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Spanish Phrases

English Spanish Pronunciation
The Simple Stuff
Yes Si SEE
Please Por favor Pore fah-VORE
Thank you Gracias GRAH-see-ahs
Youíre Welcome De nada De-NAW-da
No, thank you No, gracias No GRAH-see-ahs
Sorry Lo siento Loh see-EHN-toh
Good morning Buenos dias BWEHnos DHEE ahs
Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEHnahs TAHRdh ehs
Good evening Buenas noches BWEHnahs NO chehs
Good bye Adios Ah dhee OHS
Hello/Hi Hola OH lah
See you later Hasta luego AH-stah LWEH-go
What is your name? Como se llama? KOH-moh say YAHmah
My name isÖ Mi nombre es Mee NOMBreh ehs
How are you? Como esta usted KOH-mo ehs-TAH OOS-THE-dh
Fine, thank you. Muy bien, gracias MOOay bee en GRAH see ahs
Do you speak English? Habla ingles? AH-bla een-GLASE
Iím Canadian. Soy Canadiense. Soy kah nah dheeEHN sehs
Iím American. Soy norteamericano Soy nohr the ah meh ree KAH noh
I donít understand. No comprendo. Noh kohm-PREHN-dho
Please speak slowly. Hable despacio por favor. HAHbleh dhehs-PAH-see-oh, pohr fahBOHR
English SpanishPronunciation
Where is/areÖ? Donde esta/estanÖ? DHOHN-dheh ehs-TAH
When? Cuando? KWAHNdho
Who? Quien? Kee-EHN
Why? Por que? Pohr kay
What? Que? Kay
How longÖ? Cuanto Tiempo? KWAHN-toh TYEHM-po
How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesta? KWAHN-toh KWEH-stah
How far? A que distancia? Ah kay dhees-Tan-syah
Can you help me? Puede ayudarme? PWEH-dhe ah-yoo-dh-AHR-meh
What time is it Que hora es? Kay OH-rah ehs
Useful Statements
I (donít) like it (No) me gusta Meh GOOS-tah/No meh GOOS-tah
I donít know No se NOH say.
Iím hungry Tengo hambre TEHN-go AHM-breh
Iím thirsty Tengo sed TEHN-go SAY-dh
Iím tired Estoy cansado Ehs-TOY kahn-SAH-dho
Iím ready Estoy listo Ehs-TOY LEEsto
Right now Ahora mismo Ah OHR ah MEES mo
Just a minute Un momento Oon mo-MEHN toh
Come in! Entre EHN-treh
Itís cheap Es barato Ehs bah-RAH-toh
Itís expensive Es caro Ehs KAH-ro
Itís cold (weather) Hace frio AH-say FREE-o
Itís hot (weather) Hace calor AH-say kah-LOHR
A little Un poco Oon POH-ko
A lot Mucho MOO-cho
Tomorrow Manana Mah-ny-AH-nah
Next week La semana proxima Lah-say-MAHN-ah PROK-see-mah
English SpanishPronunciation
The Hotel
Bathroom Banos BAH-ny-os
Swimming Pool Piscina Pee-SEE-nah
Open Abierto Ah-bee-ehr-toh
Closed Cerrado Say RAH dho
Bed Cama KAH-mah
Towel Toalla Toh-AH-yah
Soap Jabon HAH-bohn
Pillow Almohada Ahl-moh-Ahdah
Shower Una ducha oo-nah DHOO-chah
Iron Plancha PLAHN-chah
Hair drier Secador Say-kah-DOHR
There are no towels No hay toallas Noh Ah-ee toh-AH-yahs
I have a problem. Tengo un problema TEHN-go oon pro-BLEH-mah
The Restaurant
Waiter/waitress Camarero/camarera Kah-mah-REH-roh/rah
Iíd likeÖ. Quiero KYEH-ro
The bill please La cuenta, por favor Lah KWEHN-tah, pohr fah VORE
Breakfast Desayuno Dhay-sah-YOO-noh
Lunch Almuerzo Ahl-MWEHR-so
Dinner Cena SAY-nah
Knife Cuchillo Koo-CHEE-yo
Fork Tenedor Tay-neh-dh-OHR
Spoon Cuchara Koo CHAH-rah
Tea Te Tay
Black Cafť negro Kah-FEH naygro
Coffee with milk Cafť con leche Kah-FEH kahn LEH-cheh
Milk Leche LEH-cheh
Ice Hielo Yellow
Mineral water Agua mineral AH-gwah mee-neh-RAHL
Wine Vino BEE-no
Beer Cerveza Sehr-BEH-sah
White wine Vino blanco BEE-no blawn-coh
Lemonade Limonada Lee-moh-NAH-dh-ah
Juice Jugo HOO-go
Egg Huevo WEH-boh
Scrambled eggs Huevos revueltos WEH-bohs reh-BWEHL-tos
Cheese Queso KAY-soh
English SpanishPronunciation
The Restaurant continued...
Butter Mantequilla Mahn-the-KEE-yah
Bread Pan Pahn
Fruit Fruta FROO-tah
Salt Sal Sahl
Pepper Pimienta Pee-mee-en-toh
Sugar Azucar Ah-soo-kahr
Fish Pescado Pehs-KAH-dho
Salad Ensalada Ens-sah-LAH-dha
Soup Sopa SOH-pah
Dessert Postre POH-streh
Ice cream Helado Eh-LAH-dho
Days of the Week
Sunday Domingo Doh-MEEN-goh
Monday Lunes LOO-nehs
Tuesday Martes MAHR-tehs
Wednesday Miercoles Mee-er-cohl-ees
Thursday Jueves HWEH-behs
Friday Viernes Bee-HER-nehs
Saturday Sabado SAH-bah-doh
1 Uno Oon-o
2 Dos Dhos
3 Tres Trehs
4 Cuatro KWAH-tro
5 Cinco Seen-koh
6 Seis Say-ees
7 Siete See-EH-the
8 Ocho Oh-choh
9 Nueve NWEH-beh
10 Diez De ez
Husband Esposo Ehs-POH-soh
Wife Esposa Ehs-POH-sah
Son Hijo EE-hoh
Daughter Hija EE-hah


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