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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa  

Bayahibe, La Romana. Dominican Republic

Food poisoning
Posted by: Roy on Dec 30, 2013
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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Reviews
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Pictures and Information
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Bayahibe Dominican Republic

#1 of 12 Hotels in Bayahibe

user rating 4.3

based on 30 review(s)

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Information

Day and night, the fun never stops for families, singles and couples. The beach, pools, manicured gardens, and warm tropical breezes, fabulous a la carte restaurants and tropical drinks are all part of your escape because Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa is an All-Inclusive beachfront resort.

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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Reviews

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.3 of 5 30 review(s)
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Not safe and not secure
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Paul  on May 20, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2010 | Business | With Spouse/Partner
1487 people found this review helpful

We arrived late Sunday evening after the 1.5 hour van ride from Punta Cana Airport, an experience at night I wouldn't want to do again. We stayed in the Preferred club and check in was simple. Our bags were taken right to our room so we ventured out for a drink.

On our return to our building we were approached by a scruffy looking man with a bandanna and ball cap on his head carrying a baton on his waist (a tonfa?) He asked what room we were in and asked if we wanted him to take us there. we said no. We asked the following day about staff and security and found out all have uniforms and name tags. We reported this to concierge and also reported that the metal plate on the door jam was missing and we felt the room was not secure.

Other Comments:
Every day we complained about the door (at preferred club concierge) and no one talked to us about the person we saw on arrival and nothing was done about the door. Staying in an all inclusive resort you don't need to carry cash so all cash, credit cards, passports and jewelery was secure in the room safe. On the Friday we noticed money was missing from the safe and immediately reported it to concierge where they sent security to our room. Security opened the safe and closed the safe and didn't understand that we were missing money. To condense the situation no police were called, no investigation was initiated. We showed Ada the concierge person how the door was not secure and she insisted that no one could open the door without a key. We opened the locked door with the do not disturb card. Later that day the metal plate was replaced. Police don't work on Saturday. We transferred to Dreams Palm Beach where we compiled a report for the police who we were to see on Monday. 1.5 hour drive to Dreams La Romana to pick up Jesus who was to translate for us then to Bayahibe police station, talked to police left report drove back to Dreams La Romana and then the 1.5 hour drive back to Dreams Palm Beach.
We are still fighting with Mr. Peña and Dreams to get compensation but they insist they did nothing wrong but each email from Mr. Peña his story changes.We sent him a photo of our door showing the missing plate and he questioned the hotel that the photo was taken. We sent him a photo of his staff repairing the door and he didn't apologize but said yes security is there when repairs are made to the room. He just wants us to go away and we won't.We sent him links so show how the room safes are not safe and he ignores them. He won't provide the manufacturer and model number of the safe "for security reasons." He said since the jewelery wasn't in the police report it doesn't count even though in our written report (10 pages) to the police it indicated that there may be some missing.We have since provided photos, and documentation on the pieces missing.
We are still waiting to hear from Air Canada Vacations six weeks later.
In regards to the two resorts: the people at Dreams Palm Beach were happier, friendlier and a much better feel. Orlando the concierge at Dreams Palm Beach preferred club could not do enough for us where as Jesus Mercedes the chief concierge, Fernando Ramirez the room division manager and Ada could care less about us, security or safety. The food and service at Palm Beach was far superior and having the separate restaurant for preferred club people for lunch and dinner was a real treat.
We would not recommend Dreams La Romana to anyone!

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Best stay in Dominican yet!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Bonnie  on May 2, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1206 people found this review helpful

This is the 5th time we have been to the DR, and this was the best stay yet! Flew with WestJet Vacations, and would go with them again.

Your Arrival:
Arrived with no problems.. no food on flight, but we knew that ahead. Picked WestJet because they flew into LaRomana directly, therefore no LONG bus ride from Punta Cana.. spent 20 minutes on the bus. We booked "Preferred Club" and got separate check in (no crowds at counter),and were in two separate buildings at the end of the resort. The whole procedure was smooth, quiet and efficient. Our luggage was brought up by courteous staff right away. We were unpacked and on the beach in no time. "Preferred Club" also had internet access free of charge and our own congierge, and pool. Very nice

Rooms were exactly like the brochure says.. lovely, clean , and quite roomy. We were on the 3rd floor (No Elevators, so you get your workout)and partial ocean view..Wood loft style ceilings. Beds were Excellent.. My husband has back problems, and the mattress was luxury.(duvets, extra pillows and blankets) Marble floors, large bathroom (Just a shower though) in room fridge stocked with complimentary beer, water and soft drinks, in room safe, your own beach towels, and a wonderful bathrobe and slippers to use. ! all great.. The 1st night, we heard something in the ceiling (bats, birds?), At first, it was cute, by the 3rd night it was creepy! Went down to our congierge and requested a move, and got one with an "Our Pleasure". The staff was wonderful. They gave us a full ocean view room and moved our luggage.

