Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Coconut Palms Resort
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
Jim, Steve, Jimmy, and Rob 
July 2008
Traveling with old friend's from childhood.

Having found a home in the DR as it pertains to the people, the Coconut Palms has the friendliest staff you will ever encounter. It's not a five star resort, nor dose it try to pass it's self off as one. They have one of the best locations you could ask for. Up on a breezy hill top as stated. That's an understatement. You will be located in-between the town 's of SOUSA and CABARETTE. If your the type of traveler who likes to explore the local fair this is the place. If your one of those who like's the all-inclusive and is afraid to leave the resort then go to Punta- Cana and have a great time.

The Palms offer's an optional food plan. Either four days or for the entire week. I stay two week's and they allow you to use the four day or seven day plan when YOU want to, during the two week stay. No other resort I have been to allows that much flexibility. You can also pay as you go if that floats you boat.

Most room's now have AC. Most not all have ocean view's. I was in unit 54 it's right in the middle on the second floor. One day I was just sitting on my balcony looking over the ocean . I thought I was looking at a couple of wind surfers, boy was I wrong. It was whale's. A pod of at least five were swimming up the coast. Beautiful. The architecture of the building's is just beautiful, especially at night. The pool area is also a great place to hang out. Anna will take good care of you there. The best place, as it is a most resort's is the Bar. It's not big it's not fancy, but it is a great time every day. Nick will take great care of you.His back up is a great kid named Edward. A young collage kid working to do better for you and himself. Least I forget the midget( Nike calls her) Doris. She will get you toasted. With her beautiful blue eye's she'll have you will just love her. Happy hour is every day and the place fill's up.

The guest come from all over the world so you can mix it up with a lot of different cultures. Try to avoid talking politics, not that I do but it will lead to some heated opinions. I enjoy mixing it up with the folks.

The Palms has it's own beach. There are horses to ride, a huge tiki bar and restaurant. They will provide the ride down and back. All you have to do is ask. Don't be shy they bend over backwards to show you a good time. Some have written that they will never return. Good more room's for those of us who just love the place.

The front desk is where to go to get all your questions answered. Pablo is a local who knows people. Take care of him and he'll take care of you.

The Palms provides transportation to Cabarette a few times every day except I think Sunday. they also pick you up at different times. At Cabarette you will find many restaurants. Some owned by locals and others by international owners. So the choices for food are endless. When you go on excursions use Pablo. It's a few dollars more, But he knows the best one's.

Every night the have entertainment. Local dancers, Magic show, Music. They also take you out to SOUSA for Disco Night. Be prepared for a very, very wild night. Anna, and Melvin will escort you and get you home. Next year I was unfortunate to find the place full for the week's I wanted, but I will for sure stop by to say hello to the friend's that I have made there.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

November 2007
We went to Coconut Palms in Feb 2007. On our arrival we were a little disappointed after previously staying at a big all inclusive in Punta Cana but a couple who were packed to leave passed us on the way in and told us we had just arrived in Paradise, so that was a bit more encouraging. We checked in and were shown to our room which had no view and overlooked another building. We asked if there was anything better and were immediately shown a much better room overlooking the walk down to the beach. This was a foretaste of what the staff will do... anything to try to accommodate your wishes.

The room itself was furnished with the essentials, but not luxurious. No air conditioning but as this was February it was not needed. A constant breeze kept the room cool. For some reason the small television was mounted high on the wall...but who wants to watch television in the Caribbean!

You can buy a meal plan at a very reasonable price, and the food is good. If you don't buy the plan you pay as you go. We were staying two weeks, so we bought a plan for a week and used it over the two weeks as we felt like it. There are some really great Restaurants in Cabarette and Sosua, Our favorites were Debbie’s Pantry in Sosua, cheap and excellent food, and Bliss in Cabarette, very romantic!

The bar in Coconut Palms is the place to hang out. Super Nikko, the barman is always entertaining, and the drinks are real real cheap during Happy hour.

The pool area is great for relaxing, but the beach is the place to go. You can either walk (10 mins) or take the Tuk Tuk, a truck with seating in the back. The walk takes you past fields with cows chickens and horses, very rural, but fun. It is easy to get a place on the beach. I don't think we ever saw more than 40 people on the beach. So much better than having to get up at 5:00am as we did in Punta Cana to secure a place on the beach! There is a huge Tiki Bar on the beach where you can buy lunch. The beach is at least 2 miles wide and after you leave the immediate area of the Tiki bar you have the beach all to yourself. You do see a number of kite surfers which are fun to watch.

The resort sits on a hill overlooking the Ocean with great views. The resort itself is small so there is not much ground surrounding the resort, but it is well kept.

Every evening there was entertainment provided, and it was much superior to what we saw in Punta Cana. Watch out for the magic show...amazing! You can book tours through the resort or with taxi drivers which serve the resort. The latter is the cheaper way to go. We went on the jeep safari which was well worth it. A great way to see the country.

