Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Celuisma Paraiso Tropical Beach
Paraiso Tropical
Paul & Jen 

April 2008
My wife and I arrived at 11:30 am on Saturday March 22/08 at Paraiso Tropical in Cabarete.We opted to take a cab there as to avoid the lineup at check-in. The ride there was smooth and the driver was excellent.Check in was great as before when we were there in Nov/06.Chris the gentleman behind the counter is very efficient and remebered us from the previous time there.Christina the manager remembered us also and as did a few of the remaining animation staff that were still there. I must say that all of the staff are very efficient at their job and excellent at remembering people ,even though they see so many people every day.The room we were assigned was a little dated but it was very comfortable and always very clean.The cleaning lady always made sure we had some sort of animal made of towels everyday,which I think is wonderful that they take the time to do that even though they have so much to do and so little pay.(We made sure she got a tip everyday)This resort is just an awesome paradise,a diamond in the ruff, a great little place to just relax and enjoy a wonderful time without all of the sometimes annoying travel club folks at other resorts that can hassle you to no end.The food was always good as we never went away hungry from any meal.There was always an egg station at breakfast for eggs anyway you would want them.At lunch,there was always something there for everyone to eat,as dinner ,same thing,lots of choice.One evening they had roast suckling pig on a spit which we just think is amazing.We only tried the Mexican ala carte,it was superb.We ate chimichingas and quesidillas and to finish the meal they served a big shot of Tequilla and lime.Simply superb.The beer served is Presidente which is almost the best beer you can find.The pina coladas were always awesome as were the cuba libre.The beach is always cleaned as you see the workers raking the seaweed everyday.The beach is just right outside the resort about 20 steps.What a great view.The folks at this resort are so helpful and caring if you had a problem it would be fixed right away.The people of the D.R. are wonderful and so is this resort.I can't beleive that this resort would get a bad review but I guess my opinions are mine and other peoples are theirs.Just as we were leaving and saying our good-byes to all the staff,Christina the manager came up to us and gave us this little plate of cookies.The plate was made of some sort of plaster as a momento of their resort.She is such a great person and makes you feel at home.We will definitely be returning in November to Paraiso Tropical as we vacation twice a year to the D.R. We absolutely love this great little hideaway.
Paraiso Tropical

February 2008
Just returned from 1 week at Paraiso Tropical. It was my second trip to this area of the Dominican. No complaints about the resort. Everything that was said in the December 07 review is what I would write. Food was good, we ate at the Italian A La Carte and enjoyed it, didn't try the Mexican and tried to make reservations for the Thai but it wasn't open while we were there. Rooms are older but clean, we did request a different room when we arrived as we were very far from the main buildings and pools, we were told they were full but would let us know and we were moved after the third night to a larger room near the pools. Very friendly staff who are more than happy to interact with vacationers and they put on great shows in the evenings considering they are a very small entertainment staff. The pools were clean, one is quiet the other had most of the activities, water polo, volleyball, aerobics,etc. The ocean has pretty substantial waves but not unmanageable. You just need to be aware of your surrounding and not be irresponsible that's why it's the ocean and not a pool!! Overall, it is a no frills resort that lives up to it's 3 stars. I did an all inclusive last minute deal with gotraveldirect and it was well worth the money. P.S. The Outback Safari which you can book through the hotel is fabulous!
Paraiso Tropical

December 2007
My wife and I, ( 56 and 62 years old ) just returned from this hotel after a two week vacation - Dec 14-28/07. I have traveled extensively over the past 35 years in the Bahamas, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. In my mind, vacations are what you make them. This hotel is NOT in North America , nor does it try to be North American. Vacations are NOT made by hotels, they are made by the travelers.

Good simple fare within the buffet range. No problems having a good meal. The Italian a-la-carte restaurant was only opened on 2-3 occasions, we caught one meal there and it was excellent. The Mexican restaurant was never opened, yet we were in high season. My food rating is high!

