Debbie's Dominican Old Reviews - Be Live Grand Punta Cana
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Iris and Bill 
December 2008
Arrival: Dec 22 - 29
No problems with the arrival on Skyservice...they even had a lot of legroom and nice hot meals (the last we would experience until flying back on the evening of the 29th). Nolitours was very efficient on pickup, etc.

Excellent rooms on the Chameleon side. Never lost power, hot water most of the time, good bed and pillows, excellent maid service, even had excellent service on the room safe activation. We were first ever to use this room...nice. However, we did experience a small shower leak coming from the light above the shower from the room above.

Restaurants and Bars:
The mode of doing reservations for the a la cartes was bizarre. Sometimes you needed to, sometimes not. The fact that we had paid more for the Chameleon "preferred service" (read not requiring any reservations) made no difference. Really, the only extra was being able to eat at the Aqua restaurant, which didn't have much selection and waiters with attitude. They would walk by apparently busy but never serve you with coffee or water. If you served yourself, they would get annoyed. Windows restaurant, the main buffet, had a decent selection of foods, but all food was cold eg. saw a lady scoop up some mashed potatoes, sniff, and plop it back disgustingly into brand new tray brought just brought from the kitchen. This happened with many other foods. The only selection that was warm was the pasta and omelletes / egg bars that prepared the food on a grill right in front of you. Had a meal at the Italian, same cold / lukewarm food (probably brought in from the Windows restaurant almost next door. The only decent warm food was at the Japanese restaurant as the food was cooked right in front of you on a huge grill. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB IS DO NOT EAT ANY MEAT, including chicken, pork, hamburgers, etc. as almost all meat was blood red inside. Saw a mom feeding her young approx. 4 year old son raw hamburger. The food is not 4 or 5 star quality, as the resort is rated.

Pools are beautiful but cold with no hot tub in sight. Beach was the reason we came to Punta Cana. No disappointments here with the beautiful white sands and the miles of undeveloped beaches west of the resort bordering the natural reserve.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Went on the Marinarium tour. OK. Our daughter went on the "dune buggy" run. Aside from the usual equipment problems, such as wheels falling off, etc., had a great time, especially swimming in the caves.

Other Comments:
This is not our first trip to the Dominican. From the food point of view, it has been the worst. Even a 3 star rated resort (Barcelo Dominican) from last year had much better (hot) food and service. Won`t go back to this resort.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Cleveland, Ohio
December 2008
Arrival:   We arrived November 30, 2008

Jr. master suite Room 7313 Little MONSTERS IN OUR BED DAILY (gecko's)

Restaurants and Bars:
4 restaurants 3 bars No matter if you had breakfast, lunch , or dinner the food was always COLD in the main restaurant (windows) The food in the Italian restaurant was good... The hamburgers were always undercooked !!! Fries were good !!!!! The same thing cooked everyday in the main restaurant(Windows) The bartenders were wonderful,(mario is the greatest ) the drinks are a bit strong. The flies in the buffet style restaurant are very very annoying .Please dont forget to Tip the wait staff, they go there best to refill your beverages and clear off the dirty plates !!!

The white sand beaches were fill with seaweed !!! the ground are well maintained the seaweed was cleaned up by 7am. At lease they tried to clean it up ????

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Cancelled Monday & Tuesday ! Thursday was cancelled because the wasn't any electricity On that side of the resort including Block 2,4,&7 where we stayed

Other Comments:
Gecko's were everywhere including in our bed under the covers !!! A vacation team bugging us to buy a time share during our whole stay. When the lights went out , all management offered us was 1 candle, Not even to give us another room !!! I dont recommend this resort to ANYONE !!! Find a better RESORT !!!! Overall the staff was wonderful, if you speak Spanish !!!
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Hlywud/the Warden 
Ontario, Canada
October 2008
We flew out of Toronto on Skyservice 757 in Row 21, lots of leg room. Uneventful relatively smooth flight arrived ahead of schedule time at 10:20 am, customs was very quick, luggage quick and onto bus to resort with Grande Presidente in hand within about 20 minutes of arrival, 15 minutes later we arrived at the resort.

Check in at the resort was very efficient, with welcome drink in hand, we were greeted by Guest Service Manager Jose Sanz, who registered us and then took us to our beautiful suite and within 15 minutes we were back at the lobby for the afternoon at the pool and beach. I previously emailed resort requesting a room with an ocean view on an upper floor. We got exactly what we requested and more, a beautiful 3rd floor Master Suite, with magnificently polished marble floors, king sized canopy bed, lovely sitting area, an in room Jacuzzi and a balcony Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean and beautiful beach. Quite a pleasant surprise for us. One word describes these accommodations “Magnificent”.

There are lots of lots of shelf space and hangers in closet with an electronic safe available at no charge. The bathroom toilet area was although small size but very adequate with its own privacy door and was flanked by a huge walk in shower with its own privacy glass door as well. The dressing area had two sinks and supplies of shower caps, sewing kit, face cloths, and lots of towels, body lotion, and body gels.

The balcony was a good size with two chairs and round table as well as rack for wet bathing suits, as well there was a very large 2 person Jacuzzi that overlooked the ocean,

Maid service was excellent—usually cleaned by noon. Each night we came back to find a turn down service has been provided and a fresh supply of towels.

Cameleon section rooms which we visited were nice clean and well decorated junior suites considerably smaller than our room, but would have been very acceptable, and there was a lazy river between the blocks for the guests to use and bar service provided direct to your lounger.

Resort is very nice, but needs to be maintained with a bit more TLC in the common area of the resort, but I was assured by Senor Sanz that this area will be renovated as soon as the new addition is opened and operational.

As far as layout the resort is very easy to get around. Grounds are lovely and have some beautiful foliage and plants with a family of egrets and flamingo’s wandering around their own ponds.

The beach was better than I anticipated as I had read there was a lot of seaweed in this location; I had been previously at the resort next door a few years back and had no sea grass problems.

Seaweed was raked up meticulously every morning but more small amounts flowed in as the day went on. This is a seasonal thing in the area of Cabeza de Toro. I had also read previously about all the boat traffic and fumes from the Club Nautica adjacent to this resort, this posed absolutely no problems at all during our stay.

There were plenty loungers available at the beach and the pool with adequate shade available. While the resort workers raked almost all the resort beach area daily the guests need to spend a little time thinking about all the debris (napkins, paper plates, cigarette butts etc.) they left around the loungers on the beach and at the pool. Would you through your garbage on your own backyard or patio area? I think not!

This is not a garbage disposal area; there were garbage receptacles available at many locations on the beach and around the pool. One thing that the resort could do is provide some plastic ashtrays throughout the resorts common area, this would definitely help alleviate some of the cigarette butts that people just crushed into the sand or left in a drink glass near the pools.

As I mentioned in my conversation with Senor Sanz, this becomes an unnecessary resort problem due to the lack of intelligence of some tourists, Senor Sanz agreed that an introductory letter in the registration envelope asking guest to treat the facilities as if it were part of their own home might help rectify this. He also was going recommend that a supply of proper plastic ashtrays be placed in the pool and beach area.

The main pool is a decent sized with lots of palapas and loungers. No problems with the towel game being played as there are plenty of loungers available; the pool was definitely in need of a refurbishment as there were lots of spots where the paint was gone from the bottom and near the sides also. The pool was a popular spot in the afternoon especially if any the sand started to blow on the beach but it was very hot and one had to avail themselves of the water frequently to stay cool. Temperatures for the week ranged between 30C and 32C.