Restaurants and Bars:
At this resort, you don't have to make reservations at the restaurants. You can eat where you want, as many times as you want. All are open air, except for 2. We didn't eat at those, because when we go on vacation we want the night air and atmosphere, we can eat at closed in places at home. All the food was good, lots of variety, fresh produce and seafood, steak, pizza, Mexican, Japanese, buffet etc. etc. On all of our other DR trips, by the 4th day, we needed Immodium, but here we had no problems at all. The drinks were top notch, lots of choices, good mixed drinks, made fresh , not from mixes. The bartenders at this resort really hump their butts. They work for their paycheque. They were polite and efficient (we found that a tip at the first of the week made service even better!) Bars and washrooms were everywhere, you didn't have to walk very far for either. We ate at the burger bar on the beach for lunch, fresh grilled hamburgers with large soft buns, and all the fixings. They also make their own pizzas at the main pool area every day, they were very good also. I have to say something here about the staff at this resort. ALL the staff, regardless of position was courteous, polite and very good at their jobs. "my pleasure" "no problem" "yes, yes" They made you feel like royalty. Your wish is their command.

Beach was white beautiful sand. Not very long, but clean. Snorkelling was good a few days, then the wind picked up and the sand was stirred up . Water was warm, went in every day. Had our own beach area with Preferred Club. That was nice. Didn't have to do the towel saving thing ,The lounges were comfortable and plentiful. Had a bar and 2 washrooms nearby. The grounds were well kept up. Lots of landscaping, tropical plants etc. In the Preferred section, they had soft music coming out of those speakers that look like rocks, so you could just hear it as you walked by. Very nice. We had no encounter with bugs of any kind, just your resident crabs and little lizards. Many of the walkways are covered so you could get from the Preferred area to the main lobby, pool, buffet area with out getting wet if it rains (It did once) The beach is on a bay, and there was security at the end of the hotel property, so there was no being pestered by dominican salespersons.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots to do if you want to. Scheduled activities, shows at night, a disco, games, whole area for kids and teenagers. We selected to eat, drink and be merry only (we did catch a very good magic show one evening)! Also, lots of weddings. There was at least one per day, and once there was two. They didn't interfere with our holiday. They were nice to watch (and feel sorry for some of the grooms who were dressed WAY to warm!) There were stores to shop in and tour desk places to book excursions, a spa, tennis courts, exercise room.... All your wants were taken care of. Every day they printed an itinerary, so you could see all available.

Other Comments:
The grounds were all flat with minimal stairs and lots of ramps..People with wheelchairs were getting around quite nicely. Distance from one end of the resort to the other was not excessive. Some DR resorts you have to walk forever to get anywhere. The only thing we could suggest is that elevators would be nice in the buildings.. The 3rd floor was pretty high some nights! We would go back to Dreams La Romana again.

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Dreams delivers yet again
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary  on Apr 15, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1167 people found this review helpful

Your Arrival:
Returned to Dreams 6-20 March for our 5th visit in 7 yrs. Once again, was wonderful being back there, did not want to return home when 2 wks were up. Dreams continues to deliver time and time again! Flight from Toronto was 4 hrs, drive to resort took 20 mins.

Lots of everything except for face cloths which were hit and miss. Blow dryer, DVD player, fridge, coffee maker, umbrella, iron and ironing board etc. Everything worked, enough lighting. Our maid Tamarys did an excellent job. Yes, the walls are thin.

Restaurants and Bars:
Still very good. However, my husband was pretty sick one night; and no, he had not been drinking, actually no alcohol at all that particular day. We had dinner at the buffet, and he had tuna. Spoke with another couple and the chap was also sick the same night after also having tuna, but at the seafood restaurant. This was the first time ever that we believe it was the food to blame in some way. Perhaps it was not cooked well enough, don’t know. I noticed one night when I had chicken breast, that the cook was using the same tongs for the raw and cooked meat. That’s a very big no-no!!

Our favorite waiter, Osvaldo welcomed us back. So did Belkis, the lady who makes all the fruit smoothies and juices at breakfast.

They really do need to purchase a new blender for smoothies. It was deafening. I don’t know how Belkis can stand it! We never had fresh orange juice (as we used to years ago), it was always powdered mix. Dreams, being a resort of a higher standing, powder is just not acceptable.

Beach beautiful but very short. Lots of shade available. Still pleasant snorkeling, except that this year the sand was churned up quite a lot. Didn’t help that winds were often coming in from the ocean. For anyone returning here, the abandoned old boat that was moored in front of the water sports area, has been removed. Was quite an eyesore, glad it’s gone.

