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SuperClubs Breezes
J & W
Milton, Ontario Canada
December 2008
Arrival: December 6-13, 2008
Arrival went smoothly and quick.

First room they put us in was quite a distance from anything. We asked for an alternate room and was given one closer to the pool. Room was nice but the AC was quite loud. The toilet didn't work either (would not fill) but it was fixed promptly. On the last day, the ceiling in the bathroom leaked; figure there was a leaking pipe upstairs. We reported this and would guess it was also fixed promptly.

Electricity went out a few times but was restored quickly.

Restaurants and Bars:
Very wide selection at the buffet and the specialty restaurants are excellent. Anyone who complains about the food here is nuts; there is something for everyone.

Beach was excellent. Adequate chairs. Most days there was a yellow flag; just the right amount of waves. There was one red flag day and the undertow was quite strong. Stay out of the water on red flag days unless you're an excellent swimmer.

The pool was also very nice with adequate chairs.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Tours: snorkling $15US/scuba diving $55US with Big Blue; megatruck/horsesback tour $90US; 1/2 day Puerto Plata tour $85US. All were worthwhile and fun. During the Puerto Plata tour, we made a stop at a jewellery store where higher quality jewellery can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Some folks indicated tours can be booked tours cheaper in Sosua or Cabarete - not sure if this is correct.

The daily show was pretty good; same staff performed different acts/shows each night. This seems to be the norm at all the resorts we've visited. Not sure why the entertainment groups don't travel between hotels.

We went before the busy Christmas season so there weren't any kids around. As such the activities staff had a hard time getting participants to partake in daily activities around the pool (dance lessons, water polo, etc), or during the evening shows. Most in attendance just wanted to relax.

Other Comments:
VIP staff approached us several times re time-shares but did not harass us when we said no.

All the staff (bar, waiters, maintenance staff, etc.) were extremely friendly and helpfull.

Merchants in town were very agreessive trying to get us into stores. You need to bargain for everything - if you don't, you'll overpay for items. Best prices were at the 'Liquidation' store in Cabarete. For example, a bracelet selling for $10US in the hotel gift shop is available at local stores for about $5 US and $1 at the Liquidation store.

If you go on any interior tours, kids you meet along the way appreciate candy handouts - not sure they have dental plans so please bring sugarless items:-)

Not many topless women this time around. Although there was one who seemed extremely proud of her God given assets; she had no qualms about parading around the pool or protecting her goods with coconut oil - no complaints, just an observation:-)
SuperClubs Breezes
London, ON, Canada
December 2008
Arrival: Nov 29 - Dec 6
My boyfriend and I just returned from a week at Breezes (Nov 29 - Dec 6). When we arrived at the hotel we had a super-fast check-in and our room was available immediately. It was 12:00pm and we were shocked because we had expected to have to wait until 3:00pm to get a key to our room. So we were pleasantly surprised.

The room was nothing fancy but it met our needs for the week. It was very clean. Our air conditioning worked all week (though it started making some noise on the last few days), and we didn't have much of a problem with cold showers. There were two days where the shower started out luke-warm, but it always warmed up by the end of the shower. The cleaning staff did a job well done.

Restaurants and Bars:
The a-la-carte restaurants were great. We ate at 3 of the four restaurants. The chicken parmesan at the Italian was good, the chicken fajitas at the Mexican were great and both the chicken cordon bleu and chicken with cheese sauce were excellent. Most days the buffet was also good. There was lots of selection for the more adventurous eaters. I'm a bit of a picky eater but always found something to fill me up.

The drinks at the bars were a bit weak, but it seems to be that way at most all inclusive resorts I've been too. The strawberry daiquiri at the lobby bar was my favourite (though it tasted more like pink lemonade!). All of the restaurant and bar staff were always friendly and ready to serve the guests.

The ocean at the beach was rough but that was one of the reasons we chose to go to the north coast. I brought my own body board and we had fun riding the waves, even on the two red flag days. The rest of the week was yellow flag and lots of people were having fun playing in the waves.
The pool was incredible! We had fun lounging around, floating on an inner tube and playing on the water slides.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The activities on and off the resort kept us busy all week. We are very active vacationers so we took advantage of everything that was offered. The trapeze was amazing and exhilerating and the staff were awesome. We had some fun climbing the rock wall as well.

We did 3 excursions while we were there. We did the dune buggy tour that operated right next to the resort. Although the buggies were a bit worn down we still had a great time. It was very, very muddy! We also did a jeep safari with 7 of the 27 waterfalls included at the end. Also very fun. The third tour we did was the white water rafting trip into the mountains. Again, we had a great time. We booked the jeep safari and white water rafting trip through Fun Tours in Cabarete. The prices were half those offered by the reps at the resort and well worth the money! We brought some candy and toys for the local children and they were very excited when we threw it to them as we passed by. At the end of the trip we enjoyed a couples massage at the spa which was very nice and relaxing.

Other Comments:
If you love to get active and get involved, Breezes is the place to go. We didn't tip at all until the very last day of the trip and we didn't find that the service was lacking at all. The only complaint we had all week was with the VIP area. They hounded us to try to buy very expensive vacation packages and had a hard time taking no for an answer, so try to avoid that area if you aren't interested in that type of thing!
SuperClubs Breezes
Ontario, Canada
November 2008
No Phone in the room all week
Food was awful at the buffet
booze was bottom rate (where was the bottle in my room)
Casino a rip-off
roof leaked from the ac in the room
toilet leaked
Red flag on the beach for 6/7 days
They were always out of something Limes, Beer, Pina Colta mix, ice one night.
The people tiring to sell you stuff (Stay away from the vip thing they suck)can't take no for a answer and if they tell you twenty come back with 5
Locals on the weekend not that bad but you do notice a difference in atmosphere once they leave (for the better)
Hot water was not good
The price I paid for what I got

the restaurants were not bad Paris was awesome, Pastafari was very good, Mexican was disappointing but good,
the 24hr snack bar was good (French fries and DIY grill cheese was keeping me alive for most of the week)
the pool was awesome
grounds well kept
the one day of yellow flag on the beach
topless women lol
the rum
the off resort trips I highly recommend Paradise Island and Ocean World
The shows at night were fun
Mostly Canadians (not sure if it was good or bad I was looking forward to meeting people from other places but most were from Toronto lol)

I have never been anywhere b4 so I had nothing to compare it to, but what the website says and what you got were two different things HAY BREEZES TELL THE TRUTH. I had a wonderful time but I was expecting something first class and got a grey hound bus.

Hotel 2/10
Food 5/10
Grounds and Pool 8/10
Overall 6/10 Would I go back NO WAY
SuperClubs Breezes

November 2008
This resort should be closed until they get there act together. We were there for one week from ll14/08 to ll/2l/08. We had to change our rooms because there was no hot water. However, they forgot to tell us that every room had no hot water. Our phone went out the first day and remained out the entire week. The food was awful. The entertainment was terrible. They should close this place immediately.
SuperClubs Breezes

November 2008
This hotel was a complete dump...

Hotel Rooms-room 8007 mouldy, small, 1 king bed, no hangers, no CD player as stated in broacher, AIR CONDITIONER didn't work & that means for the whole complex 8. Moved to Complex 11 room #11209 room nicer, air conditioner was better but not up to standards. 2 double beds, small T.V. oh, and the radio didn't work as well as the CD player.

Food-was disgusting, same food served every day but just in a different style.

Service Staff-Not friendly and by no means go out of there way to what is asked of them. The maids stole $700.00 from a safe out of anther room of girls. Breezes didn't fix the safe, sorry I should of got the room number but I didn't. Staff is at a bare minimum at this time of year.

