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Barcelo Punta Cana.  

Carretera Macao, Playa Arena Gorda Bavaro, Higuey, Dominican Republic

Do Not Go There
Posted by: vic on Nov 16, 2015
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Barcelo Punta Cana. Reviews
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Barcelo Punta Cana. Bavaro Beach Dominican Republic

#3 of 29 Hotels in Bavaro Beach

user rating 3.8

based on 54 review(s)

Barcelo Punta Cana. Information

Barceló Punta Cana is a Barceló All-Inclusive for adults, singles and families, where all meals, wines, local and international beverages, land sports and non-motorized watersports with equipment and some instructions, entertainment, and other activities are included in one single price.

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Barcelo Punta Cana. Reviews

Barcelo Punta Cana. Review: 3.8 of 5 54 review(s)
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Staff were always ready to help when they could and the beach is incredible.
Barcelo Punta Cana.

User Rating:  Barcelo Punta Cana. Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Lynnette from Edmonton, Alberta  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
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Arrival: Feb 05 - 12
We arrived early evening and as we were a Transat Holiday check in was just around the corner from the main lobby. All paperwork was prepared in advance and within minutes we were following the bellboy to our room.

After reading previous reviews we had made the request to stay in the 3 Block through our travel agent and as well by email direct to the hotel. We were not disappointed. Our room was very nice with a king size bed. The sewer in the bathroom smelled a little funky but heeding previous warnings I just plugged in an air freshner that I brought from home and the problem was solved. Our maid Alexandra was a little hit and miss. Our room was cleaned everyday but a couple of days we had to remind her that we needed towels. She spoke no english and we with very little spanish managed to communicate via sign language. Our mini fridge was stocked daily and once we tipped Manuel we were well stocked in Presidente! There was some problems with power outages several times over the week and as a result there was no running water but they never lasted very long and unless you were in the resort you wouldn't even know.

Restaurants and Bars: We were celebrating an anniversary and had indicated as such in our email. Rueben who was working at the concierge desk helped to arrange a Gala celebration. We were to have a romantic dinner on the beach but as the weather did not co-operate we were housed in the thatched hut normally used by the hair braiders. It was transformed. They had lowered the shades and made every effort to block the wind but we were still able to see the surf and the moon peeking through the clouds. Very romantic indeed. We were served a wonderful lobster dinner by the Banquet manager Hector who took it upon himself to choose the menu and ensure our private dinner was memorable. A once in a life time memory for sure. The ala carte's were good and we always found at least one gem on the menu. Four star dining it isn't but this resort is not about the food. We did hear that several people had stomach upsets from eating at the Marlin but as this is the one place open for the longest hours it just may be the odds. The buffet offers lots of variety with each day another theme but again remember that that are cooking for many hundreds of people for three meals a day. The bars were great and bartenders added to the entertainment. Some premium liquor is available but you may have to travel to another bar to get it.

The pools are great. One is deemed the quiet pool while the other is the "lively" one. Both are beautiful and even though storms blew through, there was always staff on hand cleaning. Entertainment at the noisy pool was loud but never started until the afternoon and always fun to watch. This pool houses the swim up bar as well as water sports. You are asked to return your beach towels by 6pm and they are laundered and then available for pick up at 8 am. This often doesn't work for those people who do not return their towels as can be seen by the number hanging off the balconies. We were always at the towel hut when it opened so ensure that we would have clean ones for that day. The beach is absolutely incredible. The weather was not great (rain and strong winds for 5 of 7 days)but anytime the sun would break through the clouds we would race to the beach. We managed to get some time in the ocean every day. There is a strong undertow but it is well monitored and you will be called back if you head out too far. I must say that the beach alone is worth the trip. The grounds around the resort were all extremely well maintained and truly tropical.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Venders are allowed onto the resort every other day and they are aggressive in their sales pitches but if you enjoy the art of bartering then this is for you. And if you didn't get enough of it you can walk to the plaza market for more. There are plenty of excursions to partake and we went through Transat to book. The seas were too rough for any water trips but you can always find plenty to do.

