Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Casa De Las Anas
Casa De Las Anas

June 2008
Casa De Las Anas is a small bed and breakfast tucked away in the Cibao area of the Dominican Republic. This area is the less seen, less advertised GORGEOUS mountainous area of the country. Packed with trees and rivers, it is a getaway very different from the beach or typical tourist resorts. They only have 3 rooms, are a long way from the usual tourist haunts and are in a very modest neighborhood. Come here for relaxation and an authentic taste of Dominican Culture and FOOD. Oh the food is amazing, every meal is home cooked by the owner and included in the price which definitely offsets the annoyance of the roosters in the morning! Casa De Las Anas is a great place to practice your Spanish and an excellent setting for kids. Experience the unique beauty of the Dominican Republic Backcountry at Casa De Las Anas.