You either love this place or you hate it. It is definitely not 5 star and very rustic. But we loved it. The staff are very friendly and very helpful. Notable are Pablo at the front desk and Melvin, who despite the fact he was suffering from a broken leg from a motorcycle accident was great, and of course Super Nikko. Also Richard the activities Director.....Kept everyone in stitches.

We loved it so much we are going back for 4 weeks in 2008!
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

October 2007
Family vacation March 2007. This resort was not at all as represented by RCI or website. Beach at resort was horrible, rooms needed much maintenance - most concerning were exposed electrical wires and insects/bugs all over. If you don't mind cleaning pool before you use it - pool is ok. Wait staff was friendly and food was good. Recommend buying a limited day meal pass so you can also eat outside the resort. Other staff was in avoidance mode. Have traveled extensively and this was the worst accomodation we have had.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
April 2007
We enjoyed out stay at the Palms. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My wife and I were there in the last week of February of 2007. We were fortunate to get a room with air-conditioning. It would have been a little hot at night until it cooled off after sunset. The trip down to the beach if you did not use provided transportation was pretty rough (uneven). The beach was nice but it would be a very good idea to wear surf shoes. There were may sea urchins in the reef that was just off the beach. Our only major complaint was that the phone never did work in our room. The jeep tour was excellent and it is best to pay cash of the hotel. To try to use a credit card is very difficult.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

September 2006
I just got back from a weeklong stay at the Coconut Palms Resort. If you are a frequent Caribbean traveler, and don't mind roughing it, this could be a great hotel for you. If you're used to staying at the Hilton, don't bother.

On the positive, the resort staff was very friendly and helpful, the spa massages were cheap ($25 each) and excellent. Almost everyone who works at the resort speaks English, but many locals prefer Spanish. Unfortunately, the list of resort cons is longer than the pro list.

First of all, one of my family members got food poisoning because the resort restaurant didn't properly cook his shellfish. Don't bother trying to book excursions through the resort, your better of planning trips with the local taxi drivers that line the street outside the hotel. While the rooms were clean, the amenities we extremely outdated. We had cockroaches, ants, and spiders in our room and the hotel refused to switch out room!

Bottom line: I will not be staying at this resort again in the future, there numerous higher quality resorts in the area! If you haven't book your trip yet, look elsewhere!
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

May 2006
We spent 7 days at the Coconut Palms Resort and just loved it. We had a unit that had a kitchenette, so we fixed some of our meals with things bought at the local market. We went on the Outback Jungle Safari and spent the day touring Cabarete, Sosua, Puerta Plata area, seeing how the people live in the country. We also took the funny bike tour and just loved the drive up the mountain then back down thru the cane fields to the beach. The beach at the Coconut Palms was nice with a resturant there that served localy caught fish and other native foods, or the good ole american hamburger.I would recommend the Coconut Palms to anyone.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

January 2006
I would like to say that my family went on vacation Christmas- New year's week And couldn't have had a better vacation Not for the what we spent for the week..... The rooms are large and new Although flushing is not as easy as it is back in the states We weren't in the states The showers were not forceful...but HOT! The good news is that we had a great time From the General Manager to the manager to the assistant manager to the Activities person to the waiters to the maids to the bellman to the person giving massages....EVERYONE WAS GREAT!!!!! THEY ALL REALLY CARED ABOUT MAKING OUR VACATION AS GOOD AS IT COULD BE!

We took the meal plan...And hats off to the chief! And oh yes, it all started with Doris Mergner at Meridian Financial Services, Ltd. who let us book an extra night so that we stayed over New Year's Eve rather than come home the day before. If you're looking for reasonable rates staying at a very attractive place Eating good treated really good Than this is the place for you! I found the people of the Dominican Republic very friendly too!!!!
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

December 2005
We are a couple of empty nesters in our mid 50s from Vancouver Island, British Columbia who have traveled extensively both before kids and after they left home. We take on average 3 major holidays a year and are the type that prefers to see a country and its inhabitants rather than hordes of other tourists. This doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy the finer points of a multi-star hotel located on a nice sandy white beach and fine cooking. When we travel we try to mix the two as best we can without spending a fortune. After all we do want to go on more holidays. Our main priorities when we travel are to be physically and gastronomically safe, to be comfortable and somewhat pampered while we relax and explore what the country has to offer. For us the Coconut Palms Resort fit the bill. It is conveniently located mid way between the two resort areas of Cabarete and Sosua. True the resort is on a side road just off the main highway on the top of a gradual hill a short distance from a natural beach. This didn’t present any noise problems for us nor did we look at the 10 minute walk to or from the beach a as a problem. As a matter of fact we quite enjoyed the walk past pastures with animals in them and refused the tuk tuk rides because we wanted the exercise and enjoyed the setting. At the beach we discovered a little restaurant/bar operated by the Coconut Palms and numerous surfboard rental huts/schools strung out amongst the palm trees above high tide. The thing that impressed me the most here was the discovery of signs erected that said “Keep Playa Encuentro natural”. This beach is somewhat exposed to the wind and to larger waves. It has a sandstone base out in the water so take your aqua socks if you want to swim and watch out for the sideways drift which can carry you along the shoreline and into deeper water if you are not careful. If you want to surf, this is the place to be. This is where the locals surf and where surf competitions are held. If you want to try surfing $30 US will get you outfitted for the day and lessons.

