Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Paradisus Palma Real
Paradisus Palma Real
London, ON
December 2008
Arrival: Dec. 19 - 26, 2008
We upgraded to Star Class on Skyservice. On both flights we had to endure crying children seated all around us. Children should not be allowed in upgraded areas of airplanes. Took a taxi to resort - was only $30US - we were at resort in 15 minutes.

We were delighted to find that our rooms were available at noon! Smooth check-in. Alberto at the concierge desk introduced himself to us, and was a great help all week with anything we needed. Beautiful rooms, jacuzzi tubs for 2. Flat screen tv's, stereo if you bring cd's.

Restaurants and Bars:
The main buffet where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served is by the beach and outdoors. Since our entire week was windy and rainy, it sometimes was not a pleasure dining there. In very hot weather, I am sure there are quite a few people that would expect indoor, air-conditioned buffet dining. Service in all bars and restaurants is excellent. There is a good staff-to-guest ratio. Bianca at the pool bar was exceptionally friendly. We wish her well with her baby Ashley due to be born over Christmas! Even though the resort is relatively new, the lobby bar is not holding up well. The cloth furniture and carpet is already dirty and worn. Hopefully it will all be re-done soon. Quality of food excellent throughout the resort. A great rib-eye steak in the market grill. Drinks were international brands of alcohol. This is the ONLY resort we have ever been to where the included wine was drinkable! There was a selection of international wines and champagne.

This is not one of the "mega" resorts. It was nice that everything was so centralized, and close to the beach. You didn't have to take a trolley anywhere. Beach - everyone already knows what Bavaro beach is like!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The entertainment at this resort seemed random and unorganized. There was a lot of advertising and hype to go to "Gabi Beach", on the resort. I think because of the high winds, the plans kept having to be changed. We would show up to find no one there. It was hard to keep up with what was happening where. The printed schedule of events just didn't seem to be accurate. There was rarely anything happening in the lobby bar - a jazz band everynight there would have been great. The one night we went to the "show" in the big theatre, the performance only lasted 20 minutes! The casino was very nice - and generous! We came home with extra money!

Other Comments:
This is the first Dominican resort that I have stayed at that worked at making you feel like you weren't in the Caribbean. There was soft, lounge/chill music playing everywhere you went in the resort. No tropical decor - white flowing curtains, candles everywhere at night - very elegant. This resort is a great deal for golfers. Golf is included, and the Cocotal golf course is right across the street.
We have been to Punta Cana 20 times now, and this resort is tied with the Bahia Principe Ambar for the best that we have stayed at. We would definitely go back.
Paradisus Palma Real
Akron, N.Y.
December 2008
Arrival: November 2008 We had a nice flight thru Atlanta, no holdups at the Airport and the Go-Go tour reps hads us on a shuttle to the Hotel in a comfortable amount of time. Its a short 2o minute shuttle ride and the roads get better every time we return to the D.R. (this is our 4th time to punta cana )

We had reserved an oceanview junior suite with a king bed and the room was just as advertised. Very clean, nonsmoking, no musty smell as many people complain about. A very comfortable bed, plenty of pillows, great fluffy towels, wash cloths. Our room was serviced by the maid twice a day, a full cleaning between 9am and 3pm and clean towel and turndown service at ~9pm. the room was always kept very clean and the only room problem we had was internet service which was fixed within 1hr of my call

Restaurants and Bars:
Great quality food at all restaurants, good fast service at all bars and restaurants,top shelf booze at all bars, no watered down liquor was found and our party was drinking many different types of liquor

well maintained gardens, the pool was spotless, the beach was raked of seeweed everyday. No problem with beachtowels or palapas space

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We used the golf course for one round ,it was nice but not as good as most courses I play at home

Other Comments:
Check in was easy,making dinner res. was simple, the over all employee additude was super, everyone that we delt with during our 7 day stay were plesant and helpfull,english to spanish did not pose a problem. We took in a couple of shows which were entertaining but i do wish the piano bar at the main bar was open longer after dinner
Paradisus Palma Real

March 2008
The Resort I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had read some good and bad reviews online. However, I selected the resort very carefully based on a combination of hotel amenities, online reviews, pictures, and the price. Based on the reviews alone, I would have expected a beautiful resort (I could not find a single review that said the resort was worn-down, not what they expected, ugly, etc). All bad reviews were a reflection of poor service or food. My husband and I reviewed hundreds of different resort and finally came down to two: Paradisus Palma Real or Dreams. To be honest, when we got to the resort, I had very low expectation for the service and food because of the bad reviews I read. However, when I got there, I was very pleased with both. I was so happy when we first arrived and you look through the open lobby into the ocean. It’s an overwhelming and breathtaking first impression. I’ve been to a lot of nice resorts, including Four Seasons in exotic places like Nevis, Raffles in the Grenedines and they didn’t even compare.

I don’t know who wrote the bad reviews. However, I’m under the impression that the resort changed their food distributor and staff or the person writing the reviews was the type of person where nothing is good enough and they are exceptionally high maintenance. Although, one of the biggest lessons I learned by reading the reviews was that the butler service was not worth it. We didn’t get the butler service, so this may have been another reason why I wouldn’t knock the service.

When we first got into the resort, we noticed that we had a light that was broken and was hanging by wires from the ceiling. We called down to the front desk to tell them (so we wouldn’t get charged for the light). Within minutes, someone was up in our room and had fixed it. When we arrived in our room, we had chocolates and champagne waiting for us. My suggestion would be to come prepared to the resort – bring all of your documentation on the rates/room and any contracts you may have signed. Doing so will avoid any confusion.

The all-inclusive option is a must. Our friends and family definitely drank their money’s worth. To be honest, the resort may have lost money on my friends. They drank all day by the pool.

The Wedding

I keep telling people HAVE A DESTINATION WEDDING! Not only are you not spending your life savings by inviting your parents friends you hardly know and people you’re not really that close to, but it’s the only way for your friends and family to actually get to know one another as they hang out by the pool for 3 days drinking together.

A total of 40 people attended the wedding and had stayed at the Paradisus our guests stayed for a total of 3 - 7 days. I can honestly say that going to the Paradisus was the deal of the century and we will never have a better vacation. The comment I heard most frequently from my guests was that “this was the way to have a wedding”. Not a single person had a bad time drinking all day by the swim-up bar, lounging on the bali beds, or gambling at the casino.

The wedding we had was PERFECT! We were very fortunate to have great weather. Kelly Hunt, the wedding planner, and her team did an excellent job. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t have fun. In fact, my friends (who had traditional weddings) told me that they’re trying to convince one of my other friends to have a destination wedding.

