the day”. For the pool people – the pool stretched the length of the resort – from the first building to the beach with several bars along the way. I did see any shortage of chairs.

There was a good choice of restaurants – we tried Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, the Grille and the “gourmet”. We did Italian on the night they split the buffet restaurant in half. The buffet food was what it usually is in these places – just ok. Breakfast was excellent and varied. Oceana (seafood restaurant) was o pen for lunch with sandwiches and salads – that was a nice change of pace. I was impressed with the quality of the steaks in the steakhouse and the Mexican restaurant was actually very good. The problem, you ask??? I woke up ill in the middle of the night, after our first full day on the resort, with severe stomach pains after we ate at the Chinese restaurant, and I do mean severe. I almost woke my husband to call the doctor! Again, I want to stress – we are seasoned travelers. I drank only bottled water, brushed my teeth with bottled water, and kept my mouth shut while taking a shower. We do not overdo on sun or alcohol. I have taken ill on several occasions while travelling, so apparently my system is more susceptible, but I have never been ill like this. After the pains subsided, the “other” part of the illness set in, and lasted the whole time we were there. My husband, who is never ill when we travel, followed suit within a day or two. It did not affect him quite as much as it did me, but it was there.

I have to say, I was quite disappointed. If it had not been for the illness, the resort was ideal for the vacation that my husband and I had in mind. The staff was genuinely the friendliest we have encountered over the years and most spoke English very well. The fitness center was adequate, the drinks were fine –you could request higher quality alcohol at no cost, the beach was lovely. Even though the ocean area right in front of the resort was rough, you only had to walk around the corner to find a nice calm area for swimming, which many people did. I would hope that management takes the feedback comments that are provided at check out to heart and try to find a solution to this very basic problem that impact a guest’s overall assessment of their resort.

P.S. We corresponded with management regarding our concern – rec’d an email back saying “not every resort is for everyone”….basically brushing us off.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
April 2008
Friendly Staff - Great Vacation! My husband and I just returned from our stay at Dreams Punta Cana and we enjoyed our vacation! We were at the resort from 4/11-4/18 for 7 nights. Let me try to summarize our entire trip and let you know how our experience was.

Airport & Ride – The airport is very clean and easy to get around in. There was no problem getting to our tour company to get our transportation. We did have to wait in line but that is to be expected. Once they gave us our bus number we were on our way and let them take our bags to the bus. It is a very large parking lot and can be confusing. A tip later and we are on our Prieto Tours bus waiting to go to Dreams. The tour buses for this company are full size buses. I don’t know if this made our ride easier but it did take one full hour to get there (and back too) but it wasn’t that bad. Yes there are potholes but honestly not any worse than after a winter in Vermont!

Resort – We arrived at Dreams and check in went smoothly. They asked us if we wanted to upgrade and we chose to continue to our room. We were put on the ground floor deluxe room in building 2 (Room 2118). Yes the rooms are on the smaller side but not unbearable. It was very clean and had a nice patio and king bed. As I started to unpack I realized the air conditioning wasn’t working. We then called the concierge desk and asked for Eileen explained our dilemma. They sent out a maintenance man immediately to try to repair the issue. The air was still not working as well as we would have liked so I called back to Eileen and she explained that she would move us in the morning if we could stay there for the night. She explained she would call us at precisely 9:30 AM and would have keys to a new room! So we went off to dinner and decided we would wait till morning. As promised she called at exactly 9:30 and brought me to look at the new room for approval first. We were moved to Building 6 (Room 6212) and it was a Honeymoon Suite that was absolutely wonderful. It is everything you have heard about in previous reviews! The room is large with a separate sitting area, king bed, double sinks and separate door dividing the sinks from the toilet and shower. Also the plasma TV in the bedroom and large deck with Jacuzzi! This was a great room to settle into and we didn’t want to leave!

Pool – The pool is very large and clean. The chairs do seem to be an issue for some people but they were replacing and adding chairs on the last couple days we were there. Seems to be a lot of saving of chairs but this honestly wasn’t anything we worried about as we are beach people.

Beach - We did go down to the beach at about 10:30 everyday. It is large and there is not a shortage of chairs at all. We never had a problem getting a chair and I must say the view of the ocean is wonderful. The beach is large (Wide and Long) and you can walk in either direction from the resort. It is very desolate and is not resorts stacked on top of each other. There is seaweed and rocks in the ocean but true if you stay to the left you will not have a problem. We wore water shoes the first day and not once after that! There is always a breeze on the beach to keep you cool!