There also was a pool available in the Cameleon Suite area with a lazy river running in between the blocks of rooms, these were in very good condition.

Food and service was excellent in all the a la carte restaurants.

We tried the Italian a la carte, the Seafood and Tex Mexican restaurants and enjoyed them all immensely. The wait staff was very attentive, courteous and polite; it is our opinion that these were the best a la carte restaurants that we have visited in our many visits to the Dominican Republic and rate close to any 5 star restaurants we have used.

The Windows buffet always had something to suit everyone’s palate but was consistently the same everyday. The air conditioning unit was not operational therefore the windows were opened to help with air flow but it was quite hot and did tend to attract some flies.

Entertainment in the evening didn’t really impress us it also started at 9:30 pm and I am an early riser and generally to bed quite early. Lobby bar (Umbrella) and court yard was the place to gather/hang in the evenings for a few evening cocktails under the stars.

Sports equipment was available for all ages at this resort, shuffleboard courts, bocce ball courts, volleyball, tennis, wind surf equipment, hobie cats, kayaks, sail boards, table tennis, pool tables, foos ball and even a ps2 station for the video addicts. In the afternoons the animation team led the games at the beach and around the pool everyday.

The resort while it is listed by most tour operators as a 4.5 star in my opinion doesn’t meet those standards, but was a solid 4.0 star that could be improved with the TLC that I mentioned previously.

We would return if the price was right, I am sure that once the addition is operational and renovation programs which some were in progress are completed this resort will live up to the standards

Pictures can be seen here
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
September 2008
August 29 through September 6th 2008

There were six of us, all mature professional women. Five of us had been to this resort four years ago before the management change and enjoyed it very much. We decided to take a chance and go back to the same resort. This was a disappointing decision especially since one of our group hadn't been there before and it didn't live up to our expectations.

We found the staff very nice, helpful, and fixed a small problem with our reservation very happily as well as some other maintenance issues. The grounds were kept very nice as was the pool and beach area (for the most part...there are slobs no matter where you go that need someone to stand next to them and pick up after them 24/7). It was also nice to be fairly close to the airport so that we weren't driving for an hour to get to our resort.

The food seemed to be the biggest issue. Plenty of it at any hour, always something you could find that was suitable for your taste buds, however, the FLIES and other types of flying insects definitely knew where the food was being served also. I am speaking specifically about the Windows Buffet (which is where we mainly ate as we were on vacation and preferred not to make reservations for dinner). FLIES crawling around on all the food was very unappealing and I don't understand why because it is a restaurant. My roommate and I both ended up with the intestinal thing (no we did not over indulge but I certainly have wondered about the flies).

We all love Punta Cana and will go back again, but trying a different All-Inclusive resort each time is definitely the way to go.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

July 2008
Maintenance and upkeep of the hotel is terrible. The property was sold to us as a 5 star hotel but by the tour operator, Sunwing Holidays, but the only thing that was 5 star in the hotel was the size of the rooms. All rooms on the main floor are very moldy. The mold most likely lives in the air conditioning. I had to change rooms twice and although the smell in the last room I stayed at was not as bad as in the previous ones, I could not spend any time in my room, only when I had to go to sleep. Returning home I had to wash all my clothes three times, even those ones I did not wear at the hotel. Most clothes still smell bad of mold. Mold is very unhealthy and toxic, it can cause bad migraines or serious lung problems mimicking Tuberculosis, et

We were not allowed to put our wet bathing suites on the balcony to dry them, we had to leave them in our cold air conditioned rooms. Of course they could not get dry inside the room, they just simply soaked in more mold smell. It was impossible to adjust the cooling of the air conditioner, so it was either very cold or too hot when we turned it off I asked guest services at the hotel to clean the air conditioning in my room, I do not know if they did it or not, the smell of mold was still prevalent when I checked out.
I spoke to guests staying on higher floors, They did not have mold but they lacked water pressure in their room, they could not take showers. I found live cockroaches running around in the bathroom .

Food was mediocre but the selection was good. We were allowed to have dinner 4 times in different restaurants within the resort. 2 of these restaurants were bad. I can recommend only the American Grill or the Di Mario restaurants where the food selection was limited but the servings were tastier than in the main restaurant serving buffet food. They served stale Italian Focaccia bread, un-toasted with a thin slice of cheese and a bit of Prosciutto Do not eat desert at any of these restaurants though. 90 % of the food is imported, the deserts tasted like card board freshly taken out of the freezer.

There is lots of food going to waste at the buffet (Window) restaurant. After each meal all the untouched buffet food is thrown into the garbage even though the country is very poor with many people starving on the island.

The beach is nice but for some reason they cut most of the branches of the palm trees, so there is hardly any shade. I had to get up at 6 a.m. on my vacation every morning to secure lawn chairs with umbrellas on the beach. Do not go to this property in July and August. Since the hotel is owned by a Spanish hotel chain, most guest were from Spain and Europeans take family vacations in July and August. While there were very limited number of people from English speaking countries, they had huge Spanish families. The hotel is catering to kids. There is not much adult entertainment and with the exception of the front office, the staff does not speak English. It was surprising that the host of the evening entertainment program did not speak English either. I have been at other resorts, even 3 star ones in the Dominican Republic where they had much better entertainment and many more bilingual staff

Drink selection was good, they even served imported wine and other alcohol. Landscaping was nice, although during the period I stayed at the hotel there was construction going on at the middle of the resort as well as at the next door hotel. It was impossible to enjoy quiet time on the beach due to the construction noise from both directions
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
June 2008
We stayed at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana in room 8700 in May for a week. We were originally given rooms 5210 and 5212 when we arrived but because the paint was peeling off of the walls and both refrigerators were not working we were switched to another room. The other issue was that we were given these rooms and when we double checked our paperwork we noticed that we were supposed to have a 3 bedroom apartment (which is why we got room 8700). You would think that they would have just given us the right room from the start but that didn't happen.

The 8700 room was not ready for anyone to stay there. There was a towel soaking up the leak in the closet from a broken air conditioner which means that some worker knew that there was a leak.

This place has some upgraded rooms which are pictured on their site but be wary of the bait and switch. When you get to the resort you will find that if you want to stay in these rooms the guys at the front desk will ask you to pay an additional $50 per person per night to stay in these rooms. Most couples I saw paid it because the standard rooms were in such bad conditions. On a 2 week vacation that is another $1400...unthinkable.

The electricity went out in the resort on our last day and we were told that the entire area was having problems but when I went to the Sunscape hotel next door the electricity was working there.

The food was absolutely horrible and there were many fruit flies in the Windows Restaurant and other restaurants as well. Usually when there are this many flies around there is definitely a cleanliness problem.

Extremely slow service at the bars...very strange considering how many bars they have

Beach and Pools
This is probably the only good thing about the place...many activities at the pool and activity staff seemed to be the only ones working.

Not so impressive...have been to a ton of other places and this place was not as well manicured as the rest and the only animals they have are roaches, flies and mosquitoes.

One of the cooks in the Windows Restaurant tried to sell me a necklace. Which means that he would have left his area where he was cooking to get a necklace and try to make some money. What is going on at this place???