We chose the Chill Out Chic package and I would HIGHLY recommend this package over any other. Something about not having to sit at tables forced everyone to get up and have a good time. People might not find this ideal because of older guests. However, my 82 year old grandma was dancing and having a great time. Also, we upgraded our food options to the BBQ and upgraded the bar to a full-international bar. I would highly recommend these upgrades for any package.

The only thing that I might have changed was the DJ. We actually created a list that covered about 7 hours worth of music (because we anticipated that he probably wouldn’t know our music choices nor speak English very well). Any time he would go off of our list, he would select a really awful song. However, once I told my guests to continuously go up and request music off of our list, he would play the music from the list. However, if someone is planning a wedding there, I would be very specific about the songs you want played and that you ONLY want the music played off of that list and nothing should be repeated. To be honest, this was a minor issue/annoyance and in the whole scheme of things it didn’t really matter because any music that was repeated were songs that everyone liked and the DJ was willing to play any songs requested. Everyone had a great time! I think the Casino really made the night.
Paradisus Palma Real

January 2008
My wife just got back from Punta Cana October 16th...... WOW!!!!

Paradisius Palm Real is the most beautiful place I had ever been.

I've been around the world but this place was pure luxury. From the moment we stepped off the shuttle to the resort our breath was taken from the view threw the resort to the ocean. AWESOME! Everywhere we walked was marble floors. Whoever said that Royal Service wasn't the thing to have was wrong. They changed their policy a little bit, now if you have royal service they give you a cell phone to call your butler with. He picks up everytime. Just don't leave your cell phone in your swimming suit, because if you do and it breaks you have to pay 200 dollars. hahah yea I messed up and did that, but they gave me another phone. With Royal Service their is a private pool area and beach. And it is worth it especially if privacy is what you look for. We met alot of great people. The staff is awesome they go out of their way and are so funny. The food is really good, the only thing we didn't like was the sushi because it was prerolled and kinda bland. But the rest was top of the line. We had a ocean front room and ohh my it was the best. Room service is free at all hours with Royal Service and if your RS you can bring your food out to the beach. The drinks are so strong and the mamawanna is a perfect drink if you on your honeymoon. Dance clubs their are crunk.

Sunday night is the best dance night we thought. Great shows through the week and fun activities. The shopping is a hassle at times because they all want your attention and try to charge alot. They will offer 300 dollars for an item and you can chew them down to 75 dollars. You just have to be persistent. The best place, resort, everything we have ever experienced. We will deff. go back........... Hope this helps. Go its the best. All the other guest at different resorts told us we was at the best place too. And it is!!!!
Paradisus Palma Real

January 2008
We just returned from a week's stay at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana. Our party included myself, my husband and my friend and her husband. We were excited to be celebrating our 60th birthdays and looking forward to our first visit to the DR. Although we found the resort to be beautiful and the staff friendly, there were a few very important details that were definitely a problem. First of all, the dinner reservation system. We were told that we needed to call between 9AM and 2PM each day to make a reservation for that evening. It was impossible to get through as all the extensions were busy. When finally someone answered we were told the only available times were 6PM or 9:45PM and only at certain restaurants. Apparently, since there is a Royal Service and a Sol Melia Vacation Club, these people are given priority for dinner accomodations. Even though we paid a premium to stay at an upscale resort, we were made to feel like 2nd class. Also, the resort had been overbooked (it was Christmas week) and we were never able to get a chaise for the beach or pool until late afternoon. We learned that other guests were tipping the employees to reserve space at the beach and poolside from early in the AM, and because of the overbooking they even ran out of towels each day. There were many days that we saw towels sitting on lounges all day and nobody went near them. It was pretty aggravating to say the least. We spoke to the manager who referred us to the asst. guest relations manager. He tried to help us with the dinner reservations and even he had diffiuclty. He told us that the system was being upgraded and should be back in order soon but nothing changed as the week progressed. The resort did give us gift certificates for each of us to take advantage of the spa services as an apology. If this resort wants to advertise itself as a luxury location, they really need to fine tune their system. We spent an awful lot of time just trying to make dinner arrangements and find a place to relax by the water. That's really not what a vacation is supposed to be about. Also, they push you into attending a presentation for the Sol Melia Vacation Club, even if you tell them you aren't interested. Another waste of our time. We wouldn't recommend the Paradisus Palma Real - there are many other upscale destinations where you get what you pay for. It's too bad, because it's a gorgeous location.
Paradisus Palma Real
November 2007
Arrival - Deplaning is done on the ramp, so dress for warm weather. You waste time in the terminal because they try to make all the passengers get an arrival picture that they'll sell to you when you leave. They do their best to funnel you into a choke-point to force as many as possible into getting the picture taken. A total waste of time.

Rooms - The rooms here are really nice. Very large and well kept.

Restaurants - Don't expect much from any of the restaurants. Every guest we spoke with said the food was mediocre at best. We found the food at the buffet to be as good or better than any of the fancy places. The impression that I got was that the resort feels that making the guests dress up for dinner makes the restaurant classy and not the food and service. Even the service at the breakfast and lunch buffets was bad. All they had to do there was fill coffee cups and fill water glasses. Out of the seven mornings that we had breakfast, we had to get our own coffee and drinks four times. The servers seemed disinterested in helping the guests.

Bars - Service at all the bars is slow. Usually there is only one bartender on duty, so be prepared to wait. We found that the best place to get a drink is at the lobby bar. Mainly because there weren't a lot of people there.

Beach and Pools - The pool and the beach are great. Lots of little huts to find shade in and no shortage of lounge chairs. The beach is very large so there is plenty of space to spread out.

Grounds - The resort itself is beautiful. One of the prettiest that I've ever been to. Activities - Typical for most resorts.

Tours - Typical.

Conclusion - This resort is all eye-candy. The grounds, rooms, pool and beach are all beautiful. When you get your pictures home to show your friends, they'll be impressed. The service is just poor. Food is bland. Staff unresponsive. My wife and I travel all over and try to stay at only four and five star resorts. The Paradisus absolutely does not live up to it's star rating. If you're into fluff, this is your place. If your into service, go somewhere else.
Paradisus Palma Real
September 2007
I've just returned from a vacation with 3 other single, middle-aged women. We love to do two things -- drink and play golf. We got to know all of the bartenders very well, and they were exceptional at remembering us and remembering what drinks we liked. Big kudos to Neftali, Damian, and Nelson. We loved the golf course (Cocotal Golf & Country Club) and were treated very well there.

If I could give one word of advice to non-Spanish-speaking tourists going to Paradisus Palma Real, it would be to learn one or two words or phrases of Spanish. Most of the wait staff (maids excluded) know enough English that they could determine what we wanted. But nothing brought a bigger smile and better service than hearing "Como sta?" from we Americans. If I had to do it over again, I would have learned some basic rudimentary Spanish before going.

