Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Paul and Dorothy Ontario
December 2008
Arrival: Dec 13-21/2008 We booked at the majestic elegance back in October knowing that we would be in a "soft opening" period for the hotel. Our arrival confirmed what we had heard and seen from other visitors..the ME is a truly wonderful property that in time will be one of the outstanding resorts in Punta Cana. We arrived and were quickly taken to the elegance club lounge by our concierge, Henri, who gave us a brief tour of the facilities and answered any questions we had. We were booked into room 4335 which has a beautiful view of the ocean and the empty property next to the hotel. Melissa and Luis at the elegance club desk were extremely helpful! Rooms: Since room descriptions have already been written and photos available online, I won't go into any detail other than to say our maid service was great, linens and bar stocked daily ( I asked for extra baileys twice!) We did have a problem with our jacuzzi at first and the air conditioning was not as good as at some other properties we have stayed at, but it did the job. Opening our patio door was a workout and there is no handle on the outside so its tough to get back in!! I have the feeling a lot of work was done in a short time to get the resort open and hopefully some finishing touches will be done later.. The room was beautiful and we don't let minor irritants turn into major problems...besides the view from the balcony just made you forget about everything anyway!..I should add that two bldgs were still not complete as far as interior work but the work never bothered us noisewise! Restaurants and Bars: I have a gluten allergy so my choice of food is limited, which does'nt allow much comment on the food ( or maybe more). We found the food excellent...the buffets made up in quality what they lacked in variety from other larger resorts. Hot breakfast, hot meats and fish at night, great pizza and rice stir fry atlunch I had a great steak at the steak restaurant, fish at the see and sea, and treats like some serious desserts and great ice cream. Elizabeth and Luis were great hosts at the main buffet. My wife did have a stomache problem one evening after a caesar salad..but she quickly recovered and was fine the rest of the week... As for bars..well the lobby bar is a great place to sit and watch people..lots of great drinks including baileys, cc, vodka and cran, brugal rum, mixed drinks The pool bar was very quiet compared to other resorts and the number of bars available waslarge , but our good friend Ismael was wonderful at making drinks and entertaining us..make sure to say hi to him!! The elegance club bar was great, we enjoyed the rooftop bar in the evening, and the butler service on the beach was outstanding...many thanks to Rosa and Anely..they made our days so much fun! Beach/Pools/Grounds: If you don't like the beach in Punta Cana, take up coal mining for a holiday..what else can I say...its six star..Do yourself a big favour if you are reading this...take a walk north around the point for at least one hour...there is the most fabulous stretch of empty beach left in Punta spring the moon palace will open and another 3500 people and beach chairs will pop up, but for now it is gloriously empty and wild! Many beachwalkers were commenting on how nice the beach and chairs and beds were at the majestics compared to their resorts. The pools at the elegance make for a quiet lazy swim and because they are so spread out there is no noisy party area like some resorts. They were very clean and had many features like fountains and falls and whirlpools. The grounds are of course, newly planted and are nowhere as mature as the sister resort, the Colonial. Given the climate, it won't take long till this is a lush landscape. Thank goodness, though, they left a large number of coconut palms through construction, so it already looks great. The layout is fabulous, a nice smaller resort where everything is only five minutes away. Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: There are some great shops, a sports bar, gym, disco, tennis courts, chapel, theatre, etc at the resort. For some interesting shopping, there is a small plaza at the front entrance to the colonial, and beach shops about 45 minutes south on the beach just past the iberostars..also a great little music store and cafe where you can get a cold beer and watch the world go by..ask for Eddie.. While we were there they also had a vendors night at the majestic and a christmas festival at the colonial...we caught the ever popular michael jackson show..( actually quite good), a magic show, and a dominican dance show..great way to enjoy your evening, topped off with a sit in the lobby or a visit to the disco.. The disco and plaza area of the majestic was just opening when we left but all the facilities of the colonial were open to us, not sure how long that will last. Other Comments: Final words...we had a wonderful time here..would go back in a heartbeat! If we had paid full price for this property, some of the little things would be more of an irritant, but we go to Punta Cana to have FUN, not complain. I will end with is the people, more than anything, that make the majestic elegance a great resort. They are pleasant, helpful, fun, and dedicated to making your vacation a great one! Salut! Annelo, Luis, Henri,Elizabeth, Melissa, Rosa, Ismael, and everyone else at the Elegance
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
December 2008