The Coconut Palms Resort is a rectangular shaped resort with a very nice pool surrounded by attractive landscape areas in the centre of the complex. The buildings along the service road side (south) house the registration area, pool washrooms and the main restaurant. The accommodation units are contained in the other three sides. On the east side are condominiums developed by the same developer. On the west side the units look out over a field. The north side parallels and looks out on the Atlantic Ocean. The only thing that we heard at night was the roar of the waves crashing on the beach. The fan at a low speed, the ocean breezes kept us comfortable. Our unit was on the third floor facing the ocean. It was fairly large unit with a baloney across its full frontage. All appliances worked in the kitchen and the cleaning and maintenance staff did a great job keeping us happy. We were given tours by other people at the resort of their 2 and 3 bedroom units. They were all very large with enormous balconies. It was very easy to meet other travelers at this resort because of its size. Everyone staying at the resort was friendly and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Internet use was free and located in a small room off the reception area. A $13 US charge was levied for the room safe lock. This included an insurance fee to cover the contents should anything happen which is unlikely. The Resort had 4 security guards on duty throughout the night every night.

The Coconut Palms Resort had a large bus that shuttles people to Cabarete and Sosua on week days (not weekends). This made it very easy for us to visit these two areas. We enjoyed both areas but I personally liked Sosua better because of the beach and the small town atmosphere. There are other ways to travel to these areas and beyond. You could catch one of the taxis just outside the reception area for $10 US or you could catch one of the mini-vans buses, motorcycle taxis or taxis that sell space by the seat. We try to travel like the locals when we travel and this has resulted in some wonderful experiences. The one thing that we didn’t like about traveling in the Dominican is that the private taxis charge a lot of money to go anywhere. It costs $25 US to go from the airport to the hotel so try to double up with someone who is heading to the same way. There is no need to make arrangements with the resort to send a taxi because there are many at the airport waiting for whoever gets of the plane.

We didn’t take the meal plan at the Coconut Palms because we knew that we would not be there for every meal. We were touring for three of the days and ate out when away. The meals that we did have at the resort were very good and reasonably priced when compared to the prices in Cabarete. What you see on the menu and what you pay in Cabarete is not the same. We were shocked to see a 16% ??? tax and a !0% YYY tax added to our bill (tourist taxes). In comparison the prices at the Coconut Palms were a bargain. Although we didn’t have the meal plan we bought meals as desired and they were always good. I especially liked their soups.

Resort activities were non existent mainly because nobody showed up besides me. I had hoped to improve on my Spanish, do the golf thing that they advertise and whatever. I believe that the resort staff could have put a little more effort into this. I did go golfing by myself and met and played with another guest from the Coconut Palms. 800 pesos for 6 balls, club rentals, a caddie and the course fee. Golf is a good deal in the Dominican compared some other hot countries. We went on a tour to Samana which was well worth the $45 US each that we paid. It included breakfast, lunch, a drink on the bus, a boat trip to and from beautiful Bacardi Island. The tour guide was a local that spoke 5 languages. The trip allowed us to see more of the country and to learn more about the people.

I was getting 27 plus peso for one Canadian dollar at the ATM. The money changers were giving 24 to the dollar in Cabarete and 20 at Playa Dorado. Use your bank card for the best rate.

When we finally left the Coconut Palms after an enjoyable week we headed to Playa Naco at Playa Dorado for a week on the beach and to explore Puerto Plata and area.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

September 2005
October 2003 and November 2004

If you read all the reviews of the Palms you will see that there is a very divided opinion about this resort; you either love it or hate it. Both sides are right! And just about every comment made has some truth to it.

Our first visit was in mid-October 2003 when the temperature was 90 every day with excessive humidity. There was no air, no breeze and sleeping was very difficult; you woke up soaked every morning. Our 2 bedroom unit on the first floor by the northwest area of the pool had ants and the fans seemed precarious. You had to be in the pool by 10:00 just to survive. The electricity went out regularly. Sometimes we got what we requested; other times we had to ask two or three times. You had to get to the pool area early to make sure you had your towel. The food was OK, do not get the meal plan, save your money for the restaurants in Caberete. I though the BBQ on sunday night was good; I did not care for most of the other dinners.