All in all we had a wonderful experience. My one and only "nit" is that there is so much seaweed in the water in front of the resort. It made swimming unpleasant and snorkeling an impossibility. But we were there for 9 days and I only had one "nit" -- what could be better than that?
Paradisus Palma Real

September 2007
We were just married on August 25th 2007 at the Paradisus Palma Real and all I can say is WOW!!!!!

We had 36 guests come with us and we all had a fantastic time.

This is gonna be a little long because I want to cover all the bases.

My husband and I had no problem. Someone brings you to your room, shows you how to work everything. Didn't take more than 15min.
Most Guests had the same experience.
Some guests were assigned a room with one bed when they needed 2, or vice versa, but were assigned another room as soon as the problem was pointed out.

The rooms were romantic and beautiful!! The bathroom was open which some may be uncomfortable with. But there were sliding glass doors that led to a balcony with a beautiful view. And there were DVD players and Flat screen tvs in all the rooms.

Resort layout:
Everything was within walking distance, which I loved, no need to hop on a trolly. There were always activities, such as firedancers on the beach at night, or wine and cheese tastings during the day. There were beautiful statues everywhere. Beautiful ambiance at night with candles and inscense everywhere.

All the staff was very helpful and friendly. Many of the staff were fluent in english. And if not, they were quick to find someone who could help. We chose royal service which we didn't really utilize because we were with so many other people. I would only recommend this if you are traveling with 2 people. Otherwise, it's not really needed.

Great! I even liked all the buffets!!! The one perk to royal service is you can eat at the Gabi beach restaurant which had the best food/presentation I have ever seen. We ate at all the restaurants and were not disappointed with any. They had a martini bar in one restaurant and a bellini bar in another. I've never had a bellini before this and I loved them!!

The beach had lots of seaweed the first few days, but that was because a hurricane passed by just before we arrived. They clean the beach every morning. The water is warm and clear and there were always plenty of chairs and beds to sit on.
The pool was the biggest I've ever seen. The pool bar was great, there were small jaccuzi's dispersed in the pool, and lots of lounge chairs inside the pool too. LOVED IT!!

And, last but not least.....

I wouldn't have changed a thing. The wedding coordinator, Kelly Hunt, was amazing. All throughout the planning, she was always quick to respond with e-mails. And when we arrived she greeted us and sent champagne to to room for us. We met with her the next day to go over where we wanted the ceremony and reception and what we needed to do. We used the resort photographer. He took great pictures. The reception was buffet style and all the food was deliscious. We used the DJ. He did a wonderful job! Everything was so fun and no stress!!! Even after the reception was over, some of us stayed behind at one of the tables to continue the celebration. They brought us cigars and bottles of wine!! Never once asked us to leave, just let us enjoy ourselves for a few more hours.

All in all, I would recommend this resort to anyone, for a vacation or a wedding. There were people of all ages there! And all my guests and ourselves had the best time of our lives!!!
Paradisus Palma Real
August 2007
We decided on the Paradius Palma Real for our honeymoon due to the high star marks and beautiful pictures. We also assumed that for the amount of money we spent it would match the star rating. It did not at all!

First, this was our honeymoon. They put us in a room with two double beds. It would have been okay if they were queens, but not doubles. And then the bed frame was broke on one of them. The safe did not work so we spent 1 1/2hrs. waiting for someone to come to the room to fix it. They never showed up so off to the buffet we went. Coming back after dinner we stopped by the front desk and expressed to them our disappointment with the room and also that noone had come to fix the safe or bed.

Since we had a long day of travel, we decided that each of us would take a bed and deal with one of them being broken. When getting back to the room, the frame on the bed was gone with the bed leaned up against the wall and no note telling us of what was going on. Now this was 10pm at night. About an hour later they came with a new bed frame and someone to fix the safe. Fine….we'll deal with this room, we thought.

Upon getting up in the morning we went back down to the front desk and asked if there was another room available. They stated that they could move us to an oceanview room, like we paid for, but we'd have to pay $200 more per night because it was part of Royal Service. That's $1400! So we said no and then magically they had another room with a King size bed, only a garden view. We said fine, we'll take it. So we decided to move our luggage ourselves because we were tired of waiting for service. Upon getting to the new room we did have a King size bed but after a few seconds we realized that we did not have ONE single towel in the room, no slippers and the A/C wasn't working. It was a warm 77 degrees in the room. The refrigerator was also empty. So they have this card that you can put on the door to tell them what is wrong with the room and we decided to put that on there that night and hopefully the next day things would be resolved. By the way, we walked to the old room and grabbed all the towels and things out of the refrigerator and took them to the new room.

The next day came and we were greated at every other corner to "take the tour of the Vacation Club". This was completely annoying and will make me NEVER go back to this resort again. We must have been their ideal demographic because they did not leave us alone for three days until we finally took the tour. It lasted two hours and at the end I told the salesperson that I would never stay at one of their resorts again. They give you $100, but the gift shop is marked up to reflect that…..$50 for a T-shirt!

After a frustrating day of that, we get back to the room and nothing had been addressed so we threw the card away and 'dealt' with it. Thank God for the ceiling fan or we would have died.

I'm trying hard to say anthing positive about this resort. It is difficult. The sand on the beach was nice, but there was seaweed everywhere in the water making it very difficult to find a spot that you weren't standing or swimming in seaweed. Needless to say….GROSS. The beach chairs definetly could have been more comfortable. People have said that it's nice that they don't give a towel card. Well in my opinion, all that does is allow people to not care about where they leave their towels and therefore virtually every chair by the pool is taken and most on the beach by 10am. Forget about getting one of the huts by the pool. I think those people got up at 5am to put their towels on them and I hardly ever saw anyone sitting in them. Frustrating.

The resort is beautiful and new but they do not know what service means. And if you don't speak Spanish the person that does will get served before you.

Both of us got food poisioning. Me on the second day and my husband towards the end. We're just getting over it now and we've been back for almost three weeks. We didn't get to try any of the reservation restaurants due to that.

The airport is primative at best. I know we were going to remote location, but 3 1/2 hrs. to check in when departing? That's ridiculous.

So if anyone is reading this review, I would not recommend this resort or Punta Cana to anyone. I've been many other places that we spent 1/2 the money and got more than double the good experience back. I'm still trying to get the $500 we spent on the 'upgrade' for oceanview room.