Traveled to the Majestic Elegance from Dec 8th -15th. First question I know everyone wants to know is "Is it finished?". Answer "No" but almost there. The Elegance club areas are,and 2 1/2 of the main room areas are almost there. From what I could see only final furnishings and some fixtures in 2 of those buildings. Landscaping is done and things just need time to grow. You can see some of the areas that were finished first by the way the grass has taken and flora has grown. Main common areas: Lobby, Theatre, pools,restaurants(all): are finished and beautiful. They were still working on a building which was housing some shops and Disco. The Disco opened on our last night. Large and loud. It was fun. Room: We arrived after 12am and had booked a Colonial suite(2 jacuzzi room). We were taken to our room and it was a regular suite. Beautiful but not the room we booked. Bottle of champagne and plate of tropical fruit along with a welcome letter with our name hand written on the envelope.(nice touch). I just said to Bell boy that this wasn't the room we expected. We went back to reception and understandably they asked if we could stay in the room for that evening because the room booking personnel were not in until the morning. Not and issue to us as this room was beautiful and the "open mind" attitude was turned on. Next day after our welcome meeting with our Sunwing rep we meet with Orlando. He took care of everything. From what I could tell there are not many of the Colonial rooms and only a few were finished. We then were taken to a 1 bedroom suite. Holy gorgeous!!! Living area with couch, chair, table for 2 work station, LCD TV, bar area with liquor and fridge, coffee maker. Bedroom area with 4 poster king, sitting chair, Jacuzzi tub. another LCD TV. The balcony wrapped around the corner to the living area sliding door. Of course another bath area. It was absolutely beautiful and huge. They also offered us some extras for our inconvenience for the first night we were there.. a one hour couples massage and free internet for the week since we were not in the Elegance section so internet was not included if you didn't have your own laptop. Pool areas were also fantastic. Lots of loungers, Tikki shades. Swim up bar, towel area and another bar are which wasn't open because of the lack of people but was finished. Staff would cater to what ever you needed. Beach area was also beautiful(hard not to be on that beach). This was one of the areas they were still working on. They were putting the finishing touches on the water sports building. It was done by the time we left. Restaurants were awesome. We did not go to the French or Japanese, the Italian and Steakhouse were great and so was the Buffet. If you wanted a burger they cooked it, there was fish, chicken, pork, steak and pasta cooked to order. If you can't find something there then you probably shouldn't travel. Very fancy display and service. You had 3 people making sure you were taken care of at all times. By far the best service we have ever experienced in our travels. As far as the ongoing work, it didn't affect us at all. in the week we were there I heard a saw a few times and the odd hammer but no different then a mower running cutting grass once in a while. There were workers around concentrating on one building which was closed off. Super polite as well. It is a soft opening and our first time going to resort doing this. We did talk to people who had small problems with their rooms, ie. lights not hooked up, only cold water working.. but they were all taken care of as well. Considering the money we saved and the fact our vacation didn't suffer one bit I would advise anyone to go here. I do realize we may not have been as lucky at another resort but that is a chance you take. This will be a 5+ when it's done!!
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Monika Germany
December 2008
November 21 - December 10 We totally agree, the Majestic Elegance and its Elegance Club is gorgeous. Yes, not everything was set up as it should or could have been from the beginning but the management and all the staff did their best - and made real good progress. They are right if they complain that in total they did not get what they have paid for, this is correct. Anyway, erveryone has taken that risk by knowing to be one of the first guests. We have been the first guests in the Elegance Club. The club lounge was not finished but the team in there really tried to compensate and we would say they did have success. The room we got was almost finished. Ok, the TV was not hanging on the wall and the minibar was filled on the second day, but is this a big deal ?! The hotel layout with its garden is successful. And the same is valid for the pool area. The beach over there is one of the best ones we have seen so far (no stones, almost clear water, etc.). The variety as well as the quality of the food in the restaurants was great and the service of these people being always friendly and always having a smile on their lips improved quite fast. Actually the Casino or the Disco we did not really miss. So we really did enjoy our stay there.
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Greg ~ Allison Pittsburgh, Pa
December 2008