Entertainment at night-PATHETIC

Overall-I would put this hotel at a 3 star, the only thing that they have going for them is the "POOL" and that is it!
SuperClubs Breezes
October 2008
Just returned from the Breezes, it has it good points. But more bad ones.

the good
rooms where fresh and clean, food had flavor, POOL! beach, beach bar food, Hot tubs, shuttle service to town for free. Quick check in, Beautiful front lobby

the bad,
not enough lighting at nite to walk around. OUCH poor toes.
The bar drinks. YUck.. you could tell they where watered down. Not very slushie either.
On the 2nd day in the morning the whole hotel ran out of beer. It was 3 hours before any got deliveried. * cheap bottled beer* blah Brahma
Entertainment could use some help. Only watched one show.
Rooms where clean! but no pop in the fridge. By the 3rd day we hung dont disturb sign and grabbed towels every day off the cart. No fancy towel animals. Pretty blah of a cleaning.

Beach bar food was good. But good luck getting quick service for a drink. The waiters where then happy to talk among themselves then to get you a beer.
NO ASHTRAYS ANYWHERE! I am smoker, spent half the time searching for a place to my butts. grrrrrr .. They were giving us small cups of water as astray while sitting at the bar. Thats classy..

WEEKENDS we have learnt from travelling to the 4 times PP to take side trips or hang at the beach on weekends. The locals took over the resort. You cant get near the pool bar. Personally dont know about the buffet then. We go into town to eat.

It was dead when we where there. Everyone that seen my pixs asked where are the people.. did you have the resort to yourself..Well almost it seemed like it, .Max 300 people there . You think its dead, service would be better.. No way. Only time there was day entertainment was on the weekend. Other then that. If you want to relax not be bothered and not in a hurry to get a drink. This place is for you in October.

Ps to the men. Yes the pitch and putt is free. Bring your own balls. If you lose one. One dollar a piece for something your dog wouldnt play with anymore.

Will i return, 50/50 only if the Bachatta is full . LOL
SuperClubs Breezes
September 2008

Nice personnel, the entertainment was the best at any of the other Dominican Resorts I have stayed at.

The pool is very clean, the baby pool gets cleaned and new water every night.

The resort is nice all in all. However the staff, another story.


The rooms are nice but they need to be redone, especially the bathrooms.

No water pressure.

The food was really crappy. Do not bother to go to the other restaurants other than the buffet. The waiter at the Italian place was drunk, and I am not sure if what I drank was real Tequila at the Mexican place, I still have heartburn a week later.

The guy at the beach who accommodates your seating, is always asking for people to go and get him food from the beach bar, and drinks. He is nice but I find that tacky! Don't be fooled...the do make wages even though they work long hours. So do I, in North America.

The number ONE turnoff!!!!!

THEY ALLOW LOCALS TO VISIT THE RESORT. They are rude, they hate tourists They throw their garbage all over the place and the attention is on the locals because they speak the same language. I was completely put off by this. Watch your bags and don't bring stuff with you that is expensive in any way shape or form.

I heard one guy had to pay a $1000 bond because he apparently touched a young girls behind, and instead of putting him in jail he paid the bond and left the very next day. He and other's who saw the whole thing, (my friend) believe it was a set up. Be careful of the women at the lobby bar! Scammers are everywhere!, including some guy to tried to sell me Cigars for my 14 year old daughter.

The beach is nice but the Punta Cana side is by far the better area for family fun. Puerto Plata is for surfers and for people who like rough waters.

Will we go there again????

NO!!!!!! WAY!!!!!!
SuperClubs Breezes
Len and Linda
Barrie, Ont, Canada
June 2008
Arrival and Flight
We flew down on Skyservice, smooth flight, arriving in 3 1/2 hours. No trouble with transfers to hotel at all, and book in was very easy and quick.

previously wrote to hotel and requested lower room close to everything because of my husband's arthritic condition. They were very good in accommodating us. Hey, we got the room! Actually, thats not a complete lie, we are in our late 50's early 60's , so not young chickens either. We were on the ocean side, lower floor with part ocean view from our patio/balcony. Actually, this was probably the very best location we could have had. We were in Bldg 4 room 4003, and the rooms 4006 and 4007 have their balacony/patio looking directly at beach and upgraded to small sofa area as well. Ours was just a standard. Our room was smaller than most we have stayed in, however, very clean and kept up daily. It seems the usual in this resort to is to put to standard size beds together to make a king. However, if you ask, you can have a room with king size. It was actually hilarious when trying to read at night by the dim lights in the room, and have your bed keep sliding down from the head board, because they do not bolt it to the wall. Our room only had one chair, with table, and not comfortable for reading. Yes, hydro/electric is not that great for reading, so you may want to take small clip on reading light with you. No problem with outlets, like ours. NOW.......THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.............NO AIRCONDITIONING FOR NEAR 3 DAYS. And, our room and the rest, I think, NO FANS. It was dreadful. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT, just dripping sweat all the time as soon as you walked into room. They have no windows in bathroom either, and only air would be from door or patio. I was hesitating to open most of the time for fear of allowing friendly mosquitoes in. Caught between rock and hard place. My husband complained all of the time to front desk and they assured us they were working on it and it would be done quickly. YEAH RIGHT! Long and short, the whole complex was in the same boat we found out, and it was around the 3rd day the air came back on, BUT NOT STRONG ENOUGH AT ALL. This problem had apparantly been going on for about a week, according to some other visitors at the resort. Long and short of it, nearing the end of our stay, the air seemed to be finally up to par. So, I suppose, if you are going down shortly, should check on this before hand if you can. Other than that biggy, everything else worked just fine. Coffee maker, great working bar fridge, stocked with pop and water daily, no cervesa though, can't do. ugggh A few steps out of one side of our room and we were at beach, soooooooo close with the snack bar right there as well. A few steps out of the other side of our room, and the giagantic awesome pool area. So, like I said, location is absolutely fabulous. Restaurants, just a short walk away as well. I would stay in Bldg 4 again, nothing fancy, but just fine for us.

Jimmy's buffet, great, lots to choose from, too much to mention. My husband is a dessert freak, so went nuts. They have great fish of all kinds, again husband was happy. Beef, anywhere you go, whichever restaurant is very tough. I wish someone would show them how to marinate the toughest of the tough. Found the pork dishes good, chicken and shrimp as well. Our opinion of reserved restaurants.........Mexican our favorite, loved it. had the shrimp and chicken enchilladas. Get the black bean soup too, sooooooo good. Paris, stick to the tenderloin, although, beef, still kinda tough, but okay. Onion soup not bad if you can find it through all the cheese on top. My husband had seafood in pasty, couldn't chew, sooooooooo tough, made up of all tough octopus type stuff and pastry.........well, forget it. Japanese, was okay, but not great, more like simple stir fry you cook at home. They all try though, and are soooooooo happy to accommodate you. Italian, we missed. Beach bar 24 hours, was okay. Good hot dogs, hamburgers, most times had ribs, chicken, meatballs, that kind of thing. Was fine for a snack. Also great to get coffee any time of day or night as well.

BARS........ Lobby bar the best I think, swim up and beach okay too. They are most accommodating to provide anything you ask for

Beach and Pools
WOW!!!! My husband and I put the younger ones to shame in the ocean. Most days, red flag, some days, yellow, never green. Actually, on one day only, waves were toooooooo treacherous and we couldn't even go in. Can count the numbers of people jumping in waves on two hands daily. Such fun though, love it. Yes, the waves are very very high, definetly not recommended for children at all!! Toooooo dangerous. Certain days have stronger undertow than others as well. Our first day there was a massive part of the tree on the beach, the next day, it was way down the beach, sent there by the action of the waves, then the next day................GONE Yes, sand is very hot, wear your flip flops. Beach is a good size with palm umbrellas as well, no trouble getting one most days. Sun very very hot, be careful. Yes, do take thermal mugs for drinks, you'll be happy you did. Pool, awesome, sooooooooooooo large, lazy river, hot tubs, more cool though, take your floaties, plenty of chairs, no problem finding any. children's own pool, in larger part of main pool, slide, great, swim up bar. really incredible pool.