The workers at your Spa are extremely lazy and do not want to work either. I visited your spa 4 times over the span of 3 hours in hopes of getting a spa treatment and was turned away several times and told that there was no one available to help. When they did find a person to help her that person said that she was too tired to do anything. It was one excuse after another excuse to not work.

Departure and Check Out
I decided to cut my vacation short and leave a week early but since I prepaid they needed to have a copy of my credit card to refund me the additional week. The week after I got back my bank called me up and told me that someone tried to use my card in Miami. This is the only place where I used this card because I paid for the next hotel with another card. Please be careful.

My biggest concern was the vulgar language being used by workers of all levels at your resort. Since I understand Spanish I was able to figure out exactly what they were saying but having to listen to that kind of language is offensive and shouldn't be tolerated.

I feel as though we were under unsafe and unlivable conditions for the majority of our trip. Most of the workers at this resort are also very lazy and seem to just be hanging out socializing as opposed to doing their best to make their client's stay as good as could be.

I have never had a worse vacation and given the reduced amount of time provided for vacation in the United States it is a greater loss for us to have gone to your resort than just financial.

I would never go back to this resort or any of its affiliated resorts even for free.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Ontario, Canada
June 2008
Great flight with Sunwing every thing was on schedule

Upgraded to building #7 beautiful big room except one morning had two cockroaches

Ate only in the buffet great food service was a little slow, seemed a little understaffed

The staff works hard but the drinks are not up to par, seems like they are watered down. The coca loco were not good here and that is the only drink that we enjoy
Need another beach bar by building # 7 as the nearest one is at the main pool area

Beach and Pools
The adult pool was full of children . No stairs in the main pool only ladders, very difficult to get in and out on the plus side they were clean and warm

Beach was 88 degrees and beautiful but a lot more seaweed then resort further up

Grounds the area is nice but needs work didn’t see staff working on the grounds as we have seen at other resorts we have visited in Punta Cana
Smaller resort and everything is convenient

Activities and Entertainment
there were there but we did not participate

Departure and Check Out
No problems with check out and the new way they have the check in at the airport everything went smoothly

The rules of the resort are not followed
1. adult pool always had children in
2. dress code for supper was not enforced

There are time share and people trying to sell condos at the bars, pools and restaurants, you are on vacation not looking to buy real estate
There was lots of plastic glasses and litter on the beach and common areas
There is lots of construction right on the resort and beside
I would not go back to this resort as the resorts further up the beach like the Bavaro Princess and the Palladium are far more superior as far as the beach and grounds
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
May 2008
Arrival and Flight: This was my first ever trip to the D.R., so I was a bit nervous about how the procedure would be. Arrived at around 6PM on Friday, May 2nd. In and out of the airport very quickly and easily. Well organized and efficient! Walk out of the plane, grab your suitcase, find your mini-bus and GO! The people there were soo helpful and friendly. No stress at all.

Rooms: Blown away! We had the ground-floor room which was huge and comfy beds. AC worked a bit too well 'cause the room would get so cold that when you finally decided to go outside into the heat, it was a shock to system! Ceiling fan, to me, was enough!!! Our maid was the best! Although she spoke no english, we still got along quite well by the universal method of sign language! Once she understood a request, she would drop everything to comply! And always smiling! If you want the safe, it will cost you an extra $18 USD and for this, you'll have to go to the main lobby Punta Cana (not the Grand Oasis side). Fridge always stocked and fresh towels, daily.

Restaurants: I ate solely at Windows! Fantastic buffet where everyday, something new was on the menu. The staff there were very friendly and are constantly running around to clear away plates and refill empty glasses. I had lunch once at the American Grill and at the beach-side resto. Both were good also.

Bars: LOVE IT! I don't know about the Punta Cana side, but for the Grand Oasis side, we had a waiter walk up to our poolside terrace to serve our drinks! From our morning coffee (D.R. coffee will cure anything!), to lunch time beer, to evening drinks! When I would actually make the effort to leave the room (!), the bar next to the American Grill would be my watering-hole! Regardless, all the bartenders are very friendly and would sometimes show-off à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail, which I really liked!

Beach and Pools: Clean, clean, clean!!! There's always someone doing something to maintain the beach/pools.

Grounds: Absolute beauty. Just like everything else, the grounds were always clean, well groomed and had the odd gardener here and there doing something.

Activities and Entertainment: Very inviting. Nobody would feel left out, the person running whatever activity would encourage people to join and make sure everyone was doing something to participate. And soo much fun too! Wherever you would go, there was music playing and people dancing! Tours: Didn't do any of the tours 'cause this trip was basically to get the feel. No doubt, I will participate in the tours/excursions when I return (in which will be soon). Just remember to have a minimum of $100 USD (per activity) set aside for this and sign up with your travel guide (in our case, Nolitours). We heard scary tales of people signing for tours with "guides" they met on the beach, getting assigned an activity (and paying in advance!!) just to find out after that it was all a hoax (and pre-paid activity money lost).

Departure and Check Out: Piece of cake. We had to check out at 12PM, but our mini-bus was scheduled for 2:30PM. No problem, 'cause they kept our suitcases in a courtesy room. And just like the arrival, the departure was very easy 'cause I found everything to be well organized.

Conclusion: I found that if you approach a staff member with a smile and a handshake, regardless if you have an issue or a problem, things will get done quite efficiently. All in all, I really had a good time and like I mentioned earlier, I will return before the end of the year, so much I appreciated and loved the experience.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

April 2008
My wife and I have traveled to the Dominican Republic a dozen times and have never experienced a property that we would never return to; now we've found one!

The (upgraded) room was too humid for habitation. The bed sheets were always damp as were the towels, our clothes, books and papers. The sliding door did not have a screen so attempting to dry out the room with outside air only served to welcome mosquitos into our clammy abode.
Two attempts by "maintenance" succeeded only in temporarily stemming the flow of water/condensation from the ceiling AC unit.

The food was poor to mediocre but we just could not get past the flies that were constantly on the food in the buffet serving areas, on the baskets of bread, on our plates, silverware, napkins and our food once it was in front of us. I have never experienced such unsanitary conditions anywhere in our very extensive travels. Table clothes are not routinely changed between diners; stains and spills from earlier diners only attracting more flies.

Our only respite from the flies was one a dinner at the Italian restaurant one evening.

It defies my understanding why this property is not experiencing widespread health problems among its guests.

The staff was nice, but have not been trained to be neat or attentive to the needs of their guests. A simple thing like having "cafe con leche" arrive promptly at breakfast more often than not just could not happen.

I could go on and on but good reader I trust you get the message.

We would certainly not give the management of Grand Oasis Punta Cana 5 stars or 5 apples. A 3 would be most generous.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Calgary, AB, Canada
April 2008
Grand Oasis Cameleon Select Club / Bavaro Suites

Arrival and Flight April 10, 2008 - Air Transat Flight TS138, after being stuck on the tarmack in the plane for 4hrs during a snow storm we were finally off on our 6.5hr flight there. Thankfully the plane was not full as it was more comfortable to have to be on for 10.5hrs.

Rooms : Junior Suite in building 7 - they were spectacular and just like the rooms shown on the website which was nice, however I could see it being disappointing if you were in a standard room only seeing pictures of these rooms for sure.

