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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa  

Bayahibe, La Romana. Dominican Republic

Food poisoning
Posted by: Roy on Dec 30, 2013
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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Reviews
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Pictures and Information
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Bayahibe Dominican Republic

#1 of 12 Hotels in Bayahibe

user rating 4.3

based on 30 review(s)

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Information

Day and night, the fun never stops for families, singles and couples. The beach, pools, manicured gardens, and warm tropical breezes, fabulous a la carte restaurants and tropical drinks are all part of your escape because Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa is an All-Inclusive beachfront resort.

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Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Reviews

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.3 of 5 30 review(s)
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Best stay in Dominican yet!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Bonnie  on May 2, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Apr, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
1230 people found this review helpful

This is the 5th time we have been to the DR, and this was the best stay yet! Flew with WestJet Vacations, and would go with them again.

Your Arrival:
Arrived with no problems.. no food on flight, but we knew that ahead. Picked WestJet because they flew into LaRomana directly, therefore no LONG bus ride from Punta Cana.. spent 20 minutes on the bus. We booked "Preferred Club" and got separate check in (no crowds at counter),and were in two separate buildings at the end of the resort. The whole procedure was smooth, quiet and efficient. Our luggage was brought up by courteous staff right away. We were unpacked and on the beach in no time. "Preferred Club" also had internet access free of charge and our own congierge, and pool. Very nice

Rooms were exactly like the brochure says.. lovely, clean , and quite roomy. We were on the 3rd floor (No Elevators, so you get your workout)and partial ocean view..Wood loft style ceilings. Beds were Excellent.. My husband has back problems, and the mattress was luxury.(duvets, extra pillows and blankets) Marble floors, large bathroom (Just a shower though) in room fridge stocked with complimentary beer, water and soft drinks, in room safe, your own beach towels, and a wonderful bathrobe and slippers to use. ! all great.. The 1st night, we heard something in the ceiling (bats, birds?), At first, it was cute, by the 3rd night it was creepy! Went down to our congierge and requested a move, and got one with an "Our Pleasure". The staff was wonderful. They gave us a full ocean view room and moved our luggage.

Restaurants and Bars:
At this resort, you don't have to make reservations at the restaurants. You can eat where you want, as many times as you want. All are open air, except for 2. We didn't eat at those, because when we go on vacation we want the night air and atmosphere, we can eat at closed in places at home. All the food was good, lots of variety, fresh produce and seafood, steak, pizza, Mexican, Japanese, buffet etc. etc. On all of our other DR trips, by the 4th day, we needed Immodium, but here we had no problems at all. The drinks were top notch, lots of choices, good mixed drinks, made fresh , not from mixes. The bartenders at this resort really hump their butts. They work for their paycheque. They were polite and efficient (we found that a tip at the first of the week made service even better!) Bars and washrooms were everywhere, you didn't have to walk very far for either. We ate at the burger bar on the beach for lunch, fresh grilled hamburgers with large soft buns, and all the fixings. They also make their own pizzas at the main pool area every day, they were very good also. I have to say something here about the staff at this resort. ALL the staff, regardless of position was courteous, polite and very good at their jobs. "my pleasure" "no problem" "yes, yes" They made you feel like royalty. Your wish is their command.

Beach was white beautiful sand. Not very long, but clean. Snorkelling was good a few days, then the wind picked up and the sand was stirred up . Water was warm, went in every day. Had our own beach area with Preferred Club. That was nice. Didn't have to do the towel saving thing ,The lounges were comfortable and plentiful. Had a bar and 2 washrooms nearby. The grounds were well kept up. Lots of landscaping, tropical plants etc. In the Preferred section, they had soft music coming out of those speakers that look like rocks, so you could just hear it as you walked by. Very nice. We had no encounter with bugs of any kind, just your resident crabs and little lizards. Many of the walkways are covered so you could get from the Preferred area to the main lobby, pool, buffet area with out getting wet if it rains (It did once) The beach is on a bay, and there was security at the end of the hotel property, so there was no being pestered by dominican salespersons.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Lots to do if you want to. Scheduled activities, shows at night, a disco, games, whole area for kids and teenagers. We selected to eat, drink and be merry only (we did catch a very good magic show one evening)! Also, lots of weddings. There was at least one per day, and once there was two. They didn't interfere with our holiday. They were nice to watch (and feel sorry for some of the grooms who were dressed WAY to warm!) There were stores to shop in and tour desk places to book excursions, a spa, tennis courts, exercise room.... All your wants were taken care of. Every day they printed an itinerary, so you could see all available.