Other Comments:
Resort was still very clean. Never found garbage on walkways, etc. Dining areas were clean, everything was well presented and in order. Bugs, got about 10 mosquito bites, but I chose not to use any bug repellant. Had some showers and 2 days of heavy downpours, so that didn’t help. No bugs in room (except for mosquitoes), not even the tiny ones on bathroom counter.

Leave donations for orphanage with Guest Services staff. When they have enough collected, will be delivered. All donations are very much appreciated.

Marriages - we are all for them, have been married 28 yrs ourselves; however, they really should move ceremonies back to the pier or gazebo where they used to be held. They should not inconvenience their guests. Four times during our 2 wk stay, after guests were comfortably situated under one of the huge palapas, they taped a large area around us in preparation for yet another wedding later in the day. Of course we had no choice but to move. This was frustrating for all of us. They have at least 2 other beautiful locations and should be using THEM!

Dreams met our expectations for the 5th time. Once again, we had a marvelous time. Service from everyone was excellent and professional. The entire team deserves a 10 out of 10! Keep up the excellent work! We will be back for a 6th time next year. We highly recommend this resort.

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Bayahibe is the Centre for Drug Smuggling!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Jim  on Mar 27, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Antigua and Barbuda
Visited on: Mar, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
1087 people found this review helpful

Why has no one commented on the fact that the Italian Mafia is controlling the Cocaine Drug Smuggling Trade in Bayahibe.
The importation of Drugs to the USA and Europe from the Domincan Republic has increased by 20% in the last year.
The D.R. Police are underfunded and do not have the resoources to counteract this.
Why is the Dominical Republic Government allowing these criminals to operate and giving them their blessing?.
During our stay there was a massive 500 kilos of cocaine discovery on the island of Sanoa ironically twinned with the Sicilian Mafia town oif Savona, home of the Mafia.
Avoid the Dominical Republic! Do not contribute to the proliferation of drugs which cantaminate our communitites and addict our children.

Your Arrival:


Restaurants and Bars:
Not Good.


Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
ok but disturbed by the continual drug drops.

Other Comments:
Shame Shame on the D.R. Govt for proliferating the spread of drugs worldwide!

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Dreams La Romana - like a dream!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Joe  on Mar 17, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1079 people found this review helpful

After two holidays at Casa del Mar, La Romana we went back for another two weeks at this time the resort is called Dreams, with new management.
Is better? Is the same? Let's see how was our trip between Feb 21 and March 07:
the two weeks vacation we booked with Expedia.ca with Air Canada Vacations. The price was right, and we had a gardenview room.
The flight was good with Air Canada A319 plane - with plenty of legroom. Take a sandwich, otherwise you'll be hungry. Got in Punta Cana 20 minutes early, painless entry in DR and found in minutes our van in the parking lot and the other two couples to go to Dreams. The drive was the usual 1 hour 45 minutes.
About a month before our arrival to the resort I sent email to guests services, asking a room in building 4, with king size bed.
At the hotel the check in took a few minutes.

The room was as per our wish (#4319). Nicely decorated, with a fruit plate and Champagne in the fridge. Nicely decorated room. (Maria- the maid- did a nice job maintaining the room.
This time the safe was working, also the door closing device (we had hard time in last trip with both...)
Everything in the room was in perfect working condition for the entire stay - the small exception of the cards were cancelled after the first week. Took a few seconds at the reception to reactivate them. Looks like is a common practice to do this (last year at Iberostar HD happened exactly like this). That wasn't a big deal, however a "sorry for inconvenience" or something like that would be nice to get from the reception staff.
And like most visitors are saying: the walls in the rooms are thin. Very thin.

Restaurants and Bars:
The food: the usual for a resort like this. Pretty good variety, and what was a nice surprise for us: the handling of the food was very good. (last trips were using same tools to handle the raw and the grilled meat...) We didn't get any problems with our digestive system, even if we did abuse a bit!
We eat mostly at the World Cafe, but went to Japanese restaurant and to Bordeaux. Excellent service and classy decorations made the experiences unforgettable.
Drinks: they have a great selection, and never run out of premium drinks. Kudos for management!
It is worth to mention the addition of the Coco cafe . The expresso and latte what we had there are good reasons to go back....
In same place are the Internet computers. Unfortunately for about a half time the Internet was down.Later was able to handle only one PC at time....
The WI FI wasn't really good for my iPod, but others said was OK for them.
Wasn't a big issue for us, but need to be improved the reliability of the system.
And in the same place (Coco cafe) you can get books for reading, if you forgot to take with you from home.