Restaurants : I have to say I was impressed with all the restaurants, however my favorite was the Aqua which is mostly specific to the Cameleon Select Club as we can go in without a reservation at any time. I find the best thing to remember is that you can't expect it to be like home, but for being away I found it quite good actually. I was never sick, but stayed away from the salads as all the lettuce is washed in tap water which you can't drink.

Bars : Great service and the bartenders were great.

Beach and Pools : I found that the beach was great, white sand and good water. The first few days were a bit murky as there was quite a bit of wind, but the last half of the trip was calmer and the water was clean and clear which was nice and I spent more time in the water then. I did not spend any time in the pools at all to be honest, however saw them cleaning often and others seemed to enjoy them as well.

Grounds : They were always working and keeping things neat, tidy and clean around the place. After it rained one night they were out picking up everything that fell and cleaning things up nicely.

Activities and Entertainment : There was plenty to do and the entertainment was quite good as well.

Tours : I didn't take advantage of any tours this trip as I was simply going to relax and unwind on the beach, but others who did were really impressed and seemed to enjoy their outings.

Departure and Check Out : April 17, 2008 - Air Transat flight #TS139, check out was great as I only had to pay an extra $15 to keep my room for 2hrs longer. Departing through the airport all went without a hitch and it was nice to be on my way home.

Conclusion : I was impressed with the overall atmosphere and service provided at this resort. Keep in mind I did pay the extra to book as part of the Cameleon Select Club to ensure a suite in building 7 and some of the other little extras which made the entire stay that much more enjoyable. I decided before I went that I was going to spend the extra upfront and hopefully ensure a better time than try to fix it when I got there. I found the people to be friendly and helpful, but you do have to remember they are on Dominican time and everything will get done, just not always right away like back home.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

April 2008
We stayed there for the first week of April’08. It was our first Caribbean vacation, but I have to admit I expected more for the money.

1. Room was in a good condition (bldg#2 – we gave a $20 tip to get a better room), maid service is excellent (subject to a $4 daily tip) – Angela was great - the room was always clean and the fridge was well-stocked.
2. Overall resort was quite clean and 50% of staff was friendly.
3. Resort doctor was very nice and helpful – my Daughter was very sick for 4 days with the stomach flu. He gave us some kind of medication (everything is Spanish) and she was in a tip-top shape after 12 hours! Plus we didn’t have to pay anything, b/c we were able to use our insurance (not counting tip, of course).
4. Pool – great.
5. Weather and ocean – really enjoyed both!
6. Haven’t seen any bugs, roaches or rats – progress!!!!!

1. Terrible Food!!!!! The "best" place at the resort is considered to be the Italian Restaurant, but in my opinion, I would rather go to Olive Garden. We ate there once and my husband got sick! Stay away from American Grill - food is simply inedible. Windows (buffet) is great for breakfast or lunch, but dinner selection is very poor (at least they compensate with the friendly staff!!). Seafood place is acceptable. Room service selection has ONLY 6 sandwiches for lunch and dinner.
2. Impossible to make reservation to the restaurants if you don’t tip! My husband didn’t tip and the rep gave him American Grill reservation for 8pm at night, saying that this is only one availability for the entire week, b/c somebody cancelled. When we got to the restaurant – the place was Empty!!!! ….Later, I spoke to another rep - Annie, who was very kind and helped me to get reservations for every night of our 1-week stay there.
3. Beach is not very clean. Aside from the seaweed (which is cleaned daily), watch out for broken glass.
4. ATM machine dispense only pesos – bring cash with you!

Overall, our experience was o.k. Would I recommend this place to anyone? Probably yes…, but only for students.

Hope it helps.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
April 2008
Pictures Link:

Arrival and Flight: Flew Air Transit from Toronto for an early departure at 6:30am. The flight was uneventful and slept most of the way. Arrived in Punta Cana Airport around 10:40. Customs went quick and departed the airport to the hotel within 45 minutes.

Resort: Located within the Grand Oasis Punta Cana is the new section Grand Oasis Bavaro Suites (please do not confuse it with The Grand Oasis Punta Cana).

The Grand Oasis Bavaro Suites is not like your typical resort which have large lobby but has its own small lobby that caters to the Cameleon Select Club. This section is brand new and was pretty much completed while I was there other then the elevators. This section has it's own pool, restaurant and bars as well as full access to facilities and services at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana (guests at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana do not have access to the faculties at the Grand Oasis Bavaro Suites)

Check In: Check in went quick but the room was not ready. This I find typical with many resorts that I have been at that have early flights in so my girlfriend did as they suggested and went and had lunch and roamed the resort. We finally got back to the lobby around 3:00pm (we had to test out the coco locos at all the bars) and our room was ready.

Rooms: Our room was in building eleven on the third floor and it was a great room. It was all brand new with new drapery, plasma TV. Furniture, beds, digital safe, etc. And everything worked. The maids took good care of us while we were there and we tipped them for it. There was always plenty of water, beer, soft drinks, coffee in the room. You really could not ask for more when it came to the room.

Restaurants: We didn't go to any of the a la carte but ate at the main buffet "Windows" our buffet restaurant "Bavaro" and the "Beach Garden Cafe". Both buffets (Windows and Bavaro) were excellent but Windows seem to have a larger selection of food and the service was much faster. As for the "Beach Garden Cafe" it was great. Buffet style with plenty of choices as well as a BBQ station outside for hamburgers, hotdog's, Chicken, etc. It was also open 24hrs with snacks from 11:00pm to 6:00am.

Bars: We checked out all the bars and the drinks were great. I did find that the service was not as good at any of the bars as I am used to at other resorts I have stayed at. At times there were a huge line ups at the "Beach Garden Cafe" on the beach. The only time you would see all three bartenders working was when management came around. Also they had a problem with keeping up with clean glasses which they did remedy by using plastic cups but only when management told them to get them.

Beach and Pools: Didn't go to the pool but spent the days on the beach when we could. There's not too much to say about Bavaro Beach but beautiful as usual when the sun was out but we had rain for the last four days and it was quite windy making the ocean ruff and causing the beach to get lined with seaweed. Oh well who cares about a bit of seaweed anyways when your in paradise.

One strange thing did happen to me on the beach was that one of the workers at the water sport center recognized me from the Grand Oasis Marien in Puerto Plata which I had travelled to last year twice. It seem so weird that someone would recognize you from the island.

Grounds: The grounds were kept immaculate. Beautiful.

Tours: We did the Bavaro Runners Safari Adventure and enjoyed our day with our guides. Excellent tour and worth the money we spent.

Check Out and Departure: Had to be the worst day. Got up early since we were leaving the resort at 8:30am and finished our packing and then went to breakfast. When we got back to the room our card would not work and could not get in the room. When we went to the lobby there was no one there so we went over to the Grand Oasis Punta Cana lobby and found out they can not program the card so we had to wait until 8:00am for our lobby receptionist to come. I can't figure out yet how you are suppose to check out and 7:20 when there is no one there until 8:00am. Oh well every thing did work out and we left the resort at 8:45am only to find out when we got to the airport that our flight was late (Skyservice). It made it a long day but the trip was well worth it.