On the other hand, Manuel and Nicholas are wonderful bartenders at the Tiki. Those who come ready to drink rum starting at 4:00 pm at happy hour will love the late afternoons and evenings as everyone hangs out at the pool. You do meet people and make friends; the place becomes like one giant Amway family. Kids play with kids and parents hang out knowing the kids are taken care of. It is noisy at night and if you want a quiet place;do not go there. That first week we were there, there was a constant water volleyball game going and Wilson, the pool attendant, played constantly. He also played loud contemporary music on his boom box, but most people did not seem to mind.

The walk back up from the beach is hilly and rocky. Sometimes the Tuk Tuk runs late and you choose to walk as opposed to wait for 45 minutes. The beach is not conducive to swimming. It is not picture postcard perect.

On the other hand, the maids do clean your rooms. Pablo at the front desk is smart and knowlegable and the person to speak to if you want any help or advice; trust him! The horseback riding is great and highly recommended as is the snorkling. You can get a ride into the two towns from the taxi drivers who wait outside the Palms. Sousa is a little run down; Caberete has a wonderful beach and a torch lit dining scene at night that is to die for. That scence is picture postcard perfect. There is also an Irish American Restaurant in Caberete owned by an expatriate and his family who once ran an Irish pub outside Philly. Make sure you have several dinners in town.

Our second trip at Thanksgiving 2004, we invited my wife's family, mother in law, brother and sister in law and their two kids and two friends. The weather was cooler. The three bedroom unit was much better facing the ocean; the breeze was wonderful. My in laws loved it and would go back. But they love Vegas and I do not.

Me, I am not so sure. My other vacations; two trips to Nevis and one trip to Maui; two trips to Dubrovnik, five trips to Ireland were far superior. Of course it costs tons more to go to Nevis or Maui than it does to the DR.

Bottom line: if you have kids or if you like meeting new people and forming fast friendships, do not mind noise and ants, do not need air conditioning, do not expect a 3 star hotel, like hanging out at a pool or a bar talking to a great bartender and watching sports, have no gourmet expectations, can deal with electrical outages, love wind surfing, do not have a ton of money to spend, and can get by with the simple things of life then maybe the Palms is the place for you.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
Tracy and Shannan 
Connecticut USA
April 2005
I have to say the coconut palms resort was awesome.we were a group of 6 staying in a 2 bedroom was very nice it rained for the 1st 4 days of our trip but that was fine with us we were happy to be on vacation in such a beautiful place.we kept the bartenders company.nick was awesome he is very funny.manuel was great too...all the saff was very friendly and helpful. the rooms were very clean .the pool was awesome .and the beach was beautiful.jose was very friendly and on top of the location of the darts .the wait staff was awesome jonny and leonardo were very friendly and made sure what u wanted u had .we went shoping in cabarete that was really fun,got some nice stuff.and met lots of friendly people .all in all we had a great vacation and cant wait to come back .as a matter of fact we have already reserved our next vacation in febuary 2006.cant wait
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

December 2004
My Mom, My best friend. and Her Mom stayed at the Coconut Palms Resort in Sosua Bay. it was the most amazing trip ive ever been on! As soon as we got there everyone was so friendly! they brought us a welcome drink and they helped us carry our bags to our room and showed us around. It was so hot when we got there it felt like it hurt to breathe. My best friend and i slept on our balcony because we just couldnt sleep in that hot room. the next day we were awake so early because we were excited to start our adventure. the resort planned out lots of activities for us to do which made it seem a little less over welming. Of course right away my best friend and i .. who are only 16 decided to see how much effort it would take toget some liquor. we just asked and payed and he gave it to us. we thought this was strange but then Jose.. the activites guy told us we were also alowed to go to the clubs with out moms!! we were so thrilled because the nights they deicded to go dancing and drinking.. we didnt have to stay back by ourselves. that was the most amazing part for us jusst because up here we would still have to wait another 2 years to even look at alcohol. not to make us sound like 16 year old alcholoics some of the other things we enjoyed were going shopping in the towns around us. we felt like it would be awkward because we were of a different color.. but everyone was so friendly!! Maybe a little toofriendly. asking our moms if they could trade us for a brother or a father. we didnt know if they were serious or not.. so we just giggled and took it as a compliment. we felt sad as we walked through the town.. because of the children asking to shine our shoes and the dog who looked so thin. we bought dog treats and gave them as we walked along the beach. we didnt know if that was rude but it made us feeel better. we brought coloring books and crayons for the kids because someone told us they read that on the internet. i read other peoples comment about how the resort looked like it had better days which i think is farther from the truth. weve been to other places for vacation but for some reason.. this place just made me itch to come back. the people were so friendly and it was so warm. i could have stayed there much much longer! im only 1 so i havent been to that many places.. but i would love to come back sometime soon in the futre. Jose.. the activies guy made me feel welcome and at home. he played volley ball with us in the pool and made sure we always had what we needed to be happy. we wasnt overly touchy at us.. young hot women.. how ever that women stated he was respectful and alot of fun to be around.. as was everyone at the resort!
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
Gary & Kara 

September 2004
I just received my photo's from my vacation at your resort and am remembering the fun and frienships gained from your facility.