The beach is the same, looks like they have more chairs then 3 years ago - that time was a challenge to get chairs on the beach. We never had a problem to find empty chairs on the beach, however about half of the chairs need to be replaced. The fabric is loose on them and those are not comfortable at all.
The weather was good, for a few days was windy, but always warm. One of the best snorkeling anywhere - for free. I mean you don't have to pay extra $$$s to see great creatures from first steps in the water. And a bit far from the shore is even better the variety of fish, coral and other nice things.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The entertainment is still the best from all the places we were in AI hotels. The whole team is working very hard to make a very enjoyable experience at Dreams.
We saw a lot of familiar faces and was a nice touch to be remembered by them after years...
From 9:30 am they start the programs, and at 11:30 pm they are still up and running. Just amazing team. Pablo Picasso, Picachu, Caramello, Chocolate, William, Leidy, and no offense for the people not in this list...
The Shows were very good, some excellent ones. The Dominican Repubic's Day was celebrated very nicely, excellent pool show, Star show at the theatre (what a nice place the new theatre!!! with air condition and no smoking!) Love the Manager's Cocktail Party. Great to see and meet the people who are in charge for your great vacation.
It is hard to name all the people who made this vacation one of the best so far in the last 10 years in AI resorts, but let me try :
At World Cafe we meet our friend Francis (now with tie...) and Henry. Excellent people. At Coco Cafe Vivian and Alfonso, at Barracuda bar Alexis was to remember the most.
At Lobby bar we spent the evenings. The reason was the great musician duo: Rafael and Jose. They played better than good music for dance and just enjoyment. And then was LazyD singing also. We hope they will play for years to come. And there was Ysis, Marcia , Altagracia, Juan to keep us "hydrated" ...
The biggest part of the day we spent on the beach close to the beach bar to enjoy the songs by Junior, and have fun with Antonio, Joany and Modesto.
I would like to mention Jesus, at the guest service, extremely nice young men and helpful.
Excursions: we did not go in any (being our ninth trip in DR) organized one, but we went in Santo Domingo privately. Was a nice day, and spent only in the Colonial District.

Other Comments:
The conclusion: the Dreams now is a star better than was the resort 3 years ago. Hands down.
All the employees were saying:"Thanks for choosing Dreams, enjoy your vacation" and some added: if you get any problems, please let us know.
Wow. You make goosebumps. The general manager Pena stopped to ask from where we are , and wished a great vacation. The previous one never said "Hi" ....
Whatever was issue last trips are nonexistent now, and when I noticed something wrong and told to the manager in 2 hours was fixed.
That's the way Dreams to go. The feedbacks from tourists in the books by reception are precious for improving the service.
Of course we could highly recommend warmly to anybody who is looking for a nice family vacation, with a calm and warm water, excellent snorkeling, and very good entertainment.
Can't wait to see the new listings to book the next holiday - at Dreams La Romana.

Photos: http://http://joecan.smugmug.com/

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wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Sandi and Jeff  on Feb 17, 2010  >  2 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1103 people found this review helpful

I definitely recommend any of the Dreams Resorts.

Your Arrival:
Arrival was quick and everyone was very friendly, we flew into Punta Cana so we had about 1-1/2 ride to the resort, the ride was very scary, but we told that our driver was one of the best, I guess they are used to driving like that and he did get us there in one piec

the room we stayed in was absolutely beautiful, the maids very friendly and they always had the artful towels everywhere, if they were late getting our room clean they brought us a rose to apologize. The refrigerator was kept full everyday. We were on the 3rd floor and had a great view of the sunsets, which was one of the reasons we chose La Ramona. Theyt are beautiful

Restaurants and Bars:
We went to the buffet a couple of times and it was good, but we liked the restaurants better, plus they were air conditioned which is nice.
One night I had a fried fish fillet, (I am always leary about eating fish at these resorts) it was the best fish fry I ever had.

We like spending time at the pool and they were very clean at all times, the only problem (which is not a big one) we had to go down about 7 AM to reserve chairs for ourselves. the staff around the pool were very accommodating

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Did not participate

Other Comments:
We were there from 1/20/10 to 1/27/10, the weather we beautiful but we both decided not to go that time of year again. We live in Wisconsin and have a very long winter. so now we just booked another trip to Dreams - Punta Cana and are leaving in 2 weeks. Can't wait!!!! (we have been there so we know what to expect.

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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Terry  on Feb 14, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2010 | Leisure | With Group
1052 people found this review helpful

Travelled with a group of 14 from Ottawa. Sunny & 30C.all week

Your Arrival:
Typical Dominican chaos at airport but it went well. Champagne and hot towels at resort. Checkin no problem. All were checked in 15 min.

Rooms were clean and comfortable. Kingsize bed table and chairs outdoor patio 2 person standup tile shower well appointed bathroom. Room service is available 24 hours no extra charge.

Restaurants and Bars:
Best service of all our trips south. Very courteous and prompt. Food was excellent and plentiful. 7 rest. available With our group there were some waits but not major. Tipping not necessary but was earned and appricated

All areas of the resort well manicured and very clean. Staff always cleaning something. Three large pool areas with whirlpools. Bars are close to each also staff to serve you drinks.