Conclusion: This is the first time in 10 years that my girlfriend and I had a chance to get away and we had a great time at this resort. For the right price I would return to this resort again but I would only rate this resort as a 4 star since. I have stayed at better resorts in Punta Cana.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Kahnawake, Quebec
April 2008
Rooms We got a good deal from Sunwing (after a cancellation of our Mayan Riviera destination just one week before!! with no explanation!) so we were debating upgrading to the suites, but ultimately were still on a budget so chose the "deluxe room". Initially had some problems, which gave us about one hours worry about our choice, but front desk and maintenance were quick to fix an adjoining door which had swelled open (maybe a family had been there all week and kept it open?) Also took a little wiggling to get the balcony door secured to my boyfriend's standards. Room was huge with King-sized bed, comfortable, with a closet with shelves and lots of drawers to put our stuff. Not the case in all rooms as we got a glimpse of a few down the hall. Could be the difference between a deluxe and standard room? Also suite rooms in Building 7 definitely nicer, but we ended up liking our room in Building 3 very much, close to beach and activities and as one woman in 7 said "much closer to the bars to get a drink!" However, one thing we noticed....DAMP. Took two days for our towels to dry from home and clothes and sheets always a little damp, which strangely enough didn't bug us while there but as you will see cost us on the way home!! Jeans not a good idea in any case, as I like to wear jeans capris and skirts. Not a good idea with the humidity!

Tahira, our maid, was quick to answer any concerns about the room if spoken to directly, esp. about our preference for Coke Light and a remote that worked. Otherwise clean towels, face cloths and room every day. Did tip her few bucks a day, she obviously worked hard all day, but always had a smile or singing.

Restaurants We had no problems finding something to eat at any time of day. Buffet breakfast had alot of selection, Carlos, our AM waiter always ready with a smile, high five and my tea, was the best, there for breakfast and lunch. Dinner waiters we found hard to get drinks from or missing cutlery, just seemed not to care as much as earlier staff. We ended up eating and leaving quickly to go to the pool bar to relax after dinner. We also tipped when we had good service, but guess the evening waiters actually never got to find that out! Italian was ok, but our reser was for 9:45, and we ended up pigging out at the beach grill on chicken and fries so we wouldn't be hungry!!! Needless to say we were still a little full. We missed the seafood place because I got sick (tried to blame the food, but my boyfriend was quick to point out the amount of rum I had the night before....oops) But we didn't think we missed out on much because was so windy couldn't have been that pleasant. American Grill we ate at twice and really liked it...loved the chips and salsa before the meal! First time we had resers, second time on our last night we just walked in and asked if we could be seated. Good beef enchilada in the combo, liked the fajitas.

Also, could still find food to eat when i was not feeling my best...nothing a little white rice and bananas couldn't fix!

Bars No complaints there...when I found my drink a little weak at the pool bar just asked for a little more rum. No problem. May have been the start of my downfall that day! My boyfriend thought the Presidente beer on tap tasted like Coors light, but we also loved the Vodka and orange with fresh orange juice....and can't forget the BananaMamas! Little too sweet to drink all week tho'. Pool bar very refreshing to sit in the water and get your drink or wander around the pool with it.

Beach and Pools Beach was great, always cleaning up the seaweed, and always found a nice place to lounge when we wanted. Took a long walk to the left past the other resorts (we're really nosy about how other people are living!) and found the undeveloped beach and the sunset our first day there. Meant to go back but just never made it. Main pool was nice and refreshing , alittle bit of debris floating, but a guy cleaning it during the middle of the day. Always noticed someone cleaning something! Was windy some of the days we were there so could understand. other pools looked nice but never made it to swim as main pool more active and closer to the bar!

Grounds Just amazing and beautiful! Took way too many pictures of flamingoes for my BF's taste but they made it seem more like paradise. Maybe saw some kind of a funky squirrel or rodent run across the end of the hall, but it's open, what can you do.

Activities and Entertainment BF caught a beach volleyball game and was quite happy, we did the banana boat for $10 bucks each one day and the 1 hour snorkelling from the glassbottom boat for $20. Was worth it, as bread in hand attracts many coloured fish, blue and yellow, with some duller striped fish and some blending into the coral. Caught two shows which were entertaining, but missed alot of them as just getting through the kids show required more alcohol than I could handle all week! My son probably would have loved it, but....little too much! Disco was fun and packed the one night we made it, with animation staff staying to get the party started...they work long hours!! Casino was fun as my bf won on the 25 cent slots...I managed to grab $175 of his winnings...paid for our dunebuggy excursion and more. Animation staff also busy all day doing all kinds of exercises, games, dancing, etc. Fun to watch, didn't get too involved tho'.

Tours Through Sunwing, booked the Country Adventure tour, which we figured, you can't visit a country without learning a bit about it. Didn't regret it one bit, very interesting and entertaining guide Alberto, forgot the school supplies I meant to bring for the kids, but others remembered. Really an experience to see how other people live in other countries. Bought some oregano off of the woman who's house (shack) we visited, then raw sugar and vanilla at the ranch. Then had some panicky thoughts going through customs with an unlabelled container of green leaves and white crystals!! But had no problem there. Found out I was allergic to horses at the ranch...travellers, a little Benadryl, Gravol and Immodium can't hurt and make sure you have your Ventolin if you're even a little never know what your trigger will be (I'm a Nurse). Missed out on swimming at the beautiful beach because others in our group had dinner resers and we were late already. Oh well.

Next we took the Tropical Storm Happy Hour Sunset Tour. Got stuck on a boat full of french-speaking people but luckily found two other english couples. Got to snorkelling point and unfortunately the "Tropical storm" part came out....the waves were too big and the boat ahead of us were rescuing their passengers as we got there!! Apparently some tail-end of a hurricane was causing big waves....and clouds! There went our wonder I had too much rum. Still had fun but wouldn't do this tour again...only rum, coke, sprite, orange soda and beer on that boat. But the little bottles of mamajauna with our pictures on them were cute and only 10 bucks.

The 3rd and final excursion (we found out we're not lounge people) was the dunebuggy ride. The MOST FUN we had all week....awesome, we were filthy and loving it. Finally made it to the Macao Beach we had missed earlier, which was amazing...but alot of kids and people trying to sell stuff while you're trying to wash off! Cheapie, cheapie, just 4 u! Then back in the dirt and off to a natural pool in a cave....equally amazing. At the end they offer you horse riding...I skipped this time!

Departure and Check Out Went fine at the hotel. get the phone cards to call home bf mistakenly made a ten second call home to Canada and it cost us $9. Phone cards are $20 for 18 min, internet $5 for 20 min, but for two days one of the computers was free so everyone kept sneaking on! Ok, here's the thing about damp're luggage weighs a heck of a lot more going home than when you came. I bought some souvenirs, but nothing major, some pareos and necklaces for the kids, three little bottles of rum and coke light for my bf. However, when we got to the airport, they told us both our bags were overweight and charges us $100...between the two of us 10 kilos over. I can't figure out how since when we left both bags were under, but when I unpacked my jeans felt like they came out of the washer damp....that's all I can figure out....but caution for anyone who likes to skirt the limit, they will charge and we weren't the only ones because they kept announcing for all the people who paid overweight charges to verify their receipts at the airport. I'm thinking some kind of scam too, but whatever...they took american or canadian, they didn't care as long as it was cash!! I felt like a criminal.

