Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
March 2008
My husband and I returned from our 6th trip to the Victoria Resort in POP and we consider it our little piece of paradise. We were there from Feb 12th to March 4th and loved every minute of it. We arrived in the afternoon and since there was just 2 couples checking in it was a snap. We were initially assign to building 16 but I wanted to be closer to the action so they moved us to 1101. This is the second time we have had this room and I love it.

We were on the beach by 2:30 and said our hellos to Juan and Felix and Fernando and Juan assured us our spot would be ready for us the next day. So nice to see all the familiar faces, just like visiting with family again. We are on the beach at 8am and our spot was ready for us, under the trees, close to the bar. For 3 weeks we were cater to by Juan at the beach, Felix at the restaurant and Fernando at the bar. We take $200 US 1$ bills and we tip all the people that serve or wait on us a US 1$ per day and we always get excellent service.

We ate lunch at the beach every day and love the variety of food offered. There was always cool white wine with lunch followed by desert. Since we are repeat guests we had dinner in the Ala carte restaurant twice and also enjoyed the Italian and seafood restaurants at the Gran Ventana. We find that the variety of food offered at the buffet is excellent and if you want more variety the Gran Ventana offers more choices.

We returned from the beach every day around 4 and enjoyed a cool drink at the pool bar. The bar staff, Luis and his cohorts are excellent at what they do. We have always found that the staff at the Victoria go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Domingo the bell hop was always available to help me sign on to hot mail when I chose to write home.

We had perfect weather with maybe 1 hour of rain one morning. We did find that it did get windy in the afternoon on the beach but I think this was just the weather systems at the time.

The Victoria is a wonderful place to meet old friends and make new ones. There is always a mixture of Canadians and Brits and we always meet someone we have met before. There is not a children's program and the clientele tend to be older...just perfect for us! We are in bed at 9pm so I cannot comment on the animation team although I hear they work hard to make you stay enjoyable if you spend you day at the pool.

You can be guaranteed that we will be back next year for at least 3 weeks and 4 if I have my way. I love this small intimate resort, it is perfect for us in every way. I give it a 5 out of 5!!!
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Kitchener, Ontario
February 2008
We have just returned from one the nicest most peaceful vacations we have ever had.. We arrived late on a Monday Evening out of Kitchener, Ontario. The flight was uneventful and we basically arrived on time. Check in took all of 2 minutes and within 5 minutes we were scooted down to our room on a golf cart.

The rooms are very basic but clean. Yes it would of been nice to have drawers to put clothes in, but we got by without them. The Bathrooms are outdated, but clean. That is all that matters.

Food - Basic Buffet but no major complaints
The Mexican Beach Restaurant was decent
Upstairs Dining in the a la carte was nice.
Mozzerella the pizza stop was very good..

Liquor - Just what you expect in an all inclusive. Our mini bar in our room was always stocked.

Pools - Didn't spend time at the main pool.
Quiet pool at the back was wonderful..
Please note that the water was freezing.

Staff and Service- The nicest and most attentive staff although the barmaid at the quiet pool was not very friendly.

Fellow Travellers - A lot of people from Great Britain, who I really enjoyed getting to know. Also a lot of fellow Canadians

Golf - the main reason for this vacation. We took this holiday inclusive of the golf , My darling husband played 12 rounds in 7 days. The cost of the golf is tricky. Please be advised that you can take the holiday with golf included or you can pay as you go at the golf course. There is a mandatory fee of $15.00US for the caddy. This of course did not include his tip. Tipping on the golf course runs from $10-20. per round. One day a golfer handed his caddy $10. and the caddy told him it was not enough. The caddy fee is basically a government tax so they depend on their tips. We tipped $15.00 per round if my husband was playing alone and if I played we tipped $25.00.
We also bought him a beer or two. They are people too and if you treat them well, they will stay with you all week.
Sandy you were a marvelous and very professional caddy. Thank you.

We really didn't do a lot of excursions, though the last day we took a horse and buggy drive out of the complex. This was an experience and a half and I won't say much about it.

It was a wonderul holiday, we truly enjoyed it and we would return again. To my new found friends from Wales, it was a pleasure and I am sorry we didn't meet up from day one.

The service at this hotel was excellent. Be sure to bring a lot of $1.00 bills and be generous with the staff. The shopping plaza is nothing extravagant but should you want extra snackies or first aid supplies you will be able to find them there.

It was a very pleasant vacation and is you should be leaving for the DR shortly, enjoy your vacation.
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
John & Linda 
Miramichi NB
March 2007
Flight was on time. Sad that people has to pay to watch movies. Should be free of charge. All other airline offers that extra for free. Flight attendants were very nice to us. Two thumbs up!

At the Puerto Plata Airport:
Extra fast at immigration. Luggage got to the belt fast as well. One lady didn’t get her luggage. They brought it to her the next day to her Resort with all her jewelry missing. Let’s you wonder about the honesty and background of the ones who works for the Airports… The airport is nothing like the airport in Punta Cana. It’s more like a building (regular airport). They have a large variety of shops for you to shop in on you way back home and the liquor is very affordable.

Outside the airport, Noël and the bus to our resort was waiting for us. He spoke a bit about the tap water and how it is important no to drink it and other important things about the area.

Check-in at the resort:
Welcomed with a smile and very nice service. They gave us the chance to go eat at the buffet restaurant before showing us to our room since we arrived a bit late in the evening. After our dinner, the bellboy took us to our room on an extra large golf cart and helped us with our luggage. Showed us all the switch and how to work the safe deposit box. Please DO NOT STAY AT THE RESORT WITHOUT TAKING A SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX !!! It is very very important. You will not get a card for your towel like they do at other resorts.

Our room:
Room # 1819. Very nice room. The set up was great. The look is charming but no dresser. I could have used one. Very nice bathroom. If you want nice clean towels every day, leave the dirty ones on the floor. If you hang them to dry, they will not be changed. The balcony has two chairs and small table to put drinks. The door to the balcony is not a sliding door. The safety deposit box is in the closet. As for the safety deposit box, first thing you do you put in the small key. Then you press the red button to check the battery. After that, you close the safe and turn the handle. Once the handle is turned, enter a secret code “TWICE”. You may check on the battery as often as you want but every time you do, don’t forget that you have to enter your code “TWICE” to lock it again.
The floor has nice ceramic. The mattress and pillows were very comfortable. The small fridge was always full of beer, soft drinks and a nice size jug of water. We left gifts for the maid every day on the bed and we always got plenty of beer in our fridge…but no flowers or fancy towel arrangements like the maids in other resorts would do to thank you…

One small pool they call “Quiet Pool” with bar located along the pathway that leads to all the rooms and the gym. Another, by the El Lago buffet restaurant. We didn’t swim in the pools. The water seemed very nice. All areas around the pool were kept clean at all time. The two bathrooms next to the pool where kept nice and clean.

4 Restaurants to choose from.

El Largo: Buffet restaurant located next to the lobby. When you are in the lobby and you can see the nice red wood lawn chairs, turn left. The buffet is very small. Not a big variety of food like I’ve seen in other resorts. The deserts are kept on ice so it makes the bottom of the deserts to turn into a sponge. The best part of the El Largo is breakfast. The cook will make you a nice omelet if you want. Dress code: (bathing suits are not permitted, shoes are required).

The Mozzarella: Small restaurant located next to the pool and the small stage where the night entertainment takes place. No reservation necessary. THE BEST PIZZA! Hummmm…..I liked the Italian and added some pineapples. All pizzas are cooked in a brick oven. They also serve calzone. To my disappointment, I ordered a Margarita and they told me I had to pay for it if I wanted one. Dress code: Shorts are not permitted but seen people where them if they are “dress shorts”.

