Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Jellyfish Restaurant
January 2009
Let me start off by saying the place was AMAZING!!!! It takes your breath away how beautiful it is. I tried to contact Mayte to confirm our meeting time when I was down there via email, but got no response. So my husband, our DJ and I just showed up. We went their on Friday around 4pm with the hopes the she would be there, but she wasnt. I am disappointed to say that I never got to meet her or speak to her. The last time I spoke with her via email was about 2 weeks before I left to let her know that we wired her the rest of the balance and when I tried to confirm it with her I only got a response from a Gabriel that it was recieved. Anyway, when we arrived we were told that she wouldnt be there until 6pm or so that we could go over all the details with the guy who sets up for the wedding, so thats what we did and he did a wonderful job. The decorations of the place were beautiful, from the tables to the lighting, I couldnt have asked for more. The staff was very helpful and accomodating AND the food was SO SO GOOD! We chose the buffet of appetizers, the $35pp menu and the $10ppph bar. Our DJ was setup up stairs which was perfect. A few things though: about the cake...we never got the chance to arrange the pick up of the cake but didnt think it would have been a big deal because we asked Evelyn to put it in a box and we would get someone to transport it there from our party, she said no problem. I told her we would pick it up at 6:30pm from her at the Caribe lobby where the buses were departing to take our guests to the Jellyfish. The buses came and went....without US! The cake wasnt with Evelyn when we got there so we had to wait...we told the driver of one of the buses to take our guests and come back for us, he never did. My husband and I wound up almost an hour late for our own party since we had to wait for the cake and a new taxi (that we paid for) to take us there. The cake NEVER CAME IN A BOX! It came on a black platter, 3 tiers, that my husband had to carry on his lap on the way to the JF and for those of you who know....the road leading to the JF is no smooth ride, so you can just imagine! We laugh about it now but we werent laughing then because we were imagining this thing flopping all over my husband or worse on the floor (or I dont know what would be worse). The cake was beautiful though! When we finally got to the JF like I said it was breathtaking...everything I wanted except that my husband and I didnt have our sweetheart table we requested. The staff made sure to fix it right away. When our time came to dance our first dance together the speakers downstairs went out so it wasnt what we had in mind. But we sang to eachother and made the best of it. My only other small issue was that the womens bathroom kept flooding. Again I never met Mayte my husband met with Gabriel around 9pm that night and asked that he extend our time another hour for the mix ups but he only budged for a half hour. Our reception was from 6:45pm to 11:30pm with the extension. We did get on the buses back to the Melia We tipped the staff $10 each. Overall the Jellyfish was a great venue for a wedding reception I would recommend it highly to future brides. When we go back next January we will go there for dinner and I hope to meet Mayte then. I sent her an email wanting to formally thank her but never receieved a response back. I hope all is okay with her.
The Hattons and Wagoners 
November 2005
Just returned from Punta Cana and cannot say enough good things about the Jellyfish. Our group ate there twice. One dinner and one long enjoyable lunch. Both Gabriel and Wanda could not have been more accomadating. The food and drinks were excellent. It was a very pleasant surprise when we arranged to be picked up by water taxi for lunch that Gabriel was the one who came to pick us up. If you need a place to go to break up the monotony of all-inclusive food, this is the place.
Rudy from NYC, USA 
August 2005
Great place especially if you have an all inclusive package and want to escape the resort fare. Fresh seafood with an Italian twist prepared and served by some very friendly folks. Gabriel and his wife were super as a previous reviwer noted. It costs a few bucks each way to take a taxi and is well worth it. 40USDpp with wine and a cocktail.