Conclusion We definitely had a great time, our first trip away from the kids by ourselves as a couple, you could definitely have a romantic, fun, amazing time here. We have no idea what a 5 star would be like, but we're not fancy smancy people and Grand Oasis suited us just fine! had a little of everything for us. We also like the size of the resort, not so big you needed a trolley to get from place to place, could walk to everything easily(especially when a little sick and needed to get back to the room quick, LOL) We would consider bringing the fam back here if we ever considered bringing the kids back with us, but I think we might keep it our little place for now (there's five of them!!)
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

April 2008
We stayed here the week of March 22 -29. The resort is lovely but the room we had was terrible. The plumbing for the tub would not work and after 3 days they came only to make it worse. We never did get it fixed. The bath room switch for light and fan and bedside lamp would not work and we got it fixed after 3 days. The sunwing rep tried to help us but did not have any luck either. The front desk only wanted a upgrade at 50.00 a day. The morning we were to leave we lost all power in the resort and had to finish packing in the dark as they had no back up power. I would not rate this resort a 4+ it is more like a 3 even though I have never stayed at a 3.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Halifax, Nova Scotia
March 2008
We just arrived home from our vacation at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana.

Vacationed from March 22 - 29, 2008 with Sunwing Vacations - Pleased with our carrier. This is an average/usual charter flights with mimimum legroom. We received our free glass of champagne, headsets and movie. Choice of meal on both flights. Beach towel in room. Welcome information meeting with free bottle of rum.

This resort is located between gated off Club Med and the Natural Beach Park you cannot get access to the entire beach. There are 3 other resorts located in this location. The beach has a lot of seaweed. There was a tropical storm the week before which gave the beach more seaweed then normal. If you walk up past the 3 resorts the beach there is gorgeous and wonderful to swim. I would not recommennd the beach in front of the resort for swimming.

The beach has lots of huts for laying under but you need to get up early in the morning to reserve these places. Beach side there is a restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch and serves as a a'la cart resturant in the evening. (Not sure of name as it wasn't mentioned on the door or at the reservation desk). Also by the beach is a snack bar with hamburges/hotdogs and chicken fries and condiments. Beach Gardern Bar located between beach area and pool area.

Watersports - free kayaking and cataman - (need a free lesson) if you cannot drive a catarmarn. We did have trouble getting the free catamarn lesson. For payment you can snorkle on the beach $10.00 not a great spot for snorkling, glass bottom boat ride $10.00 for $20 glass bottom boat and snorkling for appromately 1 hour. We did the glass bottom boat ride didn't do the snorkling because we didn't know you could and information there was not great but others on the boat did go and it was a great spot to see lots of fish. We were on the boat and thru out bread and yellow/black fish just bubbled to the top also seen a few blue fish. This is the area a lot of catmarman and snorkling tours took thier people. Banana Boat $10.00 (I think). I believe you can also book a fish tour as well. This is the area you exchange your towel.

The resort has two pools adult and general swimming pool with a kiddies pool area. Didn't go to the adult pool so I don't know what it was like. Swim up bar and a pool bar which opens later than the beach bar and is open late into the evening. Lots of activities going on at the pool area, spanish lessons, dancing, volley ball etc.

Bars - there is the swimup bar, pool bar, beach bar, adult pool bar. Unsure of what times the pool bar opens but is 12:00 or later, I believe the beach bar is 24 hours. Swim up bar closes at 6:00 p.m. Pool bar is the congreation area in the evening before the show and during and after the nightly show. Piano bar opens at 10:30 p.m. Karoke on Tuesday and Sautrday. not a lot people here usually. Disco bar open 10:30 p.m. only went once not a huge crowd.

Nightly entertainment - in the covered theatered. Movies every evening before the kids show (Kid particpate with singing and dancing). Then the main show which a differernt theme every night. Michael Jackson show is great. They also have audience particpation shows and the dance shows which showcase thier native dancing. Beach party was simply a show with audience participation hamburges/hotdogs.

Managers party was orange juice and champagne and entertainment staff dancing with us!

Resturants - Main Buffet good food average amount of selection. A'la Cart - Italian - Awesome service and food. Tex - Mex (Amercian Grill) average food - no steak. Didn''t try the others. I seen the Japaense and the Aqua restaurant and there was a fifth down by the beach but I don't know what it was called. You can make reservations in the main lobby between 8a.m.- 11:00 a.m and 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. reserve early.

Lobby area and grounds looked wonderful.
Our room was huge and so was the bed. Everything worked in our unit no problems with cleaniness. Loved the safe. $18.00 - you progamed in a code no key to lug around loved that.
The room were not overly fancy but they were nice.

La Fieston tour - long travelling time.
Travelled to the Artitist Villiage simply stunning and beautiful. Boat ride was great offered food and drinks. Food was hotdogs. Entertainment - dancing both watching and participating. Sailed past millionaire homes like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordon, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton.

Then off to our stop with snorking on a reef. Very good snorking here. Includes was a buffet and banana boat and tubing boat rides.

We had a great vacation and enjoyed our stay. We would not go again because of the beach but if your not a swimmer in the ocean it would not be a huge issue.

If you want to ask any question email me at with Grand Oasis in the subject line.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

March 2008
The Seaforth & District All Girls Marching Band along with chaperones (group of 53) from Huron County, Ontario, spent March Break at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana. The purpose of the trip was a performance and humanitarian tour. The girls gathered donations and school supplies to help school children at the little school in Cabeza de Toro near the resort. Caren DeVries, rooms manager at the resort, helped us set up preparations for our week and everyone had a wonderful time. The staff at this beautiful family friendly resort went out of their way constantly to ensure that our group had a memorable stay. The Band performed on stage at the resort, as well as at the Beach Party, The resort provided a truck and translators to accompany our group to the school where they performed and gave gifts of much needed school supplies, shoes and hygiene supplies. The highlight of the trip was a suitcase full of recorders (the musical instrument taught to grade 5 students in Ontario)... The girls had fundraised to buy them as gifts for the Dominican children. Bandmembers and chaperones returned to the school to teach the teachers and students to play and left the recorders for them to begin their own music program! The work at the school was very educational for our pampered children....seeing how their small gifts could make such a difference. The girls had a wonderful time taking in all the activities the resort had to offer and chaperones were extremely pleased at the level of security on the resort. I have travelled to Grand Oasis twice before and have no desire to even try out any other resorts....Caren and her staff always make me feel like a valued guest....I encourage anyone travelling to this resort or any other to remember the families that live in the area....School supplies and hygiene items are in short supply and will be greatly appreciated.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Blair and Wendy 
March 2008
Just book it and go. Not enough can be said to convince you. What a terrific time.

This may be long but we touched most of the things that may interest you.

We flew out of Toronto February 24 2008 and returned March 2 2008 with Air Transat. We arrived as usual in the evening about 9:30pm. It was an uneventful flight. Our return trip was the same but was late due to a previous storm. No big deal.

Our tour rep in Punta Cana was Audry and she was able to direct us through out our holiday to ensure we were getting the best out of everything. Great job Audry.