The Jardin Victoria: The Jardin Victoria is located to the second floor in the lobby area. You can see the sign if you look up. Once on top of the stairs, go strait. You need to make a reservation in the morning if you want to eat there the same night. The room is very nice, the service was excellent and the food very good. Some meals, like the lobster for example, if not free of charge. To begin, they brought us some nice warm bread with seasoned dipping oil, then we had the clam chowder then lasagna. For desert, I had the cheesecake.

Victoria Beach Club: The restaurant is located at the beach. You go up a small ramp and you will first see the small bar and then sit where you like. A waiter will come and give you a menu. The BBQ ribs are very good. It is some nice to enjoy a meal under a big tree. This restaurant is only open during daytime. If I’m no mistaken, they close at 4pm.

The first 3 evenings didn’t offer any evening entertainment since the weather could not permit. One evening, we went to get a glanced and decided to return to our room. It was very amateur compared to the ones I have seen in Cancun, Cuba and Punta Cana. By far the worst I have seen so far. The majority of the customers at this resort hit the sac very early since they golf in the morning. The number of customers watching the shows is very small. We didn’t mind, we were early up to go to the beach and early in bed to get the rest we needed.

If you are booking your trip because you are a beach lover: “ Do not go to the Victoria”.

How to get to the beach:

I suggest going via the small golf cart/shuttle for the first time. You will then be ok on your own after that.

Just go over the small bridge next to the El Lago buffet restaurant and the bigger pool. Once over the bridge, turn right and walk until you reach the street (right after the tennis courts). Cross the street and walk until you get to the corner of the Blue Bay Resort (the resort’s sign is at the corner). Once you are in front of the Blue Bay Resort sign, turn right and walk until you will see an entrance for the Occidental Allegro Resort. Continue walking and you will see a small narrow road (looks like a sidewalk) and you will also see the Victoria Casa Colonial to the right. You will then reach the beach and to your right, the beach restaurant and pool bar “Victoria Beach Club”

When you arrive at the beach, an employee for the resort will get a chair ready for you and will ask for your towel. He will lay it down on the chair for you.

Make sure to be there very early if you want a palapa. If there is no more palapas, you may lay down under the trees but they are further away from the water and the sand will become very hot around noon.

The water is another downfall. Very dark blue early in the morning and was finally changing to turquoise almost green in the afternoon. The beach is not that nice where the customers of the Victoria have to use but once on the beach, if you walk to the left and go in from of the Grand Ventana Resort, the water is very nice, more waves and you may also snorkel and see real nice tropical fish.

If you are a snorkeling fan, please bring your own pipe and glasses. They say they disinfect the ones you can borrow at the beach but… If you forget to pack yours, you may borrow snorkeling equipment at the Victoria customer’s beach area.

I love to put my chair a bit in the water. I find it very refreshing while tanning. I could not do that there because too many people walking on the beach. Not peaceful at all.

Since the “peace” subject has been introduced, let’s not forget those ANNOYING peddlers. I know they have to make a living but… It’s ok to say no but when you have to say no every 10 minutes and to a different peddler every time…

The seaweed is picked up on a regular basis The chairs are in very good condition and kept clean. There is no towel stand at the beach for you to exchange your dirty towel. You will have to ask a maid to get you some clean ones and to leave them in your room while you’re gone to the beach for the day.

Golf Course:  We have not golf but we spoke with a few golfers and they said that they were really enjoying themselves. The price is fair. One caddy per player (unless you rent a cart). It is an 18 hole, 6,730-yard, par-72 course. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1978.

Paradise Island Before booking, please shop around. We were asked for $65 US then $60 from peddlers on the beach. We booked with a nice man from Canada who has a reservation stand at the mall. We paid $55 US each and by booking, we got free internet service.

The mini-bus was on time. Not the most comfortable bus but it did the job. What I didn’t like is that I really needed to go to the bathroom and the man who we had to refer to as “ Big Black Banana” didn’t want to stop the bus. I take medication in the morning for water retention and needed to go very bad. He offered me his hat to pee in until my boyfriend told him to stop somewhere because I was really starting to feel a lot of pain. We should not have to go through that especially when it is related to our health.

Once at the Punta Rusia shore, we took a small speed boat and they took us to Paradise Island. The Island suddenly appeared like out of nowhere. Very small place but very beautiful. Once there, you can borrow the snorkeling equipment and you have to follow the leader since there is a bit of a current and they don’t want anyone to go that way. You can only spend so much time in the water to give all the groups a chance to snorkel and see the beautiful tropical fish of all colors, coral and vegetation.

Don’t forget to bring bananas and bread since you can feed the fish and they really love it. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera. We took pictures and they turned out really nice. The water is clear so it lets a lot of light to go through. Give better results.

They will serve you rum, pop, water and fresh coconut and pineapples. You have time to sit on the nice white sand and tan for awhile.

You have a chance to snorkel twice.

Once our time on the Island is done, we went for a visit the mangroves. Then we went for a small lunch in the small village of Punta Rucia. The place didn’t give us the impression of a very clean place but, the food was nice, the plates clean.

The children from the village would come to you and say “peso-peso” begging for money.

On the ride back we could see sugar cane plantation, a cactus growing at the very top of an electricity pole, cactus fields, banana plantation, tobacco plantation and let’s not forget, all the “garbage” that never decomposed and probably will take forever to do so. You will stop in a souvenir shop. The prices are very high. Even the rum sells for much more.

Two thumbs up!! Friendly and they will go the extra mile for you. A very special Thank You to Sandy and Michaela at the El Lago buffet restaurant.

This and that:
The Internet access: Not free of charge. When you exit the resort’s lobby, turn left. It is located right after the small souvenir shop. Bring a “gas mask” since people are forbidden to smoke but still do so. YUK!!

The Souvenir Shop: I’ve seen small but this is VERY small. Prices are normal. But if you’re a chip lover, bring some in your luggage since they will cost you an arm and a leg in the DR. How about $5 US for a can of Pringles….

Bicycle Rentals:
It is possible to rent bicycles from early in the morning until 5pm free of charge. They are regular bicycles without gears and without handlebar brakes. Just to drive around the Resort’s complex, it is more then ok. They are located at the resort’s gate.

Shopping Center: If you can locate the beach’s trail, you can locate the Shopping Center. Once at the end of the Victoria Resort pat (right after the tennis courts) just cross the street when you see the sign of the Blue Bay Resort and you will be on the right side of the street. You will see the Mall’s sign. The prices can be a bit different. Shop around especially for rum, coffee and vanilla.

If we would return to this resort: Yes since the price is very low, the staff was great and the resort very clean. The beach isn’t the best in the DR but, the sun was nice and the drinks cold. We recommend the Paradise Island Day Trip. When we go back we will try to avoid buying anything made of wood. It’s not fun to go for inspection at the Airport’s Custom Department at 2am.

Links and extra info:

For pictures of the Resort, beach and Paradise Island:

Resort’s Info:
Playa Dorada
Puerto Plata,
Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-320-1200
Fax: 809-320-4862
Toll free: 1-866-LUXE-411
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
February 2007
My husband and I have just returned from our 5th visit to The Victoria Resort. I can only say that we had a fantastic vacation. We were there from January 16th to Feb 6th and were lucky enough not to have had a drop of rain. Glorious sun every day. As reported previously this resort was refurbished in Nov 2005. I have noticed that the excellent reviews have moved this resort from number 17 in 2003 to number 2 in 2007. I really cannot find one negative thing to say about the Victoria! We are a retired couple in our 60's and this quiet little resort is perfect for us. I cannot understand why it is only 60% capacity this time of year. I am not complaining! We had very special attention from all the staff and we feel like they are personal friends after all these years. We also meet some of the same people there every year, this makes for good times and great reunions. As I have iterated in previous years reviews, this is not a place to go if you want a lot of excitement. There also is never a lot of children at the Victoria and this is fine with me. There is no children's program.