Most times were kept up well, weekends they invite the locals to come, since not enough tourists. Dominican people, beautiful people, until they get to the buffet. LOL. YIKES. 4 deep everywhere, could hardly get food at buffet, and couldn't find seat. This is on Saturday and Sunday, although the locals start coming in on Friday. Lotsa fun though, at night, they love to dance, sing, so it was really a hoot. Monday comes, and we are all back at being less than half full. Needless to say, it was tougher for the grounds keepers to keep up.

Activities and Entertainment
These kids work their hearts to to entertain and they do a damn good job. Shows were very good, stage props. Some shows hilarious, no complaints.

Only went on one this time around. Climbing 27 water falls. OMG What a blast! Got the tour outta Caberte when we were there one day. Only 35.00 each. Guys name is Josef. Can't remember off hand name of co. Write me and I will find it for you. Long treck thru jungle, walking thru rivers, to falls, then climbing up all these falls, and finally sliding or jumping back down. It was incredible. Got my exercise for the whole week here. Have to wear life jackets and helmuts for this adventure. You'll love it though. Tours cheaper out of your hotel, and we always do this, never a problem, don't pay more than you have too.

Departure and Check Out
Hmmmmmm, sunquest.............forgot us! Had to take taxi to airport. Thats fine though, they'll hear about it! 30.00 US

On top of everything I said, love the location. Free shuttle daily to sosua, where we went snorkelling just off beach for free, take your gear. 10 minutes away. No snorkelling at breezes for obvious reasons, and no reef anyway. Shuttel also goes to caberete, 15 minutes. Shopped in Supermercado to get coffee, vanilla, the usual stuff. Cheepie, cheepie. My husband and I met up with canadians at checkpoint in sosua. little outside bar where shuttle drops you off. Owned by German/dutch I think, managed by canadians. Anyway, our thoughts were to check out caberete and sosua for long term stay. Decided on sosua, more canadians xpats and nicer area I think. Love the sosua bay area beach too. So, got lead on some great places for stay there and hopefully will be back down for a couple months next season. I would definetly go back to breezes, PLEASE FIX AIRCONDITIONING THOUGH, overall a great place. I would give it at 3 3/4 star rating. Right now, cheap to go there. Its really nice to be able to get out of all inclusive by shuttle and go to sosua caberete. Love that. So location is a 10 for us. If anyone has any questions, please just write to me, and I will be happy to accommodate you.
SuperClubs Breezes

June 2008
I stayed with my girlfriend at Breezes the first week of June - it was my first all inclusive experience (not hers) but I have been many times to different hotels and cruises in the caribbean.

Arrival & Check In: We booked through Nolitours and had a great experience... no delays with the flights or the transfers. Check in at the hotel was quick but a little annoying that while the hotel was only 40% full (low season), we STILL had to wait 3 hours for our room. Why wasn't there a clean room available right away??

Rooms: The room was very basic and a little run down, but overall it was clean and served its purpose... we don't spend much time in the room anyway! We had no problems but friends of ours had leaks and problems with the shower, all of which ended up getting fixed but the front desk and maintenance staff did not seem very interested and no one rushed to fix anything.

Pool: AMAZING! I think that this would be the #1 reason to stay at breezes. I am not so much a beach person so this was perfect for me... there is a big activities pool with volleyball net, water polo nets, basketball net etc.... big lazy river, 3 or 4 hot tubs.... a really nice area. The only negative I would say is that a few people (depending on the sunscreen they used) ended up with green on their arms and even sometimes on their clothes. It never happened to me and I suspect that it was a reaction of a specific kind of suntan lotion with the pool chemicals but still a little weird ......

Beach: If you are a beach lover, you will be very disappointed. The beach in puerto plata does not compare to those in punta cana, cuba, bahamas etc... There were a lot of rocks and often dangerously rough waves. Also, the sand was so hot we literally had to sprint from the chairs to the water to avoid burning our feet! For these reasons, we mostly stayed by the pool - which again for me was great but many people feel they can sit by a pool at home!

Activities: We were NEVER bored... they had a great animation and entertainment team - always had games by the pool etc. There is also a trapeze you can try (scary but fun!!!!), trampoline, rock climbing, golf, tennis, scuba diving..... If you're the kind of person who can't sit still then Breezes is a great place to go.

Food: I was very disappointed with the food. It was my first time in the dominican republic so I can't compare to other resorts, but I found it amazing that they could screw up something as simple as a hamburger! The buffet was variable depending on the night but it was never above average. The a la carte restaurants were a bit better but still nothing really memorable. If I were you, I would avoid the mexican restaurant....

Bars: All of the bars were good, with the lobby bar making the best frozen drinks (probably because it's not in the sun!)... Nobody was stingy with the alcohol, and we never had a problem with any of the bartenders or waiters.

Tours: We went to Ocean World .... kind of like sea world dominican style. We had a really great time even though it rained. We did the shark encounter and snorkeling/feeding the sting rays. Feeding a shark sitting in my lap is an experience I won't soon forget! -- I would definitely recommend this excursion. We also spent a few hours in Sosua (the hotel offers free shuttle to Sosua or Cabarete) - There is a line of about 70 shops in a row, all selling the same things. We bargained like crazy and ended up getting some good deals. If you don't like getting harrassed, then stay away!! We just learned to say "no thank you" or to simply ignore them. NEVER say "I'll come back later".... you think they won't remember you, but the harrassment will be 100 times worse on the way back.

OVERALL : If you can find a good selloff price, then I would definitely recommend this resort. Regardless of the mediocre food and beach, we still had an amazing time mostly thanks to the animation team (If you go, say hi to Saul and Manny!). I would give this hotel 3.5 stars out of 5.
SuperClubs Breezes

May 2008
I will rate everything on a scale 1-10- 10 being excellent, 1 being horrible!!

Flight: We booked through expedia, and it was through Air Canada vacations. Our flight was great. Halifax to Puerto Plata direct. We had no problems at customs. Filled out all the paper work on the place so we could go right through customs.

Rooms: We arrived at the resort around 10:30 am. We were told our rooms would not be ready until 3. So we packed bathing suits on our carry on and left our other bags at the front of the hotel with employees. I was nervous about this at first but we kept checking and our bags didn't move. We didn't get our rooms until 4, so if you are arriving early be prepared to enjoy the day without your room.

I was very impressed with our room. After reading some reviews on this site about the state of some of the rooms I was very nervous. But the rooms were great, we didn't need a plug adaptor, the air conditioner worked great. Rating: 8

Food: I heard many people complain on our bus ride back to the airport about the food at their resorts. I had not one bad thing to say about the food. Jimmy's(The main restaurant) was great, its buffet style and there is always something different. You can always find something that you like, if not, you have serious food issues!! ha-ha. Anyhow there was always selection and lots of food to go around. Their breakfast was amazing, by far my favourite meal of the day!! Many times we just went to the snack bar down at the beach, they always had hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, ribs, french fries, and different things to make sandwiches. It was really good. We went to the Italian and Mexican restaurants, didn't do the other two. At the Italian I had cesar salad, veggie pizza, and desert, my boyfriend had the lazonna. It was great, very tasty. We both had chicken tacos at the Mexican and they were great too. Rating: 9

Bars/Drinks: I found the beach bar the best bar of all. I like strawberry daquries, the beach bar made them from scratch and they were amazing. The other bars didn't make them, they just used a slushy, and it had a coconut taste, which I hate coconut. Other then that all the bars seemed alright, they were very friendly and always tried to do whatever they could for you. We didn't go to the disco bar, but if you like that kind of thing it looked fun. We usually drank at the beach bar or at the lobby bar. Rating: 7

Beach/Pool: WOW! Amazing. These two spots made our trip, by far. The beach was a perfect size. I thought it would be a lot smaller from the other reviews. It was great, it was yellow flag most of the week but the waves were alright to swim in. The beach was very clean, you could always find a chair and sit wherever you wished. Excellent. I would recommend taking out snorkelers from the beach people, and go in the water directly below them. There was some coral there and some tropical fish. Pretty Neat.