And this was our honeymoon which was supposed to give us a welcome basket, t-shirts and an upgraded room. NOT!!
Paradisus Palma Real
Teresa & Steve 

July 2007
Our trip to Paradisus Palma Real didn't turn out as wonderful as I had hoped. We both got food poisoning. Steve got it on Day 2 and was sick the rest of our stay. (5 nights, actually 6 because I got sick the day before we were to come home and was too sick to fly, so we had to extend our stay one night. Quite an expensive night when all we could enjoy was the toilet and sleeping!!!)

The resort itself was awesome!!! We think because it was very low occupancy that maybe they reused some of the food or left it out on buffets too long. Not sure. Many guests got sick that week. I was shocked because I remembered you saying tht no one had gotten sick as far as you knew. Later on the beach we heard that people from other resorts were sick also. It made me wonder if there was a delivery of something along that strand that was contaminated or something along those lines.

The low occupancy caused other problems as well. We were Royal Service, which had its benefits of the palapas and private beach area etc. However, the butler service was very disappointing. Our first day we had a great butler. Then he told us that due to low occup. he had been given the next 4 days off. Well, that was for the rest of our stay!! So on Day 2 we had a new butler. He told us the same thing. So on Day 3 we had another butler. Needless to say, we didn't get to know the butler, and we definitely didn't get the individual attention we thought we would. Most of the day we couldn't even locate the butler. That was so disappointing.

I had heard that you had people waiting on you constantly asking if you needed drinks on the beach and by the pool or wherever. Not so this trip!!! I had to search someone out or go get it myself. The guy that was on duty definitely gave preference to Hispanic speaking guests. I was shocked at how obvious it was. I would have complained, but the the sickness hit us and we didn't have time to think of much else.

The front desk staff in the Royal Service lounge was excellent. We had several issues with our own travel agent during the trip, and the staff at the hotel was more than accomodating to us. They also were so during our sickness.

The quality of the drinks and food was wonderful, what we got to partake of. I was very pleased with the mixed drinks etc. My husband had a little trouble getting Coronas. They had to get them from somewhere else and bring them to him later. Didn't understand that.

Would I go back? I would, but my husband said he would be paranoid of getting sick again. I would have to agree with that.

Hope this has been helpful.
Paradisus Palma Real

July 2007
Being a travel agent and traveling extensively throughout the Caribbean, I felt that a review was necessary for the Palma Real in Punta Cana. This hotel could be a 6 star if they tweaked service, wait staff, maid service or mini bar service.

The mattresses are the most comfortable we've ever stayed in, making us not itch to go home. The food in the restaurants is some of the best from the lobster thermador to filet mignon and tasty desserts. The waiters could learn to be more attentive, and they don't all understand English, forgetting to bring drinks or utensils to your table.

The Spa services are too expensive. Tip : go out to the beach left 100 feet to the 8th bungalow for the best massages, $25.00 per person for one hour. The beach has sea grass floating in it, but the ocean floor is nice sand and some aqua blue water. The sea grass is minor. My husband used to be a straight buffet man, but these meals truly turned him around. The air conditioned restaurants made a nice touch each evening. There are not much going on for activities and the resort seems to want families. But this is not a family resort and the children do spoil the elegant ambiance that they could have...feel free to email me for any more questions you might
Paradisus Palma Real

July 2007
My husband and I just came back form Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana. June 23-30th, 2007. It was a slice of heaven. The resort is very elegant and upscale. When we first arrived, our room was not ready (luckily, we packed our swimsuits in our carry on). The staff showed us where to change and provided us with towels for the pool/beach.We ate lunch at the Market Grill, an outdoor resturarant then headed to the pool for some R&R.We had no problem finding chairs under the Palapas. As soon as we settled in a waitress took our drinks orders and checked back with us often. The pool area was very beautiful as well as the grounds. The resort was immaculate. We had such a nice time by the pool we almost forgot to go back to see if our room was ready. The room was beautiful. Our housekeeper took wonderful care of us. We did tip her five dollars daily. She brought us fresh flowers and made silly towel animals and hearts on our bed. We opted not to get the Royal Service and I'm glad. I didn't see much difference without it. The staff was very friendly, very helpful and some spoke English very well. I speak Spanish but my husband does not and when we were not together he managed very well by himself. We had no trouble making reservations for the restaurants for dinner. One night I thought my husband had made the reservation and he thought I did. When we got there our name was not on the list and they still took us in and seated us for dinner anyway. We both enjoyed the food and the restaurants. The food selection was very diversified. The buffet offered many food choices from pizza and pasta to sandwiches, meat, fish, veggies, potatoes and salad. The Bana (tempanyaki) was our favorite. We had dinner there twice. The only complaint that I have is there wasn't a lot of nightly entertainment. It would have been nice to see some more shows or perhaps offer Karaoke or dancing ballroom style (for us older folks). Other than that We hated to come home. This is probably on of those resorts that people are either gonna love it or hate it. We absolutely loved it and wouldn't hesitate to go again.
Paradisus Palma Real
Julie and Rich 

March 2007
We were at the Paradisus Palma Real from 18 - 23 Feb. And this place was spectacular! My husband and I went without our 4 children, and were looking for some serious relaxation and pampering--and PPR didn't disappoint!

The view in the lobby entrance is stunning, and really puts you in a great mood from the start.

Check in went extremely smooth, and quick! The front desk staff was very courteous and helpful. We did not book RS, but we were given a complimentary room upgrade upon check in, (not an RS upgrade, but upgraded from normal suite to separate bedroom king suite) even at full capacity. The bell boy brought our luggage to our room at the same time we went, so there was no wait for luggage at all.

Our room was in the Turquoise villa, which is connected to the main lobby. The room was spacious, and very very clean--everything there was clean--and rooms and public areas always smelled pleasant.--We had a tv in our bedroom, and a plasma in the separate living area--bathroom had a double vanity. Air-conditioning system in room worked great!

The Resort is laid out very well, so no rooms are far from anything. Resort never felt crowded or full.
Even without RS, we never had a problem getting dinner reservations. There is a reservation number you call and certain times to call for sameday or next day reservations. We called at 6 pm each day for reservations for the next day, and always got reservations for sometime between 6 - 730 pm. One time we had 6pm reservations at Passions, and were worried because we couldn't call for the next days reservations, but they let us use their phone at the bar.
Our first nite there, we walked into Bana with out a reservation around 8pm and got seated right away--and they don't have the men in slacks/no sandals dress code at Bana either.

We enjoyed the food there--Passions was our favorite--we ate there 3 times, the steak and shrimp entree was excellent! The service was wonderful--one nite they brought my husband 3 entrees because he said he wanted alot of steak and alot of shrimp, so they brought him the steak entree, the shrimp entree, and the Fish and Farmer entree (steak and shrimp) now that is service!--then as a joke, because he ate so much, they brought him 2 desserts! The market grill was open 24 hours, and very convenient--the nachos and fajitas at the grill and the buffet were excellent.
OH, and all water is served from a chilled bottle of water they open in front of you.
I was sick before I went to Punta Cana, and still queasy the first day there, but I felt great the rest of the time, and I ate what ever I wanted-- and my husband had no problems either.--we didn't talk to anyone who had gotten sick from the food there!

