Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Eden Bay Nudist Resort
Eden Bay Nudist Resort
Vic and Margaret 
United Kingdom
March 2006
My wife and I spent two weeks in paradise. We stayed at Eden Bay to celebrate Christmas 2005 and to see the New Year in.

The food was fantastic throughout our stay and thanks to those who toiled much of the day to bring us speciality dishes such as barbecued pig. The surf and turf for New Year Eve included succulent lobster and the most tender of steaks only slightly upstaged the wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. Chef’s decorative work for these tantalising dishes was much praised.

The company was absolutely splendid ranging from an absolutely mad Frenchman from New York who led a Christmas Eve karaoke version of YMCA with a cast supported by the generous free wine cocktails or spirits.. How many drinks did it take to get an Englishman to impersonate a German requesting another German (the singer and keyboard player) for more oompha music instead of the pop classics?

The resort is a haven for naturalists and naturists. What an experience it was to observe, in the buff and warm sunshine, the butterflies swarming around their special bushes. Those who were lifestylers enjoyed their pursuit of happiness discreetly. All mixed happily in the daily activities organised by Peggy and Mike. Perhaps I should clarify these included water volley, crab racing, testicle throwing and croquet. Ashamed to say as an English couple we had never before played croquet and didn’t realise what an evil aggressive game it is!

Thanks to Peggy for her safety introduction to snorkelling around the exquisite coral reefs surrounding the bay. The variety of fish we saw was quite outstanding. From Peggy’s well maintained crabbery we were able to film a rehousing dispute between hermit crabs and a and actual change of shells.

The 7.30 am power walks were an ideal start to the day for the early birds. Don’t be put off and think it is a ‘funny walk’ race. Mike leads at a reasonable pace and was quite tolerant of those who puffed themselves out taking the steps as a racing challenge.

The extensive grounds have a wealth of tropical plants and fruits and on an expert conducted tour we were able to pluck a papaya that subsequently made a magnificent cocktail.

We also met Boobette and her partner Nudini who provided the magic to our holiday..

The warmth and friendship from all staff is what one expects from the Dominican Republic. The standards of cleanliness and service from Eden Bay are really outstanding. Patricia the Manager and her front of the house staff were attentive to all our needs and they ensured smoothest of transfers to and from the airport. (Perhaps smoothest is not the right word to describe DR roads!)

Our villa, right on the beach, was one of the nicest places we have stayed at.

Certainly Eden Bay is on our books for a return visit.