The mail hotel section is older and has very, very small rooms that are antiquated. We were in this section the first night and it was simply not up to any standards. We requested a room change which was promptly accommodated with courtesy. The second room was adequate and clean. Room rating is adequate!

The Staff
The staff use of English is limited , however they all seem to be Happy Campers with Great attitudes. They go the extra mile and always are helpful and cheerful. Staff rating is very high!

The Pools
There are two pools which are maintained in a reasonable fashion. One near the ocean which is noisy and a second inner for the people who want to be in a quiet environment. Pool rating average!

The Beach
Be prepared for Huge waves. Wave surfing is the norm rather than swimming. In two weeks there was only two days where the Green Flag for swimming was raised. The undertow is noticeable. Not the best swimming environment. Beach rating is low!

The Guests
If you are an extrovert and want to interact with lots of Canadians..stay away. This is a hotel with a 75% German occupancy and they are aggressive! If you like your own company......its SUPER ! We saw only one additional Canadian couple in two weeks. There were a few Brits and a few Icelanders. For us, it was super as we did not go to make friends, rather to have a peaceful time.

Good value for the dollar. If you want an action packed vacation you had best stay away. However, if you want a rest vacation it can fit your needs. Nothing is spectacular, but them again it surely is one of the better three star hotels. If you want any further information, simply write to me at
Paraiso Tropical
Harvey S. 
February 2007
I recently returned from a fabulous 2 week vacation at the Paraiso Tropical Beach Resort just outside of Cabarete. I had read a couple of reviews and had mixed feelings. After spending Two weeks at this resort, all I can say is it is GREAT. The place Is small, but beautifully landscaped and maintained and very clean. The rooms were large and clean as well and comfortable. The food at the buffet wad very good and a great variety to choose from. I think me and my partner both put on some weight. The 3 A La Carte restaurants were quite good as well, and a nice break from the buffet. The staff was terrific and helped make our visit a memorable one. It has 2 beautiful and clean pools and is about 20 feet from a lovely beach.

I have visited the Dominican Republic 7 times and stayed at 7 different hotels, and can honestly say that this was one of the best ones. I will certainly return there again. Drop me a line if I can help in any way. Good luck! Harvey S. (
Paraiso Tropical
Laurie, Ryan, Angie, Jessica 
Ottawa, Canada
January 2007
We went to Paraiso Tropical (Cabarete, Dominican Republic) in November of 2006, and had a great time. The staff at the hotel were all fantastic - they were very friendly, and went out of their way to please. The animation staff were great people and made our vacation. The rooms were clean, the pools were clean and the food was good. This is a 3 star resort therefore we went with low expectations and we were pleasantly surprised. We will be returning in Feb/2007 and can not wait.
Paraiso Tropical
North Bay, Ont, Canada
May 2006
I went to Paraiso Tropical (Cabarete, Dominican Republic) in April of 2006, and it was probably the best experience I ever had. The staff at the hotel were all fantastic - they were very friendly, and went out of their way to please. Many of the staff spoke several languages, which was very impressive. The room was clean, and the service ladies did an excellent job. As for the food, there was a nice variety, and was not too spicy. The staff at the buffet area were great, and happily made Tim Horton's coffee for me, which I brought from Canada. It took a little while to explain what I needed, as some of the staff in this area did not speak great English. But, when done, it was served with a smile. I don't think I have ever met a friendlier group of people in my life.

There was a young lad there, aptly nicknamed "Jackie Chan" (Jose is his real name). He was fantastic with the children, and usually kept them occupied for a good portion of the day. My son just loved him, and probably missed him the most out of anyone when we left. Then there is Tico, a very sweet older man - he's the guy to see if you have a sunburn. He very respectfully treated my sunburn with aloe vera. The front desk staff were excellent, and always very helpful if you needed anything.

The entertainment was simple, but very good all the same. The "Mr. Paraiso Tropical" contest was hilarious. You will have to go there for yourself to see it.

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone. I will be going back in November for a week, and next year in April for two. I can't wait....