Service all over the hotel was excellent, they are very friendly and try to please! No matter where you are, they come up and ask if they can bring you something to drink. They speak much better English than I expected--and have a great sense of humor! We tipped here and there, but never felt like we had too, and when we did they were very appreciative!

Top shelf liquor selections were great! And you don't pay extra for it--all are included (the ala carts had a separate wine list that wasn't included, but we never used it--my husband is very picky about his wine, and he found a nice Argentinean wine on the inclusive list) Also, each bar tender has their own signature drink, so many times I would just ask them to make me something great, and they always did!

Pool was awesome, and very clean! Oh, FYI, when you come up from the beach there is a shower/foot shower: the LEFT hand knob is the foot shower--if you use the right hand one you get spit on by the frog over head!
The beach area was huge--we never had a problem getting chairs at the beach or pool, and hotel was at full capacity.--For a Palapa on the beach, we would grab one on our way to breakfast around 730 or 800 am.
We walked up and down the beach both ways, for a good distance, and were very happy we chose the PPR, it was much nicer than the surrounding resorts. I did notice that a ways up the beach the seagrass wasnt as abundant--but it never bothered me anyway.

While we were there, it was winter break for the kids on the East coast, so I would say 80% of guests were North American, and the other 20% or less were European. We met some wonderful people there, and had a great time with them thru our stay!

Nite life--we actually had a great time, went out every nite--Gabi beach had a few awesome beach parties while we were there, dancin, fire breathers, etc--really fun, and right on the beach!
The disco was hoppin one nite, dead the others (everyone was at Gabi beach) Also, there is no smoking in the disco--so if you look in and think its too smokey to go in, its just a fog machine! They played mostly latin music, but they actually had some 80s and 90s music that they played at our request! We also enjoyed hanging out with friends at the lobby bar-the entire resort is filled with little spots to relax and hangout, and the decor is beautiful!

There is a shuttle that takes you to the Mall, right outside the resort, its still pretty empty, but has a Tony Romas, and a Hard Rock Cafe coming soon. There are also some other boutiques and a cigar shop.

We didn't do any of the excursions, we were just into relaxing in luxury, but some friends did the horseback riding included with your stay, and had a great time.

Overall, even though we had 2 days of rain, we had a great vacation! We are thinking about taking our kids with us next time--we will most certainly go back to the Paradisus Palma Real!
Paradisus Palma Real

February 2007
We just came home from a very expensive and horrible vacation. In our first room we were greeted by huge jumping bugs, the linen was stained and had holes in it. It took about 2 hours to get 2 pillows. Impossible to get a dinner reservation since the rules for making a reservation change every day. Impossible to get a hut on the beach if you don't reserve in person at 7:AM the day before, even at the family concierge level. The food at the buffet is not always hot and the omelet lines are very long. No such thing as kid friendly food. I don't consider plum ice cream kid friendly. No such thing as a family evening show. We were promised a manicure and a massage to make up for all our problems, but we never got them. The managers are busy writing down complaints all day, but nothing changes. One night at dinner a woman started to scream that she can't take it any more. Even though she was yelling, it was hard to hear her since they started a private disco party right outside the Gabi beach restaurant. Large conventions took over the hotel and inconvenienced everyone else. NOT A PLACE FOR KIDS!
Paradisus Palma Real
Ted and Cyndi 
January 2007
Flew Air Transat from Montreal. Good flight. Left half and hour late but arrived on time. Short walk from airplane to terminal.

We had a luxuary junior suite. It was heaven. The room was huge and tidy and very clean. We had a double jacuzzi just off of the bedroom (king size bed) and separate living room. Mini bar that was stocked very day with Presidente, pepsi and whatever else we asked for. Just leave a note for housekeeping services. We had a double vanity, separate shower and toilet area. We even had a clothes washer/dryer in the room. Did not use this. The room had a flat screen wall mounted TV, DVD player and stereo. The bedroom also had a TV and alarm clock. The bed was very comfortable and we also had a ceiling fan. The air conditioner was so quiet, we could not tell when it was on.

It was in the mid 80's and 90's when we were there. One morning we had a small rain shower but we stayed under the pool hut and did not get wet at all. Lasted for about 10 minutes. It rained some nights during the night, but that was not a problem as we were in bed early.

They were unbeleivable!!! We ate at the buffet for breakfast and lunch and a couple of nights for dinner. We ate at Passions (adults only) a couple of nights and had lobster and filets. Excellent. We ate at the other a la cartes and enjoyed them also. We have no complaints at all about the food, except some plates on the buffet could of been hotter. But flavour was excellent. My husband had omellettes almost every day. They were made to order. We also noticed they had a Caesar and Mamosia's every morning at breakfast. We did not try the 24 hour room service.

Well kept and georgous. You would not know by the plantation that the resort has only been open a year. They were full size and beautiful. The beach was well kept. They raked the beach every morning and picked up the seaweed by tractors. Very clean.

We spent the first 3 days on the beach and the last 4 days by the pool,found it quite comforable at both. My husband was an early riser and went out every morning at 7 am and put our towels on the chairs by the pool. The little huts with beds on them were taken by the time we got there. I think people put towels on them at night and they were there in the morning. No worries, we always got a chaise under a hut at the pool, just not a palapa. You require no towel card you just go and get as many towels as you need and then put the used ones in the large laundry baskets when you are done. The pool was huge! Had nice little built in lounges in them, some with huts and some without. They also had little bubble therapy pools in the pool. They were the same water temperature but were like little therapy tubs. Quite unique!

They served drinks anywhere you were. On the beach, in the lobby, in the fountain relaxation part. Where ever you were they were there to get you a drink.

We would highly recommend this resort to anyone and we plan on going back again next year.
Paradisus Palma Real
October 2006
Took a four day trip for our anniversary to this beautiful resort 10/11 thru 10/15. Booked with TNT and flew from Boston with a layover in Miami. Total time was about six hours. All in all the travel was very good with no hassles at all. Arrived at the resort in a driving rain storm but was immediately struck by how beautiful the resort was.The view from the lobby is absolutely amazing. We were escorted to our room and found a very nice anniversary greeting with a nice display on the bed as well as champagne and a nice fruit arrangement in a pineapple.