The rooms are large and clean, the food is good and the service excellent.

If you are a repeat guest you can enjoy all the buffets and specialty restaurants at the sister resort The Grand Ventena and this opens a whole new world of choices. It is my opinion that The Grand Ventana has the best buffet in the complex! I highly recommend The Victoria or if you want a larger resort, try The Grand Ventena.
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Nathalie & Marc from Gatineau
December 2006
Nous sommes un couple (31-41) qui revenons d'un séjour au Victoria Golf & Beach Resort (09 au 16 décembre). Ce que je peux vous dire: ce sont nos plus belles vacances jusqu'à maintenant! EXCELLENT RAPPORT QUALITÉ-PRIX!

Il n'y a absolument rien à redire contre ce complexe! Il mérite largement ses 4 étoiles.

Après avoir lu les commentaires plus que positifs sur ce site, nous pouvons vous assurer qu'ils sont entièrement vrais!
d'une propreté quasi-impeccable: carreaux de marbre dans la salle de bain avec toutes les commodités, télé, coffre-fort, air climatisé ET ventilateur (!), mini-frigo rempli à tous les jours avec de la bière, de l'eau et des boissons gazeuses, balcon. Les serviettes de plage nous attendent dans notre chambre à notre arrivée et sont changées tous les soirs entre 7h30 pm et 9h30 pm. Il faut laisser l'insigne sur la porte au côté vert pour que le personnel puisse entrer et les changer.
EXCELLENTE! La bouffe du buffet peut devenir monotone pour le diner et le souper mais on offre de bons déjeuners. Les 2 restaurants à la carte valent largement le détour ainsi que le grill de la plage. La pizzeria ''Mozzarella'' vous sert de divines pizzas à croûte mince cuites dans un énorme four à bois extérieur et selon votre choix de garniture. C'est trop pour une seule personne, mais combien savoureux! Le resto chic ''Victoria Garden'' propose un choix limité de mets plus fins qui nous arrivent à la table dans une présentation hors de l'ordinaire. Très bon aussi. Le grill de la plage sert une panoplie de mets vite préparés et pas trop santé: hot dogs, hamburgers. etc. et de délectables quesadillas au poulet..J'en rêve encore!! Les serveurs et serveuses ont le sourire accroché aux lèvres et c'est évident qu'ils font tout pour faire plaisir et vous accommoder. C'était très plaisant de voir ça.
La plage est à 10 mins de l'hôtel à pied ou à quelques minutes si on se sert du service de navette qui est offert de 9h à 17h tous les jours.. Le Victoria a sa propre aire de plage et un préposé nous attend et nous suit là où l'on désire s'installer. Il ne nous laisse pas toucher à nos serviettes de plage..c'est lui qui les étend sur notre chaise pour nous.. Quelle vie..

La plage est nette, très bien entretenue et l'eau est limpide. Il faut aller se promener sur le bord de l'eau pour découvrir des endroits où les vagues sont plus intenses..c'est super.
Il y a 2 piscines: une près du restaurant du buffet et l'autre (pour adultes seulement) est à proximité des chambres d'hôtel. Je n'ai jamais vu ces piscines bondées de gens..c'est très tranquille.
On s'en est tenu aux pina coladas sans alcool , rhum punch et bière; tous rafraichissants! Et sont servis dans des verres de bon format comparativement à d'autres endroits. Le vin rouge était buvable et le blanc très fruité.
Nous n'avons pas joué mais la vue sur le club de golf qui entoure le complexe est superbe!

Oiseaux de nuits s'abstenir: le Victoria n'est pas un endroit où le ''nightlife'' est excitant. Les spectacles sont plutôt amateurs et ont lieu sur une scène minuscule et il n'y a pas de bar directement sur le resort. Il faut sortir du complexe. Ce n'est pas non plus un endroit pour les enfants. Il n'y a pas de piscine aménagée pour eux, pas plus qu'il n'y a de ''kid's club''. Je pourrais compter sur les doigts de ma main le nombre d'enfants que nous avons croisé sur le complexe ou à la plage...très peu. De plus le complexe est petit. Nous avons beaucoup aimé le calme!

Si vous voulez vous reposer sans vous ennuyer et être dans un décor enchanteur, le Victoria vaut le détour!! Nous y retournerons sans aucun doute et recommanderons ce petit bijou sans hésiter!!
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Nadine & Steve 
Jersey, Channel Islands
November 2006
Watch out there is a thief About!

We have just returned from a two week stay at the Victoria Golf and Beach resort in Playa Dorada (19th November 2006) and sadly our holiday experience is not one that we will have fond memories of. During our second week we had all our US dollars and English sterling cash stolen from our travel wallet that was locked away in the safe in our room. We had been made aware when we arrived that a theft had occurred the previous week and that it was advisable to obtain a safe key from reception to lock valuables away, which we duly did so. Of course this does not have any effect at all for someone with an access card to your room and an overriding passcode to the safe!

During our two weeks there was at least three other thefts from hotel rooms that became apparent, which we discovered when speaking to the individuals concerned and that was also supported by our holiday representative. It also transpired even more thefts had occurred from previous weeks, but this is hearsay.

It is not comfortable feeling knowing that someone has been rifling through your personal possessions, but the main frustration is at how the hotel management dealt with the whole situation. There was complete disinterest to the thefts with no obvious concerns to what was happening at the hotel or the potential damage this could cause them. The general manager was noticeable by his absence with delegated staff left to deal with annoyed guests who were not getting any satisfactory answers. No apology or concerns, nothing…..We were even unable to establish if any interviewing of staff who had entered our room during the period the money went missing actually took place. They laboured the point that no one else can access the safe at all, but this is not the issue, more the fact that there is someone who is helping themselves to other visitors money and possessions, regardless of whether it is in a safe or not. The hotel is completely dismissive that they have a serious problem with thefts and are not taking any positive action or steps to re-assure their clients.

There was one positive point which our First Choice representative influenced and that was pressuring the hotel to refund us the 700 pesos we had paid for the ‘secure’ safe key.

All the other aspects of the holiday were thoroughly enjoyable from the attentive support staff, food and of course the important ‘weather’, but an incident of theft does influence you on your future decisions on where to travel. The Dominican Republic is heavily reliant upon Tourism to support their economy and they need to stamp out incidents of this nature if they are to encourage visitors to return there again in the future.

For those that visited the beach ‘I got the monkeys, monkey see, monkey do’!
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Kirstie, Kayleigh and Lyn 
June 2006
hi we have just got back from a 2 wek hoilday at the victoria resort and it was the best hoilday we have ever had the enterainment staff where the best part all of them were very good and they made our hoilday complete everyone at the hotel were so friendly and they helped us alot we will be going back this year and we will keep going back because it was the best hoilday ever and we will be back. we just want to say a big thank you to all the staff there
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort

April 2006
My friend and I recently enjoyed a fabulous two-week stay at the Victoria Beach and Golf Resort in Puerto Plata. (April 4th to April 18th) Being two ladies travelling on our own we felt safe and secure at all times under the watchful eye of hotel security as well as throughout Playa Dorada resort area.

The Victoria Beach and Golf Resort has been recently stunningly renovated from the beautiful reception area to the immaculately kept rooms that were a pleasure to stay in. I enjoyed sweet dreams in one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in and awoke to refreshing early morning views of the golf course. We found that we were not disappointed at all in choosing a resort that was not beachfront for the grounds of the resort were beautifully groomed and provided a tranquil and relaxed setting for our holiday.