Arrival: 6-13 Dec 2008 Arrived in PC at 2:45 PM, Prieto Tours provided transfers which were pre-arranged thru Vacations To Go. Arrived at the resort at 4:30. Resort staff unloaded and tagged our luggage, notified the Elegance Club of our arrival. Within 5 minutes we had cold towels, welcome drinks and were met by our Butler Henry. Henry took us on a tour of the property and escorted us to the Elegance Club lounge for check in. Check in took less than ten minutes including the welcome briefing. We also received a DVD library list and Room Service Menu. Off to our room with Henry who had already checked our room to ensure all was well. Our luggage arrived about 5 minutes later. Rooms: We stayed in the Elegance Club Jr Suite. The rooms are fantastic, everything was provided as advertised. Along with the furnishings there was a bottle of Champagne as well as a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. The mini fridge was stocked with beer, soda and water. There was coffee and condiments as expected. The room itself was furnished as in the photos, king sized bed, jacuzzi, LCD TV, DVD, fantastic shower with a rainfall showerhead and three wall mounted jets, very relaxing. Everything worked when we checked in, no problems at all. The only issues we had was the alarm clock was missing the battery for backup so it blinked if the power went out and the iron stopped working after a day or so, we left a note with the maid and a new iron was in the room when we got in that day. The finish work in the room needed a little attention (such as touch up paint etc, you can tell that they had to hurry to finish, but I'm sure they'll get to it when time allows. Restaurants and Bars: We ate at several A La Carte restaraunts and visited all bars. Where to start? The food was VERY good overall. There was one restaurant closed(rotating) each night due to the occupancy rate. Sea & See: Seafood for Dinner. We had Lobster, Salmon, and Shrimp entrees, all were great, appetisers we enjoyed were Octopus, Lobster Bisque and Cream Clam Soup, again fantastic. Dessert bar was tasty but not great. We had Brandy, Amaretto and coffee. Lunch buffet at Sea & See was extremely good, selections from pizza, pasta bar(cooked to order), big salad and sandwich bar, cooked to order burgers, hot dogs, steak and fish. The Paella was delicious as well as hot chicken and beef dishes.  Italian: For lunch we had Seafood Risotto, Gnochi with red sauce, veal carpaccio, procuitto with melon, capresse salad and Lasagne. For dinner, Veal Saltimboca, Eggplant parm and veal parm, as well as misc pasta. The food in the Italian ranged from phemominal to good, they are still getting consistent, we never had anything we didn't like, never had room for dessert. Gourmet: This is where they need some work, fixed menu, we went twice and the meals were the same. also, the food was not as good as the other restataunts. Wine list is at a supplemental payment. At this point I do not recommend the Gourmet. Steak house: Steak melts in your mouth and was cooked to perfection. We had The Cowboy Steak, Chateaubriand, and Ribs. Plenty of sides to choose from. Breakfast Buffet: Fantastic selection, eggs cooked to order, Pre-cooked omelettes, fried and scrambled egge for those in a hurry. Plenty of bacon, sausage, fresh fruits, cereal, juices, smoothies, breads, yogurts, pancakes etc. We also ate a la carte breakfast at the Italian which was very good. We also had continental breakfast in the Elegance Club Lounge, Espresso machine, sweet rolls, cold meats/cheeses and juice. Room Service: We ordered Burgers and Champagne twice as well as cocktails. Burgers were great and all was delivered in a timely manner. Lobby bars have the best selection of premium liquors, see Manuel, he'll take great care of you. All bars are open and running, the bartenders and servers will take care of you. The restaurant staff goes way out of thier way to give you the best service possible. They are truly professional and really want you to enjoy yourself. Some are new to this profession, so please be patient while they get some experience, I believe they know their jobs but are a little nervous due to rude guests mistreating them. Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach: We walked on the beach most days, the Elegance beach is nicer than surrounding resort beaches. We heard of guests on the beach from other resorts asking about the Elegance because it's so nice. Plenty of Loungers and palapas. Server to bring your drinks, bar nearby if you want to hang out. Elegance Club pool: We had a Bali bed all day every day, pool is beautiful, talk about being spoiled, water was perfect. Main Pool: great pool, more loungers than people, great bar and bartenders. Grounds: Groundskeepers everywhere working for perfection, it'll take a little while for vegetation to grow, and every detail to be perfect but they're at it constantly. Still some lighting, speakers etc to be installed, but they make great progress everyday. Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The animation teams were at it at the pool and beach, we are loungers, but those involved seemed to be having a great time. We went to the Casino and Disco at the Colonial and enjoyed ourselves, they could use a good cleaning but were passable. My wife had a massage at the Colonial spa and loved it. Both the Elegance and Colonial have nightly shows. The Elegance has live music outdoors each evening weather permitting. We did not do any excursions outside of the property. Other Comments: We were a little nervous going in due to the negative reviews (which were true from what we were told while we were there) but all was fixed/adjusted as far as we felt. Any new operation will have problems when it opens. The staff is no less than phenominal, we were treated like royalty. They strive to enhance your stay as time goes on, I just can't say enough about them. The resort is beautiful and will be better and better as the days go by. There was a little bit of noise from the workers, but they have to get it all done. The ongoing work didn't bother us. If you stay in the Elegance Club and Henry is your butler you will be amazed how he works to make your stay perfect.