This was our eighth trip to Punta Cana but our first to this resort. Our expectations were high because of the favorable reviews of this resort and, frankly the relatively high cost of this property compared to others we had stayed at. This was also the first time that we had been to Punta Cana in the off season. We normally go the in late Feb. or early March.

The room that we had was very nice with a king size bed, a separate sitting area and flat screen TV. There was a mini fridge in the room which contained soda and 2 cans of Presidente. We also understood that room service was included with the room, but we never did take advantage. The bathroom was large and included a Jacuzzi which was most enjoyable. The only downside to the room was that the vanity was rather small (only one person at a time) and privacy between the bedroom and bath could be an issue for some people.

In one word it was hot! Normally in Feb., there is a stiff breeze that keeps you fairly cool but the breeze was much lighter on this trip. There were also a few more showers than we were used to, but there were no real rainouts. The water was also warmer than it is in the spring. All in all, I would describe the weather as tropical.

The ala carte restaurants were wonderful. All of the venues were enclosed and air conditioned and quite comfortable. The three that we went to were the Asian, Mediterranean, and continental cuisine and we were very impressed by the variety of choices at each as well as the exquisite presentation of all courses. This was definitely the high point of our stay.

The buffet and grill were open for breakfast and lunch and had the usual buffet fare. Both of these venues were open air and were kind of hot at lunch time. Although we had no complaints, these buffets were not as impressive with their selection as others we had experienced. That being said, we had absolutely no complaints about the food or service.

The property here is by far the nicest weve seen. There is seating, loungers, double beds everywhere. Fountains, pools, statues at every turn. There is a casino on site as well as a theater. The beach is beautiful with many chairs and palapas if you desire shade. Very little surf at this resort.

The one word to describe this property is Elegant, it is simply beautiful. It was very different being in Punta Cana at this time of year because it was so quiet. There were hardly any people at this resort, or many of the resorts we saw as we walked the beach. It was a little strange walking the beach alone at 10 am, but very peaceful and romantic.

I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone, especially if you can secure it for the right price. It is first class.
Paradisus Palma Real
Working Mommy 

August 2006
We stayed at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana for a week in August
2006 and were very pleased that an exquisite beach vacation with kids turned out to be possible. We travelled to Punta Cana via NYC from Moscow. Below is a translation of a review posted by me in Russian on several Russian travel sites devoted to the Caribbean under the moniker "Working Mommy".

The dazzlingly white sand (which didn't burn bare feet) contrasted wonderfully with the turqouise and teal sea and blue sky. The sea was warm and clean. Palms swayed in the breeze; the temperature felt as if it was between 28 and 32 Celsius and was in fact easier to take than Turkey's summer heat, for example. We were warned about the possibility of hurricanes, but there was only one serious rainstorm during our whole stay, which took out about two hours of beach time. Early mornings were sometimes cloudy, but my husband enjoyed swimming in the sea at just this time, when it's very quiet and pleasant.

The arrival process at the airport was clear and understandable, and more importantly quick. The transfer from the airport to the hotel (or vice versa) was $30 for the whole family in an airconditioned minivan (which seems to be a set rate).

HOTEL AND GROUNDS. Despite the unpromising road from the airport to the hotel, the hotel complex itself pleased us very much. The hotel is brand new, very beautifully decorated with exquisite taste but without excess (well, Spanish colonnades and fountains don't count). The decor used marble, light-colored stone, aristocratic dark woods and rich fabrics. Comfortable sofas and armchairs were everywhere. Everything was decorated with flowers, plants, paintings and sculptures; in the evenings, candles and lamps flickered enticingly. The grounds are large and meticulously tended, with palms and other thick vegetation. The buildings do not exceed 3 floors, and there were relatively few guests, so that one did not feel as if in an anthill or beehive. There are 3 pools (a big general one and two with limited access) and 5 - 6 restaurants.

"FAMILY CONCIERGE" ACCOMMODATIONS. We reserved "family concierge"
accommodations, which are somewhat more expensive than the hotel's general rates. (The hotel has a counterpart for childless guests, called "royal service", and the two special pools are intended for guests in these categories.) Likely because August is not high season, we were upgraded from the junior suite we reserved to a one bedroom suite with a jacuzzi, fancy shower and even a separate vanity and sink area for the kids. The suite had a kitchenette with a large refridgerator filled with alcoholic drinks, juices, soft drinks and even several kinds of milk for the children.
There was broadband Internet access, although the entire hotel's internet access broke down from time to time. The kids slept in the living room on the convertible sofa.

THE POOL AND CONCIERGES. We had access to a separate Family Pool with its own bar and concierge - a guy who gave out clean towels and floater toys for the kids, delivered drinks and generally took care of all reasonable desires. Flanking the pool were many "Bali beds" - huge queen-sized sofa beds under palm-leaf shades called "palapas". We all fit comfortably into a single Bali bed, since the kids spent all their time in the pool anyway.
When we wanted to go into the water, we could lounge on tile loungers build right into the pool and covered by the same "palapas". Further, we were assigned two sweet young ladies/concierges, always with notepads and walkie-talkies, who found us on the grounds several times a day and inquired whether everything was allright. They even took care of small details (for example, in a suite with two flat-screen TVs we had only one remote control, and only liquid soap - another remote and regular soap were brought forthwith; the fridge was filled by our favorite drinks; check-in and check-out were thoughtfully carried out in a separate area with toys, kids' furniture and snacks).

FOR THE KIDS. We were very touched that the hotel treated the kids as honored guests. They got T-shirts, caps and other stuff; in the suite they had small bathrobes and slippers of the right sizes, as well as children's toothbrushes, pastes, shampoo etc. The pool bar offered a fun assortment of non-alcoholic cocktails. In the evening the kids were brought cookies and milk. Our eldest boy wanted a Play Station which was supposedly available on request, but we did not get one due to high demand for the few units on hand (as parents we were not terribly disappointed by this). There is an electronic game room, a mini club and various activities. On the other hand, we were too lazy to try them (as we were too lazy to do any motorized aqua sports). There were no "animators" in our zone whatsoever, for which we frankly were very grateful. Every evening there were entertainment shows in the theatre for both kids and adults, but due to the time change we were all asleep by then.

FOOD AND RESTAURANTS. One or two "buffet-style" restaurants were always open; nonetheless, their offerings, while respectable, did not match the riches of Greece or Turkey in terms of vegetables, dairy products or sweets.
Instead, we took real joy in the restaurant reserved for "family concierge" guests called Gabi Beach, where, while looking at the sea and the palms and sipping Chilean or Argentinian wine, we got our fill of dishes made with lobster, shrimp, mussels, scallops, octopus etc. This palapa-shaded open-air restaurant was conveniently near the Family Pool, so the kids, instead of torturously waiting at our table while we ordered, splashed in the pool up until the last minute, and having pecked at their food, immediately took off for the pool once again. Gabi Beach and the other a la carte restaurants requiring advanced reservations aspired to the status of haute cuisine, and to our surprise most times we were not disappointed - the dishes were truly exquisitely prepared and presented. This notwithstanding, our youngest, who refused to grant recognition to any culinary novelties, was ceremoniously presented with hot dogs from the neighboring grill restaurant.