Food – The buffet is all we did for breakfast and it was very good with plenty of choices. We never had a problem getting enough to eat! Try the donuts as they are the best! We did eat dinners at the French (3 Times), Seaside Grill (2 Times), El Patio (Once) and the Buffet once. All were good and the service was good. I would however say that this is not 5 star Food or Service. That being said they are however trying extremely hard and the people at all the restaurants are so friendly you can’t get mad. This is the Dominican and not America, so don’t expect everything to be to our standards. RELAX your on vacation and enjoy! The food was good at all the places just not the best we have had but we didn’t go hungry!

Bars – I can’t say a bad word about the bar service. We visited every one and they are always happy and smiling! If they can’t get to you in an instant they give you a smile and always acknowledge you. We didn’t go with out! The beer is good and the liquor is top shelf and so is the service.

Shows – We didn’t do the shows at night to much but did enjoy the Tribute show! The entertainment staff is Top Notch! They will keep you moving if you want or let you relax if you choose. All of the staff never forgets to say Hola when they meet you!

All things considered we would go back again! This is a great resort for the price that they are charging. It is only going to get better I can promise you that!! To the staff at Dreams “Hola”, you are all doing a great job, keep up the great work!!!! Special thanks to Eileen! See you again soon!!!

Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions??
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
March 2008
Arrival - After a horrible trip that included a fog delay and loss of luggage (we were NOT impressed with Sunquest/Skyservice), we arrived in Punta Cana after dark. Everything we had heard about the road from the airport is true and much more. It is the worst and such a long ride (longer in the dark it seems). We were so relieved to find this beautiful resort at the end of the day. We had cold towels and champagne in our hands immediately upon stepping off the bus. Check in went very smoothly, although we had a bit of trouble navigating around the resort in the dark.

Rooms - We originally were in room 2623. This was a very clean, somewhat small room. It had everything one could possibly need, including a spectacular ocean view off the balcony.
We later upgraded to a suite (7314). This was a beautiful room with double balcony with jacuzzi tub on the balcony. There is a living room, bedroom with plasma TV, huge bathroom area with walk-in closet. The housekeeping service was excellent, always clean and supplies always restocked. Turn down service includes soft music playing, bed turned down, chocolates, etc. There is nothing like it to make you feel pampered.

Restaurants - We tried all the restaurants and they were all good. We never had any stomach troubles at all (that's a first!!). The buffet was never too crowded we found at any time of day. The a la cartes had a no reservation policy which sometimes made for a long wait if you were hungry! But if the wait was going to be too long, we were off to the buffet. Our favorites were the shrimp martini at El Patio and the chocolate mouse at Bourdeaux - to die for

Bars - There was always a friendly face ready to serve you behind the bar. Premium brand drinks, lots of variety....what more could you ask for? If you couldn't decide what to have, any of the bartenders always had a recommendation.

Beach and Pools - It was always a bit windy at the beach, so aside from chewing a bit of sand, the beach was beautiful. There are big palm trees as well as shelters for shade, and the sand is beautiful fine powder. The pool is definitely the drawing card for this resort. There are none like it anywhere! It just goes on and on and there are plenty of "floaties" to hop on and float away the day. The only thing is, this place definitely plays the towel game. Since there are no towel cards, people can pick up 6 towels and leave them at various places at the beach and pool. We saw SO many prime spots that were basically unoccupied for hours and hours, but with towels on the chairs. We're just not sure how to remedy this problem since someone will always start this "towel game" - towel cards or not.

Grounds - The grounds are immaculate and very well maintained.

Activities - There are any number of activities one can choose to do here. There were a couple of days that an activity was listed on the daily newssheet, but it never happened. Not sure what this was all about, but it was not too big of a deal for us.

Tours - We did not take any tours this time. We hired a cab and went to "Plaza Bavarro" one day (did I mention that Skyservice lost our luggage?). This is quite a large "mall", but with the same old stuff as always - "cheapy, cheapy" and lots of work bartering..