Other Comments:
This was our first all inclusive and we really did enjoy ourselves. Remember to bring a good supply of American one dollar bills for tipping and you will always be rewarded. The staff were terrific in ensuring that our special day was acknowledged with an announcement on the daily flyer and champagne in our room. Preset reservations are not written in stone and if you are patient you can go to the concierge to see if it can be changed. We did bring some insulated mugs which were great while on the beach. Staff were always ready to help when they could and the beach is incredible.

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Staff are energetic and love to dance and have fun.
Barcelo Punta Cana.

User Rating:  Barcelo Punta Cana. Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Orleans  on Feb 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2009
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Arrival: February 09 to 16
Arrived around 2100 through the terminal in 10 or 15 min quick drive to the resort 15 to 20 min. Check in went well stayed in room 6414.
Rained heavy and very windy all night.

Small rooms out dated and in bad need of bug spray the room was sprayed numerous times but I think the ants like it because they kept coming back every day, I know others with the same issue some changed their rooms without any luck. The bathroom was dingy, lots of towels all week I even heard of one guest having towel art in their room one day. Showers hot and cold during peek times.
Everything worked in the room, I have stayed in a lot worse but hay you get what you pay for and you are not in Kansas anymore.

Restaurants and Bars
Bars were all good be nice to the bar staff and they return the favor twice fold. Buffet Ronald makes great fried eggs, lots of selection at the buffet tables, GREAT BREAD SELECTION MMMMM. Lots of fruit as well.
Al la cart Went to three Paris great and ask for more if you like, Marlin grate stake, Japan Great.

This area of beach is beautiful but the most windy and the waves can slap down the biggest guy if not looking. Ladies watch your tops and bottoms because it makes for great guy entertainment.
If you walk east thats the direction the sun comes up from that you will not see from the resort (or sunset) about five minutes the waves and wind calm down so you can have a piecefull swim.
Not a pool person but they are nice and large and noise, great kids area almost wanted to go in myself.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel
Staff are energetic and love to dance and have fun great job except for the nightly shows not so good but they try, the ad hoc shows before the nightly entertainment can be quite funny with guests on the stage being the entertainment. They also have a rock wall and traipse. Did not go off the resort seen it all before.

Other Comments
Had fun maybe upgrading to the prestige class would be a good choice newer rooms and more amenities

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Great place for kids and teenagers.
Barcelo Punta Cana.

User Rating:  Barcelo Punta Cana. Review: 4.50 of 5

Posted by:  Joann from Prescott, Ontario  on Jan 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2009
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Arrival: Jan 10-17, 2009
We travelled with Transat Holiday, our arrival was on time, check in was quick, but we did have to wait a couple of hours for our room. Which was expected, so we just went a had a couple of drinks at the bar.

I emailed the resort about a week or so before we left explaining that our 25th anniversary was in Sept but we could'nt get away then so this was hour holiday to each other. I requested a room in building 3 because it is newly renovated. And I also prebooked our ala cartes. The room was just that, right in the centre of the resort with a perfect view of the ocean and pools. We felt like we could touch the water. The room was lovely, marble shower, kingsize bed, plasma t.v. and a fully stocked mini bar everyday. It was great...

Restaurants and Bars:
As far as the ala cartes we tried the Japanese, the Paris, the Seafood grill and the tex mex. They were all very good. You don't have to have seafood at the grill if you don't care for it, we had pork tenderloin and beef filet, both were very good. The tex mex is an ala carte during the day for lunch which is a nice option, beautiful view. As for the buffet, I guess this is where we were disappointed. Don't get me wrong there was always something to eat, just not very hot and not the variety we are used to at other resorts.

Beach and ground, well what is there to say. The grounds are well looking after, and as for the beach, it is Punta Cana and absolutely gorgeous....Lots of waves and plenty of room to find a chair..The pools are lovely as well. The is one with activities and a swim up bar, there is a childrens and there is a adults that is a quieter one. The were all great..