The two pools at the resort provided distinct atmospheres with one being a quiet pool for adults and the other fun filled activity. Depending on your mood you could relax at the quiet pool with one of "Anna’s Special" in hand or join in on one of the crazy games being played at the other pool. Both pools included a bar that provided excellent service and a variety of drink choices.

A special thank you we extend to the "animation team" for making our holiday a whole lot of fun. We had great times joining in with their antics and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment that they offered. We promise to work hard on our Merengue and Salsa dance steps until we return next year!

The service we received at the resorts four restaurants was incredible! This is a resort where the staff certainly does make your holiday. We were greeted with big smiles and a genuine willingness to please by everyone from security to the kitchen staff and bartenders. Excellent, excellent people and service!

The Gourmet restaurant "Jardin Victoria" provided us with a more formal dining experience on two occasions during our vacation and the food was excellent! The Pizzeria "Mozzarella" provided us with scrumptious pizzas cooked in an outdoor oven. Try the "Mexican" if you like fire hot food -Yummy! The buffet restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided us with a variety of choices with included such items as roast lamb and pork. We loved all the fresh fruits and home baked bread provided at breakfast! The beach club was the scene of another restaurant that provided yet more choices and a great location to have lunch. It was a great place to finish long walks along the beach – ah, refreshments!

We enjoyed a number of excursions during our stay that included, "The Monster Truck Safari, Free Style Catamarans and Yuk Yuks!" All three excursions were top rate and well organized. Certainly well worth the money we spent!

Thank you Victoria Beach and Club resort for an absolutely wonderful vacation experience. Hope to see you all again real soon!
Victoria Golf & Beach Resort
Rupert and Andrea 
April 2006
We left from Toronto. We arrived and checked in, all quickly and courtesyly.

We went to play golf and very much enjoyed it. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Pay in US dollars, rather than using your Visa card, as you will be charged in Dominican pesos. Visa doesn't give as favourable a rate. We bought our green fees at the front desk of the Victoria Resort. Because we travelled with Sell off Vacations, we had a $10 reduction in green fees (compared to buying them at the golf course.)

We highly recommend three caddies. Benny Number 2 is great. He's full of enthusiasm and tips for the 'emerging' golfer. Francisco is also wonderful. He is a little more low key, but has excellent golf tips. Between these two caddies, they took 18 strokes off my score over three days! It was the best set of lessons I've had. They are patient and really know their stuff. To say "thanks" for the free lesson, we tipped them $20 US. My husband played twilight. At this time of day, there seems to be only younger caddies available. He was only tipped $10. Other friends, where she was a beginner golfer, requested patience and understanding. She was given Orlando. He acted as a private instructor. Her game improved and she was inspired to play another round.

If you're a keen golfer, ask Francisco about getting you to Playa Grande, Dominica's answer to Pebble Beach!

The cost of golf will be,
1.) the green fees ($75) 2.) one caddie per cart ($15 plus tip)
3.) cart fee ($24) All in USD, of course.
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
April 2006
Just got back from a week at the Victoria golf and tennis resort in Puerto Plata.

In short, the food was very good. The hotel was beautiful and well maintained. The staff were excellent. Free internet. Even the wine they served was drinkable unlike some resorts. We ate once in the a la carte restaurant which was good but we prefered the variety and the ambiance of the buffet downstairs. We booked with Go travel and the flight was fine-nice big roomy planes.

All in all it is a lovely quiet resort.
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Sylvia and Ian 
March 2006
My husband and I have just returned from a fabulous two weeks (February 24 - March 10) at the Victoria Golf and Beach Resort. Much has already been written about the beautiful and clean surroundings, buildings and rooms; we were very impressed with the pride the exceptional staff had in ensuring everything was immaculate and that guests were happy and well cared for in every way.

Our “superior room” with a very private balcony overlooked the golf course. Although it was close to the reception area the room was quiet at all times of day and especially at night. The king size bed was really comfortable. There was a walk-in closet with a dozen or so hangers and a place for luggage. A dresser would have been great for storing undies etc. especially since we there for 2 weeks. We were most appreciative of a nightlight that a former guest had left; it made nocturnal visits to the bathroom a lot easier.

A trip to the buffet dining room was a tasty adventure; every day there were new items which encouraged us to enjoy the offerings a little too much. The Victoria Gardens, Pizzeria and Beach Club are not to be missed.

Although the pool is small it was adequate for swimming. Smallness meant the water was warmer than in most other resort pools we’ve used. The pool could use a railing to help those with mobility problems get in and out more easily.

The beach is a short walk or even shorter ride away. Once there, access is very easy since there are no dunes over which to clamour. One could walk for miles or kilometres in either direction on compact sand. Getting a lounger in either the sun or shade was always easy as we found the beach area never overly crowded.

The Atlantic seemed different every day depending upon the winds. Some days the water was calm and turquoise while on others one could see more of the brown sandbars which shifted with the current. Guests had fun with water sports, swimming or simply splashing about.

Because the Victoria is a small resort there is a friendly atmosphere among the guests. We enjoyed the company of many fellow vacationers who added to the pleasure of our holiday.

We booked our holiday with Go Travel Direct in Ottawa, our fifth vacation with them. From beginning to end the Go Travel/Zoom Airlines team provided excellent service and attention to every detail. Special thanks to Christian Diaz, the Victoria rep, who went out of his way attending to details on our behalf.

Our photos:
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
February 2006
First I just wanted to thank Debbie and everyone who has contributed to this message board, as it is very valuable to those, like myself who wanted to research a resort before going! Here is my review for the Victoria Resort in PP:

My mother and I (24 and 50,a VERY young 50 I might add) decided to go on our first actual vacation together since we both could get time off. This was her first time going anywhere tropical and my second, I have been to Cancun. We stayed at the Victoria Resort, a 4 star resort in the Playa Dorada complex of Puerto Plata from February 14th to 21st 2006. We purchased the tickets last minutes and this was the only 4 star resort in our price range.

Departure : Our departure left Toronto Person Airport @ 6:10am and were so posed to land in Puerto Plata @ 11:00am. Unfortunately our flight had be redirected to La Romana Airport because the weather was so stormy on the north side of the island that our pilot could not land. We ended up staying at the La Romana Airport where it was bright and sunny, for about 4 hours due the terrible weather still hovering over the north cost. Finally our pilot was told the storm was clearing and we could board the plane again and try to land at the Puerto Plata airport. He did a great job , as the weather was still horrible and very dangerous to land, it was so foggy you could barley see the runway from the plane. We finally arrived at our resort @ 7:00pm which was only about 15 mins away from the airport.

HOTEL AND ROOM: Our hotel looked beautiful and the room was nice. Our room was clean and our balcony faced the lush green golf course which was refreshing to wake up to. We paid for a "superior" room which I am not sure we received, but it was still nice. The maid service was excellent! Things were kept clean and she even made swans out of our towels one day and put it one the bed, so cute. We always left her little gifts (hair accessories, makeup etc) every day which I'm sure she appreciated. All rooms came with a mini bar, coffee maker ,TV,and lockbox. I would advise everyone to pay for the safe box which is only about 11 dollars USD,or 350 pesos, for a week.

WEATHER: The first day( or evening ) was rainy. For the rest of the week it rained almost every morning, and was off and on all week. Other vacationers informed us that this weather was unseasonable because February is not the rainy season. Please do not be deceived by the clouds, you still can get burnt without direct sun! Bring lots of sunscreen even if you do tan easily.