Other Comments:
The grounds were all flat with minimal stairs and lots of ramps..People with wheelchairs were getting around quite nicely. Distance from one end of the resort to the other was not excessive. Some DR resorts you have to walk forever to get anywhere. The only thing we could suggest is that elevators would be nice in the buildings.. The 3rd floor was pretty high some nights! We would go back to Dreams La Romana again.

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Not safe and not secure
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 1.00 of 5

Posted by:  Paul  on May 20, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: May, 2010 | Business | With Spouse/Partner
1509 people found this review helpful

We arrived late Sunday evening after the 1.5 hour van ride from Punta Cana Airport, an experience at night I wouldn't want to do again. We stayed in the Preferred club and check in was simple. Our bags were taken right to our room so we ventured out for a drink.

On our return to our building we were approached by a scruffy looking man with a bandanna and ball cap on his head carrying a baton on his waist (a tonfa?) He asked what room we were in and asked if we wanted him to take us there. we said no. We asked the following day about staff and security and found out all have uniforms and name tags. We reported this to concierge and also reported that the metal plate on the door jam was missing and we felt the room was not secure.

Other Comments:
Every day we complained about the door (at preferred club concierge) and no one talked to us about the person we saw on arrival and nothing was done about the door. Staying in an all inclusive resort you don't need to carry cash so all cash, credit cards, passports and jewelery was secure in the room safe. On the Friday we noticed money was missing from the safe and immediately reported it to concierge where they sent security to our room. Security opened the safe and closed the safe and didn't understand that we were missing money. To condense the situation no police were called, no investigation was initiated. We showed Ada the concierge person how the door was not secure and she insisted that no one could open the door without a key. We opened the locked door with the do not disturb card. Later that day the metal plate was replaced. Police don't work on Saturday. We transferred to Dreams Palm Beach where we compiled a report for the police who we were to see on Monday. 1.5 hour drive to Dreams La Romana to pick up Jesus who was to translate for us then to Bayahibe police station, talked to police left report drove back to Dreams La Romana and then the 1.5 hour drive back to Dreams Palm Beach.
We are still fighting with Mr. Peña and Dreams to get compensation but they insist they did nothing wrong but each email from Mr. Peña his story changes.We sent him a photo of our door showing the missing plate and he questioned the hotel that the photo was taken. We sent him a photo of his staff repairing the door and he didn't apologize but said yes security is there when repairs are made to the room. He just wants us to go away and we won't.We sent him links so show how the room safes are not safe and he ignores them. He won't provide the manufacturer and model number of the safe "for security reasons." He said since the jewelery wasn't in the police report it doesn't count even though in our written report (10 pages) to the police it indicated that there may be some missing.We have since provided photos, and documentation on the pieces missing.
We are still waiting to hear from Air Canada Vacations six weeks later.
In regards to the two resorts: the people at Dreams Palm Beach were happier, friendlier and a much better feel. Orlando the concierge at Dreams Palm Beach preferred club could not do enough for us where as Jesus Mercedes the chief concierge, Fernando Ramirez the room division manager and Ada could care less about us, security or safety. The food and service at Palm Beach was far superior and having the separate restaurant for preferred club people for lunch and dinner was a real treat.
We would not recommend Dreams La Romana to anyone!

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If you are a smoker, and French, you will love it!
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Deborah  on Dec 12, 2010  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2010 | Leisure | Family and Kids
2703 people found this review helpful

The Staff - The Staff are WONDERFUL. I cannot say enough about everyone. Lots of big smiles and a Hola from everyone.
The maid service was very good but lots of times it was done very late in the day (which didn’t bother us). Our maid, Margarita, worked hard and we appreciated her very much. Not only did I tip her but I brought her treats like make up and candy and other things.
The restaurant staff is VERY HARDWORKING. They hustle constantly. They are very friendly.