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
December 2008
For those of you looking for some info or reviews on the brand new Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana, DR here is a first hand review. Full story below of my time there. skip to the bottom for the final word. Although’s ad said it opened the end of October we checked in on November 21, 2008, which turned out to be opening day and stayed to the 30th of November 2008. Upon arrival the category room I had booked, a Majestic Suite, was not available to what I thought was demand but as I later learned it was not even built yet. This Majestic Suite had both a jacuzzi inside and outside and since our purpose to go to the Dominican was to marry and honeymoon it was the perfect room. We were asked to take a Jr Suite for the first night which since we had traveled much and it was a crash night it wasn’t a major crisis and we were assured the next day we would receive the correct room. The room was beautiful at first glance, Italian marble floors, indoor jacuzzi, four post bed and view of the pool area. Nice art and great decor. As we unpacked we noticed quite a few things that should of been on the contractor’s checklist, large gaping hole in the ceiling where the air vent cover should be exposing inside of the whole drop ceiling, inability to open our sliding glass door at all to the balcony and the most shocking feature of all, getting shocked when plugging in my phone charger into the ac jack for the TV. It was loose and ungrounded, TV had a cable that ended 2 feet from the TV so neither TV or cable was hooked up. Our high speed internet in our room did not even have a cat5 hookup installed yet but since the bed and bath were perfect it was our only concern for the night and a new room was ours the next day. Our noon promise of a new room soon grew to 2 pm but we were assured we were moving to our Majestic Suite and our other 8 nights would be right. As we entered our next room the first thing i checked for was the outdoor jacuzzi as the bellman brought in the bags, the back porch and a hole in the wall where maybe one was suppose to be hooked up but the only thing close to it was the pool 10 feet away. I immediately returned to the lobby where I was told i was mistaken, the computer shows it is a Majestic Suite and has a jacuzzi. Not so. I am sometimes way too patient, the resort just opened, bound to be some glitches and I did get a super rate from so maybe I’ll take their promise of the right one the next day and spend our second night in another wrong room. We kept the room, hit the bar and beach and returned later to shower up for dinner. My fiancee was in the shower adjusting the dials to try to get hot water to come out, none would and to complicate mattere no nozzle end was on the Euro-style metal hose and it more resembled a garden hose yet all water was cold no matter what. We changed the dial to the above shower head and nothing came from the head at all, then suddenly from the electric light above us the water started pouring out, OF THE SHOWER LIGHT which was on. We jumped out quickly, threw the light switch off and called the operator for emergency maintenance before we got electrocuted. After an hour when no one showed I went to the front desk and discreetly told the staff the problem since the lobby was full of new guests. They did not have a empty room to move us to and assured me someone would be right over when I left there at 4:00 so we did the only thing possible, staying in a 5 star resort we took shampoo and soap to the pool shower and showered there without fear of electrocution. It was sort of like camping with a really good tent and outdoor showers. We ate and waited until 10 pm and no one had come yet to fix the problem. At this point it was like other cases of potential electrical disaster was much bigger than ours and we didn’t rank in the list to fix. I went out to one of the areas under construction myself and found two electricians working, when I told the one that understood English he came right away with his assistant, could not believe the danger and lack of service and he and his assistant spent 45 minutes fixing plumbing and electric in the shower. So we went to sleep with the dreams of a shower that worked the next day and the real room we suppose to get two nights before. The next morning we had hot water, just it still came out of the light again, our time for a room we could shower in moved from 12:00 to 1, I wrote to bookit for help and then time went to 2pm then finally after wasting the entire day checking back at 3pm we had nothing. Orlando at the front desk had been great, he was honestly trying to fix it all but at this point I escalated it and requested his supervisor. Bookit contacted them on our behalf at this point in response to my email the night before. We met with the Majestic Elegance supervisor and was promised the right room, he said he would go check out our room himself and to meet back at 4 pm in the lobby. While waiting for his return we were offered a certificate for a massage for two and asked to sign a waiver of claim against any refund requests for us to get the room category we had actually paid for. Obviuosly scared them a little sending many many people there in December that had great weight. With us starting the wedding document process the next day and all factors of frustration from the first minute we just wanted it over, the money mattered less than the experience and getting our real room and agreed to sign. Finally at 4:30 we got taken to a new room, we had been upgraded to a Elegance Club room. Without a doubt, I have stayed at 7 other resorts in the Dominican this was the nicest room at the hotel and probably the island. It was a two room suite, double balcony overlooking pool and beach and two jacuzzi s as promised in our reservation. Life was good, it didn’t even matter much when they told us the hot water would be on in a half hour, air conditioning in one hour so we unpacked finally in our third room and sat on the bed to relax. In the first two minutes sitting there we heard water begin to flow, somewhere, I pulled the front off our double sink and underneath was a waterline had three holes in it and water was shooting out into the air, the good news was we finally had hot water after three days. Withing minutes we had two maids and a maintenance man trying to mop up the flood before the entire room was underwater, another person was trying to find the cutoff and it was like the Spanish Keystone Cops and we couldn’t help but laugh, accept the fact a Two Star contractor built a Five star resort and make the best out of it regardless. We just went for our massage with our suitcases on the bed to stay dry and then the bar. By the way, the drinks are REAL good there. It was our third night, we went through three rooms and know the fourth would be no different so it was time to accept the fact we just have to accept our fate or move to the older kid filled sister hotel next door. We stayed, that air conditioner never actually started to work even though a repairman came every other day but the ocean breeze and view offset that with the sliders open. Next guests will not be so forgiving. I will say it is hard to get mad at the staff, they didn’t build it and they have a quality Five Star staff, very helpful friendly and doing the best they can and they are just overwhelmed. The staff outnumbered us 5 to 1 at least in the first days and if you count all the other workers and contractors there over 100 people are getting the rest of the rooms ready until late at night. There was no construction noise but the reality is they should of opened a few weeks later as a Five Star instead of rushing opening and delivering the experience they did. For those of you going in December, let’s hope you aren’t the first one in a new room, three full buildings were still being furnished and each may have an electrical shower or surprise waiting you. We had a wonderful time, the last 6 days went great, we married and honeymooned and the resort went from two restaurants open to all open prior to our departure. We got bounced out of the bar at the Elegance Club due to our original wristband even though we were upgraded to the Club which was a disappointment after all we went though. The Gourmet and Japanese were both awesome and the oceanfront seafood restaurant and cowboy steak house were improving daily and more bars were being finished and opened. Our good friend Orlando at the front desk gave us a late check-out and we really hated to go on our last day, they had worked really hard and come a long ways in the first week. If you are expecting a full Five Star experience then maybe you should wait a while, if you can adopt an island attitude and have patience and drink the place is perfect already by now. One thing, If I had any small kids with me I would of moved to the Colonial, it is not kid friendly electrical anywhere,at all. Light fixtures along the side walk with taped power wires, stairs at the beach restaurants with no light covers and power easily reachable by kids, just not worth the risk and more fun programs for them next door. Don’t expect internet in your room it’s only in the lobby on a wireless router and whatever you do don’t roam on a Verizon aircard with your laptop, in USA a Mb is $.25 and there it is $20.48 PER MB, one thing that wasn’t the fault of the Majestic Elegance. I know I picked the right woman to marry if she smiled through our week and still kept her cool. BEACH, FOOD, DRINKS, STAFF and attitude there was totally awesome, by the 5th day, lol. We had such a nice experience there, (except for the parts that weren’t) we will probably return for our 1st anniversary with all our kids.