Conclusion - I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone. We would probably not go back, just because it is far away from anything and the road is just SO bad. We felt it was just too much travelling time to do anything off resort. The locals say that it will take maybe four or five years to finish the new road from the airport to the resort, we we would try again then. The resort itself is spectacular, and just the right size. As always, we were amazed by the Dominican people - such a happy, friendly, beautiful people.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
March 2008
This was my 5th trip to Punta Cana and I would rate Dreams as number one. The staff was so friendly and always there to please you. The room was so bright and clean. The food was good, wide assortment. And the grounds was so pretty and always being worked on. I would go back again. AAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

February 2008
We visited Dreams the first week of February(3 - 10). The resort is quite similiar to the Majestic but with the vegetation being more developed allowing you privacy on your balcony.

We had a deluxe room overlooking the pool. (building five) The rooms are adequate and clean but a bit on the small side (however we did not find it a problem as we are not in them very long). We did notice the buildings that contained the suites that it seemed all the suites were quite large with double balconies. We were offered an upgrade upon arrival (however we felt that it was not necessary and a bit costly $100/night). Many people have complained about the the half glass door in the shower, but that was not a problem (exactly the same style as the Bahia chain), however my problem was minor....I felt the tub was a bit to high off the floor and found that getting in and out was a bit hard (guess I will have to grow..LOL)

The pool is lovely, very clean, and never feels full of people (with the exception of around the pool bar) it goes just about the entire length of the resort. They have a couple of special areas for the kids to play, along with many floaties available for your use. But I will say it is one of the worst resorts I have been to in regards to the "towel" game, however once again that did not bother us as we are always at the beach. I think this situation might be worse than previously as there is now no towel cards and guests are allowed as many towels as they want, therefore they can save seats at both the beach and pool.

The beach is nice for its location as it is not on Bavaro beach. Tthere is coral in the water on the main part of the beach (not a problem if you had water shoes or were careful) but a bit to the left (by the boat rental booth)the swimming is absolutely amazing (nice sandy bottom).

The food was also very good. The al la cartes do not require reservations which we found to be nice. We tried all the al la cartes (except the Oceana) and thorougly enjoyed them. The Bordeaux was my absolute favorite. The buffet as well was very good and you never had trouble getting a table even during peak times.

The entertainment was also pretty good. We arrived on Superbowl Sunday and the resort put on a huge Superbowl party with the game on the big screen. It made you feel like you were at a football tailgate party. The shows as well were pretty entertaining, expecially the nights that the guests were involved.

All the staff (bartenders, maids, gardeners, etc) are very friendly, helpful and quite fluent in English. Please take the time to speak with them. On my husbands birthday I left a note for our maid asking for a couple of balloons and when we came back from the beach at the end of the day, the room was completely decorated with balloons and flowers. What an awesome touch.

There is some construction/upgrading going on still around the resort but did not find it to be bothersome at all. They are re-tiling the sidewalks in a few areas but it really is not inconvenient. There were also doing some replanting of some of their gardens. One night when we came home around 10 there was a very large crew of gardenders working on a garden in the middle of the pool. When we went by them the garden was completely empty and when we woke up we saw a gorgeous garden. Our room overlooked where they were working and we did not hear a thing all night long.

It really is hard to find something wrong about this resort at all. The only negative we found is the drive to and from, it takes about 1 1/2 hours and the road after you pass the Majestic Colonial is very poor. I am sure once the rest of the road has been done it will be a much quicker ride. However, that being said it was a very nice 5 star resort.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
Madison, Wisconsin
February 2008
Arrival - The ride from the airport to the hotel is over a half-hour ride. So it's a long ride to the resort and a long ride if you leave the resort to go back to Punta Cana, go on any excursions, etc. We were also very disappointed with the front desk as we upgraded our room and they overcharged us. Every day of our vacation, we would stop by the front desk looking for the credit receipt to our credit card. Whether I was speaking Spanish or English, Orlando the manager, would keep coming up with excuses as to why we did not have our credit yet. Finally on the last day, he said that he couldn't do the credit and one of his accounting people had to do this. Of course when we asked why he waited all week to notify us, he had no answer. Also, since it was the weekend at this point, conveniently no one from the accounting department was available. We finally had to contact the credit card company when we returned to get our credit card credited. I would recommend anyone who goes to this resort to watch their room statements closely, as we met other guests who also had problems with "accidentally" being overcharged.

Rooms - We upgraded to the honeymoon suite when we arrived since the standard rooms were so small.