Tipping - it is NOT expected but most appreciated. We took over $200US in singles and didn’t even use them all. PLEASE PEOPLE, TIP THE STAFF!!!!! The entire time we were there, I only saw one other person leave money on the table at dinner time. The staff works so hard. We tipped at every meal, from $3 at breakfast to $5 at dinner. We only tipped a few times for drinks at the bar, but mostly because we were wearing our bathing suits. The maid was tipped and given little gifts.

Ps. We flew Westjet and they were fantastic! I would suggest, when possible, to fly directly to La Romana, and not Punta Cana, if you are staying in La Romana.

Room Block:

Airport at La Romana was fast (why fly to Punta Cana and take a shuttle or taxi for 1.5 hrs?).

Check in at the resort was fast. Bellhop took us to our room immediately. He was friendly and showed us the A/C operation in our room, and the maid card which you leave outside your door (red for no service, green for clean the room).

Our room was nice. Nothing fancy. We had the garden view room and were happy with it. As I requested, we were in building 3 and had the top floor. We were centrally located and pleased to be there. The AC worked great. The shower was good, with lots of hot water and water pressure. The balcony was small but adequate. The tv worked great as we watched it before bed most nights. There is a lot of closet space. The mini bar was stocked with water, pop and beer. The mini bar is free.
We had 2 sets of robes and slippers. Our room had 2 double beds which were comfy enough but I didn’t care for the pillows (I could have contacted the concierge for another pillow but didn’t bother).

Restaurants and Bars:
The food - We found the food ok. The buffet was especially nice for breakfast; omelets and eggs made to order. Lots of fresh fruit and juices and everything you could think of. Pancakes, french toast, bacon, cereals, etc.
The Seaside Grill was nice for lunch. Location is fantastic. My family had dinner there without me one night and their steak was overcooked and they couldn’t eat it.
The Mexican restaurant was ok too. Taco Taco Taco was good.
The Oceana was nice and quite fancy. The food was good but like all the restaurants, the portions are small.
The Grill on the beach made really good burgers and hot dogs for lunch.
The Pizza hut by the main pool had pizza that the kids enjoyed a lot.
I like that reservations are NOT required anywhere!

The Bars - we liked the one by the infinity pool the best. They seemed to be really fast to serve. The kids are addicted to the lemonada frosties as they were awesome. The hubby misses the pina coladas already. We are not big drinkers. I had a drink or 2 at dinner.
The could use more servers on the beach and by the pools. Most times, we’d just get our own drinks as it only took a minute. Some people wanted to be served and one old grump was annoyed that his server was taking too long as I heard him complain to the bartender. The man was only about 20 feet from the bar and I thought he could get his own drinks when he was that close. Some people are just born complainers!

Resort itself - the resort is nice. It’s not as large as I was expecting. It’s easy to get around and walking distance from place to place is very quick. The men were always manicuring the grounds. The resort was clean, except for the mess the guests would leave (which was picked up by staff). The pools were really gorgeous. They are not heated so they are a little cool, but refreshing. We did swim in the pools a few times. The infinity pool has the swim up bar. Not a lot of people were using the swim up bar, that I noticed, until the day we left, which was a super sunny and hot day. The main pool is also the children’s pool. It has the climbing ‘iceberg’ that my daughter loved to play on. This pool also has the hot tub, which was always busy.

The beach is nice but small (which I was prepared for due to previous reviews). The water is warm. There are fish to see while snorkeling, especially by the pier. Grab some bread from one of the restaurants and take it with you and you will literally have the fish eating from your hand! The coral isn’t colorful at all. The water is super salty and it burned our eyes. We weren’t prepared for that.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The sports and entertainment staff are fantastic! These people and all the people working here make this resort wonderful. It’s because of them that you would want to return. Some of them knew us by name and always made time to talk to us and invite us to activities. We enjoyed going to the theatre at night and playing games and then watching the shows. Whether you love the shows or not, you have to appreciate how hard the dancers works…wow!!!