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Cyndy Stoney Creek
December 2008
Other Comments: Nov 21 - Nov 29, 2008 We were originally booked from 15th to 29th November 2008; however the resort was not ready. We were contacted by our tour operator and advised that we could stay at the Majestic Colonial for the 1st week (Nov 15 to 21st) and then moved to the Elegance resort for the 2nd week (Nov 21st to 29th). This review will only be for the Majestic Elegance resort. We went with an open mind, seeing this is a new resort and focused on the positive experiences that we encountered. Upon our arrival at the Elegance Resort we were greeted by the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Ricardo Espinosa. Upon request we were upgraded to Elegance Club with many thanks to Mr. Espinosa. The room was exactly as we had imagined it "Elegant" with a wonderful side view of the ocean. We did encounter a couple of issues with the room, but they were corrected to our satisfaction, with the exception of the air conditioning. The resort, on the first day had only 2 restaurants open, the Italian and the Sea & See buffet restaurant on the beach. As each new day rolled around a new restaurant would open. The food was excellent in all of the restaurants and reservations are only required in the gourmet and Japanese. We were very impressed with the fact that you could just walk into the "a-la-carte" restaurants without reservations. We only ate in the "main buffet Flavors" on our last day, the variety, quality and display of the food was outstanding. The drink selection was very good at all of the bars. The upper and lower level lobby bars served premium drinks and had a wide selection to choose from. All the bartenders were without a doubt the friendliest that we have encountered in all our years of travel. The pool runs from basically one end of the resort to the other, with 2 private pools for the Elegance Club members. There were plenty of loungers (aluminum and not the plastic kind) around the pool areas. The "Bali beds" were very comfortable and great for an afternoon siesta. There was no shortage of palapas on the beach and we never had to play the "towel game". On opening day there were many "finishing touches" left to be completed. We were amazed at the amount of work that had been completed during the week and that the workers were unobtrusive and the noise was next to none. We are quite confident that within the next month or so, they will be completed and will truly make this one of the premier destinations in the Punta Cana area. We are returning in February 2009 for another 2 week stay and are anxious to see the progress that has been made. At this time we would like to take this opportunity to personally thank those staff members that made our stay an enjoyable one. In the Elegance Club: Calix, Larissa, Mariannie, Kayala, Angel & Ramone. These people went out of their way to assure that we were well looked after and that we did not require anything, and if we did, took care of it immediately and without any hesitation or question. Sea & See (beach restaurant); Bartender Felix, server (waiter) Nelson Steakhouse restaurant: server (waiter) Juan (his speech for the "best desserts in the Caribbean") is very cute and funny. There are many others who deserve praise, but unfortunately we can't remember all of their names. As we stated in our opening remarks we went with an open mind and had a wonderful time.
