Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Todo Blanco
Todo Blanco

Octubre 2005
My sister and I stayed at Todo Blanco in Las Galeras in March of 2005.

We liked the fact that it was not an All-Inclusive, and we were prepared to sacrifice some creature comforts for the charm of a smaller more authentic place to stay.

I can compare it to two other small and close-by hotels Tropical Lodge in Samana (an hour or so by gua-gua) as well as Playa Bonita in Las Galeras (a 1 minute walk/next door).

Breakfast was better than at Tropical Lodge Staff was friendliest at Todo Blanco.

We had a lovely 2nd floor room with a balcony overlooking the green yard, with white cotton curtains that billowed out the window.

Tropical Lodge is the quietest place in Samana - no small feat. But their decorations are nill, depressing rooms.

Todo Blanco took the cake for class and nice decor - this is the place to send a fashion buyer who drinks cosmos and wears all black, WHEN she wants to try "roughin' it."

We did have rather salty showers - very salty - that was the one draw-back. My eyes burned sometimes from it. But hey!

Todo Blanco does not have a pool - but if you buy a drink you can swim next door at Playa Bonita!!

The salty showers were our only complaint, and in the D.R. that is a small price to pay.

We will only return to TODO BLANCO, no more Tropical Lodge and no more Playa Bonita.