Other Comments:
The worst for last - we were taken completely off guard by the number of smokers. We’d guess that 80% or more of the guests smoked. Most guests were French. The smoke was unbearable at times. They can smoke anywhere and everywhere, except in an inside area that is enclosed. Even then, they’d be smoking right outside these areas. My family would have to weave our way through all the smoke. It was disgusting. The beach was littered with cigarette butts. We moved from lounger to lounger on the beach every day, trying to avoid the smokers. It was nearly impossible. The smokers were everywhere…around the kids pool, the restaurants, the hallways, EVERYWHERE. After the first day, I was almost in tears. I had no idea that there would be so much smoke. No where on any review had this been mentioned!!! I did talk to a couple other guests who also found this disgusting. There was no escaping the smoke!!! Sometimes people would also stand in the ocean with a cigarette. UGH! One man was smoking in the water and dropped his butt in the water when he was done. I picked it up and handed it to him and told him it was unacceptable to leave his butts in the water. YUCK!

In closing, I don’t know if we’d go back to this resort because of the rude guests and all the smokers. It’s a real shame because we loved the staff and the Diving DR down the beach. If you don’t mind smoke, everywhere, you should love this place.
I tried really hard not to let this get to me, otherwise my vacation was going to be spoiled, but it was frustrating.
I cannot understand why I didn’t find any reviews that mentioned that the majority of guests were French and that mostly everyone smoked.

I did give feedback to the concierge and on the surveys that were given to me. I’m also going to email the resort and suggest that perhaps they would consider having some non-smoking areas for their non-smoking guests (and children). They have the ‘preferred club’ so they should be able to have some non-smoking areas. Please!

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Perfect New Year Eve at Dreams LR.
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Joe  on Jan 26, 2011  >  2 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2647 people found this review helpful

We planned to go this time for New Year Celebration.
Arrived after a smooth flight with Sunwing in Punta Cana.
With the tour bus got to the hotel in the normal 1 h 45min.
The check-in took only a few minutes, and because we went back to the hotel for the fourth time - was like going home. Everything was familiar.
In the nicely decorated room, on the table was a cordial invitation for a cocktail party for the returning customers, and a bottle of rum.
Was a surprise to see the hotel is not charging for the in room safe.
Our expectations for the party was great, and very honestly: the hotel exceeded them.
The pool area was nicely arranged with tables and chairs, all dressed up with white cloth. In the restaurant the variety of food and decorations were breathtaking.
Also was a great idea to serve at 2 am some "Dominican soup", which was outstanding - best ever.
By the pool the stage hosted the live band, and their music- we found - was very good. At midnight started the fireworks, a nice touch for the evening. And then the party started....
In rest we just relax, snorkel and planned the next trip...
In our opinion the hotel still delivers one of the best entertainment team in the places where we were.
The snorkeling is amazing, probable the best in DR, what you can practice without paying extra and travel by boat....
Would be endless the list of the employees who did their best to make our holiday a very enjoyable.
And I can't recall anybody who didn't do the maximum.
The food was the usual one, maybe a bit less variety because the Christmas and New Year took a bite in the budget, but was always something to enjoy.
Drinks: also very good, never need a "plan B" - we got always our favorite drinks.
Rooms clean, and no problems.
Thin walls.. Yes are thin. But from 7 nights only in one we hear some guy being noisy (too many drinks...)
Otherwise we didn't know if have somebody behind next door...
I guess we can blame the hotel for having thin walls, but is not the hotel makes noise! I'm sure our neighbors didn't notice our existence.
Noisy guests... Well sometimes , some guests were noisier than others. Nothing special, I wouldn't say any nationalities or ethnic groups were annoying.
At the cocktail party we got together with management and was good to see how much they care for guests.
We had a small request, and was solved in no time.
Bottom line we had a great New Year Eve, a nice one week there - and we'll be back soon.
I added to my Dreams gallery some photos from this holiday, and you can see them here:
To enjoy in the best way: click on "Slideshow" - in the upper right corner. You can see the photos in full screen with caption on the bottom centre.