Manuel runs a great Tiki Bar and is a success in his own right on managing that portion of business and keeping the guests happy.

Doris Mergner was very helpful to coordinate an extra room and her efforts to assist in the area amenities were very much appreciated.

While the outstanding service and facilities had a great deal to do with our pleasure and satisfaction, the personal attention you and your staff gave to the numerous details that made everything run so smoothly much more appreciated by my daughter and I. Everything from the activities center to the cleanliness of the rooms was exceptional. May I congratulate you on a spendid staff of courteous, well-trained people. Their efforts to please were most gratifying.

I also want to thank you for inviting me to play golf at Playa Grande with your friends. I have the photo's and they all came out very well. One in particular I will send out to family and friends of one of the beaches on the back nine holes. I have talked so much about my trip that one of my friends who had been to Punta Cana has just made another trip reservation to the Dominican Republic. They are considering coming up toward your resort if their vacation allows.

To sum up, I want to let you know that the efforts made by your staff made our stay a success. Believe it or not, I am still considering the opportunity to purchase some weeks through the sales department to your resort.

Please convey my compliments to your staff. I wish I were in a position to compliment each member of your staff personally. Won't you do it for me? Thank you.

We will be looking forward to our next visit to your resort.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
September 2004
f you have been to places like Hawaii and Cayman Islands, then you will be greatly disappointed when you get to the Dominican Republic. It’s a third world country with prices (for a lot of things) are just a little less than what you would have to pay for in the U.S. – can’t help but feel ripped off when we were there.

We stayed at the Coconut Palm Resort, which is situated on a hilltop. I agreed with the general consensus (as found in various reviews on the web) that the resort was clean and people were friendly. The resort has no AC in its units, which wasn’t all that terrible for me. However, the ceiling fans provided in the rooms could be a bit scary and a bit tricky to operate. Some of them only work on a couple of settings, 1 is too slow, generating little relief for us, while 5 is too fast, and the fan makes noise at this speed, plus it looks like it’s going to fall down on you at any moment. The walk to the private beach is not terrible (7-10 minutes). The free yellow Tuk Tuk that supposes to take you there is not always available and dependable, and you are better off walking back instead of waiting for it. Make sure you bring a watch with you on your trip. We forgot ours and thought that we could just use the clock on the microwave instead. Little did we know, we had to re-set that thing constantly because the electricity went out on-the-hour. It was rather frustrating. I was at the little restaurant/bar by the private beach and ordered a pina colada, they told me they couldn’t make it because there was no electricity. They came back after a while asking if I still want it since they got it back. For $2.50, you can get 2 drinks during happy hour (4-5) at the bar in the resort. However, if you go to the bar/ restaurant by the private beach, 2 drinks cost only $1.50 during their happy hour (3-4).

The Wednesday Fish Fry event at the resort is over rated. I was so looking forward to it, but was so sad when I saw how it was. There was a big tray of lots of huge fish (look like the same kind of fish), deep fried, with head and teeth and all. They look like they were going to jump up and attack you if you dare to eat them. The taste wasn’t bad, but the selection was extremely poor. The BBQ was ok, not spectacular either. We bought the meal plan because we didn’t know what to expect, but I would not do that again. It came out to be about $22/day for just breakfast and dinner with the plan. If I eat at the restaurant ONLY and don’t go out, I can totally eat all 3 meals a day with that $22. There is only ONE restaurant (the Palm Room) to choose from in the resort, with ok selection. The lunch and dinner staffs are extremely nice, whereas the breakfast staffs could benefit from some customer service sessions.

The resort provides free shuttle to Sosua and Cabarete, the 2 nearby towns (a little run-down and scary in appearance). We noticed that the exchange rate is much better in Sosua (and of course, the resort rips you off big time). When you go to the public beaches, just know that EVERYTHING cost money, even the chair. Our behinds were perfectly happy on the sand. Make sure you bring plenty of Immodium AD, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. These things cost a fortune there. A very small bottle of Pepsto costs almost $8.

When you want to do excursions, don’t sign up through the resort either. They charge outrageous prices per person, whereas if you pay a taxi driver without going through the resort to take you places, you get a cheaper price per trip that everyone can split. This makes a huge difference in your budget.

Overall, we had a decent time (only because we met some nice people), but we will NOT return.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
The Walkers 
Virginia, USA
July 2004
My husband and I and another couple had the pleasure of visiting the Coconut Palms resort to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversaries. We were not quite sure what to expect because none of us had traveled to the Dominican Republic before. We cannot say enough about our vacation! We have been talking about it ever since our return to just about anyone who is still willing to listen.

