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Required documentation

Required documents for all countries:
-Full birth certificates showing the names of both parents
-If divorced, your original final divorce papers
-If widowed, the death certificate of your former spouse
-If you have changed your name then show legal proof of the change
-(Bride and groom must not be related by blood, marriage or adoption)

Some countries also require these documents
Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
This can be obtained from your local department of foreign affairs or your embassy in the country in which you are getting married.

Apostille Stamp
Some countries require foreign legal documents to be stamped with an apostille, which then makes them legal documents in that country.

Certificate of Single Status/Sword Affidavit that you are free to marry
These are similar to a Certificate of No Impediment, but instead you have to swear you are single in front of a legal representative.

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