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Debbie of Debbie's Dominican Travel Page Canada
November 2008
Hotel web site Debbie's Majestic Elegance Photos Map of Resort Majestic Elegance is located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, in Arena Gorda (Bavaro Beach), next to Macao beach, 30 kms away from Punta Cana Airport, 1 hour from La Romana Airport and 3 ½ hours from Santo Domingo’s International Airport. Majestic Elegance Punta Cana opened its doors to guests on Friday, November 21, 2008, after having the date pushed back several times. Pat and I had originally been scheduled to stay there from November 16 to 23, but due to the delay in opening only got to spend 2 nights there. We spent the first part of our week at its sister hotel, Majestic Colonial, which is adjacent to Majestic Elegance, an excellent hotel, and I will be updating my review of Majestic Colonial from two years ago as well. As I start this, I have to emphasize that we were there on opening day and the day after. By the time you read this, many opening day issues will already have been resolved. I spoke to a number of people there who have promised to send their reviews when they return. Most agreed the hotel will be fabulous once everything is up and running and the staff gain a little more experience. Some arrivals who were unaware of the delay in opening were understandably upset, but management was doing everything they could to compensate for this, ie by making all the facilities at Majestic Colonial next door available to them. Some people chose to remain at Majestic Colonial where they had been for the first part of their stay. Make no mistake – Majestic Elegance will be one of the premier hotels in Punta Cana, it’s just going to take time for everything to run smoothly. We packed up and arrived at Majestic Elegance on Friday afternoon around 2 p.m. They have a beautiful lobby very similar to Majestic Colonial, but the top level is smaller, and the lower level is more than twice as large From the upper lobby you have a beautiful view of the whole resort, right down to the ocean. The upper lobby will also have the Internet Center and some shops. As we were in the Elegance Club section, we were taken to the VIP lounge at the Elegance Club for checkin, where we joined other people waiting for their rooms. We were told our room wasn’t ready yet and it would be 3 p.m. before we could check in. The VIP lounge has comfortable seating, and drinks and snacks were available. Free internet access will be available there, it wasn’t yet set up. Unfortunately the air conditioning wasn’t working in the lounge and it was a little sticky, and it was pouring with rain outside. We were given a pamphlet outlining all of the hotel facilities. I’ve been told that in the future they will bring the guests to the VIP Lounge by golf cart, instead of having to walk. A little after 3 p.m. the concierge took us to our room, a Junior Suite – the room was absolutely beautiful! We were in Room 4233, which was on the second floor, on the back side of the building away from the pool, but had a nice view of the ocean. The concierge showed us around and advised us that someone would be in shortly to program the TV. (They have brackets on the walls for the TV’s, but ours was just sitting on the table). Someone arrived promptly to program the TV and hook up the phone. We had also discovered our refrigerator wasn’t working, and it was promptly replaced, and stocked with beer, water and pop. This is replenished once a day. Internet access will be available in the rooms for a fee, but was not yet working. We had no hot water initially, and then the water was off totally for a while, but within a few hours we had both hot and cold water. We found that you had to let the water run for a while, particularly in the tub, for it to get hot. The room did not yet have all of the advertised amenities such as. 4 bottles of liquor, alarm clock radio, DVD player, pillow menu and aromatherapy for pillows, newspapers, etc. We did have an iron, and bathrobes. We had a coffeemaker but no coffee, creamer, sugar, etc. until the next day. We had a very comfortable 4-poster king-size bed, with nice pillows. Nice rugs on each side of the bed. Furnishings are very modern, from the square toilet (the one thing Pat did not like), a shower with 3 different settings, double sinks, and a beautiful 2-person Jacuzzi located in the corner of the room by a window. There is an electronic safe, lots of closet and drawer space, and a separate room service closet. (At first I thought the drawers were hard to close, then realized that you just push them gently and they close on their own.) Lights go out automatically when you leave the room and come on when you open the door. There are basically two types of rooms – a Junior Suite or a Suite, which is two rooms divided by a sliding door. Other categories are determined by location. I’ll outline these further in this report. Grounds In walking around the grounds, there were construction workers still finishing things in some areas, but having toured the resort the Tuesday before, it was amazing how much had been done in just a few days. 500 of the 600 rooms are complete, and it’s mostly inside work for the remaining 100 rooms, so shouldn’t cause disruption. The pools are all filled and operational. The main pool is 400 metres long, running the length of the property and include two integrated jacuzzis. Some of the bars were still being finished. The landscaping looks pretty good considering it is new. They put it in a month or so ago so it would grow a little bit. In a year or two it will be beautiful. Plaza Colon is an outdoor area with tables and chairs and a stage for live entertainment. They had a band playing here in the evening. The adjacent building will house some shops and Coco’s Nightclub, not finished yet. The building is a replica of the Alcazar de Colon in Santo Domingo. The theatre and bar on the opposite side of the resort is complete – we didn’t see any shows though. Beach The beach is of course gorgeous, and they have many palapas already constructed for shade, as well as many chairs available. There will be a separate area for Elegance Club guests, but this was not set up yet. Dining There will be 6 restaurants to choose from plus La Bodeguita del Majestic at Majestic Colonial for late-night snacks. Flavors is the buffet restaurant. Argentinian Steakhouse – not sure of