When we got to the airport at Puerto Plata we were met by our taxi driver holding our name on a sign. He took us to our destination where we were greeted with icy cold tropical beverages and an efficient check-in. Our bags were brought up to our rooms and we were shown our accommodations. Our unit and our friends unit both had magnificent views overlooking the ocean. Behind our unit was a garden with banana and lime trees. After we got settled we decided to go for a walk to the beach. The beach was a short 5 minute walk or you could take the "tuk tuk" ( the shuttle). The beach was very nice and private. At the beach area there is a little tiki hut where you can get drinks or something to eat. Although there was no AC the room was comfortable with just the ceiling fans.

We decided to get the meal plan. For $155.00 you get 7 breakfasts and dinners, what a bargain. Were were able to pick from a extensive menu. The food was great and always garnished with fresh fruit. The resort is not within walking distance to any other eating establishments so eating at the resort was convenient. The extended meal time made it nice for those late risers or early eaters.

There were many activities at the resort. The pool at the Coconut Palms is gorgeous. It was a nice place to relax and meet new friends as was the tiki bar by the pool. We especially enjoyed Happy Hour from 4-5 each day where we joined our new friends to compare notes on our days activities! Each afternoon a snack was served by the pool. Some of the things we did were snorkeling (one of my favorite things ), visiting the nature park and going on a trip to Puerto Plata. We went on the tram ride to the top of a mountain and could see for miles. We visited nearby Cabarate, the wind surfing capitol of the world, and Sosua beach where we ate lunch at a delightful restaurant. The resort also gave Spanish lessons,Scuba lessons and offered various other outings for a reasonable price. There was also a trip to the nearby casino. Although we did not have children with us the ones we met seemed to have a wonderful time.

The friendliness of the staff was fantastic. They were all very helpful and accommodating. It was amazing that by the second day there, most even remembered your name!! The nightly entertainment was great. You really didn't have to leave the resort to find something to do. If you did want to venture out, a free bus was available to local shopping. We would highly recommend this resort to those wanting a wonderful vacation. We have already booked for next year. For those wanting a romantic getaway.... This is the place.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
Dahl and Yvonne 
Los Angeles, CA
June 2004
We returned from Dominican Republic on June 7, 2004, having spent one of the WORST two-week holidays at a so-called peaceful and relaxing resort, THE COCONUT PALMS, in Sosua. The time frame for our stay was Tuesday, May 25 –Monday June 7, 2004.

One of those weeks, May 29-June 5, was an exchange through our membership in RCI. The two-bedroom suite was made available to us by RCI for that exchange; and one bedroom was paid directly to Meridien/Coconut Palms as additional nights. Our home resort is a two-bedroom, two-bath, deluxe master suite (sleeps 6), red time, at a Gold Crown Resort with an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean on Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta. The resort is The Buganvillias. that adjoins the Sheraton Hotel(part of our original contract). We have had this one remaining week in the bank for several years, and we had been unable to make an exchange on any dates we had given. When RCI called us about the availability of the Coconut Palms, we were told by RCI that it was also a GOLD CROWN RESORT. We looked at the catalog and no mention of this status was made, but the information sent by RCI lauded the best qualities of this DR resort. I asked RCI again and was told that it was a resort of “Distinction” and was going to soon be made a Gold Crown Status. I looked at all the information on the internet through the resort's own website. The photos looked wonderful and the specifics were certainly gilded and glamorized!


Coconut Palms Resort has certainly seen its better days! Perhaps about 10 years ago it was lovely. However, RCI and Meridian had better take another close look and reevaluate it status! The resort is seedy and is lacking in electrical and plumbing upkeep; with leaking plumbing; inoperative and corroded faucets; stoves that don’t work, or work badly; refrigerators that worked in some of the units; mildewed grout; peeling paint and mildew on the walls of the units. Evidence of leaking was in practically every room of each of the four units in which we were placed. . Noisy, loud and late guests, with no noise control by the management. If there are no windows, one cannot close off the noise from the bar, the partying guests after the bar closed, and the loudness of communal living. HARDLY RESTFUL AND QUIET as they boasted in all the literature!!!!

We reported a dead horse was in the field behind our last unit, (the one used for RCI and Vacation Club marketing) and it took two days for someone to bury it in the same yard! Three starving horses remained in the cordoned off field with no water and only the sparse grass available. Yet, RCI and Meridien both exclaim the wonderful adjoining horse back riding and stables! Truly a sad view of the ocean from Unit #29!!!!

The natural beach, “as nature intended”, was horrible, dirty, nasty, and not fit for swimming due to the huge bolders. The roots of trees sticking up from the dirt did not invite one to stay. The only toilet had to be shared with a hen by one of the resort guests, and was not operative during our two visits to the third world out-house. The Snack Shack, with its own charm, could not be reached on other days, since the “tuk-tuk “ was not working for several days. It is not an easy walk to the beach! Andwe love truly natural beaches! Not this one!