Our suite was 9202 on the Bavaro side as indicated. The grass was very manicured and lots of work going on in upgrades but never annoying or bothersome, work must go on. The room was so fresh and new, just a couple of months old, complete with a small bottle of rum. What a wonderful room it was. Big flat screen television, a writing desk, a nice sofa and an abundance of pillows on the bed made it luxurious. All the usual amenities with in our room beach towels instead of lining up for them. We tried to turn them in for fresh ones at the beach shack one day, but they were always running out. Some people used three or four a day, very unnecessary. It's only sand. The easy way to get new ones was to give them to the maid and fresh ones were put in your room before they went to the beach shack. The bed was a king and was very fancy. The bed was so comfortable but the room was a bit cold. The air conditioner was not controllable. It was on or off. We turned it off during the day and on at night . Extra towels on the bed for a bit of warmth made the nights so comfortable. I could not be bothered to ask for maintenance to come. It was easy to get around the workings of the air con. The bath was large and had a Jacuzzi tub that we used, the shower was great and the toilet was in a room of it's own off the bathroom that made it real nice. Beautiful marble fixtures all around and the floor and walls to match. Lots of storage space throughout and drawers. A closet with hangers that were removable not the half hangers that you cannot use out of the closet. We hung up shirts and bathing suits to dry on them, very handy. Lighting was very nice and not to bright. The balcony faced the exclusive pool and had two comfortable chairs and a table. If you had a ground floor suite you had chaise lounge chairs at your door and the chairs. Juan was our exclusive waiter to the Bavaro and he always offered a drink. After your first order he always knew what your order was. ( Try the vodka and fresh watermelon juice, wow.) The Bavaro side is quite quiet which is nice. You never had to walk far to find the noise and excitement. The room had a safe which we used and we even got a $10.00 American tab for free at the casino every night. Don't be fooled, nothing is free. After a couple of drinks and a hope full winning streak it cost over $70.00 to walk away, all the time the dealer saying how close we were to winning the big one. Stay away. Mosquito's were around the room a bit. Never saw one outside but the new rooms had floor drains in the bathroom in case of a water leak and I think they come up the drain that is not capped to the outside. I put a book over the grate and we found it to be better. The nightly hunt for a couple of mosquito's before bed was a ritual but not a big deal. A towel at the door on the floor may be of use to keep the mosquito's out.The fridge was real cold if the cupboard doors were left open. The fridge will obviously over heat and not cool in an enclosed area, so the doors were always open. Nice cold water, pop and beer. The water bottles were the one litre size, so bring one from the airport if you want a smaller one for the beach. Very big water bottles. But handy in the room, and the bathroom for brushing teeth. There was a coffee maker and it also came in useful for tea if you brought back bags from the entrance of Windows restaurant. The bars served very good clean cold water. I am very careful when it comes to water and this was very clean. Not a problem. Elena was the maid. Few English words but I am the foreigner, no big deal, we laughed together anyways. Funny when language doesn't work you can still figure things out. Her English for mosquito made me laugh all the time we were there. Mow-kito. She did a fantastic job. Always on the go and efficient. I tipped everyday, three dollars a day, about twenty for the week, not many others were tipping. It was hardly noticeable but I knew they were not as when I did it was a big deal to the help. They thanked and thanked us for the tip. We left small trinkets as usual but the skipping ropes, hair ties, young kids Disney underwear and the Hot Wheel cars that were only a dollar at home went real well.

We had our own exclusive a la Carte restaurant, no booking needed, just show the yellow wrist band.

The restaurants were very nice, we did the American Grill twice and the Da Mario once. Both were very good. The steak and pork together kabob was absolutely fantastic. We had the buffet dinner once but otherwise we did our own a la Carte for the rest of the time. I had steak with fried onions with the best ever creamy mashed garlic potatoes. There was two huge strips down each side of the meat and I could only eat one side but they were awesome. Wendy was able to clean the rest of them up, she is a potato nut.The Windows buffet was pretty good, a different theme every night, but we get tired of dinning out every night so the overabundance of food gets tiring. Lots of variety including fishes and some sea food. During lunch there was lots to eat as well. We made the mistake of having a huge Cesar salad at the Beach Garden Cafe for lunch and you know what happened. It had been made fresh in front of us but afterwards we realized that it was sitting in the open and not refrigerated very well. But live and learn. Beach Bar-B-Que on Thursday night with a party. It was no big deal.

The bars very fast and full of fun. Lots of good times for all. Again I tipped and was embarrassed a few times as even during a long line up I would pass by and they would yell at me asking if I wanted anything. Great bunch of guys. We talked to the Manager a few times. Very nice and they have allot of great ideas for this place. Great job so far. The beach was AAA and very busy. Not so much walking south but endless to the north. The water was calmer than we expected due to the reef. We sat near the towel shack most of the time and had some great laughs at the people working the shack as well as the hair braiding women. Olla, Hello, Bon Jour, with big smiles only to see the smiles disappear when they were turned down. Funny. Too expensive for something that looks so foolish on allot of people. The beach vendors were very good and easy to deal with. We found out from Don and Nancy, a fantastic couple we met there that cruising the other resorts sometimes saves you allot of shopping time and money. Their shops are reasonable and allot less work to find things you want. Water was so clear and warm, however a long walk of over two hours north away there was a lagoon that they took catamaran rides to. It was called the natural swimming pool, the smell was off and you could draw a line through the middle of when the colour changed from blue to brown. The smell was coming from a stream running into it. We did not walk in the water or on the beach there. It was the Bavaro Barcello 4 in one. They had allot of sickness there, no wonder.

The grounds were absolutely gorgeous and well maintained. Broken things from the drunken nights before were fixed within a day.

Activities were around for everyone but we were in a quiet mode so we watched and relaxed. A friend that we had met from Sirenis Tropical had started here and was just as much fun this time as last. Great job Jordan, he calls himself Micheal Jordan, to much.

We did not tour as most tours offer sand, sun, beach and rum, all the same as the resort, why leave? We did do the bike ride only to find out that they took use to a vendor at the end of the ride and expected us to shop. Not. The bike was so uncomfortable, the seat was broken and the tires wobbled bad. The catamaran and sail boards were there to use. The guys in the shack tried to scam $10.00 lessons but I read up well on the resort and the lessons were included. They showed me how, to little use as the catamaran went everywhere but where I wanted it. We headed to shore with the greatest force and beached it. Whew. Let me off. Tennis, gym, snorkling, volleyball and shuffle board for entertainment if you like. The Micheal Jackson Tribute was pretty good and the only show we went to. It was generally to late for us as we never left the sun any day.

Checkout was great as we had the room for longer due to the late flight, costs a bit but worth it. Check out was a little confusing as we had the room longer and paid and simply vacated the room and moved our luggage to their locked room. I thought they understood, but no big deal. The ride to and from the airport was nice as it was only 20 minutes. Unlike Sirenis which is an hour away, and BuMmPpyY.

Don't hesitate, just go. Great people, great sun, great sand, great times. What a wonderful stay. Thanks to Air Transat for putting it together and to all the people that make it great. Air Transat included, by surprise the $20.00 U.S. departure tax. Thanks Transat Guys. More 151 Percent Proof Rum for us.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

March 2008
Just love the short 20 minute ride from the airport to be greeted with cold towel, fresh cookie and rum punch. Check in was a breeze and Building 7 was as beautiful as ever. This year we had the second hot tub on our patio looking out to the ocean. Weather was just wonderful and the service remains what I believe to be the best in Punta Cana. A warm thank you as always to Caren for making us feel like we are returning home again and again, Nicholas at the adult pool, the maid service and all staff members who constantly go out of their way to make your time in the sun is something to treasure.

Grounds - lush and kept beautiful. I have one pet peeve in this area though - I don't understand why guests can not return an empty glass to the bar where they filled it in the first place instead of just placing it on a wall...