the proper name for this one, in the brochure we received it’s called Asadito, but on the hotel website it is called West Meat Corp. – they had no signage up yet for any of the restaurants. – no reservations required Il Bottaccio – Italian Restaurant – no reservations required Restaurant 9 Doors – this is a Japanese restaurant and will have 9 teppanyaki tables and a suishi bar – wasn’t open yet. – reservations will be required Restaurant Limited Gourmand – gourmet restaurant – reservations will be required. – (children over 12 only) See & Sea Restaurant – located at the beach, will be open for continental breakfast and lunch, and in the evening is the seafood restaurant. La Bodeguita del Majestic - This is actually in the Majestic Colonial section, across from their theatre – open from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. for snacks. As there were not many rooms occupied, there were only limited dining facilities available while we were there. The main buffet restaurant, Flavors, will open when the occupancy is higher. We were told for the first night only two restaurants would be open – the Italian Restaurant, Il Bottaccio, and the beach restaurant, See & Sea, which is the seafood restaurant. We were also told that for breakfast the Italian restaurant would be open for a la carte dining, and only a continental breakfast was available at the See & Sea Restaurant from 10:30 a.m.. We later found out the Steakhouse Restaurant was also open for dinner that first night, and for breakfast the See & Sea Restaurant had a full breakfast available. We went to the Italian Restaurant for dinner, it’s a lovely big restaurant. We ordered and our meal was served in a timely manner. Staff is new, so service was a little tentative, but no complaints, they are really trying. We had Caesar salad and pumpkin soup, and I had veal scallopini and Pat had lasagna (called “over-baked” lasagna on the menu, I think maybe it should have said “oven-baked” : ) After dinner when we were walking around we talked to someone who said the steakhouse was also open and he had just had a fabulous steak. The next morning we went to the Italian restaurant for the a la carte breakfast, as we were not aware there was a full breakfast available at See & Sea Restaurant. The Italian restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch for Elegance Club members only. There were few people there. We ordered eggs, sausage and toast (they had no idea what toast was) and ended up bringing buns. It was kind of funny because they served breakfast as a 3-course meal – first they brought a plate with just scrambled eggs on it, a little later the sausage came, and then later on the buns. They’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure. Our last night we went to the Argentinian Steakhouse for dinner. This was somewhat of a disaster. They did not have enough menus for everyone and orders were not being taken. The staff seemed confused. People were walking out, some having waited over an hour and had not even had their orders taken. We waited about half an hour for a menu, and then it was a while before our order was taken. It was another half an hour or so before any food arrived. We ordered a Caesar salad, soup and steak. The salad was fine, although it took us a minute to realize they had brought the dressing separately. We ordered onion soup, Pat’s arrived steaming hot and mine was lukewarm – it was really good though. It was a long wait until the steak arrived - I ordered Churrasco and Pat ordered the Chateaubriand. The food was fine, but it took over two hours to have dinner. We opted to skip desert and went to the bar for our coffee. When we left the steak restaurant we noticed that the Gourmet restaurant was also open, but I didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone who had eaten there. Something I haven’t seen before – in all 3 of the restaurants we ate at, they all had an open or glassed off kitchen area so you can see the chefs at work. We ate Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast at the See & Sea Restaurant at the beach. A very good selection and good service. Once their main buffet restaurant is open this restaurant will likely not serve a full breakfast, just a continental breakfast from 10:30 a.m. Miscellaneous Info The Kids Club, Casino, and Sports Bar are located on the “Caribbean Street” at Majestic Colonial., accessed by a walkway from Majestic Elegance. Room Descriptions Rooms are large, with lots of European marble, king-size four poster bed or two full-size beds, complete bathroom, Jacuzzi for 2, walk-in shower with 3 functions- rain, massage and soft, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, 32” TV, satellite TV, DVD, telephone, hi-speed internet connection available, mini-bar, safe, coffee machine, desk, iron and ironing board. Connecting and handicap rooms are available. Room Types Majestic Elegance - Pool or Garden view – 473 rooms
  • Jr. Suite: Large and comfortable hotel room with an Indoor Jacuzzi for two, pool or garden view, two full-size or king-side beds.- Max occupancy 4 people
  • Colonial Jr. Suite: Same as above, but has both an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, on higher floors. Max occupancy 4 people
  • Majestic Jr. Suite (swim up room): Indoor Jacuzzi and is located on first floor with direct access to the Swimming pool and has a small private garden. Max occupancy 4 people
  • One bedroom Suites: one bedroom suite with an Indoor Jacuzzi, a sliding door connects to the living room area. Max occup. 4 people
Elegance Club (Adults Only section with Majestic Supreme service) - 127 rooms The Elegance Club accommodations are in buildings at each side of the resort, closest to the beach. There is a separate pool for Elegance Club guests with bali beds, loungers, tables and chairs. and bar service. They were just finishing the rooftop bar area, so it was not open yet.
  • Jr. Suite: Indoor Jacuzzi, pool, garden or Ocean view, Majestic Supreme Service and facilities. Max occup. 2 people.
  • Majestic Jr. Suite, Same as above, but located on first floor with direct access to the swimming pool and small garden, and also has an outdoor Jacuzzi.
  • Swim up Suite: One bedroom Suite located on first floor with direct access to the swimming pool and small garden, Indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi,. Max occup. 4 people. Room and living room divided by a sliding door.