Other Comments:
Would go back anytime. Enjoyed our week a great deal. NO PROBLEMS at all

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DLR - A top notch resort - especially the Preferred Club
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Allan  on Feb 6, 2010  >  4 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With friend
1005 people found this review helpful

A friend and I vacationed at the Dreams La Romana for 2 weeks from Jan 18th-Feb 1st, 2010. Although we have been to the DR 12 times now this was our first trip to this side of the island. We did fly into Punta Cana though and had a 1 hr 20 min drive to the resort. The 2 weeks at Dreams just flew by and it was time to pack and come home before we knew it! We booked the Preferred Club Section (PC) and for us it was just what we were looking for and well worth it. Overall rating 9.5/10

Your Arrival:
Check-in – We were dropped off at the main lobby – left our luggage there and was escorted over to the PC Lounge to check in there.

Room- We were given room 7337, in building 7, 3rd floor (I had requested the 3rd floor). There was a fruit plate and a bottle of Champagne in our room upon arrival. The room was a good size with a very private balcony that overlooked the PC pool and the ocean beyond. This side gets the morning sun. There was plenty of closet space but not much drawer space and a free programmable safe in the closet. There was also a CD/DVD player which we took advantage of – I had brought down some CDs and music DVDs to have on in the mornings and early evenings while getting changed for dinner. The bathroom was a good size and yes there was no door on the shower, but it was not a problem. Water pressure was good and lots of hot water any time of day. The maid did a good job and the fridge was well stocked. Most days our room was done by noon. We had Turn Down service most nights and received the Sundial all but two days. The Sundial feature is nice since it gives a detailed list of daily activities and lists restaurants open for the day and their hours. Room – 9/10

Restaurants and Bars:
Food– The buffet at Dreams was your standard buffet. We did most breakfasts, some lunches and one dinner here. They had a good selection but it did not change much from day to day for breakfast or lunches.
The Seaside Grill was also a great place for lunch; a perfectly located a la carte with great service and a great menu.. Our favorites were the Fried Fish, the Fish Fillet, and the Calamari. They also had soup and salad appetizer options.
Coco Café – This was a coffee shop offering different coffees and pastries just beside the lobby. There was an inside air-conditioned section as well as a patio section. The pastries offered here were basically the same as what you could get in the restaurants but it was a very nice spot to drop by for after dinner coffee and it was never overly busy. This was also the internet spot for the resort and it too was never busy.

Layout and Grounds- Although the resort is large it is nicely laid out. Nothing seemed far away and a lot of the walkways were covered and had music playing from singing walks along the paths. The grounds were well kept and it was like walking through a park with varied vegetation. The PC section was very quiet and everything was close by. The PC Lounge was small but had a good selection of drinks (in fact one of the best selections we’ve had at a resort), and snacks. There was also 3 included internet computers and they were never busy. There was a nice outside deck area which overlooked the PC grounds with pool and ocean view. We found this a nice quiet spot for after dinner drinks and card playing. Although the PC pool was not overly large it was a nice size with good amount of seating. Although there was no direct beach view at the PC section it was nice to sit at the pool and look out through the trees with the ocean in the background. Layout 10/10

Other Comments:
Best Stuff of note about Dreams:
- The staff, the staff, the staff!!!!!! Everything was ‘My Pleasure’ and it really seemed to be.
- The Preferred Section for more peace and quiet especially in the evenings and for that little extra service.
- Having the Seaside Grill available for a la carte lunches was a big bonus – especially located overlooking the beach and ocean.
- The number of a la cartes available here and the fact that there were no reservations required.
- There were a good number of bars throughout the property with a good selection at each. Each Restaurant section had a bar available for use if you had to wait for a table. The PC Pool Bar was open until 10 (I believe) and it was never busy in the evenings.
- The PC Pool Bar had hard Plastic Glasses in various shapes and sizes to suit the drinks and not these flimsy small plastic ones used at other resorts around the pool and beach area. I seem to remember seeing them on the beach at the other side as well!

Staff –The staff at Dreams on whole were very good but at the PC section they were outstanding. They seemed to really care about their quests and wanted us to have a great vacation. They were always asking how our vacation was going and what we thought of their resort and telling us if there was anything we needed to let them know. The staff got to know you very quickly and really made you feel special. If they were out of something they would go out of their way to find it and bring it to you. At the restaurants, the hostess would greet you as old friends and past servers would greet you when they went by your table and sometimes even stop and ask how everything was. Staff 10/10

In Conclusion:
In conclusion – Dreams La Romana was a top notch resort for us and the PC section was for the most part a nice quiet area. There is no loud music playing or animation team around this area. The dining choices and the service is where this resort really stood out for us. We would return without hesitation.