POOLS, BARS, & RESTAURANTS: There are 2 pools, 4 bars and 4 restaurants

POOLS:. The Main pool is small/average. I envisioned it to have a beautifully large pool. Not so. This one is located by the El Lago restaurant (buffet) and the Pool Bar. The Second pool was an "adults only" pool. Which even smaller than the main pool. Very quiet pool and no one really "swam" at this pool, which I found funny. They just tanned on the chairs. I guess it was just for dipping in when you became to hot from laying out.

BARS: The Pool bar was located by the main pool, the buffet restaurant and the Pizza Mozzarlella restaurant. It is not a swim up bar though. It was the busiest of all the bars I think b/c it was around the restaurants and the small entertainment stage, and lots of vacationers hung out there in the evening. It was open from 10:00 am to midnight

The Bar Cascada was located by the adult only pool. it was open from 10:00am to about 5:30 pm everyday.

The Beach bar was located at the beach restaurant. It was open from 10:00am to 4:30 pm.

The Lotus bar is located on the second floor. It was so supposed to be a piano bar as advertised by Sunwing Vacations, but did not hear any piano music from the bar, so who knows.

RESTAURANTS: The buffet - El Lago restaurant was open for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday. It had a variety of international foods. They even had whole roasts, chicken and I think turkey they slice for you. Also included fresh fruit, cheeses, breads and salads and much more. I would give it a 4 out of 5.

Beach Club Restaurant - was a la carte and located at the beach. It was open for lunch from 12:00pm to 4:30pm daily. They served Mexican food, hamburgers and sandwiches. It was first come first serve basis so no reservations were required. I loved this restaurant! The Mexican food was the best I have ever had, even better than the food I had in Mexico! This was a 5 out of 5 star food rating for sure. It also has a view of the beach since it is not located on the resort, but on the beach itself.

Jardin Victoria Restaurant - a la carte, you have to make reservations THAT MORNING that you wish to go. They said you can make reservation at the font desk @ 9:00am but I went and made reservations at 8:00am. The earlier you go and make them the better, this restaurant fills up fast! FYI they are closed on Thursdays. This was a more upscale atmosphere so dress code was in effect. I would give this a 4 out of 5.

Pizzeria Mozzarella- is a la carte but is a first come first serve. Loved this thin crust Pizza!!! They have an array of topping you can choose for your individual sized pizza they hand make( which is more than enough for one person) or you can have hand made calzone. Also has deserts. If you love pizza this restaurant is fabulous. I would give this restaurant a 5 out of 5 for sure. FYI it is closed on Mondays. It is located by the main pool and bar.

BEACH : The resort is not located on the beach, so it is about a 5 minute walk. There is a shuttle/golf cart that will take you there is you wish. We walked, it was very close. If you want a good spot on the beach I advise GET THERE EARLY in the morning... the beach fills up quickly. Personally I did not think the beach was too great. It was always packed and the water was not the typical Caribbean blue color that comes to mind. So I went there a few time but opted to stay at the adult pool for most of the vacation.

ENTERTAINMENT: There was something different gong on every night in the main pool and bar area or upstairs at the Lotus Bar. They had Salsa lessons, Karaoke etc. I did not think the entertainment was too great. The stage was small and this resort was more for people who love to golf or relax.

EXERTIONS: We went on the " Monster Truck Safari " ride. It was wonderful. It was the best part of our vacation. You and about 30 others are taken into the mountains and see how the a lot of the Dominican people live. You are basically taken into the "jungle" . We pass though Susua and Cabarete to get there. We went to the Ranch for lunch and we able to go for a swim in the river. It was overall a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend this full day excursion. You can purchase this trip cheaper at the Playa Dorada shopping plaza than though your travel rep. at the resort. We also went on the tour downtown PP to the Amber Museum, shopping, and Brugal Rum Factory ( very cheap rum $$ between 5-7USD a bottle) and exploring the Fort. This is a half day trip. Many others we spoke to just took a taxi from the complex and they did the same thing.

OVERALL: This resort was beautiful, surrounded by a great golf course and is more geared towards golfers and couples who want to relax, not many people under 35. The service people were friendly enough and everything was kept very clean. Also please remember that the shopping in the plaza is expensive but I found it was sometimes cheaper that the markets downtown. Just remember the exchange rate: 1USD = approx 30 Dominican Pesos. If is wasn't for golfing and the excursions we both would have been bored to tears. Please understand that this resort is NOT for those who want lots of entertainment or a fun nightlife. I was one of the youngest there( other that the few kids). This resort is a golfers dream, and had great food, so if you love golf and want a very quite atmosphere this is the place to go, if not I would suggest another bigger resort with more things to do. We personally would not return the Victoria Resort again, but it was an interesting experience.

I also have pictures of the resort, the Monster Truck trip, and the downtown Puerto Plata trip here,
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
February 2006
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Victoria for one week in February 2006. We are in our mid 40's.

I have never stayed there before so have nothing to compare the renovations with. The hotel in general was very clean and well kept. The food was above average - especially the restaurant and the pizzeria. I found the pools cold and am not sure why that would be when the weather there was so hot.

I found the vendors on the beach annoying, although they were all very pleasant, and it seemed they were licensed--they were just annoying to listen to all day long.

The resort overall was extremely quiet.

We picked this resort because of the close proximity to the golf course. We are avid golfers and played 7 days there. However, the golf course was disappointing. It is listed as one of the top 100 (I think maybe # 54?) courses outside US and I would have to say that is way over rated. It was expensive to play and the caddy we took on the first day did not like the 75% tip that we gave him and told us so. I had brought our handicap cards and we did not have to take a caddy for the next several days--but it was a hassle to deal with the caddy master on this issue. We did end up taking a caddy for the last 3 days and they were all fine with the tip. But the first day it just set us off!
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Brampton Ontario Canada
February 2006
We have just returned from a 3 week vacation at The Victoria resort in the Playa Dorado Complex in POP. The resort was closed for 6 months for renovations and reopened Dec 24th. Although all units were not complete I am happy to report the I love the new and improved Victoria.

All the rooms have be repainted and have new furnishings. This includes mattresses, box springs and pillows. The bathrooms have new marble and tiles. The common areas have all been repainted, re-furbished, re-designed and re-landscaped. The resort looks lovely!

The buffet is good with a lot of choices. The pizzeria still serves the best pizza I have ever had. The pizzeria now serves snacks at 4 in the afternoon (just what we need). The ala carte restaurant has new furnishings, the menu remains the same. I recommend my favorites, sea bass and veal. The beach restaurant serves a full lunch with lots of choices to please all.

All the old staff is back and this is what is most important to us. We love the staff at the Victoria! They go out of their way to make your vacation special.

My husband and I are in our sixties and we like to think of The Victoria as our little piece or paradise. It is a small intimate resort that attracts mostly Canadians and Brits. (we are a friendly lot). There is never a lot of children at The Victoria but then there is not a children's program. The entertainment at night may not be professional enough for some but the staff really works hard for those who wish to partake in pool side and beach activities. The Victoria is now definitely a 4* and it is the best bang for your buck in the Playa Dorado complex as far as I am concerned. Some might not like the 7 minute walk (cart rides are available) to the beach but I find this helps to burn up some calories.This is a quiet resort and may not be lively enough for the younger set. You can always find excitement at bars and discos in the Playa Dorado complex if you so choose.

We give this resort a 2 thumbs up!!! A 10 out 0f 10! We would like to keep it our little secret but we feel the Victoria deserve all the credit for a job well done!
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 2006
Who we are?: Married couple in our late thirties (no children).

Live where?: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When traveled?: December 24th through December 31st.

