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Albatros Club Resort

March 2008
there is NO restaurant at the Albatros Resort club in Juan Dolio. there is a place where one used to be. you have to order food from the snack bar before 5 PM, and they never have changed. I think they want you to order more or give them a big tip. the beds were really hard, and the music was really loud at night. and yes there was plumbing problems while we were there last week. we didn't even have a sharp knives if we needed to cut something, plus we were responsible for cleaning the kitchen when we left, which is fine, but we had to go buy some dish soap to do it, for one day. No wash cloths, good think we took some.
Albatros Club Resort
Steve B 

March 2007
Our experience at the Albatros Club Resort in the Dominican Republic was horrendous. We were given a one-bedroom unit. When you walk in, you are in a small kitchen with a very uncomfortable day bed - this is your living area. No TV, dark and dreary. There was no coffee maker, very few utensils and dishes.

The toilet in the bathroom did not work and there was a flood of water on the floor in front of the toilet.

The air conditioning did not work -only the fan was working. The loud exhaust for the air conditioner was on the balcony outside the bedroom. There was no balcony furniture; The bedroom was another nightmare.

The bed was hard, with a thin mattress. The 2 pillows hardly had any stuffing in them. There's more, but you get the idea. The desk clerk was not unfriendly, but also not friendly - probably ashamed to give us this place. When we inquired, they told us we could have a better unit the next day, but what does "better" mean. We did not stay there even one night.

We were able to get a room at an Embassy Suites nearby and made other arrangements for the rest of the week further east on the coast. Also the beach there was rocky, not inviting at all. The place looked run down. Parking is on the street outside the Club.

What a disaster. Please avoid this place at all costs. This was an RCI exchange. I've learned my lesson.
Albatros Club Resort

July 2006
We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite at the Albatros from July 1st-7th, 2006. Prior to booking, I attempted to look for reviews for this resort but only found one negative review on the rci website. Anyway, quite to my surprise, it was not bad at all. Our suite was more like an apartment. It had a cook top, microwave, mini refrigerator, dishes and cooking utensils. The furniture was adequate and room service really great in terms of housekeeping. The bathroom did have an odor coming from the pipes but it was bearable. The beds were set on a platform as opposed to boxsprings and were queen or full size (not too sure) but they too were bearable. The pool area was quiet and well kept. We did not hang around the resort too much because we were there to visit friends and family. I'm not Dominican so I am speaking from the perspctive of an American who has traveled to a number of different resorts and hotels within the U.S and D.R. Overall, on a scale of 1-10 I would rate this facility a 7. If you have very high expectations and want the Ritz or Trump Tower, then you should go there! If you just want a decent place to stay and you understand that you are in the Domincan Republic, you'll do just fine here