Restaurants - The only thing positive that I can say about the restaurants was that the service was good. We tried every restaurant and were very disappointed with the food. I have traveled around the world, and stayed in a variety of hotels, but this is the first time I have been disappointed with the food. It was definitely not what I expected from a 6-Golden Apple Hotel. The food was either dry, old food from the day before, or we would be served something different than what the menu stated. I would also like to mention that I have been to the Dominican Republic in the past and had wonderful food during my past visit. We were very disappointed with the quality, and found the poor quality to be common in all of the restaurants. We finally left this "all-inclusive" hotel to get a decent meal. However, since the resort is so far away, we had to pay $80 round trip for a cab to take us back to Punta Cana just to have a decent meal.

Bars - The Bar Service was good, but you need to ask for premium beverages.

Beach and Pools - The pools are very nice. With regard to the beach, it wasn't the cleanest beach that I have been too, but the swimming was great.

Grounds - Dreams used to be Sunscape Resort, and you could tell they were trying to update a lot of things. Overall it was nice, but for the rating, I was definitely expecting a nicer hotel. It looks much better on-line than it did in person.

Activities - Although this is not an activity...we did try the spa and had massages. Again, like everything else at this resort, it appeared nice, but over half of the showers and waterfalls in the spa relaxation room did not work, the person who gave me my massage obviously had never been professionally trained. The worst experience was when my friend had a two-inch cockroach crawl onto his massage table during his massage. Again, we all expected more from the high rating, and definitely do not expect cockroaches to be crawling on you while you are trying to relax.

Tours - We did the Zipline Adventure and loved it. I highly recommend this excursion; it was a lot of fun.

Conclusion - Overall, we were very disappointed with this resort. We have contacted Apple Vacations as this resort definitely did not deserve a 6-Golden Apple Rating. As I mentioned, I have traveled around the world, been to the Dominican Republic before, used Apple Vacations, and speak fluent Spanish, so in comparison to other Apple resorts, I have been to much nicer ones, that were rated lower than this one. I would definitely not recommend this resort to anyone, and wish I had read the reviews before I went on my trip.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

January 2008
Trip from Airport—YES….it is a long bus ride! Be prepared! Try to sit up front near the Apple Rep. He will point things out to you and can answer any questions you may have. The “new road” is not finished and seems to be progressing on “Dominican Time”. Take the time on the bus to observe the landscape and the towns you will go through.

Arrival-- There were only 3 couples on our bus getting off at Dreams so our check-in was very quick and painless. Orlando was F A N T A S T I C. Our room was not quite ready so we took a stroll down to Seaside Grill for a light lunch. Along the way we got a good idea of the layout of the resort. After a little more than an hour we returned to the Desk where Orlando handed us our keys and off we went. (I had to stop there later in the week and walking up to the desk Orlando remembered my name on sight! Now THAT is good customer service!) Our bags had already been delivered to our room so we all we had to do was grab a drink at the lobby bar and head to building one!

Room—1302! Fantastic room. I had emailed Juan Jose ( a great guy who will go out of his way to help you) a week prior to request a quiet section of the resort if possible and he certainly came through for us. We had a great view of the pool and a view of the ocean over the Sugar Reef Bar. The room itself was in extremely good condition. Linens were clean and in good repair. Furniture was in good repair. We did not note any of the issues mentioned previously regarding rooms “looking tired”. Water pressure was good and never had a hot water issue (and resort was at 100%). My only negative comment would be regarding the “half” shower enclosure. I too found it unusual and it did create a “water issue” on the floor. I would recommend removal. Building one is definitely the closet to the beach but if you have “walking” concerns you may want to consider one of the centrally located buildings.

Beach-- We found the beach to be beautiful. It is not the “white” sand of Bavarro BUT is NOT dirty brown either. It was wonderfully soft and easy to walk on. The beach was very clean and did not seem to have the seaweed issues of Bavarro either. Water is murky at the break but is still the beautiful green I have come to love in that part of the Caribbean. Hubby did some snorkeling and said it was pretty good over the rocky area. Having done my research I was aware if we stayed to the left toward the end of the property the water is calmer and there is not a “rock” issue. We did not have a chair issue on the beach but palapas do seem to be hard to come by and there do not seem to be many of them.