SERVICE AND LANGUAGES. All of the staff was very attentive and friendly. However, we did not meet up with Russian speakers, so be prepared to communicate in English or, better yet, in Spanish. I think there was one Russian channel on the cable TV. Mostly, the hotel had guests from North and South America, as well as Spaniards. We did not recall seeing Germans or Russian speakers.

In summary, we liked everything very much. The Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana is an excellent choice for a stylish family vacation, especially if you want to combine a beach holiday with a trip to North or South America.

All the best
Paradisus Palma Real

July 2006
My husband and I just returned from the beautiful Paradisus Palma Real along with 31 guests who attended our wedding at the resort. This was our first visit to Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the resort from July 4th – July 12th and had a wonderful time. We chose to stay in the Royal Service because they offer “The Paradisus Free Wedding Package” if the couple stays 5 or more nights in Royal Service, so it was worth it for us. We were in Room 2098 and had an excellent view of the ocean and royal service pool area. We were very happy with the resort and our room.

I am so happy that we choose the Paradisus Palma Real for our wedding. Everything was perfect thanks to Andrea at Destination Wedding Travel, who helped us choose this resort and made all of the travel arrangements for our guests, and Wendy del Rosario the Palma Real Wedding Coordinator, who did a wonderful job. We met with Wendy the day we arrived to discuss all the details. She is very organized and didn’t get annoyed with us when we changed the ceremony location several times. She set up a welcome dinner at Bana the evening before the wedding, for us and all of our guests. I was extremely impressed with the ceremony site decorations; it was more than I had ever imagined. There were beautiful flowers and white covered chairs for our guests. We had a close friend play the violin while we all waited on the Judge. The Judge was about 15 minutes late, but I had been warned and explained this to my guests ahead of time. I waited in my room with my Maid of Honor until Wendy called me to announce the Judge’s arrival, and then she came to my room and walked us down to the ceremony site. The Judge did the ceremony in Spanish and there was a gentleman who translated everything in English. After the wedding we had a champagne toast on the beach and then our guests headed to the lobby bar for a cocktail hour. After our pictures we joined our guests and then went to our private reception held at the Royal Service Restaurant – Gabi Beach. I was very happy with the way they set everything up. The cake was delicious and they did it exactly the way I wanted. Everything was above and beyond my expectations, I could not have asked for more. When we arrived at the resort we had champagne in our room, we got breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding, and had a dinner under the stars for the two of us after our guests left. The dinner under the stars was fantastic. We were right on the beach down by the ocean with two private servers, candle light and lanterns. They even had some one from the staff climb up a tree and direct the beach lights away from us. Everyone really went out of their way to make our stay special. Of course I can not forget the photographer. I wasn’t expecting much from the contracting resort photographer but I was absolutely amazed with the photos he took. Alejandro Galera with GB Studio & Media did an incredible job. He has a desk set up in the downstairs lobby so he is always out in the resort taking pictures of people. He was very pleasant to work with and was not at all pushy. He showed up about 30 minutes before the wedding to take pictures of me and my maid of honor and then walked with us down to the beach and stayed with us until the reception was over. The next day he let us take our time choosing which photos we wanted, and with a thousand pictures to choose from, it took awhile. He takes pride in his work and it shows - our pictures are AMAZING! We did have one small problem with our DJ at the reception. The music was fine during the dinner but when it came time for everyone to start dancing something happened with his computer programmed music and the first song kept starting over and over. He apologized over and over, and I felt bad for him but we ended up moving everything over to the Onyx Chill Out Lounge.

The resort is absolutely gorgeous and words can not describe how pretty it is. I thought the food was pretty good for an all-inclusive resort. I loved the Royal Service and took full advantage of the aromatherapy pillows every night and we had two wonderful Butlers, George and Jefferson went out of their way to help us. I thought there was plenty to keep us entertained. Each night the resort did some kind of a show or party. The Monday evening Dominican party and the Thursday evening beach party were the best. Our group had a blast in the casino, several people won money. And our group was always in the Onyx Chill Out Lounge dancing and then we hit the buffet to end the night. I had a couple of massages and they were probably the best massages I have ever had - ask for Wendy, she doesn't speak English well but she is very nice and gives a great massage. The girls in the hair salon did a good job on our hair, they didn't speak much English either but I brought a picture so that helped. Overall everyone was very friendly to us and our group. We all did our best to try to make an effort to speak some Spanish even if it was a word or two. And I can't forget Jose!!! Jose is the BEST bar tender in Punta Cana and we were lucky enough to have him bar tending at our reception. Our wedding was truly a perfect week in paradise.
Paradisus Palma Real

May 2006
Hi Debbie,

I have stayed at many resorts (more than twelve) in the Dominican, I believe that the best resort today, is also the newest resort, PARADISUS PALMA REAL. Not to be confused with Paradisus punta cana, which I visited 2 years ago, and did not like at all.

Resort Lobby:
The lobby is very well designed and thought out. From the elevated lobby you can see a panoramic view of the resort (ocean and pool). You are greated with passion fruit drinks. One interesting thing about the Lobby, free wireless internet. The views are stunning, words can not describe, so I will try to upload pictures.

Resort Public areas:
The resort has the best decor of any resort I have ever been to. Even the public bathrooms have large sculptures and sitting areas. Large candles are spread out through out the resort. Sculptures are everywhere. Paintings are everywhere. The sound system is superb, so music is everywhere. The resort theater is the most advance in the Dominican Republic (the theater is air conditioned, with projectors, lighting, special effects, expensive sound system, very modern). They have a video game room for kids with about 8 playstations, 6 X-box consoles, 4 Gamecubes, and a large variety of game options for kids. The resort looks like the Bellagio, with huge columns and fountains. The design, decor, and ambiance is really impressive. At night they had live classical music for ambiance (violin, cello, piano, harp, etc.).

I know the resort does yoga, pilates, tai chi, and every other type of exercise. There are dance lessons, and other activities available.