The pool was great. Hugeeeeeeeeee! You could always find a chair and a spot wherever you wished. Also very clean, there was always someone scooping leaves and whatnot.
Rating: 10

Grounds: The grounds were very well kept. There were always workers cutting grass, trees, and plants. No garbage at all, except the odd cup. Beautiful. Rating: 8

Tours: We did a catamaran. AMAZING! If you have the chance to do this, do it!! Our air canada guy did all the booked we just had to meet with him to give him the money. 89 bucks for the day, you get back around 4. Freestyle was the name. Great crew, amazing day!! Open bar, worth every penny. The highlight of our trip! Rating: 10

Checking Out: was easy. Make sure you don't lose your room keys, safe key, or your towels. Airport went fine, no troubles!

Overall: Great experience, amazing trip!! Recommend this resort to anyone! The pool and beach were amazing and the food was great!! I found the prices in the store expensive( 5 bucks for Gatorade, 8 for pringles..) but we paid it. Watch for the people who sell things in the evenings. The first night we were on the resort I didn't know there was a gift shop. There were men selling things so we went up to them. Ending up paying 48 bucks for a anckle bracelet and 10 cigars... and 130 for two paintings. He started at 220 for the paintings and we got him down to 130. I got ripped off with the cigars and bracelet. I seen the same bracelet in the gift shop for 5 dollars. Brutal!! Dont buy from them unless you see something you REALLY like. As far as jewlery goes, check out the gift shop first!

Amazing trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overall: 9/10
SuperClubs Breezes
Alberta, Canada
April 2008
Arrival and Flight - Long flight, changed from a direct flight from Calgary to via Vancouver to pick up more people. 9 hours travelling time. At the airport, it went very fast, found our bus and were on our way to Breezes.

Rooms - Check in was fast, we were given 2 ocean front villas, we were travelling with 3 children under 12 and had requested connecting or side by side rooms. We were given 2 separate villas but next to each other, so there was one family in between us. We decided to see how it would go with our rooms like that, turned out the kids really liked having their own space and we were close enough to help and never ever worried about their safety. Being oceanfront was a real plus for us and we loved having our morning coffee and listening to the surf pound. The rooms are dated but very clean, mini bar had coke and sprite and water filled daily. Water was only warm at the end of the day for showering, but personally , I don't want hot water on me after a day in the heat. The villas have 4 open shelves for your clothes, no dressers, I liked that, easy to find stuff and nothing got musty smelling. The maids never touched a thing of ours and it was all left out in plain sight. The safes are really good and secure, in fact, we lost our room key and they had to come and replace the lock on the safe for us. Our room had 2 twin beds made up like a king, not a problem. They brought in a third twin into the kids room. TV had about 100 channels, at least 10 english channels, CNN, CBS, and others.

Restaurants - Jimmy's Buffet was great, the kids personal favorite, always a huge selection to choose from, honestly, if you can't find something to eat there, somethings wrong. Breakfast was great, omelette station, juice station, and many other choices. Also lots of local food dishes to choose from. Different theme every night at the Buffet, always good. Pasta station every night. We tried all of the a la cartes, French was great, Italian was awesome, (great cheese pizza) Mexican was good, nice location on the beach. Beach bar serves hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwich press for grilled sandwiches, salads, meatballs, ribs, chicken every day , all day until they turn into the Mexican restarant for a few hours at night. Yes, the cheese and milk and meats taste a little different than what we are used to, but it was all good, managed to put on a few pounds there! No one got sick, one of our kids had some stomach issues, but nothing major, probably more from all the sweet drinks than the food, I took Imodium and Pepto and never even opened them.

Bars - We found the lobby bar the best, they seemed to be the most consistent in what they served and how they made them. Banana daiquiris best here, most times the beach bar and pool bar never even made them, they would always say they ran out of bananas, but I think it was just too much work to make them and they were so busy. Chocolate Monkeys were awesome when you could get them to make them. The local rum is great, and they offer a "cocktail of the day" which was always worth trying. Make sure your kids say "No rum" for their drinks. Must take thermal mugs, the drinks get warm very fast without them.

Beach and Pools - Wow, what can you say about that pool that hasnt' been said, it is amazing! 2 Waterslides and a huge river. Absolutely must take floaties, but if you have to buy them, go to the supermarket in Sosua, they are way cheaper, tubes around 5$ there. There was always entertainment around the pool, except for a siesta time from around 12 -3. There are always chairs to be found, lots of people put their towels on them around 7-8a.m, never a problem to find chairs, the pool deck is huge and lots of options for sun or shade. There are 4 hot tubs, but only 1 of them is warm. We liked the cool hottubs, refreshing, who wants to sit in hot water in 30C heat? The pool is very clean , they are always cleaning the leaves away, and sweeping the deck and raking leaves. The beach is rough but awesome fun!! We saw someone lose their camera and a few lost their sunglasses. The kids had a blast playing in the waves, and the sand is like brown sugar. There is a man who works on the beach who will find you a chair, he is great. We had 4 yellow flag days and 10 red flag days while we were there. The red flag days are lots of fun, they just don;'t give you boogie boards on those days. If this resort had a slightly calmer beach, you wouldn't be able to top it, regardless, it won't stop us from coming back to Breezes.

Grounds - The grounds are beautiful,the gardening staff rake leaves all day. There are lots of Bougainvillea flowers everywhere. The buildings are beautiful, thatched roofs and Caribbean colors. The only garbage you see is from people too lazy to put their cups in the garbage bins.

Activities and Entertainment - Nightly entertainment was great, different theme every night and lots of very funny audience participation. Daytime activities include rock wall, trapeze, 3 pool tables, table tennis, fooseball, lots to do.

Tours - We did 2 tours, Ocean World which was great, kids absolutely loved it, the snorkel reef aquarium is awesome, you get to snorkel in a gigantic aquarium with lots of tropical fish, some huge! (no fins allowed, so don't cart yours along like we did) The sea lion, dolphin and shark shows were very entertaining, especially the shark show. We never paid the extra to swim with the animals and still had a great day. Gift shop here has good prices, if you break your digital camera like I did, disposables are only 10$ compared to 27 $ at the resort. Large sunscreen was 15$ here compared to more than 20$ at the resort. 12 or 14 inch pizza here was 9$. I expected prices to be high, nice surprise. We had brought snacks from the hotel(banana bread and cinnamon buns) but ended up ordering pizza because it was so reasonable. Time share guys here too, just say no thanks.

Also did the Jeep Safari, booked it out of Mel Tours, ( right where the bus drops you off in Sosua) Way cheaper than whats offered at the hotel.. Went through some very poor communities, a school, where we got mobbed by the children for our school supplies, My 13 year old son and husband climbed the 7 waterfalls(huge thrill ) , also went to Mama Dora's house where she ground us her freshly roasted coffee, and the stone carving "factory".