  • Ocean front suites: - Ocean view. One bedroom Suites, room and living room divided by a sliding door. Max. Occupancy 4 people
Majestic Elegance Club Inclusions:
  • Two private swimming pools
  • Private beach area with “Bali style” beds
  • Private and personalized check in
  • Complimentary late check out (based on availability)
  • Two private ocean front roof top bars with hors d oeuvres and drinks
  • VIP lounge at the lobby with library, table games and free internet connection
  • Exclusive access to “Il Botaccio” Restaurant for breakfast and lunch a la carte
  • Room service included 24 hours
  • In room bar selection with up to 4 bottles of liquor per stay (ej. Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Baileys)
  • Bottle of champagne in room upon arrival
  • Access to 13 bars throughout the property (4 bars exclusive for adults)
  • Butler service during your stay
  • Express bell boy service
  • Surprise gift in room
  • In room beach towels
  • Pillow menu
  • Aromatherapy for pillows
  • Robes and slippers in room
  • Bath Kit
  • DVD’s selection
  • In room newspaper
  • Espresso machine in room ( suites only)
Bars There are 8 bars plus 4 additional bars for Elegance Club guests only
  • Lobby bar
  • Disco bar
  • Plaza bar
  • Wet bar
  • Beach bar
  • Parrots bar
  • Lobby bar
  • Midnight bar
Spa The spa and gym are not finished, but guests can use the facilities at Majestic Colonial. They have a wonderful spa there. Weddings See our weddings page for details FACILITIES AND SERVICES FOR ALL GUESTS STAYING AT THE MAJESTIC ELEGANCE PUNTA CANA
  • Refreshing towel upon arrival
  • Welcome cocktail upon arrival
  • 24 hours All Inclusive
  • 6 restaurants
  • 9 bars located in different areas of the hotel. Open during different hours
  • Premium drinks in all bars
  • Room service included
  • Daily stocking of mini bar
  • Sports bar / Discotheque with drinks included
  • 400 meter long swimming pool
  • Casino located at the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana (2 minute walk) ($)
  • Gym
  • Spa ($)
  • Golf nearby (300 meters away from hotel main Entrance) ($)
  • Theatre for shows and entertainment team with day and night activities
  • Supervised Kids Club for children (at the Majestic Colonial) 2 minute walk
  • Nintendo’s for children in kids club. (at the Majestic Colonial) 2 minute walk
  • Caribbean street with boutiques (jewelery, cigars, souvenirs, mini market, photo shop, pharmacy, clothes) ($)
  • High speed internet in all rooms ($)
  • Wireless internet in Lobby and Convention Center ($)
  • Convention Center for up to 600 people ($)
  • Business Centre with internet access ($)
  • Gazebo for weddings ($)
  • Wedding facilities: Catholic church and gazebo, beach and tropical gardens. ($)
  • Umbrellas, towels and lounge chairs at the beach and the swimming pool
  • Bath robes in room
  • Slippers in room
  • Medical center ( 24 hrs.) ($
  • )
  • Laundry Services ($)
  • Live Music at the Plaza bar ( night)
  • Live piano at the” Limited Gourmand Restaurant”. Adults only
  • 2 integrated jacuzzis within the main swimming pool
  • Guest Service (flight confirmation, car rental, excursions, and help with any special needs)
  • ATM machine. Major credit cards accepted
  • Tennis courts with lights
  • Audio System
  • Plasma TV
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Basketball area
  • Ping-pong, pool tables, darts, etc.
  • Soccer field
  • Water sports available
  • Elevators in each building
  • Handicap rooms available
Conclusion Majestic Elegance is a new hotel – there will be growing pains. Go with an open mind and you will enjoy…it will improve on a daily basis! Staff are friendly and eager to serve you. You have only to look at the success of Majestic Colonial to see what it will be. With special thanks to Ricardo Espinosa, Annmarie at Majestic Colonial Guest Services, and Angel, our concierge at Majestic Elegance.
Majestic Elegance Punta Cana
Greg Los Angeles
June 2008
Arrival: June 2008
Horrible!!! Booked Elegance Club ocean front suite 6 months before trip. Hotel claimed they 'accidentally' booked our room and tried to make up for it with a $50 spa voucher. Had to wait over 3 hours for the correct room to magically appear. Staff was very rude and not apologetic over this.

Horrible. Refrigerator would not get cold, complimentary liquor was not provided. Complaints about this were not attended to. Room service sometimes took 2 hours, the shortest time was 45 minutes and the food was always disgusting. Robes are old and have a musty smell. Mosquitos everywhere, you will get bitten. Asked concierge desk to spray the room. They said they would but never did. Complaints about this went unanswered. Concierge is VERY rude.

Restaurants and Bars:
Horrible!! Every restaurant is disgusting. Had food poisoning the entire trip and had to leave early because of this. Went to hotel pharmacy for antibiotics and they wanted to charge $50 for what costs $5 in US. Still taking antibiotics a week after getting home. Stay away.

Horrible. Elegance club chairs always had towels on them but no people. Hotel should really consider monitoring this. Beach drink service came around only once in 4 hours of being on beach.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Horrible. Hardly any available, very boring hotel.

Other Comments:
Horrible hotel, service, staff. Stay away from this hotel unless you like to have your vacation ruined. My assessment of this hotel is as follows: you put a decent hotel in a nice area but staff it with rude, unprofessional staff, you have a poor excuse for a resort.