Beach - enjoyed the expansion by re-locating the local merchants. Was happy to see that they were in walking distance. Always enjoy playing the game with them. Seaweed raked every morning! No problems with getting chairs.

Pools - wonderful. Great selection. We spend most of our time at the adult pool, but do miss the privacy wall. Would like to see some sort of privacy regained in that area again.

Food - made reservation at Italian restaurant for anniversary. Whole meal was outstanding! Windows offers great variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch at the beach bar and hamburgers on the beach also hit the spot. No problems with the food what so ever. This year I noticed how much more flavor the fruits and vegetables have than here in the states. You should never go hungry at this resort and quality was great.

Room - we stayed in Building 7 again and enjoyed every minute of it. Maid service was great every day. No problems with hot water, mini fridge or AC at all.

Entertainment - this was our 7th visit to PC so we kinda pass on the majority of shows, but please do not pass on the Michael Jackson show. It is spectacular even seeing it again.

Something New - we took the bike ride with JC and other guests. It was relaxing and is a great idea. Will definitely do it again when we return. Tours leave everyday at 10 am and sign up is at Tennis office.

Punta Cana is growing by leaps and bounds. Amazing how things have changed over the past 7 years, but always still worth the trip. The people of the DR are an amazing group of people. Always there with a smile. And if you have the room, throw some school supplies in your suitcase for the children. This year, I gave our supplies to the Outback Safari crew who will get them to deserving kids. Every little bit helps…

I enjoy our time at Grand Oasis and would recommend it to anyone. And of course, we will be back...
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana

March 2008
My best friend and I just returned from a one week vacation at the Grand Oasis Punta Cana. We holidayed from February 26th - March 4th. I can't say enough positive things about this resort! The food was fantastic with a great variety to suit all tastes. We ate at two of the three a la carte restaurants. The Tex Mex was okay but the Italian was superb!

The only negative comment I have is that there was a group who were consistently noisy until all hours of the morning. This didn't allow my friend to get much sleep. I had taken ear plugs with me so I was fine.

The beach is awesome and the pools superb.

We booked with Sunwing and had no problems with the flights. They served tasty meals and were very pleasant to deal with. I am already planning a second vacation to the Grand Oasis Punta Cana.
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
February 2008
Arrival - A group of 6 of us flew down with Sunwing vacations. This was frustrating for us as originally it was a direct flight, and then after we booked, they changed the flight to go through London, Ontario. Sunwing also changed the flight times. Arrival at the resort was smooth, however many people rushed the desk, and I would assume that it took quite a bit of time to get checked in if you were not first in line. Originally we had asked for rooms on the upper floors, but were told there were no other rooms and placed on the first floor of building 5.

Rooms - In building 5...NEED UPGRADING/REPAIR. Of the three rooms that we had, each had it's own individual problems ranging from leaky plumbing, to having locks on the doors that don't work to (in all three rooms) a cockroach problem. One room had no alarm clock and the other a phone that didn't work...we asked several times and only the phone got replaced, regarding the alarm clock, we never saw it. When presented with these issues we were informed that the only thing they could do was upgrade us to building 9, at a cost of $100 per room. Also they offered that if we wanted we could get our room fumigated (but we did not want to get poisoned ourselves and thus opted not to get it --> we wouldn't stay in a house that was fumigated at home, why would we do it here where standards are much lower). Despite the fact that all three rooms tipped very liberally, the maid service was poor, and they would often knock on the doors at 8 a.m. even when we had the do not disturb on the door. Very annoying. Overall, we really only stayed in the rooms to sleep, but small attention to detail would have been nice and would have made our stay much more enjoyable, and less frustrating.

Restaurants - Food was great. We went to the Windows restaurant, as well as Di Mario's and American Grill. No problems and lots of selection, however, if you are a vegetarian you may have some trouble being satisfied if you don't intend to expand your palette during your stay. Desserts were spectacular! One thing that would be nice is if they got drink machines in the buffet. Often we would be done our dinner and just getting our drinks.

Bars - Bars everywhere and the alcohol is plentiful! Bartenders were very polite and recognized you quickly! Great service! YAY BAHAMA MAMAS!

Beach and Pools - 3 pools - all were great and cleaned regularily. Very accessible and the common pool does not allow topless which is really nice if you have a family or are travelling with a group. The beach was nice..yes there was seaweed, but it's the ocean so not the biggest deal in the world. Really nice soft sand and never had problems finding 6 loungers all together at either location.

Grounds - Meticulously maintained. Beautiful. Attention to detail.

Activities - Lots of fun. Animation team going all day and all night trying to get people involved. Really fun and enjoyable for people of all ages. Great job!

Tours - We walked 2 resorts down to Natura Park and took the 1hr snorkelling excursion for $15. Perfect amount of time and the reef is right there so it only took a minute to get there. Great value! We also did the Outback Jungle Safari ! It was a great day and they take you to numerous places that expose you to the Dominican Culture. We were also able to give a large donation of school supplies which I was informed would be allocated appropriately (they look out for the community!). Excellent job again Outback Safari...we will continue to support your business each time we visit the DR. P.S. if you want to buy coconut oil, do it on the excursion it's the cheapest there!

Conclusion - All in all we had a really great vacation, but the Grand Oasis needs to pay more attention to detail and have more focus on customer service. I would recommend this hotel for a vacation, but would say that you might have a more enjoyable time in blocks 7 and higher as the rooms there were gorgeous and maintained (according to other friends that we met and they showed us their room)!
Grand Oasis Bavaro/Grand Oasis Punta Cana
Prince Edward County
February 2008
Arrival - No problems. We flew in with Air Canada, it was great. At first my husband and I didn't have seats together, but once the plane took off, they did what they could do, and we sat across from each other.. loved the food!!

Rooms - Building 11, everything looked new, it was beautiful, house keeping did a great job. Still working on the pool just outside the building, but it will be nice when they are done.

Restaurants - We had no problems with the food, we went with a group of 6, two with allergies, everyone found something good to eat.

Bars - I only drink beer.... it was good, and we had no problems with the service.

Beach and Pools - Once again, Beautiful, and clean. Some seaweed on the beach, but every morning the men were out raking everything up.

Grounds - Everything was clean, cups were always picked up around the pool. Someone was always cleaning, either the pool or around the pool!!! We could always find chairs, like I said we traveled with a group of six and we had no problems Finding a group of seats, either on the beach or around the pool.

Activities - That is one thing we didn't join in! We watched, it looked good!!! Everyone around watching it seemed to enjoy it.

Tours - My husband, and friend went on the " three hour tour" of deep see fishing. My husband does not like fishing, but really enjoyed it, he said it was an experience. They caught 6 fish between the two of them. They loved it. They booked this from Philippe, The guy sitting on the beach!

Also booked a four wheeler tour on a ranch with Clenel, (great guy) The tour was really something to see. Glad we did it. I am still in contact with Clenel. And we also took a cab into to town, they took very good care of us.

Conclusion - Before we went, we were very worried, because of what the reviews said, Once we got there, we saw it was not true, the "klan" really enjoyed themselves, it was clean, the rooms were beautiful, the staff was very friendly.. from the moment we got there.. (thanks Hosea.) The food was great, we had no complaints.. Come on peaople what is your problem? You want to have a great trip, go to the grand oasis! It's all what you make of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!