Pool—We loved the pool. I have always said I prefer the beach to the pool but this pool really drew me to it. We found sitting at the end of bridge 2 was the perfect spot for us. It is quiet, the four chairs were USUALLY still available after breakfast and we could enjoy watching people floating by on the “lazy river”. As a side note: In our five trips to the Caribbean, 3 to PC, this was the first time we were ever involved in a “chair dispute”. I believe the time has come for resorts to lay down some rules and guidelines regarding the use of towels to hold chairs and what exactly is considered an appropriate amount of time to allow a chair to be held. Particularly when the resort is at full capacity.

Food—Here is where our ratings went down from a 10 out of 10 to a 9 out of 10. The food was certainly good and in some cases very good. But it was definitely NOT the best we have had at an AI (in fact Dreams Tulum was the best AI food we have found yet!). The soups were excellent. One night the pork was superb, the next dry. Same with the beef. We did not try Himitsu and unfortunately the night we were to eat at Bordeaux I was not feeling well and left dinner early (cold and slight fever—NOTHING to do with the food! LOLOL). We ate at Seaside Grill a couple of evenings and I really enjoyed it. The steak was very good. El Patio was very good as always. We had the beef fajitas and the beef was chewy but still very good. Breakfast, of course, was always fantastic. We did room service for breakfast one morning and there was enough food to feed a family of five! Lunch at Seaside Grill buffet was always good. Remember, if you try something you don’t like, try something else!

Service—Here is where AMResorts excels. Every staff member’s goal is to make your stay an enjoyable and trouble free one. Managers are visible 24/7. Resort is kept immaculately clean. Marco and his team are to be commended for their outstanding efforts in this department. We will most definitely return to Dreams PC!
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa

January 2008
We stayed at Dreams Punta Cana from January 5th/08 to the 12th/08. We were a group of 10 (5 couples no kids) and ages 22 to 60. We were joined by another couple on the 8th of Jan for a total of 12. This was our 3rd straight year to Punta Cana and the 3rd time to PC in the last year for my wife and I. We are 30 and 29. Last Jan we were married at Grand Palladium Bavaro, the in April we honeymooned at Excellence PC and then this year celebrate our 1st anniversary at Dreams PC. We all had a great time and I would say we are not picky travellers and don’t expect the same standards as North America.

This was the 3rd straight year we used Sunwing from Ottawa to PC. Flight to PC was on time and 2hr delay on the way home. Better than 8hr delay last year and 6 the previous year. Once again they shipped us to the airport without telling us about the delay.

The ride to the hotel took 1 hour and 20 minutes. What I realized is that it depends on the van/bus that takes you there. In April it took us 50 minutes to Excellence (which is further than Dreams) but we were on a large bus, this year we were in a small mini-van, with a trailer. So it was slow going around the numerous bumps and potholes. The hotel is in transition from the former Sunscape to Dreams. They are still replacing the pathways. I would estimate there is still 2 weeks work to go on this. It’s not a big deal, you just walk around them. Keep in mind though there are grinders/tile cutters running all day. You don’t hear it at the beach. They are also doing landscaping all over, there was a bobcat (small tractor) doing the grunt work. The grounds were not as nice as other resorts I’ve been to. The hotel was 100% full when we were there.

The lobby and facilities are on par or better than any resort we’ve been too. The spa is unbelievable and the resort really caters to kids. The pool is definitely the best we’ve seen. It is only 3 feet deep but it was nice to walk in and have drinks. The swim up bar was good. There are no Jacuzzis. The chair towel game is played here more so than other resorts we’ve been to. We never had trouble getting a float mat.

The beach would have to be ranked the lowest of any resort we’ve been to in PC. Be very carful not to run and dive into the waves in front of the resort. There is coral and you could really hurt yourself. We knew not to do this because we read other reviews. The resort does have signs up about this. If you go left there is no coral. The sand is not white like the Bavaro area but I knew this because we stayed at Excellence in April. There are huge waves to play in if you walk to the right of the resort (not good for kids).