A La Cartes:
A La Cartes – Dreams La Romana has a great selection of A la Cartes. There are no reservations in any of the 7 restaurants and most of them open as early as 6pm. We usually went between 6:30 – 7ish and never had a problem getting into any. In 2 weeks we never received a pager once for lunch or dinner.
Seaside Grill – An open air Steakhouse restaurant similar to The Keg and Montana’s here at home. We ate here only once – not because it wasn’t good just that we liked others better. In fact service here was very good. We had the Beef Tenderloin and the Beef Tips in BBQ sauce. Both were a good size serving and very good. T 8.5/10
Portofino –An enclosed Italian restaurant. We ate here twice and had better service the second time. The first time there we each had the pasta as a starter, Salmon Ravioli and Spaghetti. The second time we each did a salad and my friend also had the Bean Soup which was just Ok and I had the Ravioli. For Main courses we did the Mixed Seafood and the Tenderloin. Both were very good if a little on the salty side.
Bordeaux- The Adult Only enclosed Gourmet French restaurant. This was our favorite for food and service! The atmosphere, service and food were all top notch. In our 5 visits we tried the Duck Pate, Escargots, Asparagus, Onion Soup and Pea Soup. All were very good with our favorites being the Pate and the Escargots. For main courses we did the Vodka Shrimp, Beef Tenderloin, Beef Bourguignon, and Salmon and all were very good with my favorite being the Shrimp (I had it 4 times)! All were good sizes except the Beef Bourguignon which was quite large. The service at this restaurant was outstanding each time we were there. 10/10
Himitsu – The open air Asian restaurant right beside the main buffet. This restaurant was quite large and was never close to being full when we were there. This was our 2nd favorite restaurant and we ate here 3 times. The first time we ordered the Sushi and Spring Rolls to share. The second we added the Vietnamese Salad, the third time the Tuna Takiki. All were very good! All 3 times my friend had the Sweet and Sour Pork – which was very good! I had the Red Curry Shrimp, (not too spicy), Chicken Satay, and Pad Thai (a little spicy but still my Fav) – all were very good. Service here again was top notch especially our last 2 times which were nice leisurely dinners sitting in the outside deck area with a cool breeze. 9.5/10
Oceana – The open air Seafood Restaurant located above the swim-up pool bar. We ate here twice and again both times were very nice. Both times my friend had the smoked salmon appetizer, which was very good, and the Garlic Shrimp, also very good. For appetizers I had the pumpkin soup the first time and salad the second – both were OK. For my main dishes the Lobster Ravioli and Crown Duchess and both were good! Deserts here were OK but nothing that stood out. Service here was again very good even though they got quite busy both times. 9/10

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Have baby will travel
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Kate  on Jan 20, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Jan, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
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I'm a veteran AI traveler but this was the first time with my 10 month old daughter Zoe. I have tried specifically to gear this review to parents with small children as well as regular visitors.

Your Arrival:
Flight/Arrival: Flew AC from Vancouver to Toronto and stayed overnight and flew out in the morning to PUJ. When we arrived there were planes there from every major Canadian carrier and it still took us only 25 minutes to get out of the airport. We did get our photos done, and I tipped the guys playing the music since I was dancing to them with my baby to keep her entertained. We used one of the porters to move our luggage and I had tip money ready- there were 5 of us with 13 pieces of luggage; it looked like we were staying for a month instead of a week. The only weird thing was that on the flight the attendants handed out several forms for customs in the DR, not just the blue ones and the tourist visa and we filled them out. They were never collected and I still have them. Transfer: We were in a mini van and I brought a rear facing car seat for Zoe. Heads-up: the only place I could install it was in the center, very back seat that was in the aisle. Other seats had seat belts but this was the only one with the depth required. Front facing seats wouldn't be a problem. It took about an hour and a half but with the flight times etc I slept the whole way.

Reception: We received the traditional Dreams welcome of towels, cookies and champagne. The towels in particular are lovely. Reception was very efficient and we were told which rooms we would have and asked to have lunch and return as our rooms were not yet ready. We went lunch and met our favorite server of our entire stay. Carlos works breakfast and lunch at the main buffet and he was awesome. He remembered our names after the first meal, always got a highchair for Zoe without being asked and remembered our drink preferences. It was a great start.