Departure and Check Out- Check out was smooth, had to pay 40$ for losing our key, The front desk staff speak very good English and Guest services is very good when sometihing is wrong in your room. Departure was smooth, had a long flight home due to being routed through Vancouver

Conclusion - All in all, we had a great time at Breezes. It is an amazing place for children, especially the pool. The Dominican people are wonderful, always happy and smiling and they do their best to make you happy. The location is great, and the shuttle into Sosua and Cabarete are great. Go to the big supermarket in Sosua if you forget anything. We always felt safe at the resort, we always ate well and were never bored. A note about shopping, I found the vendors very hard to bargain with , and after spending 30 minutes trying to work out a deal, found t-shirts and souveniers cheaper at the supermarket with no hassle. Patricks Siversmithy in Sosua has beautiful jewellery that was cheaper than half or more than the vendors are trying for. As a former Punta Cana lover, I have discovered the beauty of the North Coast and will return.
SuperClubs Breezes
Alice & Danny
Church Point, Nova Scotia
March 2008
Stayed at this resort from march 5-12, 2008.

I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about this resort..It was clean, neat, food was great & lots to choose from. The service from ALL employees was great. Check in was fast, we only waited 15min. for our room in which we waited at the lobby bar J

The beach was was red flagged a lot but the huge waves were a blast to play in. We’re in our 30’s & the ocean entertained us for long periods of time..!! Always easy to find beach loungers..

The Pool was so beautiful & endless of things to do…slides, hot tubs, lazy rivers, volleyball, swim up bar, shallow part! Bring your own floatie. Empty loungers everywhere.

Rooms were basic but clean! We were only in our rooms to shower & sleep anyways.

A rock climbing wall & trapeze for adults & kids to use…

The entertainment staff gave there 110% to make us laugh & have fun… A MUST go again resort.
SuperClubs Breezes
Maryka & Ron
Ottawa, Canada
March 2008
First, a bit about us to provide context. We are a married couple in the 50 - 60-year-old range. This is our seventh trip to DR. We've stayed at Occidental Grand Flamenco, Riu Taino (twice) and Barcelo Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana and Sunscape Casa del Mar (twice) in La Romama. This was our first time on the North coast and we chose this resort because the price was excellent. We like to stay at all-inclusives because they allow us to totally relax and veg out.

Arrival: We stayed at Breezes from Feb. 7 (well, Feb. 8 in reality) to Feb. 21, 2008. We booked thorugh Noli Tours and flew Sky Service. Our departure from Ottawa was delayed 13 1/2 hours(!) so instead of arriving at noon we got to the resort around 2:30 a.m. the next day. Disappointing, but since we were staying for two weeks it was not the end of the world. I felt sorry for those who were only there for a week, since we lost a whole day. I want to point out that the delayed flight included customers of Noli Tours, Transat and Sunquest. The Sunquest people got phone calls at 1:30 a.m. the morning we were supposed to depart telling them about the delay. The rest of us got no such calls. We got up at 4 in the morning, checked the SkyService web site, which said the flight was on time. When we got to the airport at 5 a.m. we were told that the flight had been delayed until 6:30 that evening. They gave us 2 taxi vouchers and a form to send in to request a $125 discount on our next SkySeervie flight.

We eventually made it to Puerto Plata. Airport arrival was quick and easy, just a long wait for our bags. Found our bus and made it to Breezes in about 15 minutes, after a stop to drop off people at another resort. It was the middle of the night so there were no other people at the front desk. I was the first in line and we were on our way to our room with the bellboy in 5 minutes – great!

Rooms: We stayed in building 10, which is to the left when you are at the front of the hotel, facing the lobby. It was a little removed from the beach and pool, but that meant that it was very quiet. Our room was on the ground floor at the back, facing the garden. The room had been refurbished and it was good. It was probably the biggest room we've had in any of our trips to DR. Two double beds (with new mattresses), desk, table with 2 chairs, 24-inch TV with (working) remote control, no dresser, 2 plastic chairs on the patio. The closet was quite large, with about a dozen hangers. I always save the wire hangers from the dry cleaner and take them on vacation, then leave them there when we go home. We found the beds very comfortable - firm but not too hard.

Key safe in the closet is provided at no extra charge. Mini fridge is stocked with lots of bottled water and some Coke and Sprite. No beeer, but we didn't try asking for that - it might work. Air conditioning is operated with the key card for the door to the room. The A/C was adequate but not great. The bathroom was standard and everything worked. There was always plenty of hot water and good water pressure.

The maids cleaned the room at a different time every day. Sometimes around 10 in the morning, sometimes after 4 in the afternoon, and everything in between. They were not generous with the towels. The first day we had 2 bath towels and one hand towel, plus a bath mat. Second day we got 3 bath towels, then 2 the next day and so on. Always 1 hand towel, never any face cloths, and twice no bath mat. A call to guest services resulted in the missing items being delivered...eventually. The room was always well cleaned.

Restaurants: For the a-la-carte restaurants you are given "coupons" that you exchange with the lady in Jimmy's buffet for reservations. For a two-week stay we got 2 coupons for Mexican and Italian and 1 coupon for French and Japanese - total of 6 reservations. We thought this was a little restrictive, but we didn't try to get any extra coupons.

Mexican was our favourite. It is in the Beach Bar and has a nice casual feel, great setting, and good food. Great frozen mango marguaritas to start, with corn chips and fresh salsa.

Italian was okay - about what I would expect from a Dominican Italian restaurant. Very ordinary and not worth a second visit.

French - I don't understand why some people rave about this one. It was fine, but once again, we had no desire to visit it twice (not that we could have with the coupon system). The French is by far the most formal of the a-la-cartes in terms of the decor and service. The French onion soup was very good. We were not allowed to order soup and salad - it had to be soup OR salad. I ordered steak, and since beef in DR is almost always tough and over-cooked, I ordered it rare, thinking I might get medium rare. Well, when it arrived it was just barely warm - blue-rare is what it would be called here. I could have sent it back to be cooked more, but it was already tough and more cooking would not have improved that. The meal came with mashed potatoes and vegetables that were good. For dessert, as noted in another review, the creme brule is not brule - it's just custard.

Japanese was probably our second favourite. The food was good - nice and fresh. But you don't get to choose anything except your appetizer and your dessert. For dinner, everyone gets the same thing - rice, veggies, chicken, beef and shrimp. The communal tables are set up around the cooking stations and the entertainment value depends on your chef and your tablemates.

The main buffet was great. Quite a lot of variety, lots of vegetables and salads, good chicken, pork and fish every day for lunch and dinner. On seafood night they had piles of lobster tails that were pretty good. One night they had roast turkey, stuffing and cranberries - very nicely done and a reminder of home. I thought the desserts were very good – great chocolate cake in some form every day. Breakfast is the best - it has been well described by other reviewers.

The buffet is laid out in a long rambling style that we found a little strange, and there are little rooms and nooks that have other food selections in them, that many people never noticed. One of the nicest things about the buffet was the seating. Rather than a huge cafeteria-style dining area, Jimmy's Buffet has lots of smaller rooms scattered around it. Some are designated smoking and some are non-smoking, plus there are tables set up outside. Because of these smaller roonms, this resort felt the least crowded of any resort we have stayed at.

The wait staff at the buffet were fabulous. Since we tended to go shortly after opening for all meals, and since we always sat at the same table, the staff came to recognize us by the third day. In the morning Julia would have coffe for my husband and hot water for my tea waiting for us, at lunch Julia (again) had our agua and vino tinto waiting, and same thing at dinner from Alcedes. We got so spoiled.