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The were activies at the pool during the late afternoon, there was always something going on at the beach in the morning, and there are night shows, casino and disco, none of which we went. They also had a beach party one night. Look like alot of fun. The only thing I was hoping for was entertainment in the lobby at night, just to sit and listen to while have a drink after dinner. The was a piano but know one playing it. This is an area I think they could work on, it would do wonders for the atomesphere in the lobbys.....

Other Comments:
All in all we had a wonderful week with great weather and I would recommend this resort to anyone. Great place for kids and teenagers....just watch out for the big waves they can sneek up on you. Enjoy your holiday and remember when you go the Dominican that not everything is the same as home, after all isn't that why we went to get away from it all. Relax and go with the flow and you'll have a great vacation.

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The beach is absolutely perfect, don't think you could get much better!
Barcelo Punta Cana.

User Rating:  Barcelo Punta Cana. Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Tammy from MB  on Jan 1, 2009  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2009
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Arrival: Jan.7 - 14
We arrived at the hotel about 6pm. Check-in was quick and easy. The bell-boy was taking our luggage to our rooms along with other guests luggage so we set off to find our room. It turned out we should have stayed with our bellboy as it took us a bit of time to find our room. (Found the hotel layout somewhat confusing).

We were in section 4 in rm 4215, these rm's had not been renovated yet but were still decent. Our beach towels were already in our room. We were a little disappointed with the maid service, one day we were given no towels, another no toilet paper. And although it is not necessary, they never made a towel arrangement (swan, ect.), like I said not necessary but always a nice little touch that puts a smile on my face. A couple things they didn't have but would have been nice were a screen on the balcony door and a towel rack on the balcony for drying bathing suits,ect., and a bottle cap opener for the pop.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurants were alright. Always managed to find something to eat. Buffet we found to be pretty much the same everyday. Breakfast was always my favourite, has everything you could possibly desire. A-la-cartes: Tokio-friendly and entertaining, I didn't much care for my meal as I found it all tasted like soy sauce (even my salad had soy sauce on it), but my husband and friend enjoyed it. Italian- we all enjoyed it. Surf N'Turf- I thought it was okay, my husband didn't much care for it. He ordered a seafood salad, lobster soup, and seafood maindish. We went to the Tex-Mex for lunch a couple times and we thought it was great. You don't need reservations there during the day. I would suggest going there we enjoyed it the most. Plenty of bars around to keep your thirst quenched. Note-if you are sitting down by the lobby bars it takes some time for the waitress to return with the drink you have ordered, so if you are impatient it is quicker to just go to the bar yourself.

The beach is absolutely perfect, don't think you could get much better! Waves were pretty high someday's but its fun and great for boogeyboarding. Ladies hold on to your swimsuits. Pools were great aswell! Not once during our week did we find there would be any problem finding a beach/pool chair, at anytime of the day. They seemed to be plenty to go around, even with the towel savers! Gardens and ground were always clean. Must say we really found the layout of the hotel to be confusing.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Didn't participate in any activities at the resort, but they looked fun. My husband went on the deep sea fishing excursion, they didn't catch any fish but he still enjoyed it. He did not get sea sick but a few others did. Also went on the full day catarmaran excursion. It took us by an old sunken ship, snorkeling, to big blow up slide and for lunch off shore. The snorkeling was a little disappointing as the coral was all dead, but still saw plenty of fish, also the current was so strong you would find yourself being pushed into other snorkelers (there was about 60 people on the catarmaran)!

Other Comments:
This was my 4th trip and my husband's 5th trip to D.R. We usually find the staff to be very friendly, playful, smiling and happy as they work. It did not seem the usual here for some reason, the friendly Ola's as you walk by staff, singing as they make a drink, helping us out with our correct spanish pronunciation or the eagerness to make sure we were enjoying our holiday just didn't seem the same as prior years. All in all, a great holiday! We probably wouldn't plan to go back but if a great deal popped up we wouldn't not go back. There are plenty of other resorts to see still! Enjoy your holidays everyone!

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