Room: We were in building 4, 2nd floor, right at the top of the stairs. I had sent an email requesting 3rd floor, corner room (Zoe cries at night and didn't want her to wake the neighbors), king bed to ensure a quiet room. I got the king bed and really I wouldn't have wanted to carry the stroller up another flight of stairs anyway. Our room was very quiet, we could clearly hear the entertainment in the bathroom but in the main room it was quiet and there was nothing else noise-wise worth mentioning. Apparently the rooms with the connecting doors (they are located at the very back of the building) are much noisier.
One couple we spoke to could hear everything next door. We requested a crib in the email and when we arrived at the room it wasn't there. One call to reception and it was delivered within the hour. We always had lots of towels and received facecloths every day (I know that this is not the case with everyone while I was there). Our room had a shower only and since I knew this was a possiblity I brought a blow-up tub at Walmart and brought it down with us. It was great and I used it to do a little wash as well. If you want a tub, I believe you need to be in buildings 1-3.A few days into the trip we got the wireless internet deal (its only good for 6 days) and got decent reception in our room. It was slow to connect to some sites but since we were there during the earthquakes in Haiti it was nice to be able to tell everyone we were okay. Never had a problem running out of time but we made sure to log off when we were done.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurants: We ate at the a la carte's almost every night and loved the no reservations policy with Zoe. If she wanted to nap when we got back to the room, she could then leave when she was up. We never had a wait for dinner, that may have been the times we were going but nice none the less. If you are going with a baby look into a portable booster seat; I only needed it 5 or 6 times the whole week but... There is a kids menu available at all a la carte's but sometimes you have to ask for it. These are my opinions of the a la carte's. Mexican: average, almost every other AI has had a better one.
Dominican: Okay, other ones in the DR have been better (wear bug spray)Asian: Good, Sushi was pretty good for the DR, service was great. Seafood: Excellent, good service and a delicious somewhat adventurous menu so good we went twice. Seaside Grill: Dinner- great service, good food. Steaks are varied in the doneness; "Medium" had a variety of results, none of us were bothered by that and so went a second time. Italian: Classy atmosphere, good food, erratic service (new server?) and fabulous desserts. French: Looked great but adults only so we didn't go. Barefoot Lobster on the Beach: This is not included in the AI package but it was my birthday and we decided to splurge. Its wonderful and very private. Only 4 tables the night we went and although it rained a bit we were under palapas so we didn't get wet. Included is a salad bar, whole grilled lobster with rice and veggies and dessert bar (amazing). Room Service: We did it once and the food arrived in the time they said it would (30 minutes). The nachos weren't great although my husband liked them but the steak burger was very good.

Parents with small children: I brought a whole bunch of food (cereals, instant mashed potatoes, apple sauce, canned fruit, baby crackers) and other than on the plane and using a couple crackers at the resort I didn't need it at all. Zoe doesn't eat packaged baby food and I prepared for the trip to make sure she could eat regular food. Other than relaxing my standards on square meals and sodium content I didn't have to do anything else. She ate, was happy (didn't get sick at all) and even gained a little weight like everyone else does at an AI.

Beach: Beautiful sand with a nice soft surf. We were on the beach from 9 am to 5 pm with only a break for lunch. Zoe loved to sit in the area in front of a little natural cove where the surf swirls around.
Closer to the pier there is a smoother entry into the water but it is fine throughout the whole beach. Not a long beach like Punta Cana but very calm. There is a lot of shade available- my parents went to the beach early and got a couple loungers under a palapa for us, but there were families arriving on the beach at 10 that found shade under the trees with no problem. With the palms and other trees the beach looks very natural.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Excursions: On our 10 day trip we went on 2 excursions. We went Zip lining and did a snorkeling trip to Catalina. Zip lining was super fun. 1 hour on the truck to the zip lining site and 2 hours in the air.
Apparently kids 6 and up can do this (Zoe stayed at the resort with her dad) and there were several seniors doing this excursion as well. I felt very safe the whole time and it was well worth the money and the hour ride each way. Catalina was booked through Gri Gri Divers on site and it was great. I liked that it only took people on our resort, on our last trip to the DR our catamaran was over booked by 20 people due to a communication error. This time there was lots of room on the boat and the sailboat (not catamaran) was very nice. The snorkeling (1 hour) was good but I've seen better in the Philippines and Mayan Riviera. That being said it was still worth the trip. Catalina was beautiful, take bug spray as this is a natural island and we went after a rainy day. The mosquitoes sent a welcoming committee to greet me; 6 bites in 2 minutes. There is bug spray provided once you get to the beach but if you have a real problem with a few bites take some spray and put it on before you go ashore. Lunch was good and waves were stronger than at Dreams so fun to play in. After a couple hours there we sailed home, well worth the money. I particularly liked that they didn't sic vendors on the captive audience; many other tours get you surrounded when you stop at a beach area. I have nothing but good things to say about Gri Gri, Pedro in particular was wonderful (he wears a red Phillies hat). Although selling tours, we never felt pressured. Actually he came on the tour the day we went and we had a great time talking to him.

Entertainment: Didn't really do it or get to know the staff. My husband did beach volleyball twice a day and loved it.