The food at the beach bar was good too and some days we stayed there for lunch instead of going to the buffet. The selection was better than most other resorts we've stayed at, where the fare at the beach bar was hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. Here they had that, plus rice, vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, ribs in barbecue sauce, Italian meatballs, fresh fruit and cake and pastries for dessert. They also have an accessible water cooler at the beach bar, which was convenient.

Before we headed to Breezes I tried to get information on Debbie's forum about how strict they are about the dress code in the restaurants - hubby doesn't like to have to wear long pants while on vacation. I can now report that the French a-la-carte was the only restaurant that insisted on long pants and none insisted on closed-toe shoes. I did see a couple of times where women were turned away from Jimmy's Buffet at lunch for wearing bathing suits with wraps around their waists but no shirts over their bathing suit tops. They were politely asked to put on T-shirts or other cover-ups.

Bars: Bars are plentiful and rarely too busy. We found the bartenders at the lobby bar the nicest and the most efficient (Jonothan was our favourite - he knew what we wanted before we could ask for it). The beach bar was understaffed with only one bartender most of the time - but always pleasant service. The pool bar and swim-up bar also only had one bartender which caused long waits. These bartenders were quite surly and we never saw them smile - perhaps it had to do with the location, since these bars had the, shall we say, "most boisterous" clientele.

Beach and Pool: On vacation we tend to be beach people. We thoroughly enjoyed the beach at Breezes. True, the sand isn't as white and powdery as in Punta Cana and the beach is not terribly long. But it is very wide, and it was NEVER crowded. Can't say that about Punta Cana! This is the first resort we've stayed at that had someone on the beach to get you your loungers and a table and place them wherever you wanted - in the sun or the shade, near the ocean or not. We loved that service. We also enjoyed playing in the rough waves. We got knocked head over heels a few times, but never got hurt. After a few days we bought 2 inflatable tubes from the resort shop and used them in the ocean. Great fun.

Some days the wind would get quite strong and we would get sand-blasted. On those days we sat by the pool. We loved the pool at Breezes. It has a "lazy river" that runs around the outside of the pool and we would get on our tubes and float on the river or paddle up to the swim-up bar. The animation team held activities such as Spanish classes, crazy games, and various contests that were fun to participate in or just sit and watch. Because there was no ocean breeze at the pool it was much hotter than the beach but there were plenty of shady spots. If you get to the pool early enough (before 11) there is someone there to help you get chairs, table and umbrella. I didn't see him there in the afternoon.

One point about the pool - one day I left my beach bag by our chairs while we went for a dip and someone (a guest no doubt) took $10 US from my bag. I blame myself for leaving it unattended in a somewhat secluded area of the pool deck. Having said that, I always left my bag unattended on my chair at the beach and never had anything taken.

Activities: I took advantage of the free scuba lessons in the pool (for the first time) and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for an open-ocean dive that same afternoon. It's amazing, but after a 20-minute lesson in a shallow pool they allow you to go out to a coral reef near Sosua and dive to 12 metres. There were 8 new divers, 2 with previous dive experience (certified) and 2 "instructors" to keep an eye on us. We dove for about 45 minutes and it was wonderful. Cost was $65US.

Tours: Our only excursion this trip was to Ocean World . I signed up to swim with the dolphins and it was incredible. Ocean World is very nicely set up and there are lots of other things to do, but I highly recommend doing the dolphin swim, or at least the encounter if you are not comfortable swimming. We liked the fact that once we arrived at Ocean World we were free to do whatever we wanted while we were there - we didn't have to stay with the group. Just show up for the bus back to the resort on time. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is a very long day - at least an hour longer than we needed to see everything and do the dolphin swim. Cost for entry to Ocean World was $55 US, and an additional $90 to swim with the dolphins. Worth it for the memories I came home with.

Conclusion: I admit that our expectations were not too high, based on the (comparatively) low cost of the package and on some of the negative reviews we read. Breezes exceeded our expectations and in some respects the resort was superior to any others we have stayed at:

- service at the buffet was better than most, and equal to Casa del Mar and Riu Taino;

- smaller dining rooms at the buffet felt less crowded and more roomy than the set up in other resort buffets;

- service on the beach and at the pool (getting chairs, etc. for us) was better than any others we've stayed at;

- level of English spoken by wait staff was much better than any of the other resorts. This isn't a big deal for us since we like to try to learn Spanish from the staff, but would be a big plus if you had no Spanish;

- beach was by far the least crowded of any resort;

- we liked the pool here better than almost all the other resorts, and as much as the pool at Occidental Grand Flamenco;

- there was always peanut butter available at the buffet for breakfast. That was a first for us.

While we were at Breezes at least 80% of the guests were Canadian, and of those I would guess that 75% were from Ontario. This actually was a bit of a disappointment for us, since we enjoy meeting people from other countries and cultures when we vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed Breezes and would recommend it for anyone who is not terribly fussy and is okay with not being able to float in a nice gentle ocean. Since they have updated the resort it is our opinion that Breezes is deserving of its 4-star rating -- bearing in mind that is DOMINICAN 4-star, not North American 4-star.
SuperClubs Breezes
March 2008
Your Arrival
Four of us spent one week at Breezes during the last week of February, 2008. The arrival was fine, very quick check-in and a 10 minute drive from the airport. The bellboys brought us our luggage just as we walked up to our room.

Our rooms were clean and spacious in a villa. We really lucked out because we were facing the ocean/beach and felt pretty secluded. Most rooms are in five story hotel-style buildings on the other end of the resort, and we really enjoyed the villa style. We spent hours sitting on our front porch with a book and enjoying the view.

There is one main buffet restaurant, a 24 hour snack bar and four a-la-cartes. We went to all of them during our one-week stay. The buffet was the best we've had yet for an all-inclusive, with lots of options and lots of seating and quick service. Our only complaint was that the omelets in the morning were terrible, and the smoothies weren't fantastic either.

We ate most of our lunches at the beach-front snack bar which offered pressed sandwiches you made yourself, great fries, several types of meat, rice, veggies, burgers, hot-dogs and dessert.

Mexican - This was our favourite of the four. Great food, filled with flavour. All four of us said it was the best. The fajitas were the highlight!

Japanese - We were slightly reluctant to have sushi in the DR, but it was fine and the entire meal was tasty.

Italian - The food here was quite good, and the atmosphere was romantic. I had a delicious sea bass filet with pesto pasta, and a caesar salad to start that was ok.

French - This is supposedly the most popular of the restaurants, but it's by far the most disappointing. The onion soup to start was good, but the other apps we ordered were tastless. The steak was overcooked and chewy, as is all the beef at the resort. The "crème brulee" didn't even have brulee on it (in other words, it was missing the hard burnt sugar topping, which is the key component!). But the service was fantastic and there was a great fine-dining atmosphere.

The most disappointing thing about the food is that just about all the deserts failed to impress, so bring some chocolate with you if you need a sugar fix sometimes!

The many bars were great, although the service wasn't as friendly as I've experienced elsewhere, even when tipping.

The only problem is the coconut milk based drinks (pina colada/banana mama) act as a laxative and caused problems for a few of us, so we had to avoid those.

Beach and Pools
The pool is truly fantastic at Breezes. There were usually always chairs available, and the pool itself is huge, deep and refreshing. There was never a feeling of being crowded in the pool.

The beach is decent. The ocean is very deep and often wavy. It's not a calm beach, but we enjoyed playing in the waves. Our boyfriends spent hours playing with water tubes (which you can buy there for $9) in the ocean. In some places though, you have to be careful to avoid the sharp lava rocks on the shore.

The grounds were impeccable and very well maintained. They seem to have a lot of staff cleaning and maintaining the landscape. It's very spacious.

There's plenty to do on the resort, and good entertainment in the evenings. No reason to get bored here!