My husband and I booked our vacation through our local travel agent (Signature Vacation) after speaking to him few times about few conditions we need to have met to book the resort. We wanted the resort to be close to the airport. (I have heard horror stories of resorts being 1 hour to 2 hours away, and we did not want to travel that far from the airport.) We also wanted a resort that was quiet and low keyed and possibly close to a golf course. So, after some searching, we found the Victoria Resort.

Unfortunately, the resort was closed all of the summer and was being reopened in mid December 2005. They were going through massive renovation. At first, we did not think twice, but after we booked, it dawned on us that Dominican Republic is a developing country, and things may take longer than usual to “reopen”. However, we were booked and whether the resort was ready for us or not, we were going there in December 2005.

As time came nearer to our departure date, we asked our travel agent if he had any news of the resort, whether they will open on time and if everything was fine. We were told that everything was going according to plans and the resort was going to open for December 15th, 2005. Day came and went, and it was only few days before our departure, and our travel agent assured us the resort was open and in full operation.

When we checked in on December 24th, 2005, to much of our surprise, the resort only opened the day before and had few guests. We noticed that they probably had less then 100 guests in total. HOWEVER, I MUST POINT OUT THAT WE HAD NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. NOW FOR THE REVIEW.

Departure: Got to the Pearson International Airport about two and a half hours prior to departure time, only a minor delay, so we landed at Puerto Plata around 11:00 a.m.

On arrival at Puerto Plata (airport): Immigration at the airport was not quick. The Tourist Visa Card that came with our travel package had changed all of a sudden, and we had to line up in two different places to get a replacement and fill it out and go through immigration. They say they were doing to this in order to eliminate corruption, however, with a bit of frustration and confusion, we got through the immigration, claimed our luggage and passed through customs and then on our bus. There were Signature Vacation representatives at the airport with buses to take us to our resorts. Please note that the representatives are not out right by the airport exit/entrance. There are tax drivers by the airport exit/entrance, so be aware. Just walk to your left as you come out, and they are by the parking lot diagonal to the airport exit/entrance. The Signature Vacation rep briefed us while we were driving to the resort with information of what to expect when we are dropped off at the resort. It took us about 15 minutes to the Victoria Resort from the airport.

Arrival at Victoria Resort: When we got to the reception desk, we were greeted by few staff members who were trying their best to get us checked in as soon as possible. Luckily, there was one other family who was checking in. They spoke well and also there was a Canadian behind the desk who was overseeing the whole reception desk. So check in was a breeze. We rented the safe since the safe was not included in our package. It cost us US$13.00 for the whole week and they taught us how to use it. (Please note that some guests were having trouble opening the safe once they punched in their pass numbers, so make sure you test the safe, i.e. don’t put valuables first, try closing and opening few times before putting your valuables. We, however, did not have trouble using the safe). They gave as a key card for our room, which also doubles us a key to turn on electricity in your room and remote for the TV. They also gave us a two page information sheet about the hotel and its amenities, when things were open, etc. It was quite helpful.

They informed us that we were too early and the room was not ready for us, so they suggested that we should take lunch and that our luggage will be delivered to our room by bell boy soon.

So, we went to the restaurant, El Lago, which is just beside the reception/lobby. It is an international buffet style and had lunch.

The Room: Our Room was a junior suite located away from the reception/lobby area, closer to the street. Our room was 1612 and it faced Hole No. 10 of the Playa Dorada Golf Course. Because the resort is small enough, it took us mere few minutes to work up to the reception/main area, restaurants and bars. If you do not want to walk, you can call reception to ask to be picked up and a shuttle cart will come to pick you up. We hardly used this service.

We were located on the first floor, which was good, as there are no elevators. The suite was very spacious. As you entered, the washroom, shower, bathroom facility was in one room to your left, and another small room that had a walk-in closet and safe. Across from the walk-in closet, is the kitchenette, which has a sink and a coffee maker, few glasses, coffee cups and saucers and a mini fridge that has your water, soft drinks and beer. Initially, the fridge only had a bottle of water and some soft drinks, however, when we informed the reception desk that we had no beer, there were two bottles of beer by the evening.

Then you have your seating and bedroom area all in one. It is very spacious. I think four adults will be happy and not feel crammed in it. A family of two parents and two children can also be accommodated without space problem, I don’t think. There was a bureau with a chair, the bed was a king size bed with night tables on each side of the bed, and a sitting area that had two chairs. No table, yet, so we had to use one of the night tables as a table, which was fine. There was also an entertainment cabinet that had a TV in it, which stood in front of the bed. The only thing that was lacking, and I am sure which will be corrected when all rooms are ready for guests, is mirrors. You only have one mirror in the bathroom, so when you had to put on make up or make sure your underwear was not pinched to your pants, etc. you had to check yourself out in the bathroom mirror.

We had plenty of towels, face towels, bathroom towels, in between size towel, etc.

The beach towels (green) were also in your room in the bathroom, as they have not had them set up to be distributed by the pool area. The system they have now is, if you needed your beach towels changed for clean ones, all you had to do was put up the maid service tag on your room door between 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., and the chambermaid will exchange the dirty ones for the clean ones. We did put up the sign on our door many nights, and sure enough, when we returned to our room after dinner, the beach towels were changed for the new ones.

Room/Maid Service: Excellent! Everything was spotlessly cleaned every time when we returned from after sun bathing in the late afternoon. Towels and mini bar were restocked as well. They even replenished shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap, in the middle of the week for us. Ladies were very nice and accommodating. When we asked for extra things, like extra beach towels, towels and coffee, etc. they obliged.

After middle of our stay, we noticed that our night standard had a menu that had room service items on them. The menu included sandwiches and snacks and would be delivered to your room for a charge of $5.00 (US). Now, I do not think this is all that bad, if you are hungry and do not want to go out to eat at the restaurants.

Buffet restaurant – El Lago: There is one buffet restaurant called El Lago, which serves breakfast (7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.), lunch (12:30 p.m. – 2: 30 p.m.), and dinner (6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) Dress Code is in effect, which means no bathing suits, wet clothes or bare feet. They will quietly and gently ask you to put on something appropriate, and we saw all guests obliged to the request. El Lago is next to the reception/lobby area. They serve three meals a day buffet style. They have variety of different kinds of food, something for everyone. We really enjoyed eating there. Service was excellent and friendly.

We did notice that because they just opened, many of the food had no labels on them, so sometimes if you were not sure, you had to ask the staff behind the counter, and they tried their best to explain what they were serving. By the end of the week, we saw them setting up labels more prominently.

Food was always fresh. For lunch and dinner, they always had a featured roast of some sort. We had turkey, suckling pig, roasted chicken, lamb, beef, etc. which was sliced in front of you, as you liked. For breakfast they had omelets/pancake standard where a chef made the omelets as you desired. They also made pancakes/crepes for you instantly as you liked. They had fresh juice centres where a chef will blend different fruits for you.

I would give the food 4 stars out of 5 stars and service 5 stars.

A La Carte: There are three a la carte restaurants—Pizzeria Mozzarella, Beach Club and Jardin Victoria Restaurant. (i) Pizzeria Mozzarella: This restaurant is located by the main pool area, just around the corner from the El Lago Restaurant. This was a popular spot. They served individual pizzas cooked in the stone oven. You can make your own pizzas as well. The restaurant is only open for dinner from 6:30 mp. to 9:30 p.m. You do not have to make a reservation. If the seats are all taken, you just wait your turn. The hotel information sheets told us that it was open every night, however, we did find it was closed one evening. My husband really enjoyed the pizzas here. I give the food 4 stars and service 5 stars.