Vendors: There were vendors around the pool 4-5 times during our stay. Their wares were not amazing but they were willing to deal. For better shopping and selection, particularly for medium-nice jewelery (not beach vendor, not Harrison's) and rum; I recommend taking the free shuttle into Dominicus. It leaves at 10:30 and its a 10 dollar cab ride home. There is a good selection of shops and markets to look at. Just keep in mind that some shops close from 1 pm to 3 pm for siesta. We didn't realize that and missed out on a couple items as we weren't willing to wait.

Other Comments:
Bar Service: The beach wait staff were lovely and the bartenders were fun. Some of the wait staff have limited English so speak clearly and if you're not sure they understand, ask to write it on their pad or take what you get with a smile. It is much quicker to walk to the bar and order a drink but nice to have one delivered if you're not in a hurry.
The first 5-6 days drinks were great but in the last few days of our trip something changed, it was almost like they were running low on alcohol. You would order a drink and you had to specify with alcohol, sometimes twice. Preciously they would just add it or ask you whether or not you wanted it. Not a big deal but something to be aware of. Lobby bar was very nice as well (my husband really liked the peanuts they give out). We took insulated mugs because that's what we've always done and didn't need to use them. The resort uses plastic reusable glasses (glass in the lobby) that are a good size.

Overall: This resort was very good overall. I've been to resorts that were better in the beach, or the food, or the rooms, or the service but NOT all at the same resort. I found this to be a nice, clean, family friendly resort that made it easy to take small children to but still engaged adults interest. I may be back if not to this Dreams then to another location. As to the travel experience with a baby, it was awesome; Zoe is such a little trooper. Other than the first night at the resort she slept better than she does at home. I would go with either a younger or older baby next time. Crawling on foreign surfaces wasn't in my comfort zone so I would go pre-crawling or walking next time.

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We felt welcome to be there and the activities were second to none.
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Rick from Toronto  on Nov 1, 2009  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Nov, 2009
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Arrival: Nov 9 - 16:
We booked through WestJet Vacations. The flight was 'economical' as there was no meal unless you wished to buy one. Snacks and drinks were served.
Upon arrival, total caos. The 'Hola' representative was swarmed with passengers as the bus supplied carried less then half the people it required to. With no organization, we were left at the curb and told another bus was ordered. When it showed, there was the usual stampede to get on. Since we were travelling with two small children, it made no difference if you were at the front of the line. We were pushed to the back. It was a short 20 minute drive to the resort.

Arrived at the resort and lined up again for our room. When we made it to the check in counter, our request for a king size bed with two cots was not met. To the credit of the front desk staff, they asked us to have a seat at the bar until the line thinned in order to accomodate us. They gave us a pager and called us back to do what they could for us. They offered us our request but also offered us an upgrade to Preferred Club (for an additional $100 per night). We opted for the Preferred Club which gave us two rooms etc etc etc. It was a great choice. Well worth the extra $700. The room we got overlooked the ocean and came with a king bed in one room and two double beds in the second room. It had a double balcony. We always had fresh towels, even 2 - 3 times a day and we had turn down service every night.

Restaurants and Bars::
From the buffet to the a la carte restaurant, the food was fantastic. In the buffet for dinner there was a great variety including t-bone steak and shrimp. There was no need to make reservations at the a la catre restaurants, just show up and you could use them as often as you like during your stay. As part of the Preferred Club, we had access to the private club where they had exceptional snacks and high end liqours. There were also two rooms with large screen TV's and access to the internet with 3 computers.
The only knock on the bars was the pool swim up bar. The staff there tended to ignore the kids which means I had to go over everytime the kids wanted a drink. There is a coffee shop close to the main pool where you could order lattes and capuccinos.

Two of the pools were huge. The swim up bar pool seemed to be the party pool where the crowd was loud and the explatives flew. If you're into partying, this was the place to be. The main pool was quiet and great for the kids. The pool contains a climbing 'ice berg'. The pool was huge and had waitresses coming around to offer refreshments. Lots of loungers available at all the pools. The last pool is the quietest, but reserved only for Preferred Club members. The beach is long with plenty on loungers. There is a water trampoline in the ocean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Tons of activities for the kids. All the equipment is in good repair with all the parts available. Some of the activities were ping pong, shuffle board, giant chess set, pool tables, video games (Wii, X-box & PS3)table soccer and a mechanical bull. There was always an activity being put on by the entertainment staff. Our kids didn't use the Explorer's Club but when we checked it out, it looked great.

Other Comments::
The staff was very friendly. Whenever we requested something, they would do it with a smile and reply 'it's a pleasure'. My family and I have travelled thoughout the Carribean with our children who are now 8 & 10 years old. This resort is by far the best we have stayed at. We felt welcome to be there and the activities were second to none. When the kids are busy and happy, it makes for a fun and relaxing vacation. Looking forward to returning next year.

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