Resort Bedrooms:
The rooms are the most modern rooms I have stayed in any resort . The rooms have large Jacuzzi that could easily fit two large adults. The baths have modern faucets and sprays. The televisions are 40" flat screens. The beds are king size comforts. All rooms have free mini bars, stocked with drinks daily. Every day the staff leaves you pastries with a chocolate written message, on your bed table. The rooms are large, with electronic safety boxes, CD, DVD Player, sound mini-systems. Internet is available from your room, which is not true of most Dominican resorts. Bottled wines were left in my room, and champagne bottles were left in my room, for free. One night my Jacuzzi was set up by the maid, with floating candles, flowers, and aromatherapy candles. The rooms are top notch.

Resort Pool:
This could be the best resort pool in the Dominican. The pool is Large, and it has two things that make it special:
1. Ceramic tyle pool chairs are built into the pool, with cup holders.
2. At least 10 Jacuzzi are built into the pool (must see to understand), where groups can go in and enjoy the Jacuzzi feel, while still in the pool.

There are many pool chairs and canopies available.

Beach has white sand, and very calm waters. The beach area in front of Paradisus had sea weed, but nothing too bad. The water was crystal clear in some areas, not so clear in others. There are plenty on beach chairs and canopies available.

This resort has the most modern Gym I have seen at a resort. The machines have flat screen televisions over them, for guest enjoyment. The variety of machines are excellent, and the gym overlooks the pool.

The staff is really good. Some websites have given them bad reviews, but I had good service from everyone.

The drinks are all premium drinks. If you ask for baileys, you get baileys. If you ask for Johny Walker black label, you get JW black label. If you ask for Absolute vodka, you get absolute. We drank Hennesy and absolute the whole time. If you do not specify your preference, they will serve you the local options.

All the restaurants have a Bar dedicated to serve guests while they wait for their table. Every bar has a specialty. The Asian restaurant bars served martinis. Their menu had apple, peach, and every other martini you can think of.

The Passions restaurant bar had a specialty menu for bellinis. They had mango, coco, and every other bellini you can think of.

This added a nice touch because I tried every martini and bellini I have ever wanted to try, but was not sure about.


This resort has the best food at any resort in the Dominican Republic. I have been to all the top rated resorts (Iberostar, secrets, paradisus) and no resort comes close food quality. The restaurant ambiance and decor tops it all off. The designs and decor of the restaurants are something not common at resorts, more like a Miami south beach Chic type decor.

Grill market-
serves lobsters, rib eye, calimari, fish. Wines are included for no extra charge, and there is a wine menu available that includes Argentinean, and Chile wines. Champagne is available upon request. Service is great. One of the guys from our party consumed 8 lobsters in one sitting. Personally, I cant eat another lobster for the next 6 months.

The buffet-
Has a large variety of fruits, steaks, fish, chicken, pasta, salads. At times they served shrimps, lobster, caviar, etc. etc. Deserts are good, and good quality ice cream is also available.

Passion restaurant:
This is a romantic adult only restaurant. The food was very good. The steak was of excellent quality, and so was the fish (halibut). Free wine, me and my wife drank a whole bottle.

Japanese & Sushi:
The Japanese restaurant is excellent. We had lobster and Shrimp noodles, and chicken and steak, with fried rice. Everything tasted great. The style is like a Benihana, where the cook makes the food in front of you.

The Chinese food was good, especially the appetizers.

The Resort was excellent. I did not have to pay full price, so I am not sure of the Value, but based on the food quality, service, decor, and accommodations, I can say that this is the closest I have experience to the "5 star" rating every resort claims they have. I was very impressed with all the attention to detail, decor, and luxury.
Paradisus Palma Real
Geoff and Tracey 
North Bay, Ontario
April 2006
My husband and I recently returned from one of the best vacations we have ever had. We started our vacation at the Bahia Principe but because of over booking we were offered the opportunity to stay at the Paradisus at no extra charge to us. Let me tell you that this was the best offer we have ever had. We spent five fabulous days in one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts we have ever been to. This was our tenth visit to the DR so we have a broad base to compare to.

Upon arrival at the resort, our breath was taken away. We had a spectacular view of the ocean, through the lobby, while still on the bus. We knew it was going to be special since, during check in, they cut our bracelets off from the previous resort, while explaining that you do not need bracelets or reservations (for meals) while you are here. Since our room was not available until 3:00 pm we were given our ID card (room key) and told to feel free to check out the resort. With a cold can of Presidente in hand, off we went to explore paradise. Everything about this resort is wonderful, the lobby, the lower level courtyard leading out to the elegant restaurants, large pool and spectacular beach.

After our tour we headed back to the lobby to see if we could upgrade our room to Royal Service. There was no availability, and quite frankly, it was not needed. Our room was perfect. We were on the third floor with a partial view of the ocean and overlooked the Zen garden and eco spa. We have never stayed in more luxurious accommodations in the DR, or anywhere else for that matter. We had a beautiful suite with a king size bed, walk in closet with electronic safe, a huge marble bathroom with a two person jacuzzi tub, separate shower with multi-level spray heads, a separate room with a toilet, a modern flat screen tv on the wall, fridge with beer, water and pop and a coffee maker. The bath towels were huge and replaced twice a day, morning and at nightly turn down service. Face cloths, hand towels and bath mats were never in short supply. I could write a whole review just on the room but feel I need to move on to the other areas of the resort.

The restaurants are all located off the main courtyard. You could choose the buffet, japanese, tympani style, sushi bar, Asian fusion, gourmet dining (adults only) and one other that we did not have the opportunity to eat at. This might be a good time to mention that they do enforce the dress code at the restaurants for dinner. Men have to wear long pants and no sandals are allowed. We never had a problem with this as both my husband and I enjoy dressing up for dinner. We found that the food, no matter where we ate was wonderful, and the service was exceptional. We had several options for wine, not just your regular house wine, and our glass was never empty.

The lobby bar was a perfect place to wind down before and after dinner and enjoy any international/premium drink that we could think of. There was plenty of areas to sit and relax while enjoying the talents of the piano player. If we didn't feel like going to the bar to get our own drinks there was always a friendly waitress to get one for you. This service was also available at the pool or on the beach as well as the lower courtyard outside the restaurants.

The beach in Punta Cana is spectacular regardless of the resort you are at but this one made it even more spectacular with its abundantly available palapas for shade, comfortable, multi-adjustable loungers and huge sun beds (must see them to believe). There were several bali beds around the pool but if you were not out first thing in the morning to reserve one there were none to be had, so you need to be up early. The beach towels, as with the room towels, were always available and were extra large with a no card system in place.

The only other thing I would like to mention is the wonderful effort put on by this resort to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. At night there are candles and romantic lighting everywhere, and I mean everywhere, the stairs leading up to the lobby, in the washrooms (even the ones by the pool) and all over the grounds. They have literally thought of everything. There is also relaxing music played throughout the day, around the pool and in the garden areas.

We are already planning our next trip to the Paradisus!