Photos: http://joecan.smugmug.com/Travel/Sunscape-Casa-del-Mar/2552523_fKjVp#1157811854_vL95C

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Another Wonderful Holiday
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary  on Mar 18, 2011  >  10 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2714 people found this review helpful

We have traveled extensively, this was our 11th trip to the Dom Rep, and our 6th to Dreams. Wonderful being back, everything was great as always. They greet you by saying "welcome home", and indeed it felt like we were back at our "home away from home".

Was nice to see some familiar faces. Too many folks to thank, they ALL do a fabulous job! A few special thanks go out to Belkis (breakfast juice bar and fruit boat), William (breakfast eggs), Melvin (dinner buffet waiter), and of course Pablo Picasso for providing endless laughs.

Our maid Maria Monegro was also fabulous and professional while keeping the room spotless. A tip to reduce the tiny bugs around your sink is to wipe it with a rubbing alcohol swab. We always travel with some in first aid kit, and so they have a multi-use.

Food is still very good, plenty of choices. However, this time we noticed that a few dinner items (and breakfast hash browns) were quite cool when they should have been at least warm if not hot, and this was when the buffet restaurant had just opened. Dinner wait staff was a disappointment this trip, except for Melvin and another one or two chaps. Lots of waiters walking around, would pour our water and then walk away without offering us anything from the bar. We had to flag them down 10-15 minutes later and ask for drinks. Not a big deal, but a little bit of a disappointment compared to previous years. There seems to be an increase in the number of sparrows in the buffet, this problem needs to be addressed.

Beach still nice, even though more erosion has taken place. If you like to walk, be warned this is a very short beach, not like Punta Cana or Varadero. Lots of chairs and shade available. Desperately need sand on east end of beach by spa massage tables as chairs are sitting on bare coral/rock. There is now a short (step over easily) retaining wall part way along the east end of beach. We figure it was built to keep tide from washing away anymore sand.

Resort was at full capacity, oh boy, not enough chairs (or some guests reserved chairs and then never showed up all day) which then forced a few guests to lie on their towels on sand. Guests were mostly from France. Many of them, as well as some of the Russian Americans were very noisy and inconsiderate. Met some nice folks from the UK, USA and of course fellow Canadians. Kids, wall to wall kids; most we have ever encountered! Most under age of 10, many under 5 and a lot of infants. So yes, unfortunately a lot of crying, screaming and whining going on.

Donations for the orphanage are still gratefully accepted. Leave your items with the guest services staff.

Dreams met our expectations for the 6th time. Once again, we had a wonderful 2 week holiday. The resort is clean and well maintained. Service from everyone came with a smile, hence the entire team deserves a gold star!

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Great time
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  Christian  on Mar 28, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) PERU
Visited on: Mar, 2011 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2680 people found this review helpful

We had a great time. Despite the beach is not spectacular, both the infrastructure and the service are 5 stars. Special mention to the several romantic spots.

Room Number:

Restaurants and Bars:
The asian one was my favorite.

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Experiencia en la romana
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 5.00 of 5

Posted by:  MARGA  on Apr 30, 2011  >  1 contribution(s) ARGENTINA
Visited on: Apr, 2011 | Wedding | With Group
2661 people found this review helpful

Hola buenas tardes ,quiero decirles que estube del 20/4/11 al 28/4/11 y mi experiencia en este lugar fue increible ,algo maravilloso ,la atencion de primera ,el lugar es como estar en el paraiso ,la hoteleria ,la comida ,los empleados ,en fin lo recomiendo 100 % x 100 .soy argentina y quiero recomendarlo ,no duden en viajar y pasar unos dias preciosos alli .saludos atte MARGA !!!!!!!!!!

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Nice but not much to do
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Deb  on Feb 19, 2012  >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Visited on: Feb, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2461 people found this review helpful

The resort was well kept & clean. The beds were a little to firm. The hospitality was excellent. We stayed in the preferred area which is worth the little extra money. We met many couples that go back there every year because it is quiet. Not much night life, there is a casino, but it is very small, the disco is just ok. Food was better than I expected, Italian restaurant was very good. Beach area is small and crowded but water is beautiful. I saw 3 weddings there and the resort did a great job accommodating them. You can only reserve water sport activities for 30 minutes at a time. If you go, don't fly into Punta Cana b/c it's a 90 taxi ride to the resort, but at the same time you saw part of the country side. Fly into LaRomana if you can. We went on a boat ride to Catalina island, a national park, the beach is beautiful there. If I went back, I would bring others so it's more interesting. If your looking for a quiet time for two, this is the place to go. FYI, the night staff ONLY speaks Spanish.