(ii) Beach Club: Located at the beach area. They are open from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Please note that they are usually closed when it rains. We only experienced one day of rain out of the whole week). You do not have to make reservation for this restaurant as well. It if first come first serve like Pizzeria Mozzarella. They serve Mexican and hamburgers. We loved the food here. Sometime the service can be a bit slow, as there are too many guests and not enough staff to cook and serve the food, however, we really enjoyed the food. Do try the hamburger and the nachos. I would rate the food 4.5 and service 4.

(iii) Jardin Victoria Restaurant: This is located on the second floor of the main reception/lobby area. It is a formal dining. You need to make reservations at the reception desk usually on the evening you want to attend. They take reservations between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. They are only open for dinner between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. There were couple of evenings where it was not open. Usually, it meant that the El Lago restaurant had a featured dinner special. For instance, it was closed on December 24th, as El Lago served a Christmas dinner.

We were told by our vacation rep that we were allowed to go there once a week, however, when we asked the hotel staff, they told us we can go as much as we wanted to, so we went there twice the week we were there. They serve mostly Italian cuisine. I could not believe that it was so good. They really know how to cook pasta. We really enjoyed the two dinners we had there.

I would rate the food 5 and service 5 as well.

Please note that the second last page of the menu at Jardin Victoria Restaurant is not included in your all inclusive package. If you order from it, you will be charged. You will know because the rest of the menu does not contain $ symbols, except the second last page. Our vacation rep was kind enough to inform us of this during our welcoming briefing, so we were not alarmed when we saw it. They did have some interesting stuff on it, but nothing out of the ordinary to order for extra costs.

Bars: There are four bars at Victoria. (i) Beach Bar: This bar is located at the beach and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. everyday except when it rains.

We had few drinks from this bar. There is no place to stand and drink. You just order your drink and take it down to the beach area or sit at the Beach Club (a la carte restaurant).

(ii) Lotus Bar: This bar is located on the second floor adjacent to the Jardin Victoria Restaurant. Elegantly set up and is open from 6:30 p.m. to midnight. We also had few drinks at this bar. There is a recreation room where people played billiards.

(iii) Pool Bar: This bar is located by the El Lago Restaurant and the main pool. This bar is open from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. It serves guests at the main pool, the guests dining at the El Lago Restaurant as well as the Pizzeria Mozzarella. Very busy bar and the most fun. You get to sit around the bar and meet other guests. We were lucky to meet few guests and also get to know two bartenders, who were very nice to us. They were very interesting people. We were sorry to leave and I think they were sad that we were leaving as well. We would go to this bar every evening before and after our dinner and sit and talk to the bartenders. We had a great time. Although at times we did not understand each other, however, we really enjoyed each other’s company. Even one of the bartenders gave us a gift of two CD’s that contained merangue and salsa music, which we are listening to in our car. He also had his mother make us Dominican fudge (I forgot the name in Spanish), which we really enjoyed. They are the most sweet and caring people we have ever met.

(iv) Bar Cascada: This is located by the Cascade Pool (Quiet Pool) which is exclusively adult use only. This bar is opened from 10:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. We spent our days by this pool area and we loved the bartender we met. She was really sweet and nice and always paid attention to what we drank. Near the end, she even blended a cocktail that was her creation and presented to us.

The Beach: The beach is located few seconds away by a beach shuttle. If you walked, it will take you five minutes or so. We did walk few times to the beach. When we compared the beach with the beach at Punta Cana, we think we like the beach at Punta Cana better, so we opted to stay at the Quiet Pool the whole week. The beach was quite busy with people coming and going. There were vendors walking and soliciting you, however, simple “we are not interested” or “no” stopped them from coming over to sell. Many guests enjoyed the beach, however, we just wanted to relax and lay somewhere quiet, so we opted for the Quiet Pool.

Entertainment: Because the resort was only just opened, they had two staff members that took care of guests’ entertainment needs. They had salsa dancing lessons in the evenings by the pool, karaoke in the Lotus Bar one evening, Disco dancing in the Lotus Bar another evening. So, if you wanted to join, they were ready to get you involved. Very pleasant young men who tried their best to involve guests.

Gifts: We took some items from Canada for the staff, and they loved them. We had them circulated around so whoever wanted something, they were welcome to take them. We took samples of perfume, lipsticks, hair clips, key chains, toiletries, children’s stuff.

If you have some room in your luggage, please do take some things for your chambermaids, bell boys, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, etc. They appreciate anything you can give. We were happy to provide them with little something from Canada. We did also tip them but also left little something from Canada which they really appreciated.

Departure from the Resort: Our bus was coming at 9:15 a.m. to pick us up for the airport, so we checked out at around 8:30 a.m. The check out was a breeze. The normal check out at Victoria is at 1:00 p.m. Smooth ride to the airport and check in at the airport went without a glitch. Custom/immigration was also fine, and our flight was only delayed by 10 minutes or so.

Please remember you have to pay your departure tax at the gate area. There is a desk at the gate area that says Departure Tax. They will stamp your boarding pass once you pay the departure tax and when you are boarding the plane, they will check to see if you paid.

Please do take bottled water from your resort with you to the airport. If you can grab something to eat before you leave, is also recommended. If you can take some munchies with you will also help. They have everything inside the airport, but very expensive. My husband wanted a bottle of coke, and they charged us US$3.00.

Overall: We both had an excellent time!!! We are hoping that we can go back to the same resort come this fall, when we have our 5th wedding anniversary. This time we are aiming for two weeks. The staff was friendly and very efficient. They were also very helpful and made us feel like we were home. We felt we were their guests in their homes and not just guests at a resort.

We loved the fact that Victoria Resort was a smaller resort that catered to individuals. We also found the resort to be quiet and low keyed, which is what we wanted.

I think this resort is more for adults who want to relax during their holidays.

If you love the beach and want to be by the beach, this is not the resort, as you need to walk or take the shuttle bus.

We will definitely go back to Victoria. Thank you for a wonderful vacation, Victoria! For those of you who want to inquire about this resort, please contact me at, and please indicate on the re line Victoria. P.S. They also have gym facility which was being worked on while we were there. However who needs the gym when you are there on a vacation!!!
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Hayley, Collette, Becki, Tanya  
April 2005
We returned to Victoria Resort for the seventh time, since our first visit in 2003. We spent the week leading up to Easter and Easter weekend @ the Victoria. Myself and three girlfriends travelled from England and had a brilliant week in the sun!

As always the hotel was clean, and all our needs were met! It's nice to be welcomed again by the staff, and to be treated like VIP's (repeat guests receive a differant wrist band which entilties them to access the Gran Ventana Hotel, and use there all inclusive services, you automatically recieve a room upgrade and bottle of rum, and fresh fruit platter in your room on arrival and are allocated a room closest to reception and are able to keep the room as long as need be on the day you check out.

The staff all work very hard, and will go out of there way to ensure that all their guests needs are met. From the receptionist, bar/ waiting staff, bell boys to mainatinance staff all will great you with a smile and 'Hola!'. A special mention has to go to the animation team; Annibal, Julian, Angel, Lois, Alex & (Geovanny who unfortunatly left Victoria on 28th March) these boys work really hard and especially long hours, the lads will provide activitys; aqua areobics, darts, spanish lessons, merengue/ batchata/ salsa lessons, water ballon fights, pinapple rolling and if your lucky... ring tossing! Evening entertainment is pretty basic, traditional dominican dancers, fire eating man, magicion, karoke, disco, dance lesson's and audience participation shows! (be prepared to embarress yourself).