The “pool man” seldom had enough towels and if a guest did not get there early enough, too bad! No towels. This same lothario, spent more time playing the local radio on the amplified boombox that was a talk show, accompanied local music and obnoxious callers to the radio station. He also played borrowed CD hip-hop music and rap music that belonged to one of the guests from the USA at top volume. He even went to the guests’ rooms. We had earlier complained about the same CD’s coming from the guest’s first floor suite, all to no avail! I say “lothario” as he chased every young woman in sight and was always “touching’ and ogling the “girls”. Inappropriate for any staff member!!!! Everyone appreciates friendliness of the staff – but the line has to be drawn in spite of cultural influences and differences fully being respected.

There simply is no quality control at this resort! Twice I had to ask for a kitchen stop/drainer. Two units had none. We carried our requested ice cube trays to each suite as they seemed to be in non-existent supply in all other units. Twice I had to ask for a hairdryer and a blender. The first time I was told there were none and the next day, when I asked Pablo (who was the only one on the desk who was “with it” and was terrific), I had them both delivered immediately. What does this tell you?

No one seemed in charge of anything! On our arrival, a male sales RCI representative was conveniently there to help us into another unit than the original one of #24 that was dreadful. He moved us into a one bedroom, #65 that proved to be an improvement. We later were moved to a two-bedroom suite when our guests arrived, and after all the noise and yet another profound bathroom leak, we settled into the marketing unit, #29 where we remained in spite of the leaks in both bathrooms and the smaller bedroom. That RCI representative was very helpful, but there is only so much he can do with such a resort in need of repairs.

The manager, Judy, to whom I had written earlier, did not respond to my e-mails at all, so my questions were left unanswered. We later found out why a beat-up old taxi arrived that claimed to be sent by the hotel when we arrived at the airport. One had not been ordered as I requested. Judy was out sick the entire time we were there. We never did see her nor were we informed that she ever returned. Clearly, no one was in charge of the operation! What a mess!

After a 7-hour, very expensive air flight interspersed with a 7-hour layover in Miami, we had to settle with this dreadfully disappointing resort in DR . RCI failed us; Meridien failed us; and DR failed us. Why would we ever want to return to the nastiest beaches with the poorest quality of scuba diving? We will not return!

We have visited many third world countries, and we are open, observant, and respectful of the have-nots! However, when we want to go to a resort, and we use expensive exchanges from a Gold Crown Resort of luxury, and we are told the exchange is also Gold Crown, one expects more! I forgot to mention, that a large party arrived on Saturday, took one look at Coconut Palms, and made an arrangement to be placed elsewhere on the Island! I now wish that had happened to us!!!! Many people felt that it was a terrible exchange from the ones they owned.

The food at the restaurant was acceptable and reasonable and we did not partake of the meal plan. We are very glad that we made that decision.

Luckily, we no longer will have to abide with RCI after our yearly renewal date in August. We have sold our expensive membership and our Time Share at the Buganvillias. Never again will we be duped!!!!!

To RCI and Meridien, please look into the issues I have addressed. We are not alone in our opinions; and there were many disgruntled guests who were affected as well! The word is spreading…..
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua
Joe and Rosalinda 

March 2004
Coconut Palms Resort is located 7 miles from Puerto Plata International Airport in the Dominican Republic. While this resort is situated in one of the premier beaches we found in the country, vacationers should beware that this resort is a one star at best. The first thing you should know is that the units have no mechanical air conditioning. They are conditioned by breezes that enter the units via the window openings. Speaking of which, none of the openings have glass. The openings have screens to ward off mosquitoes and wood shutters. Needless to say, those pests still enter the spaces. All of our family members were bitten either by mosquitoes or bed bugs, or tiny little ants. Food cannot be left out on the counters or dining tables as they provide a great source of food for the tiny little pest that have a thirst for blood to wash down the food you left out. I suppose the concept of having these types of openings (window) to condition the spaces works at certain times of the year when the country is not as hot as other times but I shudder to think what the place is like in August or in a time when the outside air temperature exceeds 85 degrees F. We were given a two bedroom suite on the South exposure of the resort. When the sun went down, swarms of crickets in the surrounding areas began their mate calls. It wasn't the sound of one or two crickets taking turns making noise. It was a steady, consistent noise that started at dusk and lasted till dawn. The problem could have been easily resolved by closing the windows, right? But as I mentioned, there are no windows. The resort is located 30 feet from the main road leading to Cabarete. There is a driveway separating the complex from that road. All night long trucks and other vehicles use that road. So not only do you have the sound of crickets that seem to be in your room (although they are not) but you have the traffic noise. The management of the resort seems to be oblivious to these conditions. They allow traffic (motorcycles and shuttle buses) to use the driveway all through the night. Our window (suite 11) was right next to that driveway. Workers of the resort talk and yell at all hours of the night not taking in consideration that someone might be wanting to sleep.