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Seven visits and counting
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 4.00 of 5

Posted by:  Mary  on Mar 14, 2012  >  10 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Feb, 2012 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
2519 people found this review helpful

We are seasoned travelers, having visited different islands and continents. This was our 12th trip to the Dominican Republic, and 7th to Dreams La Romana, our home away from home. Again stayed for two very pleasant and relaxing weeks from 24 Feb to 9 Mar.

Drive from La Romana airport is a short 20 mins. Drives from both Punta Cana and Santo Domingo airports are significantly longer. Construction of a highway from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana has commenced.

Many familiar friendly faces greeted us. Too many folks to thank, and unfortunately can't remember all of their names, but they all did a great job. Special thanks go out to a few special folks like Belkis (breakfast juice bar and fruit boat), William (breakfast eggs), Melvin (dinner buffet waiter), sweetest Kerry, dear Mario, our maid Eleonol, and Pablo Picasso. The only person we were not pleased with was our Sunwing rep.

Restaurants and Bars:
Food is still very good, not as great as it used to be, but plenty of choices to please everyone. There was one occasion where my husband's burger at the beach grill was undercooked. This trip I was disappointed at how some of the tropical drinks were mixed by the youngest of the bartenders, they just did not have the knack for it. Music at the buffet needs to be changed to something other than elevator music. Seeing how many guests are from Canada, hanging our flag with the other countries on international buffet night would be a nice thing.

If you've never vacationed here and like to walk the beach, be warned this is a very short one, not like Punta Cana or Varadero. This year we wished we had brought our water shoes as the ocean floor was not as smooth as it used to be. The snorkeling was also poor as a result of poor visibility for much of the time. Lots of chairs and shade available. The short retaining wall along the east end of the beach needs to be backfilled with more sand as the step over is getting too high in many sections.

Other Comments:
Nice mix of international guests, but in our opinion, still too many kids.

Bug bites were never an issue. Only used Benn's (30% deet, and does not stink) once.

The resort is still quite clean and well maintained, although some areas are starting to look a little tired with age and, wear and tear. Our maid did a very good job of keeping our room clean (everything worked very well), and our fridge stocked with our favorite pop.

We are looking forward to our return to Dreams. In our books, this is still a gem of a resort. And like the saying goes, don't sweat the small stuff!

Lastly, thanks to Debbie and her team for a wonderful site.

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Food poisoning
Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa

User Rating:  Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa Review: 3.00 of 5

Posted by:  Roy  on Dec 30, 2013  >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Visited on: Dec, 2013 | Leisure | With friend
2277 people found this review helpful

This was our second trip to this hotel. Last year was fine but 2 days into this week was a bummer; literally).
I got the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had. Three hours after eating sushi (I know; real stupid in a hot climate) or maybe the soft shrimp & I was up a dozen times thru the nite. It took the rest of the week to recover.
My wife was also ill for 3 days; 2 other people from Toronto said they'd been sick & when I went to cancel my Catamaran trip the guy said; Wow, you're the 3rd cancellation this morning.
The hotel's customer service said "prove you were sick". But, after I started talking to others, the supervisor said he'd pay for a visit to the doctor.
Whether his pills or just time helped, who knows, but I slowly started to eat & drink. But, the hotel didn't care a damn that I'd wasted most of my holiday because of them. Not even a free massage for my wife or even an hour on the internet or even a cab to our next hotel (Iberostar) for our 2nd week.
They didn't even ask for details so they could track down the cause. It was basically; shut up & go away.

If you have to chose; pick Iberostar; the food in the buffet & in the cafe's is better & the hotel tries to entertain you. The workers at both places are really nice & the beach is the same. There are lots of nice hotels. I won't take a chance on Dreams again.

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