The hotel itself is right within the Playa Dorada complex, within the complex there are many discos (Hemmingways, Crazy Moon, Ahzema, Roadways, Mangu) and also three or four casionos within differant hotels. There is a shopping plaza within the complex and a small market on the beach. REMEMBER ... the complex is only for tourists and therefore the prices are expenxive and it is commercialized, it you are travelling all the way to the Dominican Republic then leave the resort and see the real Dominican Republic. Instead of paying for a taxi, which will drop you in a tourist area, walk to the gates of the resort and get the local bus into Puerto Plata or Downtown, it is safe and as long as you take the same precuations as you would in any other city then you'l be fine.

The Victoria is a family run buisness and that is exactly how it is portrayed, if you want big, bold, busy then dont choose this hotel, but if you want a smaller hotel with a family feel and a friendly enviroment then this is the hotel for you.

We have all made some great friends through this hotel and have some brilliant memories! Thanks to everyone who we have met out there who have helped make our visits as good as they have been.

Hayley x Collette x Becki x Tanya x

N:B Victoria Resort will be closing for refurbishment May 05 - Nov 05
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Lance & Jacqueline  
March 2005
Our holiday was booked with First Choice, no complaints about them or the rep, always on hand and knowledgeable about the hotel and resort. Flight was good, long but bearable, arrival at Pueto Plata airport was ‘interesting’ but even so it only took an hour to be off the plane and on the coach to the resort, transfer time only 15 minutes!

We arrived at the resort and were handled very efficiently and were on the baggage cart on the way to our room within 10 minutes of arrival, the room, 1426, was fabulous in the block past the cascade pool right at the end backing on to the golf course, the suite (we were upgraded because this was our honeymoon) was large, clean and extremely pleasant, we were also given a lovely basket of prepared fruit and a small bottle of rum. I must admit I had had reservations after reading some of the more negative reviews saying the whole place was shabby and in need of repairs. We didn’t think this at all, yes it’s obvious that this isn’t a pristine brand new hotel but hey it was clean and the staff can’t do enough for you. We had a couple of minor problems with the TV (not that it really went on, honeymoon and all that!) but they were sorted almost immediately. The Victoria is a small, friendly resort, if you’re looking for lots of entertainment, big pools, 5 star dining or any big or loud this isn’t the place for you. We were looking for somewhere where there wouldn’t be many children as ours are all grown up now. It’s quiet, perfect. The meals were all good, some not as good as others but we really didn’t go hungry and the breakfasts were to die for, we regularly had 2 or 3 full breakfasts!!! Only did a la carte once as it was a bit stiff for us, beach bar – fabulous, pizza – brilliant. All the waiting staff are fabulous, very attentive and good at what they do, the bar staff are great too but watch out for the 151 being slipped into drinks when you don’t expect it, it can make you very ill very quick.

Off resort is another matter, I found the majority of the countryside dirty and not looked after, if one more person had smiled and chatted to me then said can I have a dollar I would have screamed. The DR is beautiful but the people are destroying it, or so it seems. That said we did do a few tours out, Monster Truck is highly recommended, we had a great day and would tell anyone to go. We went to Punta Rusia, well the journey by coach took 2 ½ hours, an hour ½ of that on unmade road, so if you have any back problems maybe give this a miss. When we did get to the coast it was a ride in a speedboat, this did makeup, somewhat, for the torture in the coach. The ‘Paradise Island’ was really beautiful and the snorkelling great, lots of fish and coral but there were 10 or so other boats also packed with people and this is the tiniest sand bank so it was a bit like fried sardines. Good ride around the mangroves in the speedboat and a really fab meal on the beach. But 2 ½ hours to get back ‘home’. Other stuff we did, go for a ride in the Helicopter it is out of this world, don’t go fishing unless you like 8 foot swells and constant loud merenge, Try funny bike but if you’re the pillion passenger, hold on tight. Don’t drive, we saw the most horrendous road traffic accident while we were there, and to be honest I’m quite surprised we only saw 1! Be prepared to have everyone off resort to have their hand out, dollar, pesos, sweets, they don’t seem to want to know you unless you can hand out. On the beach, say hi to the ‘Monkey Man’ we know he’s got the monkey’s, he told us 10 times a day. You will be approached to buy all sortS, buy what you want and a polite but firm No to anyone else.

If you want a fantastic, relaxing holiday where you ‘do’ the beach, the pool, eat and drink well then this is the place for you, we loved the resort.

We want to say hi to Marianne and Nichole, you were great girls so sorry we didn’t take contacts for you both, if you read this and want to reminisce at any time,
Victoria Resort - Playa Dorada
Manuela1 and Manuela2 
March 2005
We are Manuela1 and Manuela2 from Vienna. I hope you can understand what i write because my english is not so good but i tried every time.

now i am back in Vienna from 2 best weeks in Viktoria Resort again. We stayed in Viktoria Res. now for the 4 time during 1 1/2 Years. So, you know. We love this hotel very much.

From the beginning at the reception, the guys are very friendly, helpfully by the check in - so fast, and always with a smile. If you need something about the electric suddenly comes Ramon and helps you.

If you going to breakfast or lunch also the dinner, it´s for us every time a celebration. The Waitress MIRIAM VENTURA (very nice Lady,always friendly), and AMBERLY (always friendly a nice Man - this two person i hope we can see again when we go back in April). And there is on young Lady (Waitress) she said all the time "Hola Chica", I´m sorry i don´t know her name, but she is so lovely and friendly like Miriam.

They speak from the side the pool. Hola, manuela1 y Manuela2 ,buenos dias . they speak with you spanish or english. They gave us every morning 2 kisses. What could i say. It´s the best you can start in the morning.

The Food in Restaurant is very good and every Day you have a lot of menus there. Maybe Buffet or you it A ´la Cart in El Lago too. At the Pizza-Restaurant it´s the same. It tastes very good. Also the Jardin. Wonderful.

At the Main-Pool-Bar the waiter all Guys there are really great. You stand there and not a minute later you had something to drink. There is just one what we missed at the Bar. Last september 2004 was working there Domingo. Maybe it´s possible if the Hotel open in December he can come back. The same also at the Mozarella Restaurant, there was working Raul. We missed him also. The entertainment boys Luis, Julian, Alex, Geovany, Anibal and Angel they make a good activity ( nully, nully) at the pool and at the beach. They work a long time every day but you see just a smile in there faces. Here is naturally the same that we hope all boys could work in Viktoria again.

In this Holiday, Luis teach me Tennis. He is a good Teacher. At first you make 2,3 Tennislesson and than you can play a competion. I don´t like sport but during him i will now play in Vienna too. Maybe it´s possible he can work at the Tennis-Court. He like it very much and i said before he is a good, sporty teacher. And i saw a lot of People come to him and asked about Tennis.

If you want to trie for snorkels you must go to Jose. He explained good and helps you. And than you can make an exkursion with him to sosua for snorkeling. You must do it.

We make a lot of Exkursion. It´s possible to book in the hotel it´s a little bit expensiver but you have the "Opportunity " to book in the plaza. We were on Columbus Discovery, Jarabacoa, Cayo Paraiso, River Raften, Ocean World, Puerto Plata at night and the best you can book from January until March, don´t miss it, you must go out for whale-watching.

And if you go out now they open two now Clubs "Roadway" and "Mangoo". At all you had 4 Clubs "Hemingway","Crazy Moon", where you can dance to every kind of music. We like more the merengue and bachata, but the "normaly" music the play all the time. Don´t miss it.

I must say at all its really a great stuff ( from the reception until the security), you seen good shows, maybe to less comedy and drama or dancing with the Entertainment because the last 3 times was that more.

The Hotel closed at beginning of May and opening in December, so i hope they don´t change a lot of people there, because they make for everybody really a great holiday. I came back latest in April for my Birthday.Yeah alright.

Enjoy your holiday there it´s like a family-holiday.

Beso Grande por la los chicos y chicas manuela 1