Right under suite 11 someone enjoys the luxury of having mechanical air conditioning. (must be a hotel worker) We know this because the condensing unit is located on the floor outside right under the unit. All night long, the compressor cycles off and on. Just when you think you are going to fall asleep, the roosters next door begin their wake-up calls promptly at 3am. The crickets, the traffic, the motorcycles, someone else's air conditioning unit and the roosters create a symphony that lasts from dusk to dawn.

I took my concerns to the management, they decided to relocate my family to a three bedroom suite (suite 67). This unit solved the mechanical air conditioning noise problem but added an additional problem. Suite 67 is located next to the bar / dining room. So on top of the crickets, street and driveway traffic, roosters etc., you have to contend with the party atmosphere. If you drink alcohol, you could get drunk and sleep through the noise. But if you don't drink alcohol or use drugs, brace yourselves for a week or rest and relaxation Coconut Palms Resort style. You better bring some ear plugs and lots of money to get away and try other hotels 'cause you are not going to find rest here. What we did was leave the resort on two different times and rented rooms otherwise we wouldn't have been able to sleep for a week.

Gee.... It's good to be home. I'm ready for a vacation now.
Coconut Palms Resort - Sosua

February 2004
My sister and her husband, and my wife and I went to the Coconut Palms last April. DID WE EVER HAVE A GOOD TIME. Judy and her staff was true to their every word. If you wanted it and, and you ask for it, and it was with in their means--YOU GOT IT. What Americans could learn about customer service?

I had emailed Judy several times prior to the trip. She always returned my email in a timely manner. I had joked with her during this time about having an ocean view. The ocean view was one thing my wife wanted.

When we landed, I went out side while the others searched for our bags. I could not find our taxi right away, and after a few minutes I was beginning to worry. I finally spotted him and we were off. We had some thoughts that maybe we made a mistake. As we traveled through some parts of Puerta Plata and Sousua were not at all like the pictures on the web site. When we arrived at Coconut Palms, our bags disappeared. Several gentlemen took them and we had no idea where they were going or how they even new who those bags belonged to. After check in, we were shown to our room. There were our bags. Three bedroom with an ocean view.

We could not expect a better view. We looked out over the ocean. The resort sets on a hill. The rooms were great. We had a living area, a kitchen and three bedrooms and two baths. What a great place. One of our concerns before we left was no air conditioning. Not to worry, the ocean breeze and an oscolating fan mad it more than comfortable. We had made service every day. They cleaned above and beyond what was expected.

We did not partake in the "all inclusive" (food only). This was a good thing. I ate breakfast everyday and my wife mostly had coffee and a banana moma. Our total for the week came out to be about $200, this included two bar bills I must have forgotten to pay. We ate dinner twice in Caberetee.

TIKI BAR: Manuel and Nicholas. I spent a lot of time with these two and they are great. They take care of you and will entertain you for hours. Nicholas missed his calling. He will keep you laughing and joking all day.

CABERETEE: You can not go to the north coast with out seeing a sunset on beach. What a view. The beach is the place. The town is small and shopping can be done in a half a day even with seasoned shoppers. This is a must. They places to eat and have a drink or if you need a shade tree or you want to do water sport--this is the place.

GOLF: Coconut Palms advertised a golf tourney, so Randy and I signed up. I should have known some thing was amiss when we got off the bus and there were chickens at the club house. The club house was not the typical club house every thing was kinda in the open. There were no carts and I had my own caddie. Once I got to the first hole there was a cow tethered behind the green. Some thing you don't see every day. On hole two I was on the tee box, and there must have been thirty people walking down various parts of the fairway. To make a long story short, I seen chickens, two cows, and on the course. This course is not some thing you want to travel for. The experience is some thing I reccomend highly.

SCUBA DIVING: North Coast Diving let us dive in the pool at Coconut Palms. I thought they were rude from the out set and not very organized. Randy and I went on their dive any way. The dive went fine. When the dive was over, they pulled the boat close to the beach and told us to get out. I jumped over board and landed on some rocks. Then it our responsiblility to unload the equipment from the boat. After several trips in to chest eep water with large gravel footing, we finally got the boat unloaded. We were then told we had put the boat to dock. There was no dock. We pushed and pulled that 25 foot boat 30 yards up that beach to the exact spot they wanted it. No big deal, but I was on vacation and I paid $65.00 to go on this dive. On top of that we had to walk to and from the dive shop while the cadre of the North Coast drove to and from? Hippodive here we come.

I am tired of writing. I can go on all day about the experiences. I have not metioned the camera incident at the dive shop or the great seafood in caberettee or the great foot at Cooconut Palms. We are not ones to go back to the same place once we have been there. We are returning and expect to have a great time.