We were in building 1 closest to the beach. Great location, about a 5 -10 minute walk to the lobby. The rooms had to be the biggest disappointment. They seem old and tired. Furniture has water damage and the lamp shades have some mould and rust. This does not bother us, but I’m mentioning it for those that it might. They are also very small (smallest I’ve stayed in). I can`t imagine a family of 4 staying in one. In fact I met a couple of people who upgraded to a family room (adjoining doors) because the room was too small. I have read where they plan on refurbishing all the rooms and putting in Jacuzzi tubs. Not sure how they`ll do this as there really isn`t the space. Two couples in our group started in the preferred club rooms in building 6. They had flat panel TV`s and upgraded linen. They later asked to be moved to B1 so we could all be in the same building. 2 in our group had swim out rooms. They were nice in the afternoon. The rooms themselves were no different than a regular room. The maids were good, the fridge was kept stocked and we had turn down service and room service. There is an iron, safe and bath robes in all rooms. Sometimes wash cloths and sometimes not.

Food in general was very good, better than the Palladium but not as good as excellence. We tried all the a la cartes. Service was generally good, it little slow at times. At the end of the week they were training a lot of new staff. Buffet was also very good and room service did the trick when you were too lazy to go for a snack.

The drinks at the bars were good, same as Palladium, less than Excellence. They had Bud and Bud Light at the lobby bar and had Motts Clamato for the 1st half of the week for Cesar’s. The overall service at the resort was good and on par with Excellence PC. Much better than the Palladium.

The one major negative at the resort was that when ours friends arrived late Tuesday night, they were told that the hotel was FULL, and they`d send them to their other resort (the new Sunscape, 40 minutes away...which I believe is inferior). Our friends told the resort that that was not an option that they came here to meet family. So they crammed into his sister’s room for two nights before getting a room. They hotel tried to offer them massages, but they insisted on compensation, and when we left Saturday they were told they would get compensation but not how much. They didn`t say if his sister would get anything. We also met a guy who was there for a wedding and they same thing happened to 12 of them, so it seems like this may be a regular occurrence here.

All in all we had a great vacation, and I`d rate this resort just under a 4.5 star/apple. It`s definitely not in the same class as Excellence, but slightly better than the Palladium. We`d go back at the right price. It may be better when the transition is complete, but that will be many months.
Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa
Ontario, Canada
April 2007
We stayed at Sunscape the Beach in Punta Cana (Dreams Punta Cana) in April 2007

Iím not even sure where to begin, so I apologize ahead of time if this is a little erratic. First, the wedding. To say it in the simplest terms possible, it was easygoing, relaxing, and beautiful. The wedding coordinators spoke fluent English, were so unbelievably helpful, they took care of everything. They searched me out to set a time and date for my wedding, and then we set up a meeting when it was good for me to discuss all the details. I couldnít have imagined a more relaxing wedding, they did everything for me. I would recommend this resort to anyone thinking of getting married in the Dominican. And the photographer was phenomenal. I have gotten so many compliments on the variety and quality of my wedding pictures. The resort had 5 or 6 different photographers, and they were easily as good or better than any I could have gotten back home.

Considering I was in a bigger group (34), there were many of us to please. Both sets of my grandparents were there, aged 70s-80s, my parents and my husbands parents, both in their 50s, cousins, brothers, friends, niece and nephew, ranging in age from 2-35. Everyone had a blast, and no one had one thing bad to say about the entire trip. The staff were great, getting all of us, or those of us who wanted to join in, involved in daily activities in the pool, or dancing at the bar. They were phenomenal. Mind you the songs got a little repetitive by the end of the trip, but that is expected regardless of where you stay.

The pool was great, huge, swim up bars were wonderful, as always. We didnít even get to go to all the restaurants/bars for dinner. There are more than 7 restaurants, ranging from Italian, usual buffet, finer dining, seafood, so much variety. I loved the food, and was so impressed with it. That is saying a lot for me too, considering I have numerous allergies and a weak stomach, I didnít have any problems finding something to eat. However, if you are someone that is expecting to eat the most phenomenal meal of your life, stay home and cook it yourself. Iím sorry, but for what you pay for, they surpassed my expectations in the food/restaurant department.

The only negative thing I have to say about Sunscape the Beach, now known as Dreams Punta Cana, was the beach itself. It was beautiful, the sand was so soft and white, but unless they have changed where you swim, it was kind of rocky. Thatís it, that is the only thing. And to solve this solution when we were there, we walked maybe 50-100 feet in either direction and had no problems with rocks.

All in all, I would recommend this hotel to anyone, but especially those looking for a wedding destination. I am still to this day so happy that we chose this resort to get married at!!!

Please feel free to email me to ask any other questions or see pictures, either mine or the photographers of the wedding or trip.