Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Tropical Clubs Cabarete
Tropical Casa Laguna Beach Resort
August 2005
We have just returned from the Dominican, we stayed at the Tropical Casa Laguna Hotel. Having read reports before we went we have some reservations. when we arrived we were very pleasantly surprised, the check in was very efficient and we were quickly shown to our room. This was quite large and spacious, a double bed for us and a single for my 11year old son. The back balcony was overlooking the neighbours piece of land which was quite unkempt, but the front terrace more than made up for that, we overlooked the main pool and the stage area, but could also see the bar area and the lower pool. We dropped our bags and went to explore, the pool and the gardens were kept immaculate at all times. We crossed the 'main road' easily but at times it can be busy and you do need to watch out for the motorbikes. The beach is lovely, the sellers do approach you on a regular basis but a polite 'no thank you' and they move on. If you buy from them barter with them they usually drop the price by 50%. The food at the hotel was OK, yes as others have said a bit repetitive, but you are in another country and you can not expect home cooking, we went with a very open mind, took everything in our stride and had a fantastic holiday. The animation team are brilliant, very amusing and very friendly. Anyone going, please give Luis, Christopher, Wellington, Kenya, Ellie and Sexy Boy our Love - Phil, Judith & John. We also went on some of the trips- many available, we booked through Hurra Travel on the main street - cheaper than the reps. The rooms are cleaned every day and the maid are very pleasant, people that did have small problems with rooms or air conditioning units, the maintenance team were quick and effective to repair. We simply did not want to come home at the end of the 2 weeks, other families did though. It would not be everybody's cup of tea- but if you go to enjoy yourself - you will. We did not go out in the evenings but some of the younger couples did and had a ball by all accounts - coming back at 5am from the clubs. Talking to other holiday makers there were more people that had a good time than the few that did not enjoy the holiday. If anyone wants to know anything further or more photographs, please email me at - I am more than happy to help if I can, I could write for ever, and would go back tomorrow. Thanks
Tropical Casa Laguna Beach Resort
Dr. Isabel Ma. Velez 
Guayaquil, Ecuador
February 2005
Before departing to the Dominican Republic, I was skeptical of my travel agentīs recommendations, therefore I arrived and stayed for one night only at a hotel in Cabarete. Realizing that my requirements for peace, quiet, and down time had not been interpreted accurately, I discovered a small Hotel/Resort, Laguna Beach Resort in Playa Laguna. It is for this reason I am writing to your site, in order to share with others who are seeking time out from the maddening crowds.

Laguna Beach Resort is small, but like most fine objects, is a gem for its location (5 minutes to Sosua, and 12 to Cabarete), and one finds the beach is beautifully clean, with no bodies to bump into, the food at the Blackstone Bar and Grill is excellent and the service which is primordial for any Hotel/Resort, is superb.

I live a very hectic life and my vacations need to be the time when I can totally disconnect and relax.

I am most happy with all that was provided by the Staff and quite frankly, had I not found that peace and quiet, I would be writing a negative comment about some of the hotels I observed in Cabarete or Sosua.
Tropical Casa Laguna Beach Resort
January 2005
Got back on 24 Jan 2005 after 14 days all inclusive at the Beach Resort. Weather generally showery but with 3 days of almost continual rain balanced with 4 days of almost continual sunshine. Have previously stayed in large 4* hotel in the sheltered environment of Playa Dorada, near Puerto Plata, and therefore have some experience of what to expect in the Dominican Republic. Our Casa Laguna Beach Resort room (Room 310) was on the second floor with a magnificent view of the beach and ocean. (The downside was that we had to sleep with ear plugs as otherwise the noise of the waves, coupled with the nearby main street, disturbed our sleep). However this was a small price for having a spotlessly clean room and very good towel,sheet and room maintenance/cleaning services. When it rains the hotel has very limited facilities inside and there is no place for people to gather. You even have to got outside to the bar and get wet to get a drink. However the bedroom TV had a good selection of programmes.

The food in the buffet restaurant was of an acceptable standard, but nothing special, and the alternative of the alternating mexican/italian, was not significantly different and unfortunately also became buffet style when we arrived at the hotel. Overall very good value for money. My main concern was that I foolishly trusted a beach seller of day trips/tours called Raymond (always wears a dark shirt and long trousers and tried to look smarter than the average seller of jewellry etc). I and another couple gave him money for a trip. First the trip was postponed because of the bad weather and on the revised date no coach came to collect us and surprise surprise we did not see Raymond in the following 3 days before we had to fly home. He therefore owes us some money which I hope to collect next year on my return to Cabarete!!! If you see him please remind him.