We didn't do any tours, but the hotel offers free shuttle buses to the nearby towns of Cabarete and Sosua. Make sure you check out these beaches, as they're both totally different from the beach at Breezes.

Sosua - we spent two days in Sosua on the beach because the water is incredible. It's totally clear and calm (no waves!) and there are coral reefs you can swim to from the shore with snorkeling gear (which they rent out on the beach). There's also a very long "flea market" set up there to buy stuff, but they really try to jack up their prices to even higher than you'd pay in Toronto for some things.

Cabarete - This beach is much wider and longer than Sosua but the water is deeper and wavy. It's more commercial here and there are lots of great bars/restaurants on the beach and more established shopping areas. We were also less bothered by people trying to sell their stuff. This beach is known for their kite boarding and wind-surfing, which is very entertaining to watch from the beach.

We had a great vacation and Breezes offers excellent value for your dollar. We would definitely recommend it.
SuperClubs Breezes
January 2008
Arrival: Jan 2008
This was our first trip anywhere. After 23 years of marriage we decided it was time for a honeymoon. We arrived in the late evening. The wait at the airport to clear customs and get our luggage was not long. We were out of the airport in about an hour. The ride from the airport to the resort was less than half an hour, which was nice. After we arrived at the resort, we were checked in and assigned our rooms fairly quickly. The check-in staff were very nice and helpful.

The room was nice, clean and in a fabulous location. We had emailed the resort and made a couple of requests and were happy to find they had were able to provide us with both of these.

Restaurants and Bars:
There was the buffet restaurant, was was delicious. Then there was the 4 specialty restaurants. We used 3 of the 4 and the meals were excellent, and the service superb. If you come home from this resort hungry, then you are too picky of an eater. There was something for everyone. The all-night bar and restaurant was good with great snacks. The food was always hot and plenty of it. The bars were always well stocked and prepared for all drink requests. The waiters and waitresses were always helpful and smiling.

The pool was a little bit disappointing. There was the lazy river going around the pool. The water was always cool to chilly. I would have thought it would be warmer. The beach was disappointing. It was rocky and small. The grounds were impeccable.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We went off the resort twice. The first was into Sosua, which was a great day. The flea market on the beach is something to be experienced. We also went into Cabarete. This was unique. The people of Cabarete were not as friendly and helpful as the people of Sosua. It was a bit unsettling to see armed guards standing outside of the occasional bar as we walked along. We also took a "boogy bike" tour. This was an amazing day and when we head back to the Dominican we will definatley do this again. I would suggest checking with the resort to see if they offer this tour before booking it with the travel rep. It was cheaper to go with the resort. The evening entertainment was exceptional. The staff of the resort worked hard to make sure people had a good time.

Other Comments:
I would not hesitate to go back to the Breezes by Super Clubs.
SuperClubs Breezes
Michelle and Mark

April 2007
Was perfect. The flowers were beautiful. I would recommend anybody to get married here!!! Monday morning we met with the wedding planner and picked the flowers and meal and got shown the wedding cermony sites. I picked the gazaboo and loved the location. The photographer did a really good job. I hagled him to give me the small package and put all pictures on a CD for $290.00 USD. the small package is usually 30 pics, album, 4 enlargements, and the 30 pics on a CD for $210.00. All group weddings are in the Italian restaurant, enless there are more weddings then some will be in the mexican. because we had 14 guest we had to pick from the preselected menues. we picked chicken breezes style (which was chicken parmsean) and it was EXCELLENT!!! The cake was really good too. I had a massage at the spa ( a bride and groom special) it was amazing. we picked the sunflower package which included: steam room, 1/2 hour message, manucare for me and scalp massage for him for $80.00 USD. I also got my hair and make up done there for $40 USD, but i gave the hairdresser/makeup artist a $20 usd Tip because she did a beautiful job and she doesn't make the $40.00 the resort charges, she gets about $1.00 from that. Don't be scared to get married here, its beautiful, they know what they are doing
SuperClubs Breezes
Sarah & Gilles
Halifax, NS, Canada
November 2006
What can I say, I was a bride to be, nervous and a little sick to my stomach when I read some of these reviews. I think I stressed out my travel agent more by saying are you sure about Breezes and how nice it is? My fiance and I are not well seasoned travellers, but out of our guests of approximately 50 people, some were. A few guests had been to the caribbean more times then I can count on both hands, so lets just say I was waiting for the big oh my god, where did I book my wedding, in a rundown, bug infested, waterhole of a resort. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised. Yes I was.

1.The Resort/Grounds: The resort was beautiful, the gardens were manicured, workers were seeding and weeding and tending to the flowers all day long. The beach, yes not long but soooo clean, no garbage no seaweed, the waves were incredible, if you wanted calm waters, go to the pool. The waves were so much fun, you always came out of the water with laughter on your face, and the ocean was warmer then the pool.

2.The Restaurants: The food was fabulous, for one of the well seasoned caribbean travellers, she and her husband said it was the best tasting food they had in a resort. The buffet was different every lunch,and every night as it was themed, the a la carte restaurants, Japanese, Mexican, French, Italian, to die for, especially their desserts. Good size portions, and the flavor, yum. Best advice, book your restaurants as soon as you get there at the resort (you do that in the front entrance of Jimmys Buffet)

3. Staff: I don't know if it was because of our large group, but we always had great service, I know the resort says no tipping, but I am sure between all of us, they made a lot. Bring small trinkets to leave for the maids every morning and you get very clean rooms, and lots of towels and they are willing to make your room as comfortable as you would like. On our arrival, our patio door, which we had a ground floor corner room over looking the ocean and the pool as well, was not closing and locking properly. My fiance asked a maintanence worker if he could fix it, gave him 3 cigarettes (Canadian brand) and by lunch, our door was fixed. My reception was held at the Mexican restaurant which during every other hour except between 6-9pm is the Beach Bar. The staff was awesome to say the least. They went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect even after 10pm we were still having a "reception" the staff closed the bar and the "24hr" bbqe grill to the rest of the resort guests, stating it was a private party. They did not have to do that, they had no obligation to do that and they were definitely not getting paid to do that. They saw our wedding reception as a private event and they kept it that way. I must say the staff at the beach bar made our trip even better, not just that night but for the whole week. And to my surprise, being maritimers we did drink the bar dry of beer the first night. After that night they made sure they had an extra keg just for us.

4. The Rooms: Some of the rooms had deficianies, but unless your an uptight snob, a little crack in the tiles, or paint chipping off the wall, there is nothing wrong with the rooms, actually it gives it character. If you don't have hot water, wait an 1/2hr, because most likely the rest of the resort is probably showering at the same time you are and they just don't have enough hot water pumps. If you keep your doors open, yes you will get a cockroach or a geiko in your room, plus all the hot humidity. Bring a fabric softner sheet and put it over the airconditioner, your room will smell less musty. But hey unless you have crappy weather, your not spending much time in your room anyway and if you are maybe you should of stayed home it would of cost you a lot less money. But if you are really unhappy, don't wait to get something fixed ask for another room, one couple in our group did (their toilet wouldn't flush) and without any argument they were moved to another room.

5. Illnesses: If you have a weak stomach, bring immodium and antacids. My aunt got really sick the second night and ended up on IV therapy. The doctor was there 1hr after my uncle went to the front desk. He made in a period of 24 hrs, 6 visits to see her. Treatment wise, out of 50 of us, half are paramedics, 3 doctors, 4 nurses. The doctors who are ER docs, went and checked her medications the island dr was treating her with and said, "this Dr knows what he is doing" 24hrs from the initial symptoms, my aunt was at my wedding and the reception, up dancing and enjoying the rest of her vacation. He also ran out of some medication and he drove from Caberate to Confresi looking for the correct medication. and on top of all that he was able to direct bill my aunts insurance company, they did not have to fork out any money for her medical treatment. Now that is service.

6. My wedding. Unbelievable. Took less the 45 mins to plan. Everything my fiance and I asked for we received.The menu for the reception had a little bit of everything, and the food was again unbelievable. Ladies if your planning on getting married, the spa will do your hair for a good price and do your makeup complimentary.Flowers, you look in an photo album, select the arrangement you want and they will get you the flowers that you desire plus the colours you want. Pictures, came back the next morning in a beautiful album, no complaints. Video took 2 days because we had music added and they edited for us and everytime I watch it it makes me cry all over.

7. Excursions: Go out and do them, some of the group (the men)went deep sea fishing, they had a blast, the girls went horseback riding in the mountains, sore but the views were breathtaking. Banana Boat Catarmaran, totally a hoot. The buggies, if you don't get one that breaks down, you'll won't have any worries, though our group there were a few mechanical problems, but they knew how to fix things, looks scary (they used a coat hanger and a shoe lace for added tension on the brake pedal, but it worked)

Overall as you can probably tell all, of us had a great time, we had no outstanding complaints about anything, and if one of us did, the staff did everything possible to correct it. I would highly recommend this resort, and if I had the vacation time I would definitely go back in a second, maybe next year since I as the bride get 50% off on our anniversary week.

(Just a side note: for all those uptight snobs who think the rooms are what makes a vacation, they are renovating the rooms, slowly but surely, room by room and remember it is the caribbean and what might be considered a 4 star resort in the US or the UK and Canada, it is not the same standards, if you want that then spend the extra cash and stay at a 5 star resort and you'll get the 4 star equilivant in your country)

So if you already booked your vacation there, and you read all those bad reviews like I did and began to panic, take a deep breathe relax and just enjoy yourself, you make your own happiness out of your vacation, others don't and it's not their responsibility to do so.
SuperClubs Breezes
S & J
August 2006
I read everyone's review and it helped me out so I think it's fair for me to post mine :)

We stayed at the Superclubs Breezes Resort Spa Casino in Puerto Plata July 15- July 22 2006. The hotel was very nice I was pleased. We did have some of my family who waited a long time to check in so that was disappointing but I know how it is sometimes lol I had 22 family and friends come so it was a lot of people for a wedding away.

The wedding day was beautiful and perfect! It was hot and sunny! I had the wedding at the earliest day that I could so I could get it out of the way so we could all just relax after Everyone thought it was a great idea. I arrived on Sat and had the wedding on Mon. It was short, sweet and the wedding coordinator was great! I wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being a great day and we were both extremely happy! We had a lot of fun on our wedding day I'm very organized so it was hard not knowing exactly how things get done. I met another couple and the bride was just as nervous not knowing anything but she got some tips from me. I hope there wedding was as great as mine!

FLOWERS- I had a picture of my flowers and they did them exactly the same They did a great job, since I was worried about that. I was so shocked how beautiful they came out!

CAKE- It's just a white cake so if you want to decorate it bring stuff. I put some flowers from my center piece and the cake looked gorgeous!

DINNER- Our dinner was at the Italian restaurant and the food was great! But when you are choosing your dinner ask what exactly the meals are. We picked a balsamic/vinaigrette salad. We thought it was going to be a green salad and it ended up being tomatoes with cheese inside and 2 lettuce leaves lol The presentation was great but we wanted a green salad They served bruschetta before, then the salad, we had a tomatoe basil soup it was good our guests enjoyed it too. Main course was chicken parmesan with pasta and desert our wedding cake. We had the vanilla it was yummy fresh whipped icing. I'm a chocolate lover but there chocolate is different so i went with Vanilla instead.
The table was set up beautifully I was very impressed and the staff were so sweet I tipped them of course!! They were really great to my whole family.

PICTURES- The photographer was good, my pictures came out very nice I was surprised. But he doesn't really tell you how to position yourself to ensure you get good photos sometimes. I had a few photos with eyes closed which I think he should of took a second one and sometimes people needed to be positioned closer etc. I think my family was driving the photographer crazy as they were busy taking there own photos and he was always waiting for them to take there shots lol I made some jokes with him to lighten the mood. But I had my paparazzi family with me lol I have tons of pictures. I did a lot of fun pics on the beach after the photographer was done and those are gorgeous!! It helped that my sister had a professional camera Oh ya he comes to your room to take a few photos before you leave to the ceremony, I didn't know that was going to happen I was only expecting Amelia with the flowers.

I received my fruit plate and two bottles of Presidente the first day we arrived those went down easy lol We also received another fruit plate and Champagne bottle in our room on the wedding day!! Breakfast in bed the next day was very nice too

I loved the music trio, my Dad laughed the whole way walking me from my room to the Gazebo lol
We even had a first dance for about 2 min in the Gazebo, we danced to a Bachata :)
You can have them play at your reception for additional cost.

As for the wedding it was great and I would recommend it to anyone at this resort! Amelia the wedding coordinator was very nice she did everything I asked for! It went smooth and we were able to enjoy ourselves!!!

Oh and I received my marriage certificate 1 1/2 weeks later I was so shocked I thought it would take longer, I was pleased!! I did leave Amelia a gift as well as a thank you but that's just how I am, I like to do things like that she was really happy and thankful!!

I have some pictures posted but they are from my sisters camera some poses the photographer did and had a clear shot but all the beach ones were done by my family:

If you have any questions you can send me a PM to Bachatafreak on Debbie's site as I am a member.
SuperClubs Breezes Puerto Plata
April 2005
I just wanted to write a little something about Breezes Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. We travelled there in January 2005 and it was a great resort. The children never said they were bored once our entire stay. We have a girl 8 and a boy 6 and they said it was awesome. The pool area is set up really well so the kids could swim in the pool right in the centre. There were two slides and they spent the majority of our stay on them. They also were in and out of the hot tubs(which weren't hot) all day. There were plenty of kids games by the pool and a basketball net in the water. If you have small children there was a baby pool right close. The kids thought the swim up bar was fantastic as the juice was not stop whenever they were thirsty. We only spent one afternoon at the ocean as the kids enjoyed the pool so much. They had a rock climbing wall that seemed to be pretty busy but our kids didn't try it. They did however go on the trampoline and watch the trapeze in action. They had a good time playing pool in the lobby by the bar and thoroughly enjoyed the kids programs at night. This resort did a good job of keepig the children busy while they were in the same area of us as we had a bit of time to relax while still enjoying the company of our kids. I would have definately taken the kids to the kids club as it seemed well cared for and continually busy execpt for the fact that we were so busy ourselves we didn't get a chance to take them. The kids always found something to eat on the buffets and at night they had their own childrens buffet to choose from off to the side of the main buffet. Their favorite part of the meal was being able to make their own ice cream after their meal at the sundae station with soft serve ice cream. I rate this a 4.5 our of 5 for kids as we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the kids had a good time too. I hope this review was helpful and surely you won't be dissapointed with your stay their. Good Luck!
SuperClubs Breezes Puerto Plata

Montreal, Canada
January 2004
When searching for a resort we looked for one with a mini-club for the kids. We thought we might be able to convince the kids to go once or twice for a couple of hours. Boy were we wrong ... The kids loved it and asked us as soon as we got up to go the mini-club. We couldn't believe it. They wanted to go every day, so we had to limit their time there and the number of days in order to spend some time with them. Lola, Mimi and Maria did activities with the kids during the day (trampoline, painting, nintendo, beach games, swimming) and at night they would have a mini-disco